Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2736

Extinguishes the place of access place soul, the Jian Chen body sends out Dark Star Clan aura suspended in the kilometer upper air, but strength, was camouflaged God King Realm late-stage by him. His suspended carefully observed in the kilometer upper air extinguished the place of soul, then followed thousand zhang (3.33 m) wide access toward extinguishing the place of interior soul governing empties to go. His speed is not quick, not anxiously not slow, throughout is maintaining highly vigilant. Although by his strength in this Dark Star Clan sufficiently vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, even if meets Dark Star Clan first powerhouse Dark Star Great Emperor, he also had confidence that can move out. But this extinguishes the place of soul, after all after is star beast falls/dies, is formed the special place that by its brain, a strength endures compared with Highest Beginning Realm 9-layer fearful giant beast, after its falls/dies , under leaves behind anything, has very fatal threat regarding Everlasting Beginning Realm. Although Jian Chen is proud, but is extinguishing the place of soul, actually does not dare to have treats it lightly slightly. As is close to extinguish the place of soul unceasingly , wreaks havoc gradually, in extinguishing the cold wind of place of soul also sways on Jian Chen, immediately makes the Jian Chen brain quickly grasp the meaning of something, has the chill in the air. This chill in the air, enters the soul. Martial Artist Primordial Spirit, cannot feel coldly, but at this moment, Jian Chen Primordial Spirit was the clear feeling a chill in the air. This cold wind, can directly affect Martial Artist Primordial Spirit, even if Beginning Realm powerhouse still. These cold winds, fill in the dark clouds in the world, in fact is a soul energy , after or is star beast falls/dies, remains holds to read with the will.” Jian Chen expression is even more prudent, he felt that this extinguishes the place of soul, makes him directly face battle strength is not weak in Great Primal Realm powerhouse Dark Star Great Emperor is dangerous. Roar!” Finally, Jian Chen flew into extinguished in the place of soul, entered this giant mountain valley truly, however a giant beast roar, suddenly spread to Jian Chen Primordial Spirit directly.

This beast roar is earth-shaking, overbearing boundless, has the great strength of shocking the starry sky, he just like together the thunderclap, has the vast boundless power and influence directly in the Jian Chen brain crack. Jian Chen the body of floating emptying sways immediately, his complexion rapid transformation, closed the eyes immediately, starts to do utmost condenses own the strength of Primordial Spirit, defends stubbornly the conscience. As it sound beast roar transmits, in the brain of Jian Chen, a build also wants huge starry sky giant beast to transform compared with the stars, its figure is fuzzy, just like one group of dense fog, basic on resolution concrete image, rocking that the huge pressure that but the body sends out, impact Jian Chen Primordial Spirit cannot stop. „After this is star beast falls/dies, is defeated and dispersed the soul energy that to form the thing by that.” Now Jian Chen is also experienced, his eyes recognized this group of beast shadow constitutions, in the heart were startled. He after all is Beginning Realm powerhouse, the soul of such degree attacks him also to be able unable to withstand, but if trades to do is God King Realm, even if the God King Realm peak, under that earth-shaking beast roar, must fall the body and soul completely eliminated fate. Then just entered extinguishes the place of soul, he withstood so the attack of intensity, this makes Jian Chen have to re-evaluate extinguishes the bad risk degree of place of soul. However, Jian Chen also makes many reaction times without enough time, presented the huge beast shadow in his brain moved suddenly, an incomparably huge claw, brings the unsurpassed dignity of suppressing the starry sky, patted toward the Jian Chen overhead. Although the true might of this claw is far from achieving to suppress the level of starry sky, when but this claw pats next, Jian Chen was the clear feeling that unsurpassed prestige. This is the star beast in addition in the past being in good health, the dignity has! Although now falls/dies, but through the soul energy, can still this power and influence transmitting some. This is the naked Primordial Spirit attack, the will impact, Jian Chen can only defend stubbornly the conscience, concise Primordial Spirit, withstands by the firmest condition. This scene, seems small seedling of a growth in strong winds, when facing strong winds, you are helpless, can do only, is lets in the own rhizome deep digging in soil stable own, whatever the strong winds have blown from own.

The attack of star beast falls, Jian Chen Primordial Spirit was under the huge impact, bountiful by his process variation, has also become extraordinary Primordial Spirit to transmit the intermittent pricking, following is a dizziness. Primordial Spirit was attacked, his consciousness also presented the fuzziness of flash, but this flash, is he minimizes the time to the sensation. Fortunately at this time had not battled, otherwise, that consequence will be dreadful. In the Jian Chen heart the vigilance, this just entered extinguishes the place of soul, he has suffered so serious Primordial Spirit to attack, this extinguishes the place of soul bad risk, is going to be much more than he expected. Because this is equivalent to the Primordial Spirit attack, in the face of this attack, his Chaos Body defense does not have the opportunity completely. Such Primordial Spirit attack because of should not continue too for a long time, otherwise, by the fifth palace Palace Master Kun day strength, impossible to stay the last three years in inside, let alone three years, a half year is impossible.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought, however holds with such idea, he insisted half the time of double-hour. The attack that among these half double-hour, his Primordial Spirit comes under not only does not have weakened, instead has making use that gradually strengthens, but star beast that in the brain presents, transforms all kinds of shapes to attack own, sometimes is the huge carcasses, sometimes is all kinds of person's shadows, even the strategic places in some starry skies. These person's shadows, after are the star beast die the memory to remain, but these slurred starry sky strategic places, have danger that lets the Jian Chen palpitation. Short half double-hour, the strength of my Primordial Spirit has lost 5-layer to be many, how the fifth palace Palace Master Kun day is on the dull three years in such environment, this is not right.” Jian Chen difficult withstands from extinguishing the Primordial Spirit attack of place of soul, starts to size up all around. Quick he found the clue, his inding distance ground is higher, the star beast of collection holds to read with the will is also richer, otherwise, star beast holds to read with the will is weaker. Jian Chen decreases in the altitude immediately, drops from the kilometer upper air to 500 meters altitude, immediately gets quick results, attack weakened that his Primordial Spirit receives, the whole person was relaxed immediately.

So that's how it is!” Jian Chen suddenly, criticizing own is muddled, falls on the ground simply immediately, found a safe place to start to restore the strength of Primordial Spirit. Is extinguishing the place of soul, may meet the fifth palace Palace Master Kun day anytime, he must make the own time be in peak condition. In Jian Chen restores the strength of Primordial Spirit, beyond several million li (0.5 km), is having person's shadow together to sit well on together such as the big stone of mirror smoothly. This is a middle-aged man, the face is resolute and indifferent, the body sends out Beginning Realm powerhouse aura. He is the fifth palace Palace Master Kun day! Beginning Realm powerhouse aura that at this moment, Kun day some face distortions, his body sends out, in extremely unstable drastic fluctuation, being sometimes strong and sometimes weak, from time to time is cruel, from time to time manic. ah! Suddenly, sits cross-legged the Kun day of sitting to stand up suddenly, his both eyes open, in the eye appears wipes the light blood red and crazy color, face upwards to send out a long and loud cry, continuous reverberation of intense sound wave in rocks, causes in the upper air that dies after the star beast, by the strength of soul dark clouds in fierce surges. As soon as he fights with the fists on the rock of sitting down, the wild strength exploded the smashing the rock, then his whole person just like crashing into the enchanted condition, in the mouth exuded the angry roaring sound, with the thrashing tread that both hands kept, the face muscle twitches, a painful touching type.