Chaotic Sword God - Volume 3 - Chapter 284
Cuts power one all day, daytime the basic having no way symbol, electricity that in the evening comes, thunders to rain the code to the midnight, did not dare to continue the code to get down, immediately uploads to turn off the computer. Suddenly, Qin Xiao light well, vision strange stares at Jian Chen to be massive, finally revolves about Jian Chen to transfer several, puzzled saying: Brother Jian Chen, how you left these ten days of time I to discover that you became a little are suddenly different from before.” hearing that, nod of Ming Dong also approval, said: I also think, only then I have this feeling, originally Brother Qin Xiao you had also discovered before Jian Chen, was a little different.” Listened to their words, in the Jian Chen heart to move, if only then a Qin Xiao person said this, he can also regard completely is a joke smiles, but since now linked Ming Dong also some such feeling, that matter somewhat was obviously real. I break through the change of Earth Saint Master to be so big, unexpectedly links them also to feel.” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly. This is, Qin Xiao has as if thought of anything, shows the meaningful smiling face, said in a low voice: Brother Jian Chen, where these period of time you will not run up to and which miss in the same place, I heard some people after experiencing certain matters, but will have very obvious change.” The Qin Xiao whole face badly smiles. On the face of Jian Chen presents a heavy line, ill-humored has pedalled Qin Xiao one: Qin Xiao, you are short in that talk nonsense.” Qin Xiao complexion strange stares at Jian Chen hey badly to smile, said: Brother Jian Chen, look at your this breathless appearance, should not be said by me.” Jian Chen is dumbfounded immediately, this Qin Xiao is much longer, looks like very simple and honest, has not thought that sexually harasses the time of person so to be also strong. A Ming Dong face earnest looks at Jian Chen, said: Jian Chen, I indeed discovered that present you seem to be different from before.” Jian Chen he he smiles, said: You said that now my where is different.”

Ming Dong has sized up under Jian Chen carefully, immediately studied the Qin Xiao touching type to gather round Jian Chen to transfer several, finally shook the head, said: Does not know that could not say.” Jian Chen smiles, said: Was good, first do not discuss the issue of this irrelevant Daya, the Qin Xiao brother, does not know when embarked to go to Mercenary City, the day decides?” One regarding proper business, Qin Xiao complexion one positive, said: „The day of embarking has decided that after 3rd, at the appointed time incessantly had my Tianqin Clan, Zhuya Kingdom several other respected families as well as some powerful sects, they Space Gate direct transmission through our Zhuya Kingdom ally in the past.” „, Said the person who attended the Mercenary grand meeting also has much.” Jian Chen muttered. Although the past person feared several hundred people together, but these people attended the grand meeting truly, only then dozens people, other people escorted, played the role of protection, the person who in order to avoid these attended the competition was in the journey the bitter experience to the mishap.” Qin Xiao stern [say / way]. Asked that understood after the date that embarking, Jian Chen separates with Qin Xiao, returned to the own housing room with Ming Dong. Closed the door, Ming Dong walks to sit on a chair, look somewhat worried was staring at Jian Chen, said: Jian Chen, again shortly afterward was the competition of Mercenary grand meeting, that inside unusual bad risk, it is said may not live including Earth Saint Master Rank powerhouse, did you have confidence really?” Jian Chen shows a faint smile, said: Ming Dong, you felt relieved that I, since dares to go naturally to have certain assurance, even if cannot enter the rank, but if wants to save the life not to have the issue.” In the Jian Chen expression has filled the incomparably formidable self-confidence, before his strength still at Great Saint Master can threaten Earth Saint Master, now he breaks through once more, ability that if almost destroys the hardest defenses with the aid of Purple Azure Sword Spirits that in Earth Saint Master he can be said as the unusual rival. Good, wish you to succeed, the Mercenary grand meeting is not the place that I can participate, although my strength also breaks through Great Saint Master, to attend the Mercenary grand meeting is not enough, therefore I did not stir about, can only accompany you to go to Mercenary City to step onto one.” Ming Dong had self-knowledge very much, including battle that in Earth Saint Master may not live, he participated brings death completely. Afterward, Ming Dong left the Jian Chen room, Jian Chen has closed own in the room, sat cross-legged to sit on the bed is familiar with within the body that to strengthen many time of strengths suddenly.

