Chaotic Sword God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2355

Temple elder Ti Na when passes message falls into the Hun Zang ear, immediately is makes in the Hun Zang heart sink, strengthened was unable to make Kaitian Clan carry off the Jian Chen thought. Hun Zang has displayed Martial Soul great formation, his body united Martial Soul Mountain as well as another six people of strengths, in adding on the strangeness of Martial Soul strength, the singles defends alone, we cannot ask for the advantage, quick, everybody gets rid to divert Hun Zang together, before Jian Chen hands over Huan Zhen Tower, cannot make him mount Martial Soul Mountain absolutely......” Jian Chen, since is not willing to hand over Huan Zhen Tower, that makes our own take. Wants the Huan Zhen Tower words, we must coordinate, first took Huan Zhen Tower said again how as for distribute, we to discuss finally in the future again......” At the same time, collected also spoke in this's top powerhouse, they fully realized that Martial Soul Branch background had how deeply, although Martial Soul Branch its life is unable to break through to the boundary of Highest Beginning finally, however in Saint Realm, dares to despise Martial Soul Branch without any top influence truly. All these, because of existence of Martial Soul Mountain. They are very clear, once made Jian Chen return to Martial Soul Mountain, they truly had no alternative. Here is my Principle Sovereign Empire territory, this Huan Zhen Tower, is responsible for gathering by me, you only need constrain Hun Zang then, Huan Zhen Tower succeeds in obtaining, we discussed the ownership issue again.” At this time, the Principle Sovereign Empire overlord has opened the mouth, his whole body had the air/Qi of winding Huang Dao, serious in speech and manner, did not get angry from the imposing manner of prestige. He gets rid directly, the palm crushed void, broke through the distance of space and time, in an instant appears in front of Jian Chen. Jian Chen, this emperor does not injure you, only takes your Huan Zhen Tower, not or knows the good and evil!” The Principle Sovereign Empire overlord said that Jian Chen behind has Martial Soul Branch and God Clan shadow, regarding the Jian Chen status, obviously is some worries. But this worry, could not have prevented him to capture the Huan Zhen Tower thought obviously. You dare!” Hun Zang drinks greatly, the Martial Soul Mountain strength combines with him, gets rid decisively, intercepts the Principle Sovereign Empire overlord. Meanwhile, his both eyes instantaneously become a darkness, such as black top results, can swallow in society all rays of light. A formidable Martial Soul strength, changes to invisible sharp swords to project once more, the goal points to surrounding these top powerhouse Be careful!” In these top powerhouse has People to drink, but still does not help matters, even if they realize the Martial Soul strength attack of Hun Zang, does not have any means resistance.

Martial Soul strength invisible sharp sword, brings to make the person Primordial Spirit shake strange strength, broke through their all defense, shells on their Primordial Spirit. Immediately, all top powerhouse statures shake, in both eyes presented the instant confusedness, the movement in hand also one for it slow. The Principle Sovereign Empire Great Ancestor emperor is no exception. But Hun Zang, does not pester with these people, carries off Jian Chen, is the current priority. Sees only his one to hold the shoulder of Jian Chen, will depart. Bang!” At this moment, the sound of deafening thundering transmits from the horizon together, sees only void in Desolate Province beyond the heavens beside, build incomparably huge Azure Peng appears, a wings show, blocks the sky, maliciously strokes in the Martial Soul Mountain empty shade. The Martial Soul Mountain empty shade rocked immediately violently, mountain massif in unceasing distortion, distortion, rays of light rapid gloom. Is Azure Peng King, he has also gotten rid, preventing the Martial Soul Branch person to carry off Jian Chen. Because of existence of Through Heavens Sword Saint, he does not dare to step Desolate Province, but the Martial Soul Mountain empty shade is unable to arrive at Desolate Province similarly, can only beyond the heavens outside Desolate Province appear void. Therefore, Martial Soul Mountain became the Azure Peng King best target. Martial Soul Mountain was attacked, during Hun Zang also came under the enormous influence, the body shivers fiercely, complexion blood flushes, hold through the Martial Soul Mountain in addition in his strength, nearly interrupts. This Azure Flash Heavenly King, but has stepped into Highest Beginning Realm middle-stage powerhouse extremely, and within the body flows has the noble and formidable divine beast bloodlines, not only the speed first under heaven, battle strength may also be called same rank is invincible, his strikes, might no small matter.

