Chaotic Sword God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2297

The name of Qing Shan, they already liked thunder reverberating in one's ears, although to Qing Shan this person, they hates to the marrow of the bones , when they see Qing Shan, actually does not dare to give birth to reading of revolt, remains only the thought in the heart, then runs away, runs away, runs away, runs away the farther the better, best to run away to the place that Qing Shan could not find, deep hides. Was covered by Saint light by these protector is bringing running away Donglin Yanxue, at this moment is also hard to keep cool, on that fine elegant face, is reappears several points of pale meaning, in the pupil, reveals several points of deep restlessness. But Jian Chen, is the person who among them can also keep cool only, but at this moment, his brow also closely wrinkled. We hurry to converge with another four teams, then unifies the strength of all Radiant God King, collaborates with the He Tian elder again, is not may not with a Qing Shan war.” Jian Chen calm saying. However these eight big protector, actually turn a deaf ear to regarding the Jian Chen words, regards directly , if no thing, not only has not hurried to the directions of another four teams, instead surpasses toward the distant place runs away constantly. But Jian Chen, from they eight people of vision, saw the fear that a faint trace is hard to conceal, follows, even also has the faint despair. This discovery, making Jian Chen sigh secretly, to these people very disappointed. Five teams, besides him, altogether 44 Radiant God King, these Radiant God King, if joins up, is a formidable strength, in addition with collaboration of He Tian elder, this in his opinion, sufficiently contends with Qing Shan. Even if as before is not the Qing Shan match, but is also insufficient by collapsing completely that Qing Shan kills. Even if there is small disparity, when the time comes he can also lend a hand to assist in secret, can definitely resist with Qing Shan, even if gives the suppression Qing Shan, is not impossible. But he underestimated in these protector hearts the fear to Qing Shan, they, radically not with the courage that Qing Shan fights.

They do not dare with a Qing Shan war, always to stay side Jian Chen, this makes Jian Chen have to think helps one another in secret, could not find the opportunity. But He Tian elder, after sonic boom drinks, is position one revolution, the adjustment direction, grazes to go toward another side, Qing Shan directing. But Qing Shan, is the vision light has swept from Donglin Yanxue that team on, the corners of the mouth reappear an ice-cold smiling face, then continues to pursue toward the He Tian elder. In his eyes, these Radiant God King, basic on insufficient is the worry, how they run away again, is finally hard to escape from the own palm. But He Tian elder, because assumes here temple elder, therefore is very likely to grasp to relate the outside on him the way, therefore strikes to kill the He Tian elder, is the current priority. Qing Shan chases down He Tian elder going far away of gradually, they fight the sound of thundering causes, is more and more far, finally vanishes thoroughly does not see. But is bringing eight Radiant God King that Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue run away crazily, then has not stopped as before, their speed does not reduce in the slightest, runs away toward Star Moon World distant place. , They even have flown along the way from the territories of several ominous beasts, caused that occupies only ominous beast crazy a pursuit there, but they do not do similarly pay attention slightly, considers only to run away. Oh!” In the Jian Chen heart secret sighed, he underestimated these protector fear to Qing Shan, this made him feel very helpless. And this all the way, he induced to several Saint Light Source Bead existed, finally also can only missing helplessly, not be good to make noise the reminder. This runs away, is the time of half day, after the half day, eight protector stopped finally, descends in a covert jungle. Yanxue Junior Sister, Changyang Junior Brother, do you have the means to relate the outside.” Just stopped, Cloud Mist Peak Peak Lord Le Fan eight protector then opened the mouth saying that the facial expression was very dignified.

But other seven protector, is looks by the vision of anticipation to Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue. Facing Qing Shan, the courage that they fight does not have, assumes personal command in the Star Moon World only temple elders is not the Qing Shan match, now they can only hoping to place Jian Chen and on Donglin Yanxue these two background uncommon younger generations, hopes that they can have the contact with the outside, making the temple know that inside situation, sending out the strength stronger temple elder to come to cut to kill Qing Shan. Donglin Yanxue look gloomy shaking the head, said: This Star Moon World is Small World, all contact methods that I grasp, are unable to transmit across the hindrance of this Small World to the temple, I am unable to relate to any person of outside.” hearing that, in eight protector eyes has the disappointment of not being able to conceal, at once their vision neat collection on Jian Chen, protector looks at Jian Chen by the vision of anticipation, urgent asking: Changyang Junior Brother, should you because have the means to relate to Xuan Zhan Vice- Palace Master?” Jian Chen also gently sighed, said: I am same as Donglin Yanxue, am away from the domain, is unable to obtain with the outside relates slightly.” Here, it is estimated that only then the He Tian elder has the way of the temple contacting, we do not have the means.” Donglin Yanxue adds, is similarly sad. hearing that, eight protector complexion are ugly, the He Tian elder is being chased down by Qing Shan now, is busy at escaping, where has the time and outside relates, does not know that actually can also insist how long. Thinks soon, all of them will face callous chasing down of Qing Shan, this makes them feel the deep restlessness and panic immediately. I just proposed that you can consider, delays again, perhaps really without enough time.” Jian Chen said again, in his opinion, this is these Radiant Saint Master contends with the Qing Shan only method. Eight Radiant Saint Master reveal the hesitant color, silent moment, they have then expressed the view of own, to Jian Chen proposed that the proposition has started an intense discussion.

Among them, only two quite approve of the proposition of Jian Chen, converges with another four teams, then unifies their all Radiant God King strength and He Tian elder collaborates to cope with Qing Shan Also the part maintains opposing opinion, thinks them, even if collects the strengths of all people, not necessarily is the Qing Shan match. After all the Qing Shan prestige, already struck root in the hearts of the people, they are not willing to touch with the Qing Shan frontage hardly, thinks when because of should while Qing Shan will focus on the He Tian elder body, seizes the chance to run away by far, deep will hide, one year later, Star Moon World will open once more. Finally few people, is continuously in hesitant, is hard to make the decision. At this time, Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue, instead many greatly have affected, in this time, even if the Donglin Yanxue Saint Child's candidate status , is hard to affect the resolutions of these Radiant God King. Because Donglin Yanxue is also not Saint Child in the true sense, but these eight Radiant God King, merely is her protector, the primary mission is to protect her, but does not take orders in her retinue completely, since. Listens to debating unceasingly of these Radiant God King, Jian Chen to feel in one's heart helpless, does not have the thoughts to listen to their discussions, near a big tree that arrives at not far away, then jumps onto the treetop, the body just likes fallen leaf results in does not have the weight, in only had on the wrist|skill thick or thin branch to sit cross-legged to sit. His visual front, in both eyes Divine Light explodes dodges, causes his vision, becomes in this instant exceptionally sharp, pierced directly void, looks to the remote place. ps: The second chapter, the ramble in the symbol, the third chapter has still written half, the time is late to renew.