Chaotic Sword God - Volume 27 - Chapter 2615
very powerful!” Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao and Lieyan Wuji three people of mind big quakes, pupils reduce to the needle eye size, the innermost feelings in the fierce shake. In them, Zhou Zhidao in Highest Beginning Realm 1-layer, Tong Wuming and Lieyan Wuji is boundary of 2-layer Highest Beginning, such strength, in Cloud Province is almost hoodwinking the public existed, stamps the feet, can make entire Cloud Province shake three to shake. However at this moment, of that energy erupts from Gongsun Zhi, letting as Cloud Province top powerhouse Zhou Zhidao, Tong Wuming and Lieyan Wuji three people, is excitedly the look changes, the mind fiercely thunders. And, most makes them feel what is thorny, this lets their heart startled powerhouse sudden, actually, and Jian Chen is the hostile condition with Martial Soul Branch. At present exterminates the Four-Divisions Alliance critical moment, saw that Four-Divisions Alliance protection formation soon will be broken through, saw that Four-Divisions Alliance the thorough destruction, actually suddenly emits strength so formidable existence finally, this lets Zhou Zhidao, Tong Wuming and Lieyan Wuji three people of complexion somewhat are ugly. Suddenly, these subordinates who they bring, in abundance stopped the attack to Four-Divisions Alliance. Gongsun Zhi grasps Slaughter God Sword, the whole body is covered by the dazzling Saint light, shines the world, is ordinary just like the supreme Spiritual God, he changed to startled day/heaven long rainbow to fly into beyond the heavens together void, when has not approached Martial Soul Mountain, Slaughter God Sword in hand then suddenly wielded cuts under. Immediately, Slaughter God Sword that astonishing strength erupts suddenly, making the world change colors, lets everywhere stars unknown gloomy, ice-cold and dark void, by this sword cutting two halves, had a giant jet black crack, was swallowing all rays of light. As Slaughter God Sword this sword cuts, immediately has together incomparable terrifying sword light, is carrying the earthshaking energy, sends out destruction all aura, directly soars Martial Soul Mountain to go by quick inconceivable speed. Every this sword light place visited, ice-cold and dark void, in violent trembling, collapses, collapse.

strength of this sword formidable to peak, surpasses upper limit that this piece has been able to withstand void, even if only sends out a fluctuation of energy, can trigger the shake of starry sky. Gongsun Zhi insufficient is the worry, although he grasped Slaughter God Sword, but the itself boundary eventually was too low, is unable perfect controlled Slaughter God Sword strength, we, he could not injure us carefully.” On Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul, the Yue Chao sinking sound said, the voice falls, he then controls the Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul transformation position. Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul moves, quick such as flickers to move general, sees only blinks, Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul then left the original position, appears beyond ten thousand miles. But Gongsun Zhi strikes by that startled day/heaven that Slaughter God Sword sends out, although has the destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth unsurpassed prestige, may not be as if able to lock Martial Soul Mountain truly, therefore a Martial Soul Mountain transformation position, the attack of Slaughter God Sword naturally also failed, finally vanishes in the sea of stars deep place. Gongsun Zhi sends out to angrily roar, he grasps Slaughter God Sword to continue to attack, each sword erupts the dreadful prestige, destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth, however Martial Soul Mountain is hardly does not meet, calmly had been avoided the past by them each time. Looked attack of eye own again and again was shunted, finally Gongsun Zhi cannot bear sends out to angrily roar: Martial Soul Branch, you have the courage not to run, dares with a this Palace Master open and aboveboard war.” On Mountain Soul, the Jian Chen vision stares is bluffing and blustering with Slaughter God Sword, Gongsun Zhi that is insufferably arrogant rampantly, the brow is also a wrinkle, Gongsun Zhi , if no Guardian Saint Sword, in his eyes indeed is similar to the ants common character, may have Guardian Saint Sword, he also has to acknowledge, this small God King, is not he can how. Radiant Temple six big protectors, as if only then a Gongsun Zhi person arrived here.” The Jian Chen vision has swept Cloud Province, after had not discovered Bai Yu (white jade) and Han Xin and the others forms, in the heart relaxed. „The Guardian Saint Sword holder, because of should be chooses by Saint Item Item Spirit completely, otherwise, by Bai Yu (white jade) Little Junior Sister and Han Xin honest natural talent, is impossible to obtain Guardian Saint Sword, after all in Radiant Temple, the person who they were stronger than is really too many. It seems like that I must find the way to go to Saint Light Tower again.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought.