Suddenly, knock spreads to the ear of Jian Chen, saw only one to wear the middle-aged man of white long gown to walk into the room of Jian Chen housing slowly, unexpectedly was Tianqin patriarch. Saw the person, Jian Chen immediately from the bed high and low, to was coming the person to cup one hand in the other across the chest saying: Has seen Tianqin patriarch.” Tianqin patriarch smiling walked from outside, but when his vision falls when the Jian Chen body, on face look immediately suddenly one stiff, the eyeground deep place reveals an unobservable shock, but quick has gotten back one's composure, being able not help expresses an exclamation: No wonder the Jian Chen little brother lets Xiao'er such admiring, originally the little brother strength is not only extraordinary, and talent so fearful, I looked that little brother's age are most not over 25 years old, unexpectedly in so the age of stage on the successful breakthrough to Earth Saint Master, is really too fearful.” On the Jian Chen face has not revealed surprised look, all as if are natural, after he breaks through Earth Saint Master the body has carried on the transformation, making his makings have very big change, let Ming Dong and Qin Xiao two to he quite familiar people can the obvious detection, let alone experienced, Jingyang rich Tianqin patriarch. patriarch overpraised, below is the temporary good luck, succeeded exactly.” Jian Chen cups one hand in the other across the chest to decline. „The Jian Chen little brother, you break through shortly after Earth Saint Master, the body transformation enables on you to lend a unique aura, so long as is some people of eyesight can see your details, like this attended the Mercenary grand meeting to you not the least bit advantage.” Saying, in the Tianqin Clan hand was presenting a booklet, continued saying: This is a method of hideaway aura, after studying, that aura when can cover you to break through Earth Saint Master has not dissipated, can cover your strength completely, one line has not the young master to your Mercenary City because of this meeting, after all always hides a strength, are many a survival the card in a hand.” Heard that can actually hide the method of own aura as well as strength, in the Jian Chen eye emits the excited vision immediately, after expressing gratitude, not slightly hesitant received that booklet from the Tianqin patriarch hand. „The Jian Chen little brother, we will embark after 3rd, this Cultivation Technique I lent you to read on the 3rd, after three day, returned me.” Saying of Tianqin Clan smile, affable, does not have the rack of household head. Jian Chen nodded, said: „After three day, in returns certainly patriarch this Cultivation Technique.” Tianqin patriarch arrived on a chair to sit, has hesitated slightly the meeting, was saying to Jian Chen: Jian Chen, my this time comes to have the incident to request that hopes you can comply.”

hearing that, Jian Chen complexion doubts looks to Tianqin Clan, asked: patriarch has any matter to speak frankly, so long as below, certainly will not shirk in one's power.” Tianqin Clan look became somewhat dignified, in foreheads faint was having several points of worried look, said: This matter is not perhaps difficult to you, in the competition of Mercenary grand meeting Xiao'er, if has encountered any danger, but also asked the little brother to get rid to rescue, saved the Xiao'er life as far as possible.” hearing that, Jian Chen he he smiles, said: patriarch you felt relieved freely that I and Qin Xiao brother feel like old friends at the first meeting, even if you did not mention this matter, I will also help his.” So, I have felt relieved, the Jian Chen little brother you also well perceives through meditation this hideaway aura Cultivation Technique, I did not disturb you.” Tianqin patriarch relaxes greatly, afterward has not stayed for a long time here, quick leaves. Three days of time, in the morning, Jian Chen had been called by Qin Xiao in an instant very early in the morning, then and Ming Dong arrives in the middle of the Tianqin Clan backyard together. When Jian Chen arrived here, backyard early gathered a troop person, including half is to read the old person of seventy years of age, is Jian Chen has not seen, but in the dead ahead, four build huge flight Demonic Beast static squatting on the ground, actually has the 3-Step strength. Flight Demonic Beast is precious and rare on Tian Yuan Continent, wants rare many compared with mount by far, not only this is flight Demonic Beast the reason that is hard to catch, the biggest factor is because flight Demonic Beast is not the average person dares to ride, once flight Demonic Beast flies the upper air, your life completely has handed to a certain extent also over the body of flight Demonic Beast, if goes crazy suddenly several kilometers high directly you from airborne still got down, even if Earth Saint Master also only then by plunging to death while still alive. We must ride flight Demonic Beast in the past, I have not made flight Demonic Beast.” Looks at front that four limbs flight Demonic Beast, on the face of Ming Dong is bringing several points of excitement.