Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2702
Chu Jie, Kong Feiying, Zhao Wenbin and other have not protected the body at the energy, took in a lot of gray thick fog supreme talent to reveal the exciting color, the haze on face sweeps away, just like having a new lease of life exuded the blissful long howl, started greedily in gulps is swallowing these rainwater. Actually did my I just do what?” I am attacking the own person unexpectedly, how can I how make this matter On the person ready dead face that these sober is vacant, they are looking at the blood on own, recalled numerous that just own made, complexion becomes a paleness instantaneously. They are only the people ready dead who each respected family trains, is clear regarding respective family's some customs, the mistake that in the heart clear own just violated has how seriously, will cause how serious consequence for them. Not is only they must die without doubt, their behind family member, and families must be hit by the total destruction. Young Master forgives, Young Master forgives, just I completely lost the reason, could not realize that own is making anything......” Young Master forgives, we are also the body already, completely not by the own control......” ...... Many people ready dead start to beg for mercy, they do not fear death, because they at most can live the last 100 years, what are more was worried that the own behind person will be involved. Because some of them have the family member, there are wife and children, or family. Because of all sorts of situations, forces them to make some involuntary matters, sold to these top families the own life, thus was planted slave seal, becomes by the person ready dead who Hundred Tribulations God King Pill trains.

The Jin Hong vision takes a fast look around from these people ready dead, hesitates slightly, then said to supreme talent: Since they restored, you hurry to reorganize the team, here is not the long-term place, must leave as soon as possible.” Right, even if there is a huge matter first to put, first left here to say again, just made that big noise, definitely alarmed Devouring Life Beast of distant place, perhaps is currently having large quantities of Devouring Life Beast to catch up toward here, we must hurry, hurried One hear of this words, in many hearts are one tight, dozens supreme talent rashly, depart by the quickest speed reorganization team immediately in a hurry. However after this lesson, the people does not dare to save the energy, haunched an energy guard/shield to isolate here thick fog completely. Beyond hundred li (0.5 km), Jian Chen from carved conducting the back to stand greatly, saw only him to be away from the remote distance to grasp to the direction that the big team is. This grasps, space twisted immediately, a little bit rainwater was given to absorb in the palm by him by Space Principle from hundred li (0.5 km), condenses a small water drop static float of thumb size in the palm. His both eyes bloom the bright god glow, results in just like sharp steel needle together, wanting to pierce this water drop, understands clearly the mystery of implication in water drop. In his observation, these merely is the ordinary rainwater, and has no unusual place, if said that then can cure these to lose the person ready dead of control by this type of common rainwater, Jian Chen is how regardless of not to believe. Because in his cognition, if the common rainwater, is unable to restrain this strange gray thick fog. „It is not right, is not these rainwater.” In the Jian Chen eye the fine glow flashes, he can the obvious feeling have these rainwater that own absorbs, unlike making these people ready dead the rainwater that restores from the out of control condition has some, is two different material results on seemingly.

The Jian Chen palm grasps again and again, to understand clearly hiding, he could not attend to so many, the preparation gathered from these people ready dead directly. Saw only the Jian Chen body suddenly becomes illusory, from an entity, turned into a transparent shadow, and this shadow also in unceasing desalination, after two time of breath, the Jian Chen shadow has vanished thoroughly does not see. In he disappears, his was only big vulture to look back one, in that slightly obviously muddy and slow vision revealed one to confuse with the puzzled color, because in its feeling, Jian Chen still also stood after own conducted the back, but the eye of own could not have seen the Jian Chen form. During Jian Chen made own escape into to be void by the Space Principle ability, then before arriving at beyond hundred li (0.5 km) a body of person ready dead, that hid the palm in void is wiping to the shoulder of this person ready dead on gently, contaminates some rainwater immediately strange disappearance on this person ready dead, fell into the hand of Jian Chen. However in this rainwater falls into the hand of Jian Chen, brow of Jian Chen immediately a wrinkle. In his Primordial Spirit once integrated true Chaos Force, has become unusual, the sensation strength is exceptionally clear and bright, can discover many, even if the boundary is unable to detect powerhouse that he is higher than when the thing that his obvious feeling these rainwater will soon be falling into his hand had some subtle changes unexpectedly. That feeling, seems the certain things of implication in this rainwater, suddenly vanished. Really right, lets is not these rainwater that these people restore, but was in these rainwater contained certain things, this rainwater, perhaps was only concealing.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, this discovery made in his heart very surprised, he started to suspect, this rain naturally fell, was artificial. However makes him think what is not clear, if the rain under nature, why such coincidence, when why he absorbs the rainwater wants to understand clearly inside secret, contains in rainwater some strange materials suddenly to vanish, why will also draw support from rain to do to conceal? But if is artificial, in this only permits in Fallen Beast World that below thousand Martial Artist just now can enter, who has this skill, can hide the truth from his sensation unexpectedly?

As for Dark Star Clan, most powerhouse also only then dark star Great Emperor, Jian Chen is self-confident, although fights, presently own not necessarily is the dark star Great Emperor opponent, but dark star Great Emperor , to hide the truth from his sensation to complete all these, is impossible. Suddenly, Jian Chen looks at dumbly in same place, was deep in the deep thought that in the eye rays of light kept glittering, complexion was the transformation is also unceasing, the straight utmost team has walked away, he left here, returned to carve greatly. After Jian Chen walks, in this wooded mountains, presented an illusory person's shadow suddenly, this person's shadow to the strength of Primordial Spirit condense together, can only roughly see clearly is a build of man, is slender, the appearances and facial features and others is a fuzziness. This stature illusory man just like the ghosts and demons float in the midair, to the Jian Chen direction, he as if can see beyond hundred li (0.5 km), has returned the form that the big vulture bears to sit cross-legged to sit. Jian Chen, this Saint may more than once has heard you from the Mindless mouth, now sees, some of some of your really fortes, can detect these rainwater unexpectedly the issue, but so, this Saint acts even what's the big deal personally, your trivial Everlasting Beginning Realm can look through can it be that.” The illusory man seems in sight the Jian Chen form to send out to talk to oneself the sound, in the tone acclaims, disdains. Listens to his tone, as if not spare a glance to Everlasting Beginning Realm, has not cared completely. But Jian Chen, does not have to think from beginning to end, even if his Spiritual Consciousness time is covering the surrounding area surely in range, during the mountain forest that the illusory man is at also in his Spiritual Consciousness covers, but Jian Chen has not discovered his existence completely. At once, the illusory man as if looks to Jin Hong their direction, muttered: You, although the cultivation level boundary is mean, places in Saint Realm unable to raise storm completely, is in this Dark Star Clan, your Strength actually do not allow to look down upon, is formed great formation that by many people ready dead, even can display Everlasting Beginning Realm 1-layer to the 2-layer strength, enough caused giant storm in Dark Star Clan.” „The Dark Star Clan big sacrifice soon started, this big sacrifice only permits the failure, cannot succeed, is only Jian Chen one person, this Saint had a little not felt relieved, if adds on you, that destroyed the assurance of big sacrifice to be bigger.”