Chaotic Sword God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2346

If the Scorching Sun Peak Peak Lord Gongsun Zhi shape is crazy, displays secret skill, combustion life Highest Origin is the price, stimulates to movement Divine Item to cut fully to Jian Chen, preventing Jian Chen to capture the inheritance. This Supreme inheritance mark, has regarded as an it's in the bag by him, Jian Chen always from inheriting the mark obtains a thing, that means that he will lose part of inheritance contents. At this moment, Jian Chen is absorbing the content in inheritance mark fully. The Supreme inheritance mark struggles is getting more and more intense, this way, this inheritance mark will work loose his suppression finally, abandons him to go. Therefore, he does not have the unnecessary time to go with these Radiant God King to continue now to pester, during such is built on is void, the entire mind sinks to the Supreme mark. His situation at this moment, completely is one to the condition that the outside does not garrison. This time, Scorching Sun Peak Peak Lord Gongsun Zhi all urges Divine Item in round of hand, is bringing astonishing fluctuation of energy cutting maliciously on the body of Jian Chen. Immediately, in the low and deep bellow, Jian Chen is built on the body in upper air, was cut to fly by a Scorching Sun Peak Peak Lord Gongsun Zhi sword. Gongsun Zhi look that this, made was startled first, linked his own not to think probably, these time unexpectedly so easily has hit Jian Chen. But at once he then reveals the wild with joy color, in his heart is clear, this strikes facing own, Jian Chen has not made any defense completely, resists by flesh body completely. It looks like in Gongsun Zhi, withstood Divine Item strength of the striking by the flesh and blood, regardless of the Jian Chen strength is formidable, Heaven Defying, will pay the huge price surely, even if not die, that will also remove half life. Behind Gongsun Zhi, that more than ten wield Divine Item Radiant God King, sees Jian Chen by the flesh and blood withstood Gongsun Zhi Divine Item to strike, reveals the wild with joy color, immediately stimulates to movement Divine Item, grazes to go toward Jian Chen rapidly, gets rid of fully, wants to write off Jian Chen thoroughly. Immediately, the sound of thundering is lingering on faintly, this time, facing the attack of people, Jian Chen not only does not hit back, and does not dodge does not evade, withstood the attacks from all people by the own flesh and blood. Enough several Divine Item all sends out the dreadful prestige bombardment, in his does not appear in the tall and strong body, immediately in the upper air that the Jian Chen body hits flies in all directions randomly, finally, a handle sledgehammer drops from the clouds, pounds by the potential of thunder on the head of Jian Chen, formidable energy fallout made void was twisting. The Jian Chen body was pounded to fall in the ground immediately. What's all this about, formerly also matchless Changyang, how suddenly lost the strength to hit back......” Decides however is the reason of Supreme inheritance mark, is Changyang wants to sense the Supreme inheritance mark mostly, finally the Supreme inheritance mark does not approve him, has taken in his soul, making Changyang completely lose the induction of outside......” Good, then, we must to killing him, with hands down. Many people said that Changyang is the Qing Shan camouflage, if has killed him, making Martial Soul Branch reduce one person, that is the huge merit......” Kills the Changyang merit to be us, everybody begins together, when the time comes this merit our everybody had......”

...... The distant place, numerous Radiant Saint Master scream, the group wells up in abundance. As if in their eyes, just also matchless Changyang, fell into to die the bureau. That may several control Divine Item prominent peak Peak Lord, is actually the least bit happy, instead in hearts heavy, complexion is very unattractive, because of them, has not seen, even if a drop of blood. A boundary with their suitable people, withstood they several people of Divine Item attacks by the flesh and blood, on the result is actually links a drop of blood not to have the class to come out, if this saying said that who believes? „The Great Principles highest sage decides!” Meanwhile, the spirit immerses Jian Chen in Supreme inheritance mark completely, the mind shakes violently, reveals the wild with joy color. In this Supreme inheritance mark, he sought Supreme level Cultivation Technique finally. This Cultivation Technique, is the Saint Light Tower master creates, the named Great Principles highest sage decides! Absorption!” Jian Chen has not hesitated, immediately full speed absorption all about the Great Principles highest sage information of definitely. Immediately, in the Supreme inheritance mark, that some records the Great Principles highest sage to decide the Cultivation Technique information the energetic mark, immediately is like surging tides wells up toward Jian Chen, the huge quantity information poured into to the Jian Chen brain, immediately made the brain of Jian Chen have a painfully swollen feeling. This information was really too huge, arrives at the according to Jian Chen present boundary huge, somewhat could not endure. Outside, several master hold Divine Item prominent peak Peak Lord to collect around Jian Chen, at this moment all stares greatly the eye, stubbornly stares is sitting cross-legged to sit in ground Jian Chen, in the vision has panic-stricken that is hard to conceal. On the body of Jian Chen, is interlocking many scars, these scars, are Divine Item in their hand hit to remain on Jian Chen. May without a single exception, present all scars on Jian Chen, is only the skin flesh wounds, let alone is far from the wound to the five main internal organs (entrails) of Jian Chen, even is links a drop of blood not to have the class to come out. And, those who make their hearts startled is, on Jian Chen these scars, unexpectedly in according to naked eye obvious speed fast to heal. Merely several time of breath, they by Divine Item in these scars that on Jian Chen leaves behind, the cleanness that then vanishes, a scar has not stayed behind. This, has shocked them, several master hold Divine Item, powerful prominent peak Peak Lord, is staring dumbfounded of face, fantasy touching type.

