Chaotic Sword God - Volume 27 - Chapter 2613
Looks suddenly is presenting Xi Clan Empire Great Emperor in throne room, the collection all Feng Zilong grandsons here while panic-stricken, has been full of the anger, mixes in also has an aggrievedness. Blood Sun Dynasty and Xi Clan Empire all are Immortal Dynasty on Cloud Province, governs a lead(er) respectively, the status or the strength are equally matched, is always mutually is irregular. But at this moment, as Northern Territory Xi Clan Empire current dynasty Great Emperor, Xi Emperor is unsolicited unexpectedly, appears in Blood Sun Dynasty in directly most sacred the throne room, opens the mouth to probably cut off the Blood Sun Dynasty escape route. This solely is not the provocation is so simple! Even in some Feng Zilong Sun Yan, this is one type to the insult of Blood Sun Dynasty. Dominates Southern Territory Immortal Dynasty as Hero, now falls so the paddies unexpectedly, deeply feels to be incapable facing the threat that Xi Clan Empire not covers up, not only this makes these Feng Zilong grandsons feel sorrowful, Blood Emperor thinks very aggrieved. Xi Emperor, Justice Alliance is making war with Four-Divisions Alliance now, your Xi Clan Empire as one in Justice Alliance, not only does not have to assist Justice Alliance, instead also has the leisurely mood to come our Blood Sun Dynasty to meddle these goose bumps the minor matters, your Xi Clan Empire may be really leisurely and carefree.” Saying that Blood Emperor unemotionally, the tone is low and deep. „A ten thousand years of time's war, but is relating the say/way heart of Yu'er, this is not the minor matter.” Xi Emperor wields, immediately the dragon chair emerges out of thin air, he such flies high to sit on the dragon chair, has several feet dropping variance with the ground, does not know that is intends or has no intention, surpasses a Blood Emperor head in the altitude throughout: As for the war between Justice Alliance and Four-Divisions Alliance, has not needed our Xi Clan Empire to meddle, Justice Alliance gives us the Xi Clan Empire instruction, but makes our Xi Clan Empire defend Northern Territory.” The Xi Emperor tone is light, the stance to overlook facing Blood Emperor. Although from the status, he and Blood Emperor equality, is Immortal Dynasty Great Emperor. But by the strength, his Xi Emperor is Great Primal Beginning Realm, but Blood Emperor, then Everlasting Beginning Realm. And, is Everlasting Beginning Realm initial-stage! This also causes them in status, throughout has some disparities.

Blood Emperor was silent, wars between two big alliances, related to entire Cloud Province almost all big influences, two Great Imperial Ancestor that let alone in their Southern Territory Blood Sun Dynasty only saves, Eastern Territory and Western Territory two big Immortal Dynasty, is all Great Primal Beginning Realm all sends out, solely a Northern Territory school of soldier has not gone only, this explained anything, in the Blood Emperor heart is clear. This did not explain that Xi Clan Empire was not thought highly of by Justice Alliance, just the opposite, instead is Justice Alliance is sheltering Xi Clan Empire, does not make Xi Clan Empire enter the war, will not make Xi Clan Empire damage. Clearly, Justice Alliance because of the Tianyuan Clan reason, thus to the Xi Clan Empire special accommodation. Blood Sun Dynasty Ninth Prince, formerly appeared on the face excited and excited already vanished does not see, on the face dying embers, have filled desperately. He knows, since Xi Emperor has acted, that own is possibly has not left decidedly Cloud Province, following destiny, is improper passed these ten thousand years of times, then with a Xi Clan Empire Princess war. He even knows, ten thousand years later that war, own must defeat without doubt, does not have the slight odds of success certainly. Even if his cultivation level breaks through, strides in Beginning Realm, even if he has the absolute crush Xi Clan Empire Princess strength, finally that person of death also is still he. Why, I why must provoke Tianyuan Clan, Jian Chen do not want Great Principles Flower, I give him not and that's the end, but why I must retaliate Tianyuan Clan. Retaliates Tianyuan Clan , but why I must be ruthless to Tianyuan Clan, if not ruthless to Tianyuan Clan, I will not offend Xi Clan Empire Princess, I will not fall to today's this being out.” In the Ninth Prince heart regrets, at this moment, he hopes that the time can flow backwards, hopes that all can be heavy. Finally, Blood Emperor has compromised, kept Ninth Prince according to the request of Xi Emperor, the Four-Divisions Alliance weak trend, enabling Blood Sun Dynasty not to have the energy to go with Xi Clan Empire to speak the last words again. Also in this moment, Cloud Province central region, in a huge city, usually little that Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation of use, suddenly sends out dazzling rays of light, the strength of intense transmission surges, in an instant then attracted nearby countless person.

