Chaotic Sword God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2352

However the time, these were built on summit of continent top powerhouse then to find the Jian Chen trail instant. Is it possible that does he also want to flee Desolate Province with the aid of intercontinental level teleportation formation......?” Hey, intercontinental level teleportation formation early had been blocked, wants to run away with the aid of teleportation formation, has a dream......” Along with the voice, gets together in Radiant Temple all top powerhouse, vanished completely, pursues to Jian Chen. Radiant Temple Palace Master suspended in front of the temple, the vision is also a twinkle, reveals the hesitant color. Very obviously, regarding Jian Chen Huan Zhen Tower, he is also heart movement quite, similarly has Huan Zhen Tower takes, then returns to the Magnificent Heavenly Palace great majesty thoughts. Because this is climbs up Magnificent Heavenly Palace this colossus the only opportunity. Thinks of Xuan Zhan, his hesitates. Do not mix, wants person who obtains Huan Zhen Tower are many, even if you went, obtains Huan Zhen Tower possibly is not big.” At this time, the Xuan Zhan form appeared, his vision deep was looking at Radiant Temple Palace Master, said: Moreover, the Saint Light Tower mutation, inside resentment steadily is reducing now, we had Saint Light Tower to be enough.” Your son is very likely in Huan Zhen Tower, you did not fear after these people obtain Huan Zhen Tower, will injure your son?” Radiant Temple Palace Master said. Huan Zhen Tower after is top Divine Item, even if it damages seriously , is still indestructible, only if these people build up Huan Zhen Tower, otherwise cannot go.” look that Xuan Zhan has not been worried about, calm [say / way]: As for building up Huan Zhen Tower, I measures them not to have that balls.” „It is not good, Palace Master, important matter not good......” at this moment, fills the flustered screams to transmit, sees only a temple elder to hurry along hurriedly, in its behind, but also is following several Radiant God King. These Radiant God King, look like somewhat is quite distressed.

„When Palace Master, just received the message, Supreme in Saint Light Tower inherits, records in the Supreme inheritance mark was obtained by Changyang to strong Cultivation Technique, this Changyang, is the Martial Soul Branch person......” this temple elder saying of hurriedly. What? Is the Supreme inheritance born? Did Cultivation Technique fall in the Jian Chen hand unexpectedly?” hearing that, Radiant Temple Palace Master complexion big change. Xuan Zhan, is pupil shrinks, reveals extremely the color of being startled. In Saint Light Tower has the Supreme inheritance, this was in Radiant Temple not yet the confirmed ancient times legend, has not thought that its actually suddenly present world. Supreme level Cultivation Technique, is the highest inheritance of our Radiant Temple, cannot fall into other people the hand.” Radiant Temple Palace Master look becomes incomparably serious, the next quarter, a terrifying imposing manner collects on him, a handle white lance appears suddenly, brilliant light is reserved, is containing the prestige of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth. Lance void stroke, will tear directly void, but Radiant Temple Palace Master, then steps into shatter void to depart directly. This time, Xuan Zhan Vice- Palace Master has not stopped, Jian Chen has not obtained Supreme to inherit good, but he, since inherited carrying off this to high Cultivation Technique Supreme, this made Xuan Zhan unable to find any reason to continue to help him. Desolate Province central region, in has beyond over a billion li (0.5km) from Radiant Temple fully, in a lively city, only has the 3-layer high small garret, static standing erect in downtown area. This small garret, is one on this street numerous constructions, close to the central place of city, section inch of lang and gold, price and expensive. Since this small garret, was bought by a mysterious character high price after the several years, then has left uncultivated here, some people have never lived. In the small garret, is empty, basic on few ornaments, only has in the 3-layer position of small garret, the diameter has three zhang (3.33 m) plate to be placed there fully, above inscribes mysterious formation. At this moment, formation on plate, sparkles suddenly, fills the air along with an intense space fluctuation, together by the person's shadow that the white light covers, appears on the plate impressively.

This person's shadow, is Jian Chen! Jian Chen just a appearance, was jumped to leap, leapt directly from the window of small garret, launched the personal appearance, such as a lightning grazed to go toward the center of city. His complexion is serious, his Primordial Spirit has fused Chaos Force, the sensation strength is above the great strength of imagination, he indistinct feeling, own by dozens formidable Spiritual Consciousness locking. Each Spiritual Consciousness master, absolutely is not he can contend. Even is quite vague, is almost vague Spiritual Consciousness, is makes the Jian Chen spine send coldly. He is really Jian Chen, conceal may suffice the depth, then, can go back to report on accomplishments to the master finally.” At the same time, in an manor in another remote city, has broadcast an old sound. At once, the garret in manor deep place opened the wooden door, saw only one to wear the old man of hempen garments to walk from inside. Senior Tu!” The appearance that immediately the middle-aged man is quietly, sees this old man, this middle-aged man immediately became respectful. Walks, is bringing Jian Chen, returns to Kaitian Clan!” The old man expression is light, as if has not cared Desolate Province these top powerhouse. The voice falls, his form then disappeared, without a trace. But that middle-aged man, vanishes similarly does not see, such as is almost flickers to move to general speed, left here. Ao Li Duona, we should also pass.” In another lively city, an old woman manner is auspicious, is leaning on a walking stick, to is standing in green clothes female said. At this time, Jian Chen arrived at the most center of city, here, is the key position of this city is, can carry on the ultra telematics intercontinental level teleportation formation, was erected impressively also here.

Jian Chen, teleportation formation had been blocked, you cannot leave, hand over Huan Zhen Tower, my not to make things difficult for you......” Jian Chen, gives me Huan Zhen Tower, our Principle Sovereign Empire shelters you......” Gives me Huan Zhen Tower, gives your way out, otherwise, dies......” ...... At this moment, Jian Chen top of the head void twisted fiercely, sees only top powerhouse to appear one after another, they disperse respectively, guards mutually, Jian Chen surrounding in inside. Sky over the city, splits void, whether there is to perform the Saint light to sprinkle , the shining world, Radiant Temple Palace Master also arrived here, his look complex is looking at Jian Chen, sighed lightly: I, no matter you are Changyang are also good, is Jian Chen, in brief, leaves behind Cultivation Technique, that is the highest inheritance of our Radiant Temple, cannot make the bystander win absolutely, cannot Martial Soul Branch to attain.” Highest inheritance of Radiant Temple? Is it possible that thing that in Saint Light Tower spreads, had not been obtained by your Radiant Temple disciple, was obtained by Jian Chen on the contrary?” At this moment, is full of sound that teased to transmit together, sees only a semblance to be ordinary, looked like just like a middle-aged man of mortal , arrived here quietly. But the appearance of this middle-aged man, immediately is command Palace Master complexion of Radiant Temple changes, sinking sound track: Soul buries, you also came unexpectedly.” Was called middle-aged man Ha Ha that the soul buries to smile, said: Our Martial Soul Branch presented the eighth brothers, the so serious matter, how could I do not come.” ps: The ramble also owes next one, one that this owes will make up free next time, excuses me......