Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2718

Hears the praise of seventh palace Palace Master, the God King eyes of many Dark Star Clan are somewhat shining. Because they know that seventh palace Palace Master dislikes to Martial Artist very much, is in entire Dark Star Clan ten big temple Palace Master most is hostile toward the Martial Artist person, if is not Dark Star Great Emperor as well as some individual temple Palace Master permits existence of Martial Artist, as well as their dark star also needs to gain the reasons of some Saint Realm resources through these Martial Artist, perhaps seventh palace Palace Master has been ruthless in all Martial Artist that in dark star moved completely. Although the high level of dark star allows Martial Artist to move here, but the premise, that is the Martial Artist strength cannot be too strong absolutely, if merely is God King Realm initial-stage, their Dark Star Clan will not care actually. But if in Martial Artist was born God King Realm middle-stage, that brought to the attention of Dark Star Clan sufficiently. As for God King Realm late-stage, that is the goal that Dark Star Clan must kill, whether or is not loose cultivator, belongs to in a big influence, Dark Star Clan is unable to tolerate God King Realm late-stage Expert to exist absolutely. Because in dark star, Martial Artist received the Great Principles suppression to be far from Dark Star Clan being powerful, in this, Martial Artist breaks through to Beginning Realm will be more relaxed than Dark Star Clan. God King Realm late-stage Martial Artist, when referred to being uncertain breaks through to Beginning Realm, once in Martial Artist presented Beginning Realm powerhouse, that then threated Dark Star Clan will be big. Therefore, Dark Star Clan is unable to tolerate such matter to happen absolutely, as long as meets God King Realm late-stage Martial Artist, all high-level opinions of Dark Star Clan will achieve consistently, that is kill without mercy, even if pays certain price also to refuse to balk. But strength that Jian Chen shows at this moment, although is also not God King Realm late-stage, may in these Dark Star Clan God King eyes, he actually compare any God King Realm late-stage to be fearful. God King Realm middle-stage has is not weak in the God King Realm late-stage strength, once makes him break through to God King Realm late-stage, that said under Beginning Realm, did Huan Zhen (really) few people do to him? Such person was too fearful!

In Jian Chen all around, eight Dark Star Clan God King began, these eight people are God King Realm middle-stage cultivation level, had reached an agreement in the way to passes message in secret, this began, eight people formed killing formation immediately. Sees only strength of crazy emergences they eight people of Primordial Spirit, connects mutually in together, formed one purely formation that is formed by the strength of Primordial Spirit. The speed rapidness that this formation forms, completes completely in an instant, the rapidness of speed, even if God King Realm late-stage has no time to respond. Sees only eight God King the strength of Primordial Spirit to interweave, formed an energetic prison to suppress in void suddenly, covered Jian Chen Primordial Spirit. Jian Chen only felt that the own present line of sight changes, the next quarter, the dark night city, as well as collects in numerous God King of city gate place vanishes from his eye in abundance. Jian Chen only felt that arrived at a dark world, the black is pitch-dark, at this moment, during his Primordial Spirit seems to be in imprisons to be sleepy, not only fell lowly to the sensation, gradually became to the control of flesh body numb. This formation, can surround Primordial Spirit unexpectedly, once Primordial Spirit were surrounded completely, that may be equivalent to Primordial Spirit and flesh body separates, if resistless, that does not have the strength of backhand simply, has not thought that really also has such marvelous formation in Dark Star Clan.” A Jian Chen brow wrinkle, in the heart were many a vigilance. He is naturally not feared by the formation of God King Realm arrangement, cannot surround him to stride in the Beginning Realm level completely Primordial Spirit, but if under this formation by several Beginning Realm powerhouse arrangement, Jian Chen has not grasped can resist. It seems like, facing Dark Star Clan Beginning Realm powerhouse, must guard against them to arrange this type from now on carefully at least to me to imprison Stranded Primordial Spirit formation.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought, his not eagerly to break the formation, but in the mystery of careful observation this formation, in order to avoid later suffers a loss in the Beginning Realm powerhouse hand of Dark Star Clan. Sees only Jian Chen both eyes Divine Light Yi Yi, jumps projects like substantive rays of light, this is the strength of Primordial Spirit displays the change of peak, he with the world union, is blending with Great Principles, in full power divination.

As Beginning Realm powerhouse, his sensibility to the world Great Principles has reached certain level, although was well below that these Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, were inferior Supreme can understand clearly in the world like that the mystery of deepest level, may obtain some shallow information to achieve. This is the meteor extinguishes god, they grasped the meteor to extinguish god this unexpectedly to the high secret technique......” This is the unsurpassed secret technique that Old Ancestor spread in the past, in my clan ? Grasped the meteor to extinguish god God King is 1%......” He was extinguished god to surround by the meteor, Primordial Spirit and flesh body have separated, present he absolutely does not have the consciousness, quickly, everyone began together, killed him......” The dark night city gate place, has Dark Star Clan God King to shout loudly. At the same time, that eight joint efforts displayed the meteor to extinguish the god God King vision also suddenly become swift and fierce, simultaneously sonic boom drank: Death!” As dying character falls, by the Primordial Spirit prison of strength of constitutions their eight people of Primordial Spirit , a the great sword that was formed by the strength of Primordial Spirit forms completely suddenly, broke through Jian Chen all external defense, cut toward Jian Chen Primordial Spirit directly. This move of might, let alone God King Realm middle-stage, even if God King Realm late-stage must be seriously battered. „Did this call the meteor to extinguish god? Is formation, rather is some powerful secret technique, but this secret technique is indeed mysterious, once successfully displays, is almost unable defense, my divination to leave the law of dealing, only has in the forms of defensive action of uniform quality only meets the tough head-on with toughness, the Martial Soul secret techniques and Profound Sword Qi these two methods that I also only then grasp, can contend with this secret technique.” In the Primordial Spirit great sword will soon cut next, Jian Chen also stopped divination, the thought moved, the meteor that eight God King Realm middle-stage displayed with joint forces extinguished god loudly shatter, together with that the great sword that was formed by the strength of Primordial Spirit, disintegrated.

formation one broken, that eight God King also received huge backlash, sees only their body simultaneously to shake, complexion instantaneously becomes pale incomparable, body of suspended in upper air creakies, nearly from in the air falls down directly. The meteor extinguishes god is fierce, can break through all external defense direct attack Primordial Spirit, but this formation also fatal weakness, that is once misplaced the strength of opposite party, this formation uses, in Primordial Spirit far exceeds on their opponents, they also by greatly backlash, even can injure to own Primordial Spirit. You... you ..... that eight displayed the meteor to extinguish in god God King vision to fill panic-stricken, with being full of the alarmed and afraid vision is looking at Jian Chen, on the face is completely unbelievable expression. situation others did not know the inside story, clarity that but in their eight people of hearts knew, they discovered Jian Chen, although displayed God King Realm middle-stage cultivation level, however of Primordial Spirit, actually achieved inconceivable, even was makes them be afraid the situation. This is not God King Realm proper Primordial Spirit! , In their eight people of hearts, had one to make them feel the thought of suddenly as if by prior agreement extremely trembling with fear. However Jian Chen does not give the time that they think, he dances to begin the great axe to divide instantaneously continually eight times, body and soul completely eliminated that these eight God King cut.