Chaotic Sword God - Volume 27 - Chapter 2619

Xu Zhiping nodded, said: Good, your careful Hun Zang Martial Soul Force, injury of this strength to Primordial Spirit was too big, is unable to resist, especially after forming Martial Soul Formation, this Martial Soul Force can injure including the people who cultivation level is your my this level.” After ding is, Xu Zhiping then from out of the blue goes, in an instant, he then arrives in front of Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul. At this moment, cultivation level reaches to the Highest Beginning Realm 3-layer peak, is away from 4-layer with Tongtian Peak Peak Lord similarly, only then one pace Divine Blade Sect Old Ancestor Sha Yun, is grasping the long blade, the body is condensing an overbearing blade intent, continuous attack Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul. Immediately, void blade aura able to move unhindered, one after another swift and fierce and overbearing blade intent fills the air in the starry sky, blade intent has separated void, in the stretch of world that made, had a piece of dense and numerous void crack. These void cracks are tiny, but actually crowded like raindrop, covers entire Mountain Soul. This merely is the influence that overbearing blade intent has, if divine blade of Sha Yun by the hand chops personally, that might is such as epoch-making general, has the strength of shatter galaxy. Appears fiercely positive!” Meanwhile, Xu Zhiping stands nearby Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul, sees only his shouted in a low voice, in the ice-cold and dark starry sky, had feeling of the burning hot suddenly, sees only intense rays of light to ascend from Xu Zhiping. rays of light is getting stronger and stronger, more and more burning hot, time of breath, condenses at Xu Zhiping glare, was in an indescribable situation, but sending out the terrifying high temperature, is the ignition void in unceasing distortion. At this moment, Xu Zhiping seems, as if changed to a Sun, has illuminated the dark starry sky, that intense rays of light and burning hot temperature, transmits above Cloud Province directly, the trim Cloud Province earth that made as if welcomed a burning hot summer. No, this is more terrifying than burning hot summer, merely is that as intense as extreme rays of light, makes on Cloud Province counted by the 100 million innumerable low-level Martial Artist both eyes lose one's sight, even if cultivation level achieves God Realm Martial Artist, is hard to open both eyes, even is continually some Everlasting Beginning Realm, both eyes prickings, do not dare to look at the day by the naked eye. Was rays of light so, let alone that simultaneously transmitted the terrifying high temperature of coming.

Under that high temperature, innumerable low-level Martial Artist are becoming a fugitive, seeks for various types of caves as well as the bunkers avoids, numerous plants wither by naked eye obvious speed, the life is on the wane. This is Xu Zhiping Burning Sun Principle, he changes to Sun by the body, but compared with the vast starry sky, genuine Sun is terrifying! Martial Soul Mountain, how long having a look at you to insist under Xu's Burning Sun Principle.” In trillion zhang (3.33 m) rays of light, has broadcast the Xu Zhiping sound, the next quarter, saw on him Sun to inflate instantaneously, became just like a stars size, covered Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul in inside directly. Immediately, Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul vanished, it by Xu Zhiping by Burning Sun Principle Sun of stars size wraps in inside, this Sun, seems a prison, Martial Soul Mountain sieging stubbornly in middle. Its, Burning Sun Principle in ebullition, as if Principle substantializing, changed to that everywhere the fire of Sun again, having one to burn down void terrifying strength, frequently is burning down Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul. But Xu Zhiping, is sits cross-legged to sit in greatly this Sun, by oneself to the sensibility of Burning Sun Principle, fierce positive strength of unceasing condensation, to supplement this Sun loss. The protection of Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul, Xu Zhiping does not have the ability to break open by the powerful, therefore, he can only speed up the loss of Martial Soul Mountain energy in this means that to achieve the method of to break the formation. Also or is to disturb Martial Soul Branch Martial Soul Formation. However the Xu Zhiping use so method, actually has not had any influence to Mountain Soul, that as intense as peak rays of light, as well as that can burn to extinguish the void terrifying temperature, has not actually transmitted the Mountain Soul interior. All rays of light, all temperatures, all by the energy barrier that Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul forms preventing outside, is unable to jump over thunder pond one step.

However Xu Zhiping this act, indeed is to Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul strength, has created the huge loss. Another side, Zhongtian Family Old Ancestor Huangfu Guiyi already with the Hun Zang war in the same place, what Huangfu Guiyi comprehension is murders Principle, every gesture and motions is condensing the strength of swift and fierce murdering, rips the day of crack place, the striking power is greatly strengthened, fights with Hun Zang is quite intense. Martial Soul Branch has been unable to defend oneself, this destroys completely the Justice Alliance good opportunity, opens protects, all people attack!” Is coming from Desolate Province powerhouse and inextricably involved matter of Martial Soul Branch war, before can only constantly passive defense Four-Divisions Alliance, has carried on a counter-attack while this once in a thousand years golden opportunity. Immediately, Four-Divisions Alliance protection formation was opened, collects in inside all powerhouse is being powerful flushed, battles with the Justice Alliance three respected families together. Smoke Wind Old Ancestor, Gong Ji, Wu Lu, Chang Fengyun, He Yidao these five big Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, were the earliest possible time has surrounded Tong Wuming, Lieyan Wuji and Zhou Zhidao three people, put forth fully, carried on to encircle to Justice Alliance three big powerhouse kills. Immediately, Justice Alliance is at a disadvantage completely, Tong Wuming, Lieyan Wuji and Zhou Zhidao three people, facing Four-Divisions Alliance five big Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse radically are not the matches, because in the opposite party not only population has the superiority, and has Smoke Wind Old Ancestor this grade of powerhouse. both sides merely the battle moment, Tong Wuming, Lieyan Wuji and Zhou Zhidao three people then receive the injury that the weight varied, as for strength that being three big influences wields, is the casualty is more serious, formation were torn into shreds, belong to Tong Family, Divine Fire Clan as well as Universe Sect disciple disciple dies not entire extremity. The balance of victory, in inclined toward Four-Divisions Alliance. After all, Justice Alliance in being short of Luoshen Clan, after Feathering Principle Sect and Shaking Heaven Sect these three big top influences, top strength strength, was unable to place on a par with Four-Divisions Alliance.

Retreats! Retreats quickly!” Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao and Lieyan Wuji three people, issue to retreat hurriedly the order, not having Martial Soul Branch to aid, they are not the Four-Divisions Alliance matches. Zhou Zhidao, my Feathering Principle Sect is you have the person to destroy completely, has killed my Feathering Principle Sect that many disciple, how could today to make you leave.” Feathering Principle Sect Old Ancestor He Yidao clenches jaws, in both eyes jumped projects the glow of hatred, a sharp sword sword in hand pierced the chest of Zhou Zhidao, making in the Zhou Zhidao mouth the blood spit to keep. Meanwhile, sword light flashes before together, Four-Divisions Alliance Wu Lu makes a move, a sword cut off the right hand arm of Zhou Zhidao, the blood of Highest Beginning has sprinkled the expansive sky. In Justice Alliance three big powerhouse, is weakest on the Zhou Zhidao strength now, merely Highest Beginning Realm 1-layer cultivation level, similarly collaborates to attack in 1-layer He Yidao and 2-layer Wu Lu facing cultivation level, is hard to insist radically too for a long time. Zhou Zhidao complexion is pale, the rout, starts to become a fugitive Southern Territory. Tong Wuming and Lieyan Wuji these two Highest Beginning Realm 2-layer powerhouse, are at this moment hard maintains complete bodies, the body is stained with completely the blood, similarly was repulsed.