Azure Flash Heavenly King, our Martial Soul Branch and you are always well water not interfering with river water, is your this what meaning?” The Hun Zang sinking sound shouted to clear the way Jian Chen, must die, even if has God Clan to guarantee him, this King will not make him live.” Azure Peng King that is full of the killing intent ice cold voice sound, enormous and powerful transmitting from void. He is in these top powerhouse, only gets up to kill the person of heart to Jian Chen truly. Hun Zang complexion is ugly, the Azure Peng King main body is a Great Peng bird, the natural disposition is savage, is Zi Ya that became famous must report in Saint Realm, is not very affable, since he said this to come, that explained that he had to kill the heart of Jian Chen. However, he also indeed has not to dread the God Clan strength and qualifications, God Clan War God has not grown truly, he depends matchless terror speed, in God Clan indeed nobody can retain him, even if that three big Supreme Elder is not good. Hun Zang, does not keep Huan Zhen Tower, you cannot carry off Jian Chen.” By these top powerhouse of Hun Zang Martial Soul strength influence, restored, gets rid, diverts Hun Zang. beyond the heavens void, the sound of thundering is lingering on faintly, Azure Peng King gets rid again and again, every strikes destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth, hits void is bursting. The projection of Martial Soul Mountain, creakies under his attack, had the sign of collapse, Martial Soul great formation stiffly is also interrupted, does not have strength in addition to hold again on Hun Zang. After all, this is only a projection of Martial Soul Mountain, only has Martial Soul Mountain part of strengths, is not true Martial Soul Mountain! Without the support of Martial Soul great formation, facing so many strengths strong in own top powerhouse, Hun Zang fell immediately leeward. Principle Sovereign Empire protecting country great formation opened, the entire great formation strength collects outside this city, will fight fallout preventing in the interior, non-proliferation. But in city counted by the 100 million huge population, under protecting the country great formation strength, was shifted all.

Situation is not wonderful, Chu sword, your my two people help the Hun Zang helping hand, in our seven brothers, besides Hun Zang, only then your my two people can contend with these people.” In the Martial Soul Mountain empty shade, six person's shadows are standing firm Martial Soul Mountain fully, a middle-aged man vision is staring at the Desolate Province earth, sinking sound track. May not, we probably stand firm the Martial Soul Mountain soul shade, cannot let the Martial Soul Mountain soul shade absolutely by the collapse that Azure Flash Heavenly King hits, otherwise, we are unable through the Martial Soul Mountain strength, to surmount this extremely remote universe to be void instantaneously, returns to Martial Soul Mountain.” Was called as the person of Chu sword saying that complexion is dignified. On Desolate Province, the Principle Sovereign Empire Great Ancestor emperor gets rid once more, the palm imprisons the trapped|sleepy world, the imprisonment is void, grasps to Jian Chen. Jian Chen vision one cold, the thought moves, broken Huan Zhen Tower projects from his forehead, on Huan Zhen Tower, resembles the condensation to concentrate to peak the strength of Great Principles, can suppress the world myriad things, void that this tower just a appearance, the Principle Sovereign Empire Great Ancestor emperor imprisoned, then in an instant relieves. But Jian Chen, is the hand grasps Huan Zhen Tower, the trying stimulation of movement Huan Zhen Tower strength, pounds to the Principle Sovereign Empire Great Ancestor emperor. Huan Zhen Tower!” Principle Sovereign Empire Great Ancestor emperor eyes one bright, both eyes shine looks that by Huan Zhen Tower that Jian Chen puts out, grasped to the palm of Jian Chen, is then grasps toward Huan Zhen Tower. On his palm, the terrifying strength condensation, resembles to crack void, has made the strongest protection. However, Huan Zhen Tower strength big terror, although belongs to the top Divine Item might unable to display by far, but only with Huan Zhen Tower weight, is incomparably scary. Under Great Ancestor emperor general idea of Principle Sovereign Empire, directly by Huan Zhen Tower that formidable strength pounding flying draws back several hundred meters far. Worthily is topest Divine Item!” Principle Sovereign Empire Great Ancestor emperor both eyes jump project strange light, he was shaken to draw back, has not been injured. Because of by the Jian Chen present strength, even if were built up to melt 5-layer Huan Zhen Tower, is unable with the Huan Zhen Tower wound to Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse. At that moment, he continues to get rid, this time, he has prepared, does not bump with Huan Zhen Tower directly hardly, but by the gentle strength, binds toward Huan Zhen Tower.