Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2704
This huge beast shadow, not that only Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast main body, but is similar to Martial Artist wisp of Primordial Spirit is ordinary, therefore Jian Chen can so serene, wave then to let its dissipation merely. By the Jian Chen present strength, in the middle of Everlasting Beginning Realm can constitute very few of threat to him, at present this only Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast strength, even if its true body/this senior kisses/intimate to not necessarily is the Jian Chen opponent, let alone was wisp of Primordial Spirit. In the this Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast beast shadow was only struck by Jian Chen disperses, in surely in beside, remotely to surpassing in the jungle of Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness coverage scope, spreads sound of the earth-shaking tiger's roar suddenly, the hills that the sound of that terrifying shakes shiver, the land cracks, has overlapping sound wave to proliferate, bringing destruction myriad things Strength to exterminate all life force / vitality within surrounding area hundred li (0.5 km) range. Sees only in had been reinforced by the special energy in cave, suddenly has the huge shadow to flash to pass together, just like is flickers to move appears outside generally. That is a build is huge, the body hundred meters long grey great tigers, its forehead grows the third angry look similarly, the angry look is shutting tightly, can only see a slit. Viewed from the exterior goes, before this great tiger and Jian Chen, cuts that kills, is almost exactly the same, only difference is the build and strength between both differs extremely greatly. Great tiger body, terrifying Strength erupts from its within the body, all around the bellow is dreadful immediately, several mountains by this Strength shaking direct collapse. In its both eyes was full of the anger and hatred stubbornly stares at Jian Chen to be at the direction that at this moment, although is separated by surely in remote, but it as if can accurate fixed Jian Chen aura. Then, sees only it to jump to leap, in space makes sound of the fulmination immediately, trim space the violent shake, twisting, but this strength achieves the Everlasting Beginning Realm great tiger, as if cracked-up space to result , the form has disappeared does not see, by direction being close that fast speed that exceeded cruise Everlasting Beginning Realm powerhouse toward Jian Chen. The rapidness of its speed, even two place great distance in remote, could not consume surely too for a long time. Merely several time of breath, this great tiger that huge aura, appeared in the Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness coverage scope, it almost to flicker ten thousand li (0.5 km), even speed in several tens of thousands is galloping rapidly.

Was saying that looks for you, never expected that your own ran over unexpectedly.” In beside, detected surely Jian Chen of great tiger sound sends out twittering talks to oneself the sound, his state of mind did not have the mighty waves, the vision looked at next inside and outside hundred the big team, later then control big vulture without hesitation full speed flew in the direction of great tiger. This only Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast, he must intercept to the big team enough far place. The big vulture is flashing the full speed flight of wing in the upper air, around its body, space the distortion of keeping, seemed being folded generally, causes to carve greatly in this distortion space flies, compares its original speed also to want quick over a hundred times to continue unexpectedly. Another side, the large team comprised of major top families' supreme talent disciple also the rapid advance in the jungle, everyone is maintaining highly vigilant, is guarding by the sudden Devouring Life Beast sneak attack, them includes Jin Hong even, no one had detected that is having Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast that made them become angry while talking about it toward this position quickly arrived. In the frontline of big team, He Qianqian and numerous supreme talent in the same place, she often put out Jian Chen to give her temple careful sensation, in existence of that wisp of Primordial Spirit through the temple or not confirmed the Jian Chen life or death. When detects in the temple, when Jian Chen remains the strength of inside wisp of Primordial Spirit still had not dissipated, in He Qianqian heart relaxing, at least, she knows that Jian Chen is also living. But at once she as if realizes anything, in the heart started to worry, secretly thought: „When we have marched on such long road, already was far away had distinguished initially the place, such long distance, Yang Yutian, does not know that you can also catch up with us.” He Qianqian, Yang Yutian fellow daoist the strength of Primordial Spirit whether also in?” Suddenly, Jin Hong looks back He Qianqian, passes message the inquiry to He Qianqian. He Qianqian nods, without speech. Jin Hong sees, the corners of the mouth cannot help but reveal to wipe to smile, said: With I estimate right, Yang Yutian is really not that easy on the falls/dies person, I want by his Space Principle, to catch up with us because of this/should is not difficult.” This time we can run away the birth day, was lucky Yang Yutian fellow daoist gives self up to rescue, he ignored the own safety to lead away that only Devouring Life Beast King, experienced the dangerous situation of a narrow escape inevitably, if had/left the two world mountain I also to see Yang Yutian fellow daoist, I put down must thank entire life surely well.” Emperor Lotus Sword Sect supreme talent said.

