Chaotic Sword God - Volume 27 - Chapter 2665

In nihility space, Jian Chen hurries along by Space Principle, sees only him such as Mindless Boy to stride in void like that every step steps forward, related to the space mysterious highest good, every step steps forward, the body can such as flicker to move general, spans not to know many ten thousand li (5,000 km) in a flash. In Saint Realm, because of the contact surface level too high reason, without cultivation level of extremely merit ginseng good fortune, or extremely high Space Principle sensibility, is unable to achieve such as Lower Realm to flicker to move like that. But Jian Chen, after the Space Principle sensibility reaches to Everlasting Beginning Realm, finally can achieve this point. Even so, when he flickers moves to the distance one time is also very limited, not like when Tian Yuan Continent, so long as tears space to build Space Gate by Saint King cultivation level, can go to any place. This Spirit Immortal World void is somewhat different from Saint Realm, perhaps also because of here Space Principle broken reason, displays Space Principle here, always feels somewhat strenuously, not like in Saint Realm is so relaxed.” Quick Jian Chen stopped, he is frowning to size up this piece of nihility space, felt under own the strength of Primordial Spirit again silently, the brow wrinkled was tighter. „When uses Principle, the consumption of strength of Primordial Spirit also changed quick, moreover speed that restored continually 1/3 when Saint Realm.” „It is not suitable by the way that Space Principle hurries along for a long time uses, it seems like in this broken Spirit Immortal World, regardless of handles anything, must give priority to the frugal strength.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought, no wonder Mindless Boy arrived here to fold the body to return immediately, this bad environment, Mindless Boy so powerhouse will also even be affected. Jian Chen gave up by the way that Space Principle hurried along, the thought moving, Chaos Force in the within the body rapid revolution, flew in void by the strength of own cultivation level immediately rapidly. Chaos Force growth speed is slow, because it was too strong, needs the extremely huge energy just now to be concise, in Chaos Force the inclusive energy naturally is incomparably huge, therefore, Chaos Force consumption speed also very slow. In this foreign land another region, other Martial Artist may to absorb the strength of here Highest Origin to save cultivation level because of to make things difficult for, but Jian Chen absolutely does not have worry of this aspect, within the body that large Chaos Dantian contained the almost inexhaustible energy, is supporting him recklessly the unseemly behavior sufficiently in this strange and broken starry skies. Meanwhile, in Saint Realm strange starry skies, here floats the shatter meteorite to be casual everywhere, dense and numerous, the size varies, almost flooded the trim starry sky.

These shatter meteorite fragments under wild energy fallout impacts, were not shaken the ashes directly, is such as high-speed flights meteor results, under this powerful energy fallout promotes, shoots at the sea of stars deep place. Sees only in this piece of sea of stars most center, the build hugeness, seeming like just like stars Starry Sky Ominous Beast is standing erect here, the pressure that the body sends out made sea of stars tremble, void distortion, very terrifying and great strength. The strength of that vitality, is earth-shaking! At this moment, this shape such as Giant Elephant Starry Sky Ominous Beast, is lifting a hoof of own unceasingly, under toward hoof regarding it, wants on the small innumerable time of white lights compared with the ants. This group of white lights, were sent into exile by Space Principle by Rain Monarch to here Gongsun Zhi! He has lost color, in the vision filled desperately, mixed in also one regarding the death fear. He by this Starry Sky Ominous Beast by an energy imprisonment of powerful here, must only withstand the terrifying peerless attack frequently, the light of protection Slaughter God Sword sends out under the unceasing consumption, obviously has become more and more thin. When those images and scenes, making Gongsun Zhi have that dilutedness facing Rain Monarch again, although he was protected by Guardian Saint Sword, temporarily was safe and sound, when Guardian Saint Sword strength used up eventually powerfully, but he, can only look helplessly the protection Saint was only getting more and more thin, but anything could not do, can only do was static and other deaths. I do not want dead, I do not want dead, I just sat the Radiant Temple Palace Master throne, I did not have the drinking to the dregs nabobism, I did not have series Desolate Province, becomes the Desolate Province truly supreme character, I cannot die the sound that here......” Gongsun Zhi makes to shiver, the frightened backfill of death in his hearts, making his both legs tremble, trembles. Moreover he felt faintly, this only Starry Sky Ominous Beast perhaps compared with Rain Monarch even more stronger!

Rain Monarch by exquisite Space Principle Gongsun Zhi accurate delivers to here, obviously is not the coincidence, but is Rain Monarch knows here situation. Meanwhile, Slaughter God Sword also exudes the sound of sword recitation, the sound howls lightly, enters Jiuyou/nine nether. It seems is calling out in grief general, is not it is not strong, but holds the person of sword is too weak, is unable to play its might, causes it facing this Starry Sky Ominous Beast , can only passive defense. Saint Realm, Desolate Province, in Radiant Temple. Stands erect in the clouds sacred palace, Xuan Zhan Radiant Temple eight big Vice- Palace Master are sitting cross-legged to sit in a secret room at this moment cultivates, around his body, Battle Saint Principle such as the spider web interweaves generally, is surrounding him with the mysterious world mystery. He cultivates here, obviously to break through the most important checkpoint makes the final preparation, once breaks through successfully, strides in the boundary of Highest Beginning, the might that Guardian Saint Sword can play in his hands will also be stronger. Suddenly, Xuan Zhan in cultivation very towering stopped, the eyes that his shuts tightly open, in the eye the fine glow flashes, the hand grasps, immediately the big sword appears in his hands. This sword was only covered by an intense Saint, the rays of light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), can only be indistinct see a Shen Jian outline, does not look clearly. Ninth Guardian Saint Sword —— Enlightened Sword! Saint Sword summon, Gongsun Zhi met troublesome, actually wants me to go to rescue.” Xuan Zhan twittering, goes out of the secret room in a low voice at once.

At the same time, Xuan Ming of another secret room cultivation in the temple, and Han Xin on Flying Clouds Peak, the Bai Yu (white jade) two people is also sobers in abundance from the cultivation, they all are the earliest possible time put out Guardian Saint Sword, receives a thought that respective Guardian Saint Sword spread. Gongsun Zhi came across the crisis, actually wants us to rescue. Snort, I do not go, my lousiest that person, he died well.” Stamping the feet of Bai Yu (white jade) air/Qi, honk mouth, whole face does not prefer, remembers the Gongsun Zhi countenance and behavior she feels a nausea, in the heart was looks forward to Gongsun Zhi dead earlier well. Bai Yu (white jade), we walk, preparation. This is the Guardian Saint Sword decree, we infrangible.” Han Xin flew from the summit of Flying Clouds Peak, appears in front of Bai Yu (white jade). His touching type not change, but the makings and past compared, actually sentenced, if two people, not only calm, and also had an intense self-confidence. This is the change that Guardian Saint Sword brings about, to them, Guardian Saint Sword is symbolizing the strong strength, has the strong strength and that special status in Radiant Temple, the Han Xin energy nature was different. But...... but......” Bai Yu (white jade) as before is a reluctant attitude, but in her heart also understands, since Guardian Saint Sword spread the news, she does not prefer even, that still has no alternative. If they do not comply with the Guardian Saint Sword decree, that Guardian Saint Sword will be very likely to go to her.