Chaotic Sword God - Volume 29 - Chapter 2818
Is looking at face callous standing there, among expression does not have color fifth Palace Master slight worry, suddenly, the throat of An Lie somewhat becomes dry unexpectedly.

Today he dares to come Hundred Saints City, the biggest reason then because of Sen Ran (dense) Palace Master falls/dies, causes the camp strength sharp decline that the fifth palace is, does not have ability that again may contend with them, in his opinion, under the fifth palace in this position, when facing the Hundred Saints City issue, so long as is the matter of not the serious wound and self-interest, will make to yield. Finally he has not thought that fifth Palace Master does not press the common sense to play a card, in the camp has been in the extreme disadvantaged in the situation, not only without tiny bit restraining, instead became compares before wildly, came up to slap Vice- Palace Master unexpectedly. This is the extreme shame matter, even without the hatred, should still produce dreadfully because of this act hates greatly. Was insane, was insane, this Kun Tian thorough was insane.” An Lie can only curse in the heart, in his heart that the stance that ruling by force that fifth Palace Master shows at this moment and is arrogant and conceited, made also produced drew back intent. Sixth palace Vice- Palace Master Si Wuqing was also hit ignorant, he was flown by a Jian Chen slap, drops forgot when the ground unexpectedly crawls, on the face expression appears a delay shape, has not recovered. Continued two time of breath, Si Wuqing responded finally, his body maintained the similar stance to lie down on the ground as before, but the entire body was shivering fiercely, the vision also became in this moment red incomparable, the blood threads proliferated. The next quarter, a dreadful anger mixes with terrifying killing intent to send out from him suddenly, his fierce rises with a spring from the ground, the face becomes the ferocious name to be incomparable instantaneously, sends out to just like the wild animal roaring sound: Kun Tian, you dare so to shame me, I must make you pay the price.” In Dark Star Clan, Vice- Palace Master similarly is the character of keeping aloof, although they have certain disparity in the status with Palace Master, but this disparity, has not imagined is so huge. After all everyone with is Everlasting Beginning Realm, all situated in the same boundary, let alone Si Wuqing is powerhouse that reaches to Everlasting Beginning Realm 4-layer.

Such strength, still also stayed compared with some in 5-layer Palace Master, is only on a low boundary. Bang! Immediately, Si Wuqing energy burst, the Beginning Realm pressure blots out the sky, he is scarlet eyes to act to Jian Chen directly, grasps a long sword to cut decisively to Jian Chen. Jian Chen expression is light, is calm and calm, is only the huge pressure, such as volcanic eruption results in the fierce eruption, formed one compared with the former more terrifying oppression strength toward the Si Wuqing suppression under. Si Wuqing under foot staggers, nearly falls down, on the face also appeared wiped the pale color, that cut to the Jian Chen long sword, above energy rays of light also flickered, might that his struck, unexpectedly under the suppression of Jian Chen imposing manner by maximum containment, finally that sharp sword point by Jian Chen relaxed and calm by two fingers clamping in the middle. ding~ A resounding spreads, sees only a Jian Chen finger gently ball, was clamped among the front sharp swords in two fingers by him is sharp, if immediately were hit hard, shivered fiercely, strength of the counter- shaking transmits Si Wuqing to grasp on the right hand of sword following the long sword, tingling with numbness that his entire right arm shakes. However Jian Chen does not plan on to let off Si Wuqing, indifferent opens the mouth: Your one Vice- Palace Master, dares to say the this Palace Master given name, the following defies superiors, should punish!” Saying, before he one step treads, close to Si Wuqing, suppresses Si Wuqing by the imposing manner, is a palm of the hand hits in Si Wuqing complexion, flew the Si Wuqing fan for the second time. This time, what he hits is another half face of Si Wuqing, the powerful strength not only the Si Wuqing face becoming integrated with blood mud, the head presented the crack.

In the Si Wuqing heart the hatred is dreadful, he face upwards to send out to angrily roar, just like ominous beast to result in wants to send out the counter-attack, but the Jian Chen strength imagines compared with him even more powerful, facing Jian Chen, not only does not have the strength of resistance by his Everlasting Beginning Realm 4-layer strength, under was suppressed, even avoids cannot achieve. This Hundred Saints City, is this Palace Master seizes from the Jadi hand, the Hundred Saints City life and death only then this Palace Master can decide, other temples does not have this qualifications. You as sixth palace Vice- Palace Master, not only goes into the this Palace Master domain to bluff and bluster, is to make impertinent remarks to this Palace Master, this crime, may not!” Jian Chen cold voice said, his moves sideways to arrive in front of Si Wuqing, does not wait to lie in ground Si Wuqing stands up, is direct ruthlessly a foot toward his back ta. Only listens to sound of the skeleton break to spread, Jian Chen foot ta broke to pieces the spine of Si Wuqing, passes through to the chest front rib, almost stepped on the smashing all skeletons of Si Wuqing entire upper part, all internal organs were split up. Si Wuqing exudes one stuffily, in the mouth the big mouth is spitting the blood, is mixing with the internal organs powder dust. This time, he in the true sense is seriously battered! Kun Tian, you... you dare so to treat me.” The Si Wuqing big mouth spouts blood several times, tone hoarse saying. His complexion at this moment is pale, the hair is disorderly, does not have the previous demeanor and spirit. Let alone is you, even if your sixth palace Palace Master came, dares to provoke this Palace Master, the this Palace Master still photo hits does not harm.” Jian Chen cold voice said, the greatly fearless all spirits, he will then raise from the ground like mud Si Wuqing, threw Hundred Saints City directly: Remembered, Hundred Saints City is the this Palace Master asylum place, has not passed through this Palace Master to agree, anybody dares to run amuck here, this Palace Master will not let off him.” Outside Hundred Saints City, such as Si Wuqing extremely distressed falling of beach mud on the ground, speed that because he was thrown was too quick, fell also to slide several li (0.5 km) from when the ground to stop forward finally, immediately in the mouth coughed up blood to continue. His spine break, the complete bone of entire upper part did not have remaining several, without the skeleton support, he is unable to stand suddenly, has to lie down on the ground, under the clothing/taking the healing Medicine Pill slow recovery that put out from Space Ring.

Kun Tian —— in his mouth sends out to just like the wild animal shouting sound, the hatred and killing intent in heart boil the extreme, he rested the moment, after spine initial-stage of within the body that smashing forms, then governing empties immediately, left here tremblingly. In numerous temples, after witnessing Jian Chen devastated the Si Wuqing method, the heart of An Lie immediately became icy cold, he discovered that own underestimated crazy of fifth Palace Master, in this crucial point, for a little minor matter, shamed so to touch the type Vice- Palace Master unexpectedly pitifully, this let his spine is some round of cold. Because of similar matter, even in the Dark Star Clan known long history, never happened on powerhouse of Beginning Realm level. At this time, the Jian Chen vision fell on An Lie, the vision became incomparably swift and fierce, cold voice said: An Lie, you are also the domain that comes this Palace Master to shelter run amuck?” „, Palace Master you did not misunderstand, I come Hundred Saints City to want with here various side influence on exchange some Divine Crystals, since Palace Master you come now personally, my leaves.” Facing the indifferent interrogation of Jian Chen, An Lie chose admitting defeat without hesitation, had Si Wuqing the bamboo slip of front vehicle, his where also strong getting up.