Chaotic Sword God - Volume 25 - Chapter 2468
The temple trembles slightly, is indistinct, Jian Chen seemed heard temple Item Spirit one stuffily snort|hum the sound. This makes the corners of the mouth of Jian Chen, revealing of being able not help wipe the smiling face to come out, he knows, Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique that own grasps, can bring to temple Item Spirit troubles. Naturally, is merely troublesome, after all his present Martial Soul strength, is equal to God Lord initial-stage merely. If not the Martial Soul strength can disregard defense of temple, direct attack Item Spirit of temple, Feared that itchy is unqualified to this temple titillation. After all, Item Spirit of temple, the most formidable superiority, then opposes the enemy with the utensil, has been middle-grade Divine Item it, makes Everlasting Realm Expert have no alternative with him sufficiently. But once made the formidable body that they took advantage of lose the function, then their it becomes very frail. But the Martial Soul strength, is these Divine Item Item Spirit difficult adversaries. Item Spirit, does not know that this titillation is itchy comfortable?” Jian Chen sits cross-legged to sit on a temple rock, saying of faint smile. Snort, comfortable, comfortable, was really too comfortable, the Jian Chen boy, continued, did you stop? Was did not have the ability to continue to display?” Temple Item Spirit mumbled, has been full of provocation. I just grasped this Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique, but also is unable to achieve receiving and dispatching to be free, only in read the degree, happen to needed to practice industriously. Since you such earnestly seek me to help your titillation be itchy, I such as you hope.” Jian Chen expression light saying, voice falls, he has then closed the eye, again condenses Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique. „Can he continue to display unexpectedly really the second time? Snort, uses such secret technique, decides to his consumption however is not small, looked that he can display several times to come out......” opposite, hides Item Spirit in temple whispers in a low voice, became discrete.

Just that Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique, although could not have injured it, but its striking power, has been enough to constitute to him affected, one time has not mattered twice but actually, but if came several times, it will not be injured freely, but that feeling also still made it uncomfortable. Then, Jian Chen sits in front of temple time and time again displays Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique, along with displaying the number of times increases, he condenses Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique gradually also even more handily, each displaying gap, from initial one double-hour one time, reduces to a double-hour two, one double-hour three times. Whenever Jian Chen Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique hits when the Item Spirit body, this temple will tremble slightly, scope that this trembles, displays the Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique number of times to increase along with Jian Chen, but becomes more and more greatly. Comfortable, is really comfortable, this feeling was too wonderful, I was born for billion years, had not realized that such wonderful feeling, Jian Chen, you...... the temple Item Spirit sound spreads again quickly, in fact, it hides the physique in temple, the expression of this moment face started to twist. It withstood the attacks of 78 Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique one after another, each attack accurate incomparable falling in its spiritual, although it has not received the injury, but this feeling was too uncomfortable. This for example an average person is bearing similar headache pain, has a headache, although will not injure to their souls, but that feeling, does not feel better absolutely. Present Item Spirit, is suffering such pain. Finally, after has displayed several Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique one after another, Jian Chen stopped, his Martial Soul strength has almost exhausted. Now condensed Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique, time reduced to has burnt a joss stick, although the distance read some boundary also distances of becoming, but also was not a small progress.” Jian Chen sets out, starts toward mining the Martial Soul Stone mine tunnel walks. „Doesn't Jian Chen, how continue? Such walked? I have not satisfied a craving......” behind, hears the temple Item Spirit provocative sound. When the Jian Chen form completely disappears, temple Item Spirit finally long implored the tone: Finally walked, if continues, I must suffer falls insanely may not, this damn Martial Soul strength, how makes me meet......”

Had Martial Soul Stone, Jian Chen restored the Martial Soul strength, directly mines the Martial Soul strength simply, absorbed inside Martial Soul strength to be able. And, Jian Chen absorbed the Martial Soul strength speed became very quick, the Martial Soul strength that next day, he lost then restored in peak condition, then left the mine tunnel, arrived in front on the temple rock to practice with temple Item Spirit again. Sees Jian Chen, a temple Item Spirit naturally unavoidably language to attack, carries on various satires and provocation. However Jian Chen turns a deaf ear , is disinclined to respond directly, one displays Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique. After several double-hour, Jian Chen displayed several Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique one after another, the Martial Soul strength has exhausted to leave here, continued to mine the mine tunnel restoration of Martial Soul Stone. On this day, he condenses Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique speed, has grown once more, time that each condensation requires to cost, already from one tea one time, to tea two speed. Then, Jian Chen takes temple Item Spirit to practice Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique every day, finally, practicing for one month later, his utilization to Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique skilled, each condensation, reduced to ten time of breath. Ten breathe one time, is too long, I must achieve to read, the boundary of instantaneous release, so, can unexpectedly!” Jian Chen was still unsatisfied , to continue to train hard earnestly. However jumps over in the future, is difficult, has consumed once more for three months, Jian Chen cultivates receiving and dispatching to be free Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique finally, reads, boundary of instantaneous release. Also is at this moment, he grasped a secret technique of Martial Soul strength finally in the true sense! This secret technique, can cause the attack of his Martial Soul strength, becomes sharper, is more formidable!

Naturally, in these months, temple Item Spirit also by Jian Chen suffering being miserable beyond description, just like suffering the pain of purgatory, was letting survive of thousands of year it, the true experience anything was experiences one day like a year, anything was the living hell. But it regarding the Jian Chen manner, changes again and again, most starts, he is the provocation is unceasing, all day taunted. However starting from the second month, he became silent, was several days does not say words frequently. When to last month, temple Item Spirit as if suffered somewhat grasps crazily, changes the beforehand silence, opened the mouth to curse directly. Then, can study the second divine ability secret technique, this secret technique, named —— Martial Soul cuts the day technique!” Martial Soul cuts the day technique, might is greatly strengthened, specifically is used to cope with the strength far ultra own strong opponent. However Martial Soul cuts the day of technique consumption to be enormous, was considered as is trump card, every time displayed, needs to consume 50% Martial Soul strength, the Martial Soul strength boundary was stronger, Martial Soul cut the day technique the might to be also bigger......” By big Senior Brother Hun Zang, Second Senior Brother Chu Jian, Third Senior Brother Yue Chao Great Primal Realm 9-layer Martial Soul strength, once displays Martial Soul to cut the day technique, can perhaps directly some weak Highest Beginning Realm Expert cutting body and soul completely eliminated......” This Martial Soul cuts the day technique, the difficulty of although cultivating must be bigger than Martial Soul Breaking Soul Technique, but I must as soon as possible its grasps, as the matter stands, after , when my Martial Soul strength boundary with coming up, I and many trump card, trump card that one type is next to Profound Sword Qi!”