Chaotic Sword God - Volume 26 - Chapter 2530

Listened to this saying, Jian Chen to frown, the mood became somewhat heavy. The Magnificent Heavenly Palace First Your Highness strength he already experience crossed, initially in Azure Sea Divine Palace, Six Paths of Samsara Immortal Senior Primordial Spirit clone with he coincided, to Magnificent Heavenly Palace First Your Highness praises, once said First Your Highness to be away from the Supreme boundary, only had the one pace. In other words, Magnificent Heavenly Palace First Your Highness Yi Xin (wholeheartedly), already very close Supreme. However, strength so extraordinary she, must cut to kill Kaitian Old Ancestor so not to be easy, this also from one side reflected the great strength of Kaitian Old Ancestor. Worthily is Highest Beginning Realm 9-layer super expert! Perhaps, each cultivation level reaches to Highest Beginning Realm 9-layer super expert, once can forcing same level boundary Peerless Generation supreme talent.” In the Jian Chen heart exclaimed in surprise secretly, today, he realizes the great strength of Kaitian Old Ancestor. Ninth Your Highness, you continue to stay in Tianyuan Clan were unsafe, because of Kaitian Old Ancestor, comes for you.” Ming Xie face serious said to Ming Dong that his responsibility is responsible for the Ming Dong security, now Kaitian Old Ancestor stared at Ming Dong the vision, this let in the Ming Xie heart is also very restless. Because is next to Supreme super expert facing this, he cannot play any role of protection. Comes for me? Is because Big Senior Sister does chase down him?” Ming Dong asked that complexion was also becomes some serious. Good, Kaitian Old Ancestor had been chased down dozens years of by First Your Highness, this matter already spread over entire Saint Realm, this has had very tremendous influence to the Kaitian Old Ancestor reputation, is almost makes his face countenance completely lose, therefore Kaitian Old Ancestor bears a grudge, prepares to start from your here, is not seizes you are strikes to kill you, retaliates First Your Highness the enmity of chasing down by this.” After all, who was chased down for dozens years, in the heart will have the resentment, let alone is Kaitian Old Ancestor this specific name shakes Saint Realm character extremely.” Ming Xie said. Doesn't have the teacher in? I do not believe his real killing I, moreover there is Big Senior Sister in the one side. I stay here, does not go back.” Ming Dong temper stubborn saying. At this moment, has the waiter incoming telegram, Four-Divisions Alliance and Justice Alliance leading figure comes to visit, Tongtian Peak Peak Lord came. After all, that just performed, entire Cloud Province all Beginning Realm expert witness, beyond the heavens void super expert wants to get rid to Tianyuan Clan, finally by another super expert preventing. And in these two big super expert, the Kaitian Old Ancestor status had been recognized, that another super expert status, was naturally vivid.

After all, Magnificent Heavenly Palace First Your Highness chases down Kaitian Old Ancestor, in noisy that in Saint Realm already passed on, was well-known dozens years ago. That and other wars between levels, the picture is too terrorist, extremely in scary, wants to conceal the truth unable to conceal the truth, so long as passes through from Big Province, will make sky over Big Province produce unusual form, making the world person all know. This naturally lets these super expert on Cloud Province, the logical understanding First Your Highness chases down Kaitian Old Ancestor, then Kaitian Old Ancestor takes the behavior of Ming Dong air vent. This instead lets these top expert on Cloud Province, even more does not dare to provoke Ming Dong. Regarding their visiting, Ming Dong naturally does not want to pay attention, but Jian Chen is actually not able to achieve to sit by and do nothing, receives these people by the Tianyuan Patriarch status personally. After all, these may stamp the feet, can let the character who Cloud Province shakes three to shake, cannot neglect. Magnificent Heavenly Palace First Your Highness so cares about Ming Dong, it seems like that this Ming Dong, ironclad is the First Your Highness apprentice......” Magnificent Heavenly Palace First Your Highness has chased down Kaitian Old Ancestor these many years, had not heard she displays Supreme Heavenly Law Technique, just Kaitian Old Ancestor began to Tianyuan Clan, finally directly has enraged First Your Highness, gave to display Supreme Heavenly Law Technique this trump card, thus it can be seen First Your Highness had regarded as important this Ming Dong......” This Ming Dong, we must treat well, if has climbed up Magnificent Heavenly Palace this big tree, then to me and others, is a big good fortune......” Leading figure who these come to visit , is passes message respectively, mutual exchange. The Ming Dong real status, among them does not have one person to know, subconscious taking for Ming Dong is the disciple of Magnificent Heavenly Palace First Your Highness. In Jian Chen receives the leading figures of two big alliances, in the Tianyuan Clan backyard restricted area, came an unexpected visitor. This is a female, the beautiful features, is much longer incomparable, she wears a white long skirt, the makings are refined, does not dye this world smoke and fire, such towering appearance in front of Ming Dong, the Ming Xie arrangement in Tianyuan Clan formidable formation, to this female, simply exists in name only.

