Chaotic Sword God - Volume 27 - Chapter 2614
Really is you wear out iron shoes on the hunting grounds, must come not to be all time-consuming, Ha Ha Ha Ha, Martial Soul Branch, this Palace Master was worrying how to find you, finally you unexpectedly completely in Cloud Province, this were really good, it seems like it was helping this Palace Master including the heaven.” Gongsun Zhi face upwards to send out long smiles, an unbearably anxious touching type, was urging immediately to the behind three people: In a big hurry quick, we quick in the past, cannot make him escape, this this Palace Master not only need cut to kill Jian Chen this spy, recaptures Great Principles Highest Saint Art, and Martial Soul Branch, this Palace Master must let their destruction.” Although he knew Jian Chen and Martial Soul Branch in Cloud Province, but Gongsun Zhi boundary is also only God King, the Spiritual Consciousness range induces the ability extremely to be limited, in Cloud Province central region, is unable to peep at the Southern Territory that remote distance. This is almost matter that only then the boundary of Highest Beginning, as well as some greatly strengthened Great Primal Beginning Realm just now can achieve. Palace Master should not be anxious, some big influence on Martial Soul Branch in Cloud Province with fiery that hits, will not depart in a short time.” In Gongsun Zhi behind that three people, that puts on the emaciated old man of gray long gown to open the mouth saying that a words saying ended, was the sleeve robe wields, immediately the invisible energies were curling the Gongsun Zhi body, then two people simultaneously vanished does not see. Two middle-aged man vision that as Gongsun Zhi comes together is staring at the Cloud Province Southern Territory direction, that profound vision pierced the nihility, looks clear the fight that Cloud Province Southern Territory has. Gongsun Zhi , to let the Martial Soul Branch destruction, was really some wishful thinking, Martial Soul Branch, was not good to extinguish.” And middle-aged man tone light saying. His name was permits Zhiping, was on Desolate Province Old Ancestor of illustrious top respected family —— Xu! In that glorious history, Martial Soul Branch, although by the destruction, has been possible to get rid the person, is almost boundary of 9-layer this grade of top powerhouse Highest Beginning. Gongsun Zhi he was too after all young, the understanding Martial Soul Branch is not deep, depending on him , to extinguish Martial Soul Branch, wishful thinking. However he in Slaughter God Sword with hand, can bring some threats to Martial Soul Branch actually.” Another middle-aged man also opens the mouth saying that a serene stance. His name was Huangfu Guiyi, was Old Ancestor of Desolate Province top respected family —— culmination family! Xu, is the culmination family, is belongs to stand in Desolate Province in topest that exists, before Radiant Temple Guardian Saint Sword has not been born, the strengths of these two respected families, absolutely also above Radiant Temple.

Even can say, on Desolate Province, Xu and culmination family, is next to fearful existence of Through Heavens Sword Saint. Fortunately, in Radiant Temple several big Guardian Saint Sword successors not of one mind, otherwise, in six big protectors, not only then a Gongsun Zhi person arrived here, but this to us, might as well be a good deed.” Huangfu Guiyi said. Xu Old Ancestor permits Zhiping nodded, said: Normalizing fellow daoist, our also this past, the evening of if going, having made Gongsun Zhi this little fellow not happy, if he reneges on a promise suddenly, does not obey the commitment after obtaining Saint Light Tower recognizes main bestows these juniors of our family other three handle Guardian Saint Sword, we lost in a big way.” Un, before obtaining Guardian Saint Sword the quota, we try not to stir up Gongsun Zhi to review, touching type that although his villains holding sway, who lets him is Saint Light Tower now sole heir, for that Junior struggles a quota to my family, my this days put in great inconvenience.” Huangfu Guiyi said, the voice falls, he and form then towering disappearance of permits Zhiping two people. Cloud Province Southern Territory, the deafening bellow is lingering on faintly, terrifying energy fallout seethes with excitement in the world. Four-Divisions Alliance protection formation that Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao, Lieyan Wuji these three big Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse each attack destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth, hit erupts dazzling rays of light, the trim light screen is rocks to continue. At this moment, here early already destroyed changing beyond all recognition, presented a giant gulf, nearby all mountain peaks had been razed. I felt that Four-Divisions Alliance protection formation in weakened, how long it seems like they could not insist.” Zhou Zhidao shouted lowly, in the vision revealed one excited and anticipation. Because in his heart clear, once Four-Divisions Alliance protection formation were broken, that Four-Divisions Alliance the thorough destruction, Cloud Province only has Justice Alliance since then. Their attacks are too strong, the energy consumption of formation, has far exceeded the estimate, how long we could not insist.” In Four-Divisions Alliance, the Gong Ji sinking sound said.

