Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2770
That drop of Divine Beast blood essence, must take.” Jadi somewhat weak saying, the Divine Beast blood essence relations were too big, this is can affect the important thing of entire ethnic group destiny, if cannot look, that this responsibility for an offense his Jadi cannot take on.

After all in this thousand year by him came the director, Divine Beast blood essence to lose in his director in this period, he was responsible! But if wants to recapture Divine Beast blood essence from a Territory Lord level Devouring Life Beast hand in Two Worlds Mountain, can it be that an easy matter, even is one does not do well, his Jadi has possibility falls/dies to be one of them. „Can Palace Master, report Great Emperor? Things have gotten to this point, only then asked Great Emperor to act, if were led powerhouse of our ten big temples to enter Two Worlds Mountain by Great Emperor, that decided however can recapture Divine Beast blood essence.” Vice- Palace Master Da Fu said. Jadi shakes the head, the whole face is sad: You are not do not know that Great Emperor is closing up conducts a very important matter, at this time disturbed Great Emperor to close up is really the non- wisdom. If this matter really makes Great Emperor lead Palace Master of ten big temples to enter Two Worlds Mountain together, that will inevitably cause many Palace Master to my disaffection.” Jadi rejected without hesitation, he is also one looks at heavy powerhouse the face, like this disgraced matter, unless it is absolutely essential he really does not want to do. He does not think from now on with other Palace Master had the dispute, then by other Palace Master is disregarded another's feelings by the waste and incompetent expression comes him to taunt. Reported Palace Master, the fifth palace had the envoy visit!” At this moment, a God King Realm aide ran from outside, on one knee kneels said. „The envoy in fifth palace?” A Jadi wrinkle, on the face has not revealed impatient expression immediately, he always disagrees with the fifth palace edition, in the heart has resentful, and this resentment, as also fifth palace Palace Master Kun Tian, because loses recalled, thus causes several times made all sorts of impervious impulsive things, but further expanded, therefore this moment one hears the fifth palace envoy to visit, in his heart wishes one could to order the opposite party to hurry back directly. However finally, Jadi has not done that otherwise feared that will make others say him to be petty, he hinted with the hand signal, making the aide's envoy fifth palace take to bring.

The envoy who the fifth palace sends is a God King Realm old man, is appropriately dressed, in both eyes is flashing wisdom rays of light, obviously is an astute person. „The fifth palace foreign affairs hall Hall Master Wuming, see seventh Palace Master, see several Vice- Palace Master!” Wuming not disrespectful number, wear a look of saluting of respectful meaning, although he knows that between own Palace Master and Jadi have disagreed, but this matter, is not he small God King can participate. Had what words to say quickly, said gave this Palace Master to roll out quickly, the this Palace Master domain, the people in your fifth palace did not have the qualifications to stand here.” Jadi face not anti- saying, if not fears the idler to say this and that his Huan Zhen (really) is not willing to receive the envoy in fifth palace. The Wuming manner is still respectful, he rubbish, explained the purpose in coming directly: respect/honorable seventh Palace Master, Wu Ming feng my family Palace Master order comes, my family Palace Master requests seventh Palace Master to relieve prohibiting of Transmission Formation, can not interfere with the Martial Artist free turnover.” After speaking these words, Wuming has completed preparation that withstands the violent storm. In his heart also helpless, he wanted to say tactful, but fifth Palace Master had the explicit instruction to want the original words to bring, therefore he also can only brace oneself on. Sure enough, Jadi one hear of his words, complexion immediately changes, the vision in an instant becomes swift and fierce incomparable, that sharp vision just like two sharp swords, stares at Wuming all over the body to live coldly, sends out the violent anger the sound: What did you say? Request? My does Kun Tian actually request this Palace Master?” The Jadi anger cannot rest, his palm numerous rackets on the arm rest of throne, the entire main hall that the powerful strength shakes are trembling, send out angry roaring: Was too dissolute, this Kun Tian was really dissolute, is it possible that he really thinks that he broke through to the 6-layer boundary, can ride the head of this Palace Master to come? He was supercilious, too did not place in this Palace Master the eye.” Comes the person, the envoy this fifth palace, throws to this Palace Master, no, prohibits his cultivation level, abandons the temple him directly, making him lie down on the following Imperial City avenue. This Kun Tian, this Palace Master exercised forbearance his several times, is it possible that his Huan Zhen (really) thinks that this Palace Master feared he is inadequate, reaches out for a yard after taking an inch in front of this Palace Master unexpectedly.” Jadi complexion is pale, the anger in heart in flaming burns, for a very long time is unappeasable.

Palace Master holds on a minute, I have an idea, does not know that is feasible.” Vice- Palace Master Da Fu opens the mouth: „Doesn't the fifth palace want Palace Master to relieve prohibiting of Transmission Formation? Palace Master can seize the chance to set requirement, making the fifth palace take to us the Two Worlds Mountain thing, as condition that relieving Transmission Formation prohibits.” hearing that, great anger incomparable Jadi was just startled slightly, the next quarter, the anger in his heart then draws back instantaneously cleanly, among expression appears happy intent, fierce claps the palm of the hand, saying that both eyes shine: Okay good, this is a very good attention, manages At once, Jadi proposed immediately the own condition, making Wu Ming go back to convey. The fifth palace, sitting of Jian Chen haughty on the Palace Master throne, under him, Bing Yuan, Tarot, Dou Wujin three Vice- Palace Master stands shoulder to shoulder. In behind, then kneels in the ground foreign affairs hall Hall Master Wuming. Wuming already condition reporting that from beginning to end Jadi starts out to Jian Chen, exact, a character does not fall. Listened to this saying, Jian Chen not to speak, the opens the mouth that Vice- Palace Master Bing Yuan could not bear sneered: Snort, this Jadi Huan Zhen (really) will hit the wishful thinking, when he is in power lost Divine Beast blood essence, because of should be responsible for looking by their seventh palace, finally his Jadi covets life and fears death does not dare to recapture the thing from a territory King level Devouring Life Beast hand of Two Worlds Mountain, wants to wave the arms about to let our fifth palace, is it possible that he thinks that our fifth palace is so good to deceive inadequately?” Tarot and Dou Wujin two people, although has not spoken, but the corners of the mouth also reveal the color of ridicule, in the heart ridiculed that the ignorance of Jadi, wants to relieve Transmission Formation to prohibit such a sesame seed big point minor matter unexpectedly, makes their fifth palace go to the Two Worlds Mountain adventure.

This is not stupid is anything. Jian Chen expression tranquil sitting silent did not say on the Palace Master throne, he did not have first to decline, but was in both eyes the rays of light twinkle is uncertain, was not intimate is thinking anything. Wuming, you get down, the request of seventh palace does not need to pay attention.” Bing Yuan is good to wave to Wuming, this matter has not needed to dispute, Two Worlds Mountain risk actually big, all of them are well aware. Holds on a minute, Wuming, you passed on to the seventh palace, their condition this Palace Master complied, Transmission Formation unsealed, they must immediately carry out.” Jian Chen opens the mouth suddenly. Bing Yuan, Tarot, the Dou Wujin three people had a scare, their complexion changes suddenly, hurried opens the mouth: Palace Master cannot, this matter absolutely cannot, the Two Worlds Mountain degree of hazard be above the imagination, besides Great Emperor, our ten big temple any Palace Master steps into, has the danger of falls/dies.”