Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2739

What Jian Chen has seen this from exploding is not Kun Tian true body/this senior, but is Kun Tian by some secret technique, by a body that the powerful energy condenses, is similar to clone one kind. However this clone is unusual, when it from exploding of might forms, has endured compared with the Everlasting Realm 5-layer powerhouse full power strikes. But when clone forms, Kun Tian true body/this senior quiet hiding in void thousand zhang (3.33 m) away, and restrained whole body aura, goes into hiding completely. First by clone from exploding to confuse the opponent, even can the opponent to the heavy losses, but hidden in true body/this senior in secret, then can seize the time, gives momentarily fatally strikes. Has saying that this is a very efficient killing the enemy way, if trades to make Everlasting Realm 5-layer in Saint Realm to deal with so the scene, Huan Zhen (really) may be struck to by Kun Tian kill, even with Kun Tian suitable Everlasting Realm 6-layer, will not pay attention still to have the prestige of perishing slightly. But he met Jian Chen, in front of controlling Space Principle Jian Chen, Space Principle Kun Tian will not go into hiding in void, appeared shows off meager skills before an expert. Bang!” A depressed bellow transmits, space such as wave resulted to shake fiercely, a Jian Chen sword punctured, will go into hiding Kun Tian in void to compel forcefully. Sees only Kun Tian complexion serious, in his hand takes a middle finger wide long sword, on the long sword rays of light is dazzling, sends out the intense fluctuation of energy, repetitive retreat that but the body was actually struck by a Jian Chen sword. Although Jian Chen does not have Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, battle strength has damaged, but stronger just still had broken into Kun Tian of boundary of 6-layer, even if Kun Tian battle strength compared with Saint Realm many Everlasting Realm 6-layer even more stronger, but fights with Jian Chen, still fell leeward. Actually are you who? Our did Dark Star Clan, when present your such powerhouse?” Kun Tian roared in a low voice, but the words just said that he was vacant, he could not have remembered that which powerhouse in Dark Star Clan had.

In Jian Chen heart bright as snow, he knows that Kun Tian lost the memory, many things could not have remembered, but often opens the mouth to say subconsciously loses recalls the beforehand matter. Because some memories were too profound, seems brand mark results in deep inscribing in the innermost soul, even if the surface loses recalled, but the subconscious also remembers. Losing of Kun Tian recalled that will not continue too for a long time, only to need a turning point to awaken slightly, he because of this/should will recall the beforehand complete matter.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, his vision has swept on that long sword in Kun Tian hand, in the heart had the mighty waves immediately. Kun Tian that the sword, is low-grade Divine Item, complete low-grade Divine Item, Way of Sword Principle that contains from the long sword, Kun Tian the say/way, similarly is Way of Sword! Immediately, killing intent in Jian Chen heart just like the volcano to result in eruption, at this moment, his killing intent to Kun Tian has reached the phenomenally intense situation. Today, cuts to kill you surely!” Jian Chen heart firm like iron, his a few words did not say, vision cold like ice, condenses sword qi to kill again to Kun Tian. The long sword in Kun Tian hand erupts prestige of the Divine Item immediately, same sword thorn to Jian Chen, on long sword brilliance eye-catching, will be void to separate a careful crack, but under foot that hard land, presented the dense and numerous sword marks. The corners of the mouth of Jian Chen reveal wipe to sneer, he controls space, disturbed the distance between both, speed that the Kun Tian long sword punctured immediately becomes slow, but Jian Chen sword qi speed, was suddenly suddenly increase. The Kun Tian pupil contracts suddenly, but he is not flurried, low-grade Divine Item Battle Armor covers his whole body in an instant. Jian Chen sword qi hit Kun Tian Battle Armor, however cannot defeat Battle Armor, drew back flying that Kun Tian hit merely.

Sees that the brow of Jian Chen cannot help but wrinkled, the Kun Tian strength is not weak, has Everlasting Realm 6-layer battle strength, now adds on two Divine Item again, the striking power protects obtains is further increased, simply is even more powerful, if under this condition wants to kill him, but must consume a strength. Naturally, merely one Kun Tian is also insufficient to give him to create the tremendous pressure, the key was he further saw ten big temple Palace Master strengths from the body of Kun Tian, if on ten big temple Palace Master had Divine Item, that to him was not a good news. Dark star emperor technique —— divides the day!” At this time, Kun Tian sudden shouted angrily, sees only on him the energy to well up crazily, the prestige of God level battle skill filled the air, the long sword in hand separated to empty to the Jian Chen overhead to cut. Extinguishing the place of deep place pressure soul is enormous and powerful, sees only in his hand the long sword to cut, having one to extinguish the prestige of the world, as if trim Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) gives a sword to cut two halves. Strength of the invisible restraint transmits, Jian Chen only felt that the body of own sinks, not only the action is blocked, and aura of whole person was also locked completely. Under this condition, even if he through Space Principle far away from this place, cannot escape from the attack of God level battle skill. Jian Chen is without turning a hair, is calm and calm, his both eyes, are actually becoming one piece to flaming in an instant white, is good to seem infinite sword qi to contain in the eyes. He used the Supreme Way of Sword will, the Way of Sword Principle strength obtained the sublimation immediately, the might became more powerful. However at this time, his complexion actually became somewhat strange, because he when using Way of Sword supreme will, induced God level battle skill to contain the heavenly power location in the darkness unexpectedly. God level battle skill has the prestige of the world, this was almost the identity of any God level battle skill, Jian Chen has felt repeatedly.

However at this moment, he when using supreme will, the feeling actually and is completely in the past different, his sensation to the world was clearer, was more accurate. Once, he regarded as the prestige of this world is world Great Principles and rule, was not only he, almost all Martial Artist had such approval. However at this moment, he actually overthrew own once to the cognition of prestige of this world, this heavenly power, is the rule and Great Principles, rather is also a some will, will that came from the world. As if displays God level battle skill, can world will blessing. „The will of the world? World, there is a will? Also or this merely is because the formation of dark star is special, will I have such misconception?” At this moment, Jian Chen is somewhat vacant, but his the first time is directly faced God level battle skill with the Supreme Way of Sword will, therefore he cannot conclude that in the outside world also is still so. And, the boundary goes to his situation, were also more than before regarding the cognition of the world, if his clear awareness wants to have the will, must have the thought that the will, it can be said that one of the thought. speed that God level battle skill chops is quick, among the electric light flint, Jian Chen does not have the time to think when feeling that will, he changes to a invisible long sword with the Supreme Way of Sword will immediately, punctured ruthlessly. Without the earth-shaking momentum, without the radical explosion and bellow, all conducts in the silence, when the Jian Chen will punctures, he felt that own as if cut off not a tenacious fine lace, God level battle skill that then Kun Tian displays as if lost core to result , the might quickly waned, in an instant then from beforehand God level battle skill, turned into the most common energy attack.