Yang Yutian fellow daoist chivalrous through and through, to win enough time to us, does not hesitate to violate the danger by the body, facing the boundary to God King Realm late-stage Devouring Life Beast King, this point lets full of admiration that my Guang Wanhua admires alone, such friend, my Guang Wanhua must become friends with well.” Scarlet Light Family supreme talent Guang Wanhua also says, exudes the heartfelt admiring sound. Among them, many people are given to be moved by the behavior that Jian Chen rises above self, thought that own can run away, owed Jian Chen huge favor, felt grateful. Naturally, not everyone so , some small number think little, they look down upon the Jian Chen loose cultivator status from the bottom of the heart, thinks their status is honored, matter that similar risk brings death, lets these loose cultivator or the servants does is a perfectly justified matter. I looked that was you looks high that Yang Yutian, he depended Space Principle to escape chasing down of Devouring Life Beast King temporarily, but don't forget, using Principle must consume the strength of Primordial Spirit, the strength of Primordial Spirit cannot absorb Divine Crystals to restore like source strength, when Yang Yutian the strength of Primordial Spirit exhausted, perhaps was his end.” Listens to the praise of people, in the heart to have in the resentful Gong Ruize heart to Jian Chen is not uneven, makes the indifferent sound. Good that said that in my opinion, that Yang Yutian, even if also lives is still putting up a last-ditch struggle, now estimated that same escapes in the two world mountain with the dog everywhere, let alone later also looked at him, it is estimated that before long, he same by Devouring Life Beast King extinction all life force / vitality is perished with the person ready dead who these died.” Chu Jie also opens the mouth, the tone is virulent. Chu Jie, you stop talking, do not forget us to be able from the Devouring Life Beast King hand to escape smoothly, all these are the Yang Yutian merit, said, he rescued our one time.” He Qianqian complexion sinks, is looking angrily at Chu Jie. Saved us? Also matches depending on him?” Chu Jie does not spare a glance. At this moment, in remote to not obvious world end, hears together the sound of tiger's roar indistinctly, follows, does not know that is separated by fluctuation of energy and pressure that the long-distance range transmitted. Although this fluctuation of energy and pressure after spanning remote distance, has become pale inaudible, but in field in these supreme talent many experienced generations, they then felt Strength that from this light pressure instantaneously was different from God Realm powerhouse. Beginning Realm! This is Beginning Realm! It is not good, this is the Beginning Realm pressure!” Emperor Lotus Sword Sect even life complexion suddenly big change, in sect, he has contacted many Beginning Realm powerhouse, regarding imposing manner and Strength that Beginning Realm powerhouse that type is in sole possession, his impression is very profound.

Is Devouring Life Beast, this is cultivation level achieves Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast to send out angrily roars......” Has Beginning Realm powerhouse in the remote place battle......” ...... Immediately, everyone is complexion big change, because of facing Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast, they have no Strength resistance, is formed great formation that unable to display the advantage by many God King Realm people ready dead completely. By the great strength of Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast, that type terrifying swallows the life force / vitality ability, even if they and Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast maintains several li (0.5 km) away, even is dozens li (0.5 km) distance, within the body life force / vitality also in a short time attracted clean. Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast, besides Jin Hong, in their all person eyes reveals the color of fear, even Jin Hong, complexion still becomes the unprecedented dignity.