Chaotic Sword God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2327

What, making Saint Item Item Spirit swallow the Saint Light Tower Item Spirit remaining strength, displaces, becomes Saint Light Tower new Item Spirit, this can Item Spirit, swallow the fusion mutually?” Jian Chen was given to have a scare by the Qing Suo words, the idea of Qing Suo, was really too astonishing, making Jian Chen feel panic-stricken. After all, this steals top Divine Item obvious, and in Radiant Temple defends in the most stern temple to steal, this is really bold. But at once, an excited and excited mood, occurred without being noticed from the Jian Chen moral nature, he thinks suddenly, if eternal truth Qing Suo said that making Saint Item Item Spirit Saint Light Tower Item Spirit, that said own in disguised form becomes the Saint Light Tower new host? By that time, he controls Saint Light Tower through Item Spirit, all in Saint Light Tower, are not no matter what own does demand? Qing Suo, to make Saint Item Item Spirit substitute for Saint Light Tower Item Spirit, because of this is not simple, after all equivalent disparity between Saint Item Item Spirit and Saint Light Tower Item Spirit, was really too big, between both basic on no longer same magnitude.” Jian Chen quickly calm, in his heart clear, to make Saint Item Item Spirit substitute for Saint Light Tower Item Spirit, absolutely is not an easy matter. If Saint Light Tower Item Spirit is so can substitute really easily, that Radiant Temple previous generation Palace Master, perhaps already Saint Light Tower income pouch. Good, is very indeed difficult, to almost does not have any Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse to achieve difficultly. The matter that but others cannot achieve, does not represent me and Zi Ying cannot achieve, the master, you do not forget me and Zi Ying is when the world first took shape, by wisp of Yin-Yang Qi Spirit Body, we have its unique element. Method that some Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse have, we never may perhaps grasp, some methods that but we have, let alone Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse does not have, even if the incarnation is Heavenly Law Supreme, is impossible to grasp.” Qing Suo said. Zi Ying has hesitated the meeting, spreads the sound: This Saint Light Tower Item Spirit , if is injured merely, to substitute for him, is absolutely impossible. Its present situation is very but awful, the physique collapsed, the spirit wisdom is defeated and dispersed, present it, is equal to absolutely does not have the independent consciousness, merely remaining one group of most Highest Origin energies, even has been able to understand for it in disguised form already falls, even if will restore to come in the future, was one group of brand-new consciousness, did not have the beforehand memory.”

Can say, to substitute for the spirit of universe, the condition is quite unkind, must first make Item Spirit end up to turn out such as the Saint Light Tower Item Spirit fate, next, the thing of substitution, must with the Item Spirit a common origin of the same clan.” Saint Item Item Spirit of master, is by together Radiant Saint Force the strength of Highest Origin, experiences a series of complex to evolve, although the level is very low, but with Saint Light Tower Item Spirit exactly is the a common origin of the same clan, therefore, such condition had.” Grand Dao Highest Origin that third, after needing Supreme die in a sitting posture, forms, in the process of substitution, carries on well distributed by Grand Dao Highest Origin , to promote fusions between two Item Spirit.” Finally, then needs to invert Yin-Yang, reverses the rule, practices trickery, carries on final clever......” But our where looks for Supreme to sit Grand Dao Highest Origin that change-shape becomes......” one hear of Grand Dao Highest Origin, Jian Chen secretly complained of hardship, Grand Dao Highest Origin that once on bleak planet, under after his chance coincidence obtained Antiquity Heavenly Wolf has died in a sitting posture, forms, but that Grand Dao Highest Origin early had been absorbed by him, now a drop does not remain. Master, Antiquity Heavenly Wolf Grand Dao Highest Origin, I and Qing Suo also collected, these Grand Dao Highest Origin have deposited here, when will break through for the master to the high boundary in the future prepares. But, cannot wait now at that time, Grand Dao Highest Origin that we initially collected, can only in vain cheap Saint Item Item Spirit.” The Zi Ying sound resounds in the Jian Chen brain: Grand Dao Highest Origin, although is precious, the whole world is difficult to ask, if Item Spirit can succeed, then uses these Grand Dao Highest Origin on him, actually does not owe.” Grand Dao Highest Origin we had, as for inverts Yin-Yang finally, reverses the rule, carries on the final cleverness, will be completed by me and Zi Ying, but I and Zi Ying strength has not recovered, therefore when the time comes also will need the master your help, otherwise, will depend on me and Zi Ying strength merely, is unable to complete. Naturally, finally can make the Saint Item Item Spirit success substitute for Saint Light Tower Item Spirit, must think its own good fortune, once succeeds, Saint Item Item Spirit will have a transformation essentially, henceforth steps into another level, true becomes Saint Light Tower Item Spirit. But if is defeated, it can falls, the true dissipation in the world.” Said behind, the Qing Suo expression became has also enforced.

Jian Chen has hesitated the meeting, said: I ask that Saint Item Item Spirit, is willing to attempt, is chosen by its own.” At once, Jian Chen communicates Saint Item Item Spirit immediately, passed on to the idea of Purple Azure Sword Spirits to him. But Saint Item Item Spirit, hears the proposition of Jian Chen, immediately was the whole face complied excitedly, did not have the slight hesitation. Becoming Saint Light Tower Item Spirit, regarding it, quite therefore small and weak Martial Artist suddenly has traded almost matchless flesh body, this enticement was too big, even if not pay attention then to fall into the beyond redemption boundary slightly, is hard to constrain in its innermost feelings that becomes the hope of peerless powerhouse. Changyang, do you here do? Felt that the body is somewhat ill?” At this time, the Jian Chen ear has broadcast the Donglin Yanxue sound. Donglin Yanxue sees Jian Chen to stand is in a daze here, cannot help but makes the kind sound. Jian Chen shaking the head of gently, said: I am all right, but I want to transfer the extension everywhere, seeks the own chance.” I accompany you to go!” Donglin Yanxue said that performs obviously gently.

Does not need, I to think that a person moves.” Jian Chen rejection without hesitation, the voice falls, he then displayed Saint light wing to leave here, suddenly vanished in the thick dense fog. Donglin Yanxue stands in same place lost looks at Jian Chen to vanish the direction that look is low-spirited, has losing that cannot conceal. But Jian Chen, after being far away from Donglin Yanxue, then no longer has retained, immediately displays full speed, hurries to toward the Saint Pavilion deep place. In his heart understands, once and other Purple Azure Sword Spirits start to reverse Yin-Yang truly, lets when by clever Saint Item Item Spirit substitutes for Saint Light Tower Item Spirit, that sound naturally is very big, everyone said that actually will not permit to have what kind of unusual form, therefore, he must be away from Donglin Yanxue and is far eight protector enough, to prevent them to look, thus has exposed the own status. After all, this exposition, is not the status of Martial Soul strength so is simple, but is existence of Purple Azure Sword Spirits. Therefore, when Purple Azure Sword Spirits displays is clever, is absolutely cannot make anybody see.