Chaotic Sword God - Volume 29 - Chapter 2812
_ An Erna leave five palace, but he this time five palace, attempt whether from Jian Chen there obtain about God King grass use method, obviously be only one of them.

Second, naturally are fulfills the Dark Star Great Emperor decree, that then doing utmost provides Jian Chen all needs, must make him in the shortest time, how sense in the God King grass to contain the Principle method studying. Therefore, when he leaves the fifth palace, the superior God King grass that also their second temple in these years stockpiles, all left Jian Chen, the total quantity similarly is about 30,000. The God King grass that in the fifth temple stockpiles, more than 30,000, Feng Xue granted Jian Chen more than 28,000 superior God King grass of tenth palace afterward completely, in adding on second Palace Master An Erna 30,000, collects the superior God King grass in Jian Chen hand at this moment, the total quantity had fully achieved 90,000 numbers. If this in these influences by Hundred Saints City were known, does not know that what will be frightened. This is also not the inferior God King grass that these people in Hundred Saints City contact, but is superior! Existence of superior God King grass, Hundred Saints City these influences still have not known, they have not even known the God King grass in Dark Star Clan, high, middle, and low third-class division. Sits Jian Chen on Palace Master throne tight pinches An Erna to keep that Space Ring that placing of entire simultaneously in inside 30,000 jade boxes, made his excited. After the moment, he deeply inspires, makes the mood that own that surges to rush belong to slowly tranquilly, then his vision as if penetrated the numerous construction hindrance of fifth temple, looks to another seven in Dark Star Clan ten big temple, in the eye is glittering inexplicable rays of light. „, Really has not thought that if this lets the badly beaten superior God King grass that the person snatches in Saint Realm sufficiently, I unexpectedly so relaxed then obtained 90,000. This also merely is the second palace, the fifth palace and inventories of tenth palace three big temples, if I estimate correctly, in another seven big temples, each palace because of this/should at least 20,000 to 30,000 stocks.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, he obtains the Star Beast memory in Two Worlds Mountain is fake, can sense inside Principle fragment using the God King grass similarly is false, goal that he does that but wants some multi- collection superior God King grass as far as possible, then to use these superior God King grass, trains God King Realm Expert to come out.

Dou Wujin, Tarot, Bing Yuan, your three people go to one personally the other seven big temples, told them, this Palace Master needed massive superior God King grass, asking them to provide.” Jian Chen was saying to below three Vice- Palace Master. Yes, Palace Master!” Dou Wujin, Tarot and Bing Yuan three people receive an order are wanting to depart. Wait, your certain stronger accent, this matter is relating all Palace Master and Vice- Palace Master of our ten big temples future, is also affecting the destiny of entire ethnic group, making them probably probably care.” Jian Chen added that he thinks that in Dark Star Clan in ten big temples struggled much, the own fifth palace camp, resisted for many years with the other five big temples besides first palace, to prevent another five big temples to be tempered with a sense of caution, or complied in public but opposed in private to the order of Dark Star Great Emperor, therefore had such confession. Level that because in his words the meaning, involves the matter of God King grass to infinite run-up, when it has risen to can affect the destiny and future of entire ethnic group, various friction between that ten big temples see trivial. Meanwhile, he is stated clearly that this matter is relating all Palace Master and Vice- Palace Master of ten big temples future, then tied up ten big temples in one, to camp of opposition clear disclosed him, if succeeded, that naturally could not forget everyone. In order to as far as possible obtains some superior God King grass, Jian Chen also truly thinks through a matter. Dou Wujin, after Tarot and Bing Yuan receive an order, immediately visits another seven big temples by the Vice- Palace Master status personally, transmission that the Jian Chen words do not omit a single word. In these seven big temples, by the eighth temple of Sen Ran (dense) jurisdiction is the most refreshed influence that complies with, because of them with the fifth palace, the second palace and tenth palace edition comes is in person in the united front. As a result of Sen Ran (dense) falls/dies, the eighth temple for a while without owner, therefore after Bing Yuan visits, eighth temple only two Vice- Palace Master then take responsibility, gives the fifth palace all superior God King grass of eighth palace completely.

Quantity, has more than 20,000. The seventh temple, Jadi complexion somewhat ugly sitting on throne, vision coldly stares at Dou Wujin that gradually to go far away the back that the mood is heavy. Three Vice- Palace Master of seventh palace are not quite also attractive, they stand under, the facial expression is complex, mixes in envies, envy and intense being unwilling. Partly after making a sound, Vice- Palace Master Da Fu long sighing, said: This Kun Tian luck has to be enviable, actually obtained Star Beast to look upon with favor two times, obtains Star Beast to remember. The first time, not only makes him step into the boundary of 6-layer smoothly, and battle strength is the strong fearfulness, obviously just now shortly after breakthrough, actually seems breaks through for many years to result.” However this second time, is serious, actually obtained some to sense in the God King grass the memory of Principle fragment, if made him improve......” Sufficed!” Did not wait for Da Fu saying that Jadi then whole face angry emanation shouted in a low voice, interrupted the Da Fu words crudely, exuded the roaring sound: Don't at the this Palace Master surface premise Star Beast matter, don't at the matter of this Palace Master surface premise God King grass.” Da Fu no longer said a word immediately, he looked at each other with another two Vice- Palace Master, all saw a deep powerless feeling from the opposite party eyes. Kun Tian previous and Jadi fights the strength that exposes to make them have to dread, initially enters the boundary of 6-layer then to be able with stepping into 6-layer many years of Jadi games to like that the situation, if when Kun Tian achieves 6-layer peak, has not known that powerful to the what kind situation, by that time, oneself Palace Master whether such as the past to suppress like that is difficult to say. Now, he grasped can use the law of God King grass, the seventh palace that if by his successful fumble the method, they were really, but also there is what qualifications to resist with the fifth palace?

How even if the fifth palace will use the method of God King grass to announce, their seventh palace, do not want to fight the fifth palace. Goes, takes the five thousand superior God King grass to escort to the fifth palace!” The mighty seventh palace after silent long time, was passing through Jadi of intense ideological struggle, finally ordered. However these words saying, Jadi just like losing all strength resulted, falls on the throne all of a sudden softly. He does not regard as important the God King grass, the God King grass in Dark Star Clan, cannot be regarded is what precious thing, makes Jadi feel that truly the whole body is incapable, will be the future of seventh palace. He knows, the rise of fifth palace, feared is irresistible. As obtaining the person of Star Beast memory, as the only laboratory technician of God King grass, Kun Tian can definitely divide to the first cup of thick soup, and is the biggest thick soup.