Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2738

At this time, Jian Chen also arrived here, he displays the function of mask to camouflage aura of Dark Star Clan clansman own, but on his face, presented a black mask, does not know that is built by the what kind material quality, has to shield the Spiritual Consciousness ability. He has not hidden the own figure, foot treads the ground, toward partly kneels in ground Kun Tian step by step walks, pair of exposed eyes outside are staring at Kun Tian condition at this moment, is glittering strange rays of light. „The Kun Tian condition is not right, probably lost part to remember?” Jian Chen eye of reveal strange look, is surprised. He naturally saw Kun Tian has broken through, had strided in Everlasting Beginning Realm 6-layer officially, this point, he does not care. Kun Tian also detected that very early in the morning existence of Jian Chen, is this clansman, but the strength was really weak, the trivial God King Realm peak, had not been placed in the eye by him. He is turning away from Jian Chen, has not been serious Jian Chen completely, but is frowning ponders with hardship. He discovered that own forgot many things, except for knowing own continuously to break through from Everlasting Realm 5-layer to 6-layer, but diligently outside, other all record are unclear, including his own status and name. He in recollection diligently, has something with the seal, but recalls, besides has a dim and strange familiarity to the scenery of this place, no matter what he racks brains, other anything cannot think. Just his own said Kun Tian this name, he felt both familiar and strange. Jian Chen is standing firm from a Kun Tian ten meters distance, his vision stares is ignoring to own, regards completely , if no thing Kun Tian, in eye a rays of light twinkle. His consideration, then with hoarse sound opens the mouth: Kun Tian, you were really injured, good that it seems like Palace Master said that you are extinguishing the place of soul to stay three years, is inevitably impossible to stay the perfect condition.” Kun Tian body one stiff, he had not cared Jian Chen, aura merely God King Realm peak that because Jian Chen exposes, this strength regarding any Everlasting Beginning Realm 6-layer powerhouse, is similar to the ants to be small and weak.

, when but Jian Chen called Kun Tian this name, he finally starts well carefully examined side in his eyes, is equivalent to the ants small and weak clansman. Kun Tian of half kneeling position condition stood slowly the body, he has turned around to be full of the indifferent look to stare at wear a look of Jian Chen of black mask with one pair, knits the brows: „Do you know this Palace Master?” A words exit|to speak, on the face of Kun Tian reveals the doubts and vacant color again, in the heart whispers secretly: this Palace Master? Why will I say like this?” In the brain thinks with hardship, may think deeply about for quite a while, Kun Tian did not have the clue, he has forgotten all, many movements and words are an instinct. He by this Palace Master from the Chindu year, although forgets all now, but is still also retaining the responses of many instinct, spoken language, movement as well as makings. The Jian Chen vision is embarrassed, his observation in every way possible, receives the eyeground all responses and expressions of Kun Tian, said with a smile lightly: Naturally knew, in Dark Star Clan ten big temples Palace Master —— Kun Tian of fifth palace.” Jian Chen tone , to continue saying: Palace Master really predicts with great accuracy, he concluded that you in extinguishing the place of soul stayed three years, is the cultivation has something go wrong inevitably, even falls/dies has been extinguishing the place of soul. Now, you, although does not have falls/dies, but Primordial Spirit actually received the extremely serious wound, had lost the memory, your own is who does not remember.” When speech, in the Jian Chen heart somewhat is also regrettable, he is also thinking this understands the news about Sheng Yu from the Kun Tian mouth, but looks at the Kun Tian condition now, not to mention the understanding information, he records own is unclear. Fifth palace Palace Master... Kun Tian...... fifth palace Palace Master... Kun Tian......” Listened to Jian Chen this saying, Kun Tian to be lost in thought that in his mouth made twittering the sound, although has not recorded, but has a very intense familiarity to the fifth palace. Suddenly, Kun Tian looks suddenly to Jian Chen, both eyes erupts the shining god glow: Who are you?” When speech, his look gradually became swift and fierce, the manner was dignified, has an inviolable imposing manner. He felt killing intent, very dense, let in his heart warning omen greatly fresh killing intent, at present only has God King late-stage ants in eye to not mince matter from this disclosed. You only need to know, I am kill your person then, other, you do not need to know.”

Since Kun Tian had lost the memory, becomes anything not to know that Jian Chen is not naturally willing to continue rubbish to get down with him, a words saying ended acts decisively. His imposing manner is still the God King Realm peak, when making a move, has the earth-shaking momentum, sees only his instantaneous rays of light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), powerful sword glow covers him, seeming like just like a small Sun resembles to result, brilliance dazzling. Jian Chen has not used any, facing has broken through to Everlasting Beginning Realm 6-layer Kun Tian, he must make a move full power, by his strength, does not have any best-quality Saint Item or half Divine Item can the carrying/sustaining result in his attack. Sees only his palm to grasp void, immediately has radiant sword glow to condense together, among the sword glow turnovers, sends out the powerful fluctuation that command Beginning Realm powerhouse is moved. Was sword glow that this condensed conveniently, the might surpassed best-quality Saint Item by far. Whiz!” sword glow air-splitting, the speed rapidness, as if had jumped out of the limit of time and space, in an instant then appears in front of fifth palace Palace Master Kun Tian, points to Kun Tian Primordial Spirit. You are not God King, you are Beginning Realm!” Kun Tian calls out in alarm, complexion suddenly big change, at present this of strength Beginning Realm powerhouse that camouflages God King, erupts at this moment, making him incomparable the heart startled, radiant sword qi not only speed quick astonishment that this front surface punctures, and of might middle contains, making in his heart send coldly. Among the electric light flint, the Kun Tian body rocks slightly, immediately became illusory several points. sword qi that in the Jian Chen hand condenses, pricks from Kun Tian forehead directly, radiant sword glow passes the body, pierces the head of Kun Tian. However Jian Chen expression has not actually changed, his pupil light still indifferent incomparable, implication intense killing intent, the thought moves, Chaos Force covers entirely whole body instantaneously, displays completely the Chaos Body defense strength.

Bang! Also in this moment, this is pierced Kun Tian of head by his sword at present, the entire body blasts open suddenly, the vast energy formed fearful destruction storm to embezzle toward Jian Chen. Might that this energy storm has, is not powerhouse that comes and goes out Everlasting Realm 6-layer can display, it has endured a ratio Everlasting Realm 6-layer peak powerhouse full power to strike completely. Because this energy was too pure, was compressed highly, does not have the slight impurity, in Saint Realm, does not have any Beginning Realm can refine oneself energy is in so the situation. Entire extinguishes the place of soul, as body blasting open of Kun Tian becomes no longer tranquil, in the sky, the densely covered dark clouds are surging fiercely, seems devil that non-stop transforming the shape results, is making threatening gestures. The cold piercing cold wind sends out sharp howling, seems the evil spirit is whooshing , seems giant beast is roaring. Kun Tian from exploding in energy storm, Jian Chen whole body rays of light is radiant, he protects the body by sword glow, the body immovability, condenses sword qi in hand to cut suddenly. This sword cuts, as if divided the world, trim void by him, as soon as cuts is two, the energy storm that wreaks havoc passed over gently and swiftly from both sides of his body side, does not moisten the body. Jian Chen one step treads, such as flickers move to appears beyond thousand zhang (3.33 m), in hand sword glow turnover, before the body empty void punctures.