Is Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation, it is said this Transmission Formation needs Colored Divine Crystal to open, this is only has Beginning Realm powerhouse just now to have the thing...” Transmission Formation started, it seems like some people come here from other Big Province, comes the person certainly is some great person...” May be Beginning Realm powerhouse extremely, everybody makes way quickly, may do not keep off Senior said...” Suddenly, nearby Martial Artist discusses spiritedly, all people opened the eye, looking at steadily is staring at Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation, has filled the thick curiosity. Also after several breath, along with an intense space fluctuation, dazzling rays of light that Transmission Formation sends out gradually hidden, revealed has stood four person's shadows in Transmission Formation. Is the person of head is youth, he wears a magnificent white long gown, has an imposing appearance, in the foreheads has the arrogance that cannot conceal. Another three people, then separately is two middle-aged man as well as an emaciated old man, with white robe youth makes a great show of one's talents to compare, they want to be ordinarier, whole body aura is reserved, seems just like is the ordinary ordinary person. But can ride Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation to come, anybody has not thought that really they are only the average people.Cloud Province, this Palace Master came finally, Jian Chen, you think that hid can have no more worries in Cloud Province, Great Principles Highest Saint Art was the this Palace Master thing, this time, this Palace Master will recapture Great Principles Highest Saint Art inevitably, making Cultivation Technique complete. „ Stands in the front that white robe youth vision is sizing up this stretch of world, sends out low and deep twittering sound. This white robe youth, is on Desolate Province now Radiant Temple Palace Master —— Gongsun Zhi!

As for standing in the Gongsun Zhi behind three people, since steps Cloud Province, then simultaneously looks at the vision to the Southern Territory direction, fine glow flashes to pass from the eye. This fine glow, just like is a lightning, has to absorb a person of prestige, the vision institute, has the fluctuation that one trivial could not be looked up space. Is the vision, then has the so wrapped in a shroud of obscurity prestige, is really is hard to imagine these three seems like the ordinary person, to be actually fearful.You, come! ” Gongsun Zhi finger/refers of nearby Martial Artist, unemotionally cold voice asked: Told this Palace Master, by Jian Chen where was founded Tianyuan Clan that?” By that Martial Artist God Realm of Gongsun Zhi finger, he was been merely pale the face, full is restless, in front of some arriving Gongsun Zhi of trembling, is wanting to start talking. Palace Master, does not need to ask, where we knew Jian Chen.” Stood has opened the mouth in a Gongsun Zhi behind middle-aged man, in his eyes had the Divine Light twinkle, stared at the Southern Territory direction to open the mouth slowly: We come was too time, Cloud Province was performing a splendid good play, not only Jian Chen had found, and Martial Soul Branch several other people also here.” What? Martial Soul Branch also here?” hearing that, Gongsun Zhi first is one startled, then immediately great happiness, steaming combustion of intense fighting intent in the chest. Although he now as before is God King Realm, after may control first Guardian Saint Sword Slaughter God Sword, his Gongsun Zhi is high-spirited, is insufferably arrogant, does not have greatly the tendency that Martial Soul Branch pays attention. Because of him with Guardian Saint Sword, indeed does not have the slightest bit to dread to Martial Soul Branch now.