Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2769
After Bing Yuan walked, peaceful the numerous temples of moment, immediately became clamored, numerous supreme talent made noise in abundance, you said my one discussed intensely, but the topic of discussion, all was regarding God level Medicine Pill and heavenly material treasure, regarding the request of Bing Yuan, no, because of should say that was the request of fifth palace, in the field numerous supreme talent could not find way out.

Although has recaptured Hundred Saints City now, Transmission Formation in Hundred Saints City also soon restored, making them have the escape route. But they are actually facing a more difficult issue now, that is the next family's business in dark star, how because of should be able to preserve. Their families operated the innumerable years in dark star, under fee/spent completely pains, only won over several Vice- Palace Master in dark star, if the common matter, asking these Vice- Palace Master definitely to be solved, but this facing was seventh palace Palace Master Jadi, several Vice- Palace Master that they won over laboriously played less than the major role. Therefore, obtains the asylum of fifth palace Palace Master, to them compares anything to be important, what may do to is because of the limit of passage, they could not provide the thing of fifth palace need. „, We let us not discuss, this matter is not we can take responsibility obviously, waits for dark star all night passage after prohibiting to relieve, we send people to take to the respective family the news, the elders who let the respective family try to find the solution.” Hao Family God King Hao Chen says. Their Hao Family, in the group that in Hundred Saints City this is formed by numerous top strengths clearly has the prestige, sees only a Hao Chen words exit|to speak, the noisy numerous temples immediately became peaceful. Good that Hao Chen brother said that how we discussed again, this matter is not we can be solved, was the respective powder, hopes that dark star the sealing ban can relieve as soon as possible......” The people in quick, numerous temple diverge in abundance, returned to the own domain respectively. In Hundred Saints City, each big influence has to belong to the own exclusive region, is similar to is the own territory is ordinary. He Qianqian also returned in Heavenly Crane temple that belongs to Heavenly Crane Family, this is best-quality Saint Item, now then changes into number hundred zhang (333 m) size static standing erect in the land, although the grade does not arrive at Divine Item, but is the imposing manner is still broad. Thinks the asylum condition of fifth temple, He Qianqian felt the mood is agitated, the Vice- Palace Master words of fifth temple said was very clear, which family can take away God level Quality Medicine Pill to the fifth temple and heavenly material treasure, the fifth temple on asylum which family. Was born understood the own family's details in Heavenly Crane Family He Qianqian, Heavenly Crane Family is very strong, is belongs to have the top family that Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse assumed in Saint Realm, but if said that must exceeding the God level resources of limit leads into dark star, Heavenly Crane Family did not have that ability.

Let alone Heavenly Crane Family, even was these was born Supreme boundary top powerhouse, until now is still preserving Antiquity Family of extremely terrifying strength, feared that did not have this skill. Wood Spirit Clan Supreme and rules of Dark Star Clan Supreme these two big top powerhouse formulations , is so can it be that easy to break. As for Hundred Saints City, is an exception, because Hundred Saints City is not Divine Item, it by a large number of best-quality Saint Item and tedious formation joint entity. And refinement of Hundred Saints City, is Saint Realm these top Item Refining Grandmaster completes personally, Heavenly Crane Family was also responsible for constructing the Hundred Saints City resources in the past. What to do this may, unable to obtain the asylum of fifth palace, our Hundred Saints City cannot block the seventh palace, once lost here business, then the effect on the family is very big.” He Qianqian in the Heavenly Crane temple back and forth unique, the delicate eyebrows tight wrinkle, looks distressed. To her of Heavenly Crane Family very understanding, even does not want to send for this news notice family, because she understands that the own family could not solve this matter. Silent half sound, the He Qianqian sudden hand turned, immediately appears the reduction to the temple of fist size in her hands, her vision is staring in the hand this temple, says: How had arrangement in two world mountain that side favor situation, been related in the Yang Yutian news.” Reply Young lady, two world mountain that side person still does not have the least bit news to transmit.” Outside the front door broadcasts together the voice of old man. hearing that, in the He Qianqian heart sighed gently, stared at the temple in hand twittering saying: Yang Yutian, you keep the temple strength of wisp of Primordial Spirit also , but why haven't you come out from the two world mountain for a very long time? Is because the strength of this wisp of Primordial Spirit is unable to direct you, had you lost the direction?” Said you already falls/dies in the two world mountain, because the temple strength of wisp of Primordial Spirit in two world mountain that special environment, but hasn't dissipated?” At this time, Jin Hong arrived at the Heavenly Crane temple, the arrival of Jin Hong, immediately made He Qianqian set out to welcome, during spoken languages very polite.

