Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2751

Jadi complexion suddenly one cold, the vision also became in this instant incomparably swift and fierce, he was knows that Primordial Spirit of Kun Tian in extinguishing the place of soul was damaged, therefore began to say borrowing thing type that has never had the matter regarding Kun Tian not to care, after all now the Kun Tian brain is not good, lost all memories, remembered incorrectly something , was not unforgivable. That threatening language that but Kun Tian finally spoke, regarding seventh palace Palace Master Jadi, but was stimulated deeply. If some petty minor matters, anxiously Jadi that rushes to Hundred Saints City is disinclined to haggle over, but Kun Tian that threatening spoken language, is not the general minor matter, but is relating his seventh palace Palace Master dignified important matter. Kun Tian, without thinking breaks through to the 6-layer boundary, you became so extremely arrogant. However is also, you do not remember all things that once had, regarding the beforehand some experiences, naturally were also the cleanness that looked, it seems like, I because of this/should made up once memory to you again.” The corners of the mouth of Jadi reveal wipe to sneer, in its, a huge imposing manner ascends slowly, as if will be ominous beast of deep sleep will soon regain consciousness results. Camouflages Kun Tian Jian Chen to worry because of should constrain Jadi in what method, at present sees Jadi such easy swallowing the bait, cannot help but in the heart secretly rejoices, therefore strikes while the iron is hot immediately, gets angry: It seems like you really do not want, such being the case, that not to take it ill this Palace Master is not impolite to you.” The voice falls, Jian Chen then first acts, he wears Kun Tian Divine Item Battle Armor, the right hand grasps void, immediately sword qi condenses to come baseless, the rays of light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), punctured toward Jadi directly. This sword qi, the energy is completely reserved, has not overflowed to disperse tiny bit, obviously by the Jian Chen perfect control, now, even if sword qi, in fights with Jadi is routed, will not produce too strong energy fallout, not to surrounding the building and environment will have the influence. Consequence that does this, is the Jian Chen strength can only display 5-layer to come out, because of only in this way, him can retain the ample force to suppress the energy non-proliferation. Otherwise, when acts full power, fights energy fallout destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth, perhaps this most Imperial City must destroy. Jadi expression is calm, regarding this war, in his heart also somewhat anticipated, because present Kun Tian is 6-layer powerhouse, was not once 5-layer, as the own old enemy, he naturally must find out the strength of opposite party, in a big way actually had a look at the promotion of Kun Tian. Sees only the body of Jadi, golden light rises, an intense gold/metal is Principle covers him suddenly, making him at this moment seemingly shining, as if the whole person constructs by the gold. At once, his boxing leaves, the fist golden light is shining, complete gold, becomes hard incomparable.

And in this dazzling golden rays of light, flame of burning hot hidden is one of them. This was the gold/metal is Principle and Divine Fire Principle, Jadi comprehends these two Principle years is very obviously long, in the boundary, he still remained at the Everlasting Beginning Realm 6-layer level freely, was to the utilization of Principle, to the control of strength, as well as fine of source strength, has achieved the boundary of reaching the pinnacle. These acts time, because for fear that affects all around, therefore two people has restrained, a strength has not displayed half, naturally cannot see high under. An confrontation of after serene, Jadi then receives the hand to draw back, was saying to Jian Chen cold voice: „„ Here is hard to use the method, Kun Tian, courageous words with.” The voice falls, Jadi then changes into together the remnant shadow, charges into the distant place by extremely quick speed, suddenly then vanishes the world's first -tier place. Sees this, on the Jian Chen face revealing cannot help but wipes the smile that the scheme works to come, in heart secretly thought: Among Jin Hong their group of people, collected in Saint Realm disciple of dozens apex big influences, their God King people ready dead form formation, is equivalent to dozens Everlasting Realm 1-layer, this strength captured Hundred Saints City to rub, only defective was the time.” I, so long as constrains the Jadi two double-hour, Hundred Saints City because of this/should can recapture.” Thinks, Jian Chen also changes into together sword light, pursues in the Jadi direction. Walks, we also pass, happen to after having a look the Palace Master strength breaks through, with the Jadi Palace Master disparity also big.” The Vice- Palace Master Dou Wujin opens the mouth of fifth palace. Bing Yuan and in the Tarot two people of eyes all has excited and anticipation, mutually after the nod, immediately pursued. They walk, nearby seventh palace Transmission Formation, is only left over Kasor and An Lie these two Vice- Palace Master, pass/test General and the others who as well as come to request reinforcements.

General pass/test looks the anxious color, the Hundred Saints City tactical situation is urgent, really cannot delay, now Palace Master Jadi departs, General pass/test but, has requests reinforcements to the Karl rope and An Lie two Vice- Palace Master, hopes that two Vice- Palace Master can hurry to Hundred Saints City immediately. This matter is less, General pass/test, you first adjust Hundred Saints City to insist the moment the sure-kill regiment, fight between Palace Master and Kun Tian Palace Master is more important, Kasor, walks, we pass.” An Lie said that no matter slightly General pass/test expression of that entreaty, departs with Kasor immediately. After this is Kun Tian breaks through 6-layer , the first fight with Jadi, the significance will be great, An Lie and Kasor two people naturally cannot miss. As for Hundred Saints City, they have not placed in the eye, in their opinion, Hundred Saints City in the Martial Artist hand in the Dark Star Clan hand, does not have much difference, will not have the influence on their benefits, similarly has not threatened to Dark Star Clan. As for attacking Hundred Saints City , is because the enmity of Jadi Palace Master to Martial Artist is very big. At the same time, from Imperial City very remote Hundred Saints City, is actually the rocket rises from all directions now, fights the Huo Lian day, here was performing one regarding dark star, sufficiently is the earth-shaking frigid war. The level of fight, had fully achieved the Beginning Realm rank. The war of this level regarding Dark Star Clan, can be called simply is without parallel in history, rare. In Hundred Saints City that big palatial city wall, several thousand God King Realm people ready dead had rushed to the city wall, is slaughtering in the city wall with Dark Star Clan Martial Artist frigidly. The energy thunders, the sound is shocking, powerful energy fallout formed violent storm to wreak havoc, the big city wall often production vibration feeling on Hundred Saints City making.

If not Hundred Saints City is by each article best-quality Saint Item assembly, itself firm incomparable, feared that under this violent war, has long ceased to exist. Guards Hundred Saints City Dark Star Clan Martial Artist, under the attacks of these God King Realm people ready dead, is retreating in defeat again and again, the casualties are very serious. Because Dark Star Clan guards in Hundred Saints City here strength, is equivalent to a strength of ten big regiment at most, middle God King Realm Expert at most more than thousand. But they face, is dozens apex big influences from Saint Realm, each big influence has several hundred to over a thousand God King Realm people ready dead, strength of both sides was too disparately big. Especially when these God King Realm people ready dead form great formation, under the strength union, can erupt the Everlasting Realm 1-layer might. Dark Star Clan, is losing like the mountain! But outside Hundred Saints City, there fight is more intense, Vice- Palace Master Da Fu from seventh palace, was being surrounded by more than ten giant energy light groups in inside. Each energy light group, sends out to be better than the fluctuation of energy of Everlasting Realm 1-layer, the fluctuation of energy that middle even the light group sends out, has almost reached the 1-layer peak, pressed up to 2-layer.