Eighth Senior Sister, how did you come?” Sees this female, the Ming Dong spirit to shake immediately, reveals the happy color. He in Magnificent Heavenly Palace these years, is most familiar with Eighth Senior Sister Bai Rong, but simultaneously, Bai Rong also teaches him, directs he most people. Has seen Eighth Your Highness!” Side Ming Dong, Ming Xie bends the waist to salute, Yun Xiaoyan also reveals the respectful color. Ninth Junior Brother, Kaitian Old Ancestor stared at you, you should go back , to continue to stay outside was unsafe.” First few words that Bai Rong comes, is makes Ming Dong go back, expression is light, the expression is also very light, too has not placed in Kaitian Old Ancestor the eye, may not dare not to be serious similarly. Ming Dong naturally is rejection without hesitation, constantly persists in keeping Tianyuan Clan, and teacher moving. Bai Rong sighed gently, revealed one, but color: Although teacher cultivation level restored, the will momentarily may arrive, shelters you to be well sufficiently, but the teacher is aloof existence, our these make disciple, little gives the teacher to increase difficulty. Eighth Junior Brother, you, since persists in remaining, that Senior Sister did not force you, but suggested that you went back as soon as possible.” Throws down these words, Bai Rong departs, when she comes like that is quietly to come, to disappear goes without the sound, not having the mark may seek. In an instant, is one year later, in this short one year, Cloud Province all as usual, has not had any change. However Tianyuan Clan, is actually maintaining the stance of rapid growth, the status is very aloof, every year can receive the huge resources and heavenly material treasure that Heavenly Moon Dynasty presents tribute, background in gradual deepening. Magnificent Heavenly Palace First Your Highness Yi Xin (wholeheartedly), chases down Kaitian Old Ancestor in the vast starry sky as before, became in Saint Realm topics between all Beginning Realm expert, was guessing reason. But Nubisi and Custodian Xue, go to Le Province also one year, has not turned over. Today, in Peaceful Heaven Dynasty Dong An County Tianyuan Clan, Jian Chen is sitting cross-legged to sit in the own temporary palace cultivates, both eyes that however at this moment, his shuts tightly open suddenly, turn the hand, sees only three quick jade symbols to appear in his hands, has disrupted completely two halves. Looks in the hand this to disrupt two halves jade symbol, Jian Chen complexion instantaneously became gloomy. Nubisi before departure, he has given the Nubisi three letter symbols, the disruption, then needs to aid together.

Two disruption, then encounter the danger, needs to rescue. If three disruption, then explained that the situation arrived at very urgent time, since birth the danger of dying. Nubisi has the danger!” Three jade symbol disruption, let in the Jian Chen heart one tight, he had ended the practice immediately, disappearance of being quietly in the temporary palace. All Custodian, come to here by quickest speed!” Meanwhile, Jian Chen issues the Patriarch command, summoned all Beginning Realm expert in Tianyuan Clan. Patriarch made one, all Beginning Realm Custodian have put down all matters in hand immediately, ended the practice, appeared by quickest speed in front of Jian Chen. When this time Patriarch command, the effect with previous entirely different, Jian Chen first time sends out the Patriarch command summoned Beginning Realm, waited for dozens the time of breath, just now had 15 Beginning Realm not anxiously not slow arriving main shrines. But this time, after his Patriarch command sends out, the time of merely crossing two breath both, all Beginning Realm Custodian then completely stand before him, waits to order. Senior Xu!” The Jian Chen calm face, standing of unemotionally there, informs Xu Ran. His voice just fell, Xu Ran that old form then appears before him, expression tranquil is looking at Jian Chen, said: What met to trouble?” The arrival of Xu Ran, lets collection all Beginning Realm Custodian here, is in the heart is all startled. What important matter had? Did Patriarch give to call unexpectedly including Senior Xu?” These Beginning Realm Custodian suspected in the heart in abundance.