In Hundred Saints City this numerous supreme talent, if said that who most sparkles, that inevitably was Jin Hong without doubt, regardless of first his back Wolf Clan in Saint Realm similarly were a side top influence, merely was the status of his Supreme successor, made his status very honored. And before entering dark star, the Heavenly Crane Family elder is thousand ding ten thousand Zhu, making her probably hit to relate with Jin Hong, on becoming friends with as far as possible this future limitless Supreme successor. He Qianqian thinks this is one the duty that is difficult to complete, has not actually thought that because of the Yang Yutian reason, she and Jin Hong instead became the recent person of walking. Jin Hong arrives at the Heavenly Crane temple not to have many conversations with He Qianqian, he is mainly inquires the Yang Yutian news, he and cares about the degree regarding the care of Yang Yutian, even must surpass He Qianqian. Was sorry Jin Hong Young Master, I did not have point any news about a Yang Yutian to the present, that side the two world mountain also has no sound, I even suspected that the strength of this wisp of Primordial Spirit had expired, Yang Yutian perhaps already falls/dies.” He Qianqian sighed lightly. Jin Hong actually shakes the head, with being full of the firm tone said: No, I have a very intense intuition, Yang Yutian he have not died, he is certainly also living, I believe that he will certainly come out from the two world mountain safely.” Moves the young lady, once you had Yang Yutian any news, may probably inform me immediately.” After speaking these words, Jin Hong turns around to depart. Hundred Saints City gradually restored the normal path, but covers Hundred Saints City formation not to dissipate, but opened a city gate, has been starting to conduct the exchange of cultivation resources with dark star Martial Artist. Medicine Pill has very strong attraction to dark star Martial Artist, Cultivation Technique, battle skill and attainments and various heavenly material treasure, when is the dark star Martial Artist cultivation the thing , the Hundred Saints City major influences, then receive in exchange for the own family with these things from the Dark Star Clan hand the thing. But is formed the alliance that by numerous influences, now also almost dismisses the condition be at one type, because Hundred Saints City has seized now, the crisis has relieved temporarily, in then this tranquil days, they temporarily is not the ally, but is the competitor.

Often when a rare thing appears, among the major influences raises prices mutually, competed unusual is intense. Hence, converges in Hundred Saints City numerous influences, basically had done things their own way, only when has in facing the giant crisis from Dark Star Clan, they will unite to show no external differences. From Hundred Saints City remote Dark Star Clan Imperial City, suspended in the seventh temple in upper air. Palace Master, the situation is this, basically had concluded that Dark Night City City Lord Bai Jin, as well as Dark Night City 36 Monarch, 108 kings has been buried in the two world mountain deep place completely, but that drop of Divine Beast blood essence in Bai Jin hand, fell into the territory king hand of two world mountain. I do not dare to alarm that territory king, therefore searched the Divine Beast blood essence exact location to draw back quietly.” Vice- Palace Master Da Fu stands under reply, his injury has not recovered, this moment complexion paleness, among expression is passing several points of weak. hearing that, sits Jadi long sighing on throne, among expression also passes several to segregate the heavy color, the sinking sound said: „The matter that this Palace Master is worried about happened, that drop of Divine Beast blood essence is important, does not contain any accident, now it fell into a two world mountain territory king's hand, to take carry back, is not a simple matter.” Jadi pressed according to the temples, felt unusual headache, the two world mountain is the Dark Star Clan restricted area , their Dark Star Clan person will not unless it is absolutely essential enter the two world mountain, especially two world mountain deep place, even if their Beginning Realm powerhouse is cautious into. Because there can be said as by Wood Spirit Clan Supreme creates, Supreme tampered with Great Principles, formulated the rule, has the powerful suppression to all Dark Star Clan people. Beginning Realm 1-layer powerhouse enters, suppressed can only display the God King peak the strength, and when fight consumes to multiply, is unable to supply line of any supplements, only needs to come several God King ranks Devouring Life Beast to cut to kill Dark Star Clan Beginning Realm powerhouse. The most important thing is, Dark Star Clan Beginning Realm powerhouse, once divulged own aura in the two world mountain, that just like the beacon light to be expanded instantaneously generally infinitely, the sensation that all Beginning Realm territories in two world mountain main can be clear about, then from surrounds in all directions.