Chaotic Sword God - Volume 26 - Chapter 2537

If wants to capture Overturning Clouds Dynasty Imperial Palace, because of this is not a short time can achieve, if Yu Shangren returns suddenly, us, but nobody can be the Yu Shangren match.” Jian Chen said the worry of own, after all this is not the minor matter, captures directly turns clouds that Imperial City Imperial City, the death enmity that this having will be hard to melt inevitably, offends Yu Shangren thoroughly. This point you do not need to be worried, since our Heavenly Demon Saint Religion dares to capture Overturning Clouds Dynasty Imperial City, that naturally has made the sufficient preparation, can deal with all paroxysmal incidents.” Saying that Cheng Ming vows solemnly, has victory in the hand. Originally, attack of our Heavenly Demon Saint Religion to Overturning Clouds Dynasty one month later, because in the Great Primal Realm quantity, our Heavenly Demon Saint Religion is inferior, but must pass through a part, just now has the completely safe assurance, but your appearances, can make us send out to attack ahead of time.” Naturally, you do not need to promise me immediately, three days later you were telling me your decision, now you see Little Spirit and Little Gold, they came back.” The Cheng Ming voice falls, then strength of control temple returned to Jian Chen the beforehand main hall. Tianyuan Clan one crowd of Custodian calmly are waiting as before here, but from their faces, can clear sees to hide the restlessness and disturbance in heart. However, Jian Chen slightly has not actually paid attention to them, his vision has locked that two forms that in the crowd were many. These two forms, respectively is a man and a woman, that female, seems completely is a child, the 12 or 13-year-old age, wears the white long skirt, on the inborn beautiful small face has written all over purely, is bringing several points of childishness, making person one eyes see this is a mental also immature little girl. Another man, 17~18 years old age, although he seems is not similarly big, but in its, is having one with the air/Qi of murdering his age does not tally extremely, is faint, resembles to be able from his body to smell a thick smell of blood. That feeling, seemed just the heartless deicide who draws back from the battlefield of floating corpse thousand li(500 km), the body once was given the washout by the blood of countless enemy, irritates the nose strongly. Little Gold and Little Spirit that this two people, many years does not see. big brother!” Sees Jian Chen, the eye of Little Spirit was all of a sudden red, issues a pleasantly surprised summon, then tight Jian Chen grasping.

Little Spirit, I finally found you, these years, you cross may be good.” Jian Chen has the smiling face, the true feelings to reveal, he touches the head of Little Spirit gently, the gentle voice said. Dozens years passed by, Little Spirit has not changed, the disposition also stays dozens years ago as before. Elder Brother!” The Little Gold start to talk, his vision is looking at Jian Chen, has filled joyfully. These dozens years , the change of Little Gold is very big, the strength, is mental, initially may not compare. At present, he wears golden Battle Armor, a golden long hair does not make throwing over of any restraint on the shoulder, the air/Qi and smell of blood winding body murdering, does not know that has been stained with many blood, experienced many secondary with the test of dying, enabling him to seem results in just like young deicide. Little Gold, you grew up!” Jian Chen vision deep is looking at Little Gold, reveals the gratified color, from aura, he sees present Little Gold merely, is the character who can assume sole responsibility for an important task truly, was not initially that ignorant ignorant child. Has not thought that you became God King, and reached to God King Realm middle-stage.” Jian Chen sees the Little Gold strength, sobbing of face. Little Gold the rapidness of strength promotion, stems from his anticipation seriously. Elder Brother, I can have today's achievement, all had been lucky Grandpa Cheng, was Grandpa Cheng utilizes many resources to cultivate me, I can in such a short time practice God King Realm middle-stage.” Little Gold said that during the spoken languages, is full of the respect of suitable that Grandpa Cheng. But at once, Little Gold has as if remembered anything, expression low-spirited, sighed: Was a pity, if the Little Spirit Big Sister strength wants to be increased, exceptionally difficult, otherwise, Little Spirit Big Sister can also same step into God King Realm with me, even goes far beyond me.”

Hee hee, I do not want to stride in God King Realm, cultivates aridly, instead is having Grandpa Cheng and master in Heavenly Demon Saint Religion protects me, has big brother to protect me outside, now Brother Little Gold also changed fierce, later Brother Little Gold can also protect me, looked that who they dare to bully me, snort|hum......” Little Spirit spits the tongue, face smart-alecky saying, simple-hearted, true carefree. Looks touching type that Little Spirit this is not caring at all, a Little Gold silence, present he grew truly, views the issue to be also more comprehensive Had fully realized , to go on living in this world, only has own formidable is the top priority. Because others guaranteed you for a while, actually very difficult insurance your first. Jian Chen silently is looking at Little Spirit, he naturally knows the Little Spirit strength the reason that is difficult to promote. Because Little Spirit oneself has the flaw, this is the innate on hidden danger, thus causes her spirit wisdom unable to grow, the long years pass by, she actually as before also stays in the 11 or 12-year-old child time. Under God Realm, the strength promotion of Little Spirit is relatively easy, because under God Realm, does not need to sense world Principle, moreover Little Spirit is the innate spirit, a birth then has the Origin Realm strength, almost does not require time-consuming to practice, the influence that her own flaw brings, has not naturally been seriously. After but once strides in God Realm, boundary every time promotes one step, needs the corresponding sensibility to world Principle, the Little Spirit spirit wisdom lacks, this naturally became has limited the biggest hindrance that her strength grew. Little Spirit, I will surely give to make up your own flaw, making you belong to perfectly.” In the Jian Chen heart pledged secretly. In an instant, three days crossed, Jian Chen sees right in front of one Cheng Ming Great Elder once more, complies to unite with Heavenly Demon Saint Religion, captures Overturning Clouds Dynasty Imperial City together. Regarding this result, Cheng Ming is not accidental, immediately ordered: Good, such being the case, we now move. Yun demon, goes crazy, blood demon, the blade demon may.”

Has seen Great Elder!” Silent, four hide the form in darkness appears, aura are huge, the implication moves mountains terror strength. Their four people, are Heavenly Demon Saint Religion four big War General! In Heavenly Demon Saint Religion, this five War General, when age Great Elder goes to Cloud Province, dies of the hand of Wu Tian Great Demon Senior, therefore only remains their four people now. The Jian Chen pupil shrinks, his eyes judge, these four people all are Great Primal Beginning Realm cultivation level. But at this moment, their Cheng Ming is very respectful. Passes on me to order, the army instantly sends out, attacks Overturning Clouds Dynasty officially!” Great Elder drinks lowly. Yes, Great Elder!”