This...... This how possible......” Scorching Sun Peak Peak Lord Gongsun Zhi trembling sound track, resembles greatly is attacked. He in the absorption inheritance mark, cannot take into consideration in any case now outside, we continue to attack, how long I must have a look at him also to be able but actually to insist.” Middle person of sonic boom drinks, immediately starts Divine Item to continue to attack. Person who several other master hold Divine Item, has joined. Behind the group wells up one crowd of Radiant Saint Master that comes, gets rid, all people launch the most formidable attack, simultaneously hit to Jian Chen. Immediately, Battle Saint Principle surges in the world, formidable fluctuation of energy heartless devastates the earth, Jian Chen early by numerous attacks submerging. But quick, all people were scared, after withstanding their attack, sits cross-legged to sit there Jian Chen, only received some skin flesh wounds as before. And, these skin flesh wounds, but also is that several Divine Item remains. In other words, in their these many hands does not have Divine Item Radiant God King, regardless of the strength is formidable, even if broke through to God King late-stage prominent peak Peak Lord, does not have the qualifications wound to a Jian Chen skin. heavens, this is the person......” All people hold breath cold air, occurred in present, has subverted their cognition completely. What if they face is cultivation level formidable Beginning Realm powerhouse, they can also accept, may the opposite party be is in same boundary God King with them. At this time, Jian Chen totally accepted the Great Principles highest sage all information of definitely, this unprecedented melts now Supreme level Cultivation Technique, he completely grasped. But in this inheritance mark, solely is not Cultivation Technique so is simple, meanwhile contains to have formidable Radiant Divine Technique, as well as various types are quite ancient, come from the last era, and might good antiquity secret technique. Has the practice attainment that Supreme boundary powerhouse summarizes personally, as well as boundary sensibility and other knowledge After receiving the Great Principles highest sage definitely, Jian Chen has not delayed , to continue to absorb other contents in Supreme inheritance mark. However at this moment, was suppressed the Supreme inheritance mark in hand by him, suddenly became boiling hot, inherited the mark the strength, strengthened in this in an instant did not have the several fold, has worked loose the suppression of Jian Chen unexpectedly all of a sudden, flew from the Jian Chen hand, arrived in front of Scorching Sun Peak Peak Lord Gongsun Zhi. How could Jian Chen allowed that such matter occurrence, his drinks greatly, the whole body imposing manner surges upward, appears in front of Gongsun Zhi instantaneously, the direct palm grasps to Gongsun Zhi. However, came from the appearance that the Saint Light Tower strength is quietly, covers the Gongsun Zhi whole person, has protected.

Saint Light Tower is top Divine Item, is in the similar level with Huan Zhen Tower, therefore in the face of the Saint Light Tower strength, Jian Chen on small and weak just likes ants results, is unable to injure to Gongsun Zhi. Supreme inheritance mark, then dodges, changes into a rays of light beam to enter Gongsun Zhi forehead to vanish does not see. Scorching Sun Peak Peak Lord Gongsun Zhi, is eye shuts, body straight but actually, has remained unconscious. The sudden accident, has shocked here all Radiant Saint Master immediately, the vision of all people put aside from Jian Chen all of a sudden, condense on Gongsun Zhi, is all bringing vacant, no one knows that what happened. Item Spirit!” Jian Chen vision deep looks at Gongsun Zhi, summoned Item Spirit in the heart secretly. Master, this person...... This person...... This person of within the body is flowing, unexpectedly is the bloodlines of Saint Light Tower master, he is the descendant of Saint Light Tower master......” the Item Spirit sound remembers in the Jian Chen hearts, among the expressions has also been full of the shock and cannot believe. I from Saint Light Tower Item Spirit read remnantly, had known that the Saint Light Tower master was not Supreme of this era, similarly was not on Supreme of era, but was in the world overlord of era, has not thought that really has not thought that the bloodlines of Saint Light Tower master, spread of two era not to dissipate unexpectedly.” Master, I now have not been able completely to control Saint Light Tower, and Saint Light Tower Item Spirit reads remnantly is affecting me frequently, I am unable to abolish shelter the strength of Supreme descendant.” Saint Item Item Spirit said that although he has been in charge of Saint Light Tower, but the date and time is too short, and fused too many Saint Light Tower Item Spirit read remnantly, often most times, will come under the influence that read remnantly, involuntary. A Jian Chen silence, such result, he is not surprised, in discovering the bloodlines of Scorching Sun Peak Peak Lord Gongsun Zhi can cause the Supreme inheritance mark change, he expected could be such result finally. Although this Supreme inheritance mark , because he has thoroughly comprehended a chart, takes out it from the tablet, mentioned reasonably, he will inherit all in Supreme inheritance mark smoothly, has not expected, here presented the descendant of Saint Light Tower master unexpectedly. The inheritance mark has mystical powers, although own achieved the condition, but regarding the inheritance mark, own throughout is a bystander, but Scorching Sun Peak Peak Lord Gongsun Zhi within the body is flowing, but left behind this inheritance mark in the past, that Supreme descendant. In front of a bystander and own descendant, this inheritance mark, has naturally chosen the own descendant. Although Jian Chen, if cuts to kill Gongsun Zhi ahead of time, perhaps like this he can obtain the complete inheritance to remember, but such matter his (Huan Zhen) really cannot do, is contrary to the benignity. If Gongsun Zhi and Saint Light Tower master does not have the least bit relations but actually, but others after all are the descendant of Saint Light Tower master.