Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2737

Fifth palace Palace Master Kun Tian is extinguishing the place of soul dull one is three years, he breaks through eagerly, takes risks, thinks that the soul strength of after the stronger line integrates a wisp of star beast dies, leaves behind, finally causes own mental came under the dramatic influence, had the fierce conflict with the soul strength of star beast, turned into the insanity condition. And, his whole body strength is not steady, energy that belongs to Everlasting Beginning Realm 5-layer in his drastic fluctuation, seems the boiling water ebullition. This energy, although is the Everlasting Beginning Realm 5-layer level, but actually compared with Saint Realm most Everlasting Realm 5-layer powerhouse even more powerful. Because this energy was really pure, it as if by the essence that highly enriched became, did not have the impurity. To refine oneself energy to this situation, needs to consume the extremely long years to go to the self-torture, this time, feared that must count at for thousands of years. ah! The fifth palace Palace Master Kun Tian roaring sound is unceasing, he uses both hands crazy pounding tread from time to time, from time to time tight holds the head of own to tumble on the ground, a very painful touching type. His pain, after withstood three double-hour, as if finally reaches the limit that he can endure, after he face upwards sends out a heavenshaking long and loud cry, the whole body energy as if completely loses control, belongs to Everlasting Beginning Realm 5-layer, even has endured compared with some 6-layer wild energies, erupts from him suddenly, changes into severe storm in extinguishing the place of soul wreaks havoc. The wild energy in extinguishing the place of soul shook, the place of extinguishing soul made turns into turbulent sea to result in immediately, raised the startled day monstrous waves, the momentum was earth-shaking, flooded in extinguishing the star beast in place of soul holds to read, became exceptionally enlivened. But after these divulges time, fifth palace Palace Master also from the initial manic condition, gradually became tranquil, crazy color gradual removing in his both eyes, body that fluctuation energy incessantly was also slow subsiding. Afterward, sees his body one to sway, whole person such straight pouring on the ground, as if fell into the comatose condition.

Naturally, he has not died, life aura not only does not have weakened, instead has the trend of gradually strengthening, aura, in strengthen bit by bit. Nearby extinguishing place of access soul, is sitting cross-legged to sit on the ground restores Jian Chen of strength of Primordial Spirit to open both eyes suddenly, he as if detected that anything, the light vision became in this moment incomparably sharp, bloomed the bright god splendor, pierced directly layer upon layer void, looked to extinguishing the place of deep place soul. Front has the Beginning Realm power and influence on erupt, the strength almost in Everlasting Beginning Realm 5-layer about, inevitably was fifth palace Palace Master Kun Tian.” In Jian Chen heart hidden weapon. This extinguishes in the place of soul filled the star beast holds to read, once releases Spiritual Consciousness, then can with the star beast holds to read engages in the battle, therefore his Spiritual Consciousness in this extinguishes in the place of soul is not good to proliferate. Simultaneously after receiving star beast falls/dies, stays behind holds to read the influence, his sensation strength also reduced. Lost these abilities, if he wants in extinguishing the place of soul looks for a person, quite therefore looking for a needle in a haystack general difficulty. Now is booing, is worrying unable to find fifth palace Palace Master, he actually made such big move to come, making Jian Chen on own initiative determine the position instantaneously. Since knew the position, that sought to be easier, was not anxious, fifth palace Palace Master, after my Primordial Spirit restored, was your time of death.” In the Jian Chen eye flashes through intense killing intent. This extinguishes the place of soul, is a good place of murder, here special condition, is equivalent to a natural barrier, the fluctuation when can suppress Beginning Realm erupts has enormously, here fights, definitely does not need to be worried that the sound makes meeting to pass to Dark Star Clan Imperial City to go. Perhaps, I because of should think that means direct Dark Star Clan these Beginning Realm powerhouse, then strikes to kill one by one, in any case I and Dark Star Clan hostility has tied, the conflict is hard to avoid, they die Beginning Realm, will reduce me to rescue the Sheng Yu pressure on the contrary.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, in his brain lightens a form suddenly. That departs from the seventh temple, goes to Dark Night City that Beginning Realm powerhouse Tatsuo!

If bending down in the two world mountain will kill, death that is can also Tatsuo, advances on these Beginning Realm Devouring Life Beast in two world mountain? In the brain the thought rotates, Jian Chen restored speed of strength of Primordial Spirit to be quicker, for the time-saving, he even put out some to restore heavenly material treasure of strength of Primordial Spirit to swallow from Space Ring specially. Naturally, these heavenly material treasure Rank have not achieved God level, to the Beginning Realm powerhouse effect is not specially huge, but actually two win without, many can speed up some speed. After most of the day, Jian Chen the strength of Primordial Spirit restores to 9-layer of peak, does not wait for the strength of Primordial Spirit fully to restore, he directly soars the fifth palace Palace Master Kun Tian position to graze to go. Jian Chen maintains takeoffs ten meters from the low-altitude flying, the whole body has Space Principle to fluctuate, the speed rapidness, flickers the thousand li (500 km). This speed regarding grasping Space Principle him, naturally slightly appeared slow, but here extinguishes the place of soul, the place was special, star beast held to read disturbed all, and everywhere hidden crisis, therefore he must go forward carefully. Beyond several million li (0.5 km), lies down in ground Kun Tian wakes up leisurely, his eyes open, look at the overcast sky the gloomy sky, in the vision reveals color of the doubts. This sky, making him be familiar are also strange. Where is this?” Kun Tian sat slowly, his eyeball rotation, looked around to look, confusing on face was getting deeper and deeper. He does not know where suddenly here was, but felt this place, own as if also had little familiar.

However at once, Kun Tian quickly grasps the meaning of something suddenly, at once on the face reveals the wild with joy color, absorbed sends out to yell: I broke through, I broke through unexpectedly, my Kun Tian worked loose 5-layer restraint finally, stepped into 6-layer officially, Ha Ha Ha Ha Fifth Palace Master Kun Tian face upwards to send out to laugh, exciting dancing with joy, very excited. But at once, he as if realized anything, whole person rapid calm, on the face reveals the vacant color: Who Kun Tian Kun Tian is Kun Tian? Why did I say own Kun Tian? Did I call Kun Tian? But why I Who am I? Do I name? Who am I? Actually am I who? Will I appear here? Where this is I know where probably this is, why may be unable to record Just after broke through the 6-layer joyful feeling in an instant by the brain of throwing, Kun Tian somewhat dejected sitting on the ground, making an effort hammered the head of own to ponder with hardship. He suddenly discovered that who own unclear own is, except for knowing him has broken through to letting him yearned that beside for a long time 6-layer, other all he could not record.