„It is not anxious, waits for formation broken that moment, this Monarch to get rid.” Saying that Young Star Lord unemotionally, in the vision reveals the ruthless color/look. Had his these words, in Four-Divisions Alliance originally the somewhat restless people, in the heart slightly calm several points. Young Star Lord, is almost became in Four-Divisions Alliance taking advantage of all people. Hopes Young Star Lord, can change the course of events, making us turn defeat into victory.” In Four-Divisions Alliance, in many person hearts prayed secretly. At this moment, in the Justice Alliance rear area, the appearance that two person's shadows are quietly, Gongsun Zhi and that wear the emaciated old man of gray long gown. Gongsun Zhi arrived here, fearful energy fallout that was surged by the world in changes to startled color/look complexion, vast energy that the so intense battlefield, so rushes, is his Sheng Ping (entire life) is rare. What did here have?” In the Gongsun Zhi heart secretly thought, he was quick he to be calm, the vision looked around, directly passed over gently and swiftly from Four-Divisions Alliance and Justice Alliance direction, finally framed void in beyond the heavens, that float on illusory Martial Soul Mountain in starry sky. Meanwhile, is attacking great formation Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao and Lieyan Wuji three people also realized that arrival of Gongsun Zhi, they stopped the attack subconsciously, vision simultaneously condensed on the skinny old man, expression all changed. Highest Beginning Realm 3-layer!” Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao and Lieyan Wuji three people have looked at each other eye mutually, complexion becomes somewhat dignified, they saw the strength of grey robe old man, is in the same level with Tongtian Peak Peak Lord unexpectedly.

Unexpectedly is of divine blade sect clouds.” beyond the heavens is void, Hun Zang, Chu Jian and Yue Chao also first discover the arrival of Gongsun Zhi, their vision similar condensation on grey robe old man, a brow wrinkle. At this moment, the appearance that permits Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi are also quietly, stands with emaciated old man sand cloud shoulder to shoulder. Martial Soul Branch Hun Zang that their appearances, made, Chu Jian and Yue Chao three people, expression in abundance became serious. permits Zhiping of Xu, the Huangfu normalizing of culmination family, their two people also came unexpectedly.” This time, the Hun Zang tone became somewhat low and deep, permits Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi arrival, says on even more stronger to the pressure peso that they brought many. heard the sound, Jian Chen also transfers the item to look, sand cloud, Huangfu Guiyi and permits Zhiping he did not know, but his eyes saw Gongsun Zhi, in the heart secretly thought is not good. Ha Ha Ha, Jian Chen, this Palace Master found you finally, Martial Soul Branch, this this Palace Master makes you be unable to escape even with wings.” Under, Gongsun Zhi exudes one to roar, immediately incomparably intense Saint light erupts from him, brilliant light dazzling, just like fierce positive, has shone the trim world. First Guardian Saint Sword Slaughter God Sword appears in his hands, on this sword, erupts an earthshaking fluctuation of energy, this energy, a appearance, caused that the void intense shake, space in the violent distortion, Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao, the Lieyan Wuji three people, complexion is simultaneously big change.