Initially in Radiant Temple Saint Light Tower, Gongsun Zhi revealed that to his hostility and killing intent, this matter Saint Item Item Spirit because of should know, finally this strongest Guardian Saint Sword still fell into the Gongsun Zhi hand, this made in his heart have a premonition wonderfully, is not Saint Item Item Spirit was worried. Big Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, I had asked for advice fierce of Guardian Saint Sword, therefore I the understanding Guardian Saint Sword must surpass you, is constrained Gongsun Zhi by me, you must be careful that Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping, they are Gongsun Zhi come together, because of should be one group.” The Yue Chao sinking sound said, the voice falls, he then directly departed Mountain Soul, whole body strength surged, directly soars Gongsun Zhi to go. Gongsun Zhi only grasps Guardian Saint Sword, the whole person just like changed to this dark starry skies fierce positive, sends out radiant rays of light, the intense Saint light shines the trim Cloud Province earth, sees only him to face upward to exude one to shout angrily, a sword wields, shatter galaxy, cutting of being relentless to Yue Chao. Facing Guardian Saint Sword strength, Yue Chao does not dare to be negligent, sees only his face serious, does not meet with Gongsun Zhi hardly, but has shunted the attack of Slaughter God Sword by the ingenious figure. Then, Yue Chao and Gongsun Zhi carry on the Chinese Moslem in starry sky, is the dogfight, rather is playing the game of cat catch mouse, because of Yue Chao profound realizing Guardian Saint Sword strength, therefore faces Gongsun Zhi, he one does not spell hardly, two do not counterattack, avoids except for the avoidance. Meets hardly, Guardian Saint Sword strength is too formidable, what suffering a loss is only he. The words that counterattacks, Gongsun Zhi has the strength protection of Guardian Saint Sword, this protects strength to resist including Martial Soul Force, all forms of attack, only if can break Slaughter God Sword protection strength, otherwise is impossible to injure to Gongsun Zhi in the slightest. Therefore, in does not have before the strength that Guardian Saint Sword contends with directly, the avoidance deals with the Guardian Saint Sword only way. But in situation that Gongsun Zhi is getting rid of again and again, discovered own, although has Slaughter God Sword, may not trace unexpectedly including the Yue Chao lower hem corner, in the heart secretly cannot help but angry. Ha Ha Ha, in front of this Palace Master, your Martial Soul Branch only then running away constantly? Spreads the eternity in Saint Realm, has illustrious prestige Martial Soul Branch to link unexpectedly with the qualifications that this Palace Master fights does not have, is really vexed, I looked, Martial Soul Branch has not continued to exist has will...”

You because of should be Yue Chao, Yue Chao, your previous time sneaks our Radiant Temple secretly, finally almost dies in the this Palace Master hand, has not thought that these time meets, you noticed that this Palace Master directly starts to evade, is it possible that after is previous time is injured, knew fierce of this Palace Master, has given birth to the heart of fear to this Palace Master, did not have including the courage of fighting...” Ha Ha Ha, Martial Soul Branch, since you such fear this Palace Master, that this Palace Master gives you means of livelihood, if you can hand over the head of Jian Chen, then knocks knock nine in front of this Palace Master, that this Palace Master gives your way out.” Is forced to do, Gongsun Zhi starts to sexually harass with the language, he by attack indeed destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth that Slaughter God Sword sends out, may really unable to hit Yue Chao, this makes in his heart feel that very aggrieved, one type fights with the fists on the cotton, the feeling of completely not being able to make an effort, must uncomfortably uncomfortable. After all, he is only God King Realm, the ability in each aspect, by far is unable to place on a par with Great Primal Beginning Realm, even if there is Guardian Saint Sword, attack that may send out , has its shape not to have his God spatially, basic on locking Yue Chao, even every so often, his Yue Chao shadow cannot catch, often Yue Chao transforms a position, he must assume an air of self approbation looks around. This is strength does not tally the brought malpractice with the itself boundary. Otherwise, this Guardian Saint Sword, if falls on a cultivation level boundary with its close person hand, every gesture and motions, can to seal/confer Tianwei imprison, inhibit somebody's activities, locks the match completely, evades not to be possible radically to evade, runs away not to be possible to run away. This Gongsun Zhi, boundary eventually was too weak, speed that this got rid of was really too slow, so formidable Slaughter God Sword fell into his hand, really wasted.” Cloud Province, Huangfu Guiyi, Xu Zhiping and Sha Yun also looking at steadily is staring at the fight in beyond the heavens starry sky, all secretly shook the head. This is also only temporary, Gongsun Zhi has the Guardian Saint Sword protection, can break through the protection of Guardian Saint Sword to kill his person, is few in Saint Realm, therefore he will grow eventually thoroughly, from now on will constantly strengthen along with his strength, he will become more and more terrifying.” Skinny old man Sha Yun said.