Chaotic Sword God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2329

Immediately, Saint Item Item Spirit absorbs the Saint Light Tower Item Spirit strength speed to be affected greatly, gradual became must slow, although it had the protection of Grand Dao Highest Origin, can make it be exempt from the impacts of these resentment. But these resentment, after all are Saint Light Tower Item Spirit read remnantly, this read remnantly, although has been equal to losing the independent consciousness, but still has a response of instinct. At this moment, this read remnantly under instinct responded, started to conflict swallowing and fusion of Saint Item Item Spirit. And, this Saint Light Tower Item Spirit read remnantly, transferred part to fill the strength in Saint Light Tower, changed into various attacks, wanted instead to swallow Saint Item Item Spirit. May finally, Saint Light Tower Item Spirit read remnantly, the reassignment how formidable strength, launched the how swift and fierce and fearful attack, so long as approached Grand Dao Highest Origin, then immediately was becomes gentle, all swift and fierce was cancelled with murderous aura. Because, in the Grand Dao Highest Origin range, has been equal to growing the new rule, once enters Grand Dao Highest Origin, regardless of the how formidable strength, needs to follow the rule conduct of Grand Dao Highest Origin formulation. If Saint Light Tower Item Spirit in peak condition, with Saint Light Tower is the top Divine Item strength, can contend with the rule of Grand Dao Highest Origin formulation actually. But now, it wipes merely reads remnantly, might as well before death extremely one, in front of Grand Dao Highest Origin, naturally does not have the strength of revolt, was made docile. speed was too slow, according to such speed, you could not capture Saint Light Tower, before Grand Dao Highest Origin exhausted you have not fused Saint Light Tower Item Spirit all strengths the words, you are unable true achieving and Saint Light Tower combine, not having Saint Light Tower to be to drive the shell load bearing lives in your physique, you only then the turn into ashes fate, must speed up speed.” Purple Azure Sword Spirits shouted to clear the way, now Saint Item Item Spirit the road, it may be said that was step by step the bad risk, did not pay attention slightly, will then fall into the beyond redemption, true dissipation in the world, therefore, in their two Sword Spirits hearts has also filled anxiously. Jian Chen is also the whole face serious Grand Dao Highest Origin when stares at Saint Item Item Spirit, in the heart an anxiety, Supreme is dying in a sitting posture forms in the continuous consumption, although he does not know that actually initially Purple Azure Sword Spirits collected many Grand Dao Highest Origin, but affirmed how long could not support.

He has a mind to help the Saint Item Item Spirit helping hand, but is Saint Item Item Spirit and Saint Light Tower Item Spirit remnantly reads the contest now, let alone he cannot help, even if Purple Azure Sword Spirits also similarly is so. At the same time, another remote place in Saint Pavilion, Donglin Yanxue already and eight protector converges in together, that eight protector, all are sits cross-legged to sit at this moment, both eyes shut tightly, obviously flutters the ancient mark in the exchange here. Donglin Yanxue sits cross-legged to sit among eight protector, by eight protector such as the stars surrounding the moon general protection in the middle, a snow white and magnificent and expensive Saint Child clothing closely is binding her tall, but wonderful graceful tender body, fine just likes the picture scroll beautiful cheek is having one * the color, enabling her to seem, has been full of a holy aesthetic sense. At this moment, Donglin Yanxue and eight protector, have opened the eye at the same time, an eye of dew is startled looks at all around that accommodates. Sees only in them in all directions, even is in the entire world, the resentment that fills, seethed suddenly fiercely, changed into mighty currents, welled up in abundance in the same direction. And, including Donglin Yanxue, all of them in this moment, the keen feeling has a dreadful anger, resembles to transmit from the world. That feeling, seems the anger of Cang Qiong (vault of heaven), the anger of world, the anger of world, the dignity and enormous and powerful, transmits directly to their minds, affected their mood. What's all this about? Actually what happened? How before Saint Pavilion to have this type, change that has not heard?” Donglin Yanxue and eight protector have stood, looks by the surprised uncertain vision to all around. This as if the dreadful anger of the world transmitting, is also affecting their mood in invisible, all of them who made were unassuageable, the bewildered anger that came raised from the moral nature, lets their rash, is unable to calm the mind.

Probably...... Probably is the anger that Saint Light Tower Item Spirit read remnantly transmits......” protector said with the indefinite expression. „Did Item Spirit read the anger of transmitting remnantly? This is possible, is it possible that read remnantly also has the thought? Mood? But it why angry?” Another protector asked that a confusedness of face. At this time, among Donglin Yanxue look reappeared to wipe the startled color, shouted to clear the way lightly: You discover not to have, to fill the resentment here, as if in weakened.” Truly weakened, in this Saint Pavilion, surely had any startled day changed......” Walks, we go forward with the direction that the resentment surged, actually go to mutation source to have a look at to have anything......” ...... Several protector escort Donglin Yanxue, is grazing to go in the direction that Jian Chen that the wind spreading electricity holds up is. At this moment, direction that Jian Chen is, along with passing of time, Saint Item Item Spirit fuses the Saint Light Tower Item Spirit strength, is more and more, after obtaining the help of these strengths, Saint Item Item Spirit became more and more formidable. Especially when it as formidable as certain situation, Saint Light Tower Item Spirit holds to read carries on counter-attack and resistance that appeared somewhat pale and weak, this made Saint Item Item Spirit fuse the Saint Light Tower strength, relaxed, speed naturally was also quicker and quicker.

Saw this one, Jian Chen gradually has also felt relieved, he knows that Saint Item Item Spirit fused the Saint Light Tower Item Spirit strength became the foregone conclusion, this step, so far was truly is completed. But still does not dare to treat it lightly, because did not have the true conclusion. After several double-hour, the Saint Light Tower Item Spirit strength was given the absorption by Saint Item Item Spirit finally, fills the resentment in entire space, reduces, but completely has not actually cleared, but became thin. But Saint Item Item Spirit, after fusing the Saint Light Tower Item Spirit compensation, became the incomparable great strength, this moment he, seems seems a Sun of sparkle is common, blooms dazzling rays of light, even if Jian Chen stands before it, felt that constrains. Naturally, Saint Item Item Spirit obtains the so terrifying strength suddenly, is unable to control thoroughly, its does Spirit Body sway in the midair, is unable to stabilize. Grand Dao Highest Origin has soon exhausted, quick, before Grand Dao Highest Origin exhausts, integrates in all your strengths Saint Light Tower, carries on to build up Saint Light Tower, true combines with Saint Light Tower, making Saint Light Tower your new body. This is the last step, is most difficult one step, if successful, from now, you will become Saint Light Tower new Item Spirit. If failed, waits for your, will be the beyond redemption, true dissipation in the world.” Zi Ying drinks greatly, at once, he and Qing Suo left the Jian Chen top of the head, changed into the one purple one azure two fresh air to arrive in the upper air, formed a huge Yin-Yang primal chaos to leave, fast revolved in the mutual windings. Master, we must invert Yin-Yang, the counter chaotic rule, conceals Heavenly Law, carries on clever, otherwise, Saint Item Item Spirit will write off by the Heavenly Law rule. By our current strengths, but also is not enough to display, therefore we need the strength of master to assist us.” The Purple Azure Sword Spirits sound spreads, they rapidness that more and more revolves in the upper air, as if when changed into when the world first took shape Yin-Yang Qi, became the black and white two colors.