Chaotic Sword God - Volume 3 - Chapter 288

Is listening to the discussion sound of people curiously, Jian Chen also stares at front that giant statue to size up. Suddenly, wears the old man of azure long gown to drop from the clouds, the old man is ordinary, any cannot the appealing unique place, but when the old man just appeared, that sued in the world sufficiently mobile World's Energy suddenly fell into the static condition unceasingly, the pressure that was hard to state clearly filled the air in the world, making in the field all people feel that a sad feeling stopped up in the heart. Along with an old man appearance, the people who surroundings that whooped also at the same time peaceful. Old man suspended in the world, standing proudly overlooks the people above below numerous Heaven Saint Master top of the head, said with the old and light sound: Now I announced that 50 years Mercenary martial arts contest meeting official opening, participates in the racer to remain same place, other people withdraw immediately.” The old man voice just fell, below crowd was in a tumult immediately, the old person who these got old as well as did not plan the person who attended the competition turns toward behind to retreat in abundance. Jian Chen, you take care well!” A Ming Dong face serious was saying to Jian Chen that then also has drawn back along with the stream of people. As they walk, keeps in same place person also big reduction, for all this, but still has the several tens of thousands person. Saw below crowd already gradual has stabilized, suspended continues to open the mouth to say in the airborne old man: Mercenary martial arts contest meeting only allows the person under 50 years old to participate, once over 50-year-old person enters the competition, that will receive the barrier strength the heartless bang to kill, instantaneous turn into ashes, the young over 50-year-old person immediately draws back now, this is your final opportunity.” Afterward, among several tens of thousands person several hundred people of rubbing gently has drawn back, the whole face is the unwilling color. After seeing nobody retreats, the old man sleeve robe wields, the dense and numerous innumerable quick jet black tokens well up from the sleeve robe crazily, before by invisible strength a body of package accurate falling below several tens of thousands famous participant. Jian Chen put out a hand to receive the float in own front black token, the token has the palm of the hand size, by not well-known material quality manufacture, very hard, the external force was hard to damage, and inside mysterious strengths were also flowing. The old man vision overlooks below people, expression light saying: This is participating token, the first elimination series will be held in an independent world, after entering the gate, you will be transmitted immediately in any place, the deadline of elimination series is one year, in this year, collects the token first 500 acceptances, other people eliminate completely.” Saying, the old man has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to sky, the manner respectful [say / way]: Asked the Sir to open the gate.” In the world fell into a strange silence suddenly, over 100,000 people gather, the unexpectedly extraordinary any person has not made the least bit sound, only then that vague slight breathing. Suddenly, in the sky transmits an intense fluctuation of energy, first attracted all people, people raise one's head looked, saw only the above energy not to fluctuate extremely stably, the trim space in the fierce distortion, so the scene has continued two time of breath, a five colors variegated color light suddenly appeared, and was centered on this rapid expanding to scatter, quick expanded together the diameter hundred meters five colors great hole, inside presented chaos, what could not see clearly. In hand was sent out weak black rays of light by the people's in jet black token suddenly, immediately the people an invisible energy wrapped slowly rise into the upper air, flew toward the five colors great hole. ah! Suddenly, a miserable pitiful yell sound transmitted, sees only one just to approach the middle-aged man entire body of great hole edge in the according to naked eye obvious speed fast melting, during the short breath on thorough disappearance in the world, has not left behind anything. Age, once over 50-year-old person through the gate of barrier, will receive heartless strangling to death of strength of barrier, the thorough dissipation in the world, everybody does not need to be startled, so long as below 50 can pass this gate safely.” Old man in suspended sky in saying that unemotionally. This saying makes on many faces reveal startled look immediately, immediately some people have struggled in the midair, yelled: I must exit, I must exit, I give up attending the competition .... Was a pity that they an invisible strength is wrapping slowly are brought to rise into the upper air, no matter how what they struggled unable to work loose this strength restraint.

Before has given you opportunity, now all late.” Old man vision indifferent stares at these people, cold voice was saying. ah! Also is a miserable pitiful yell sound transmits, in the sound has been full of the endless pain, the middle-aged man's under glare of the public eye by the strength of barrier living builds up, dregs has not remained, complete dissipation in world. Asked you, put us to exit .... Makes us exit, we give up competing .... Some ages surpass the person who 50 years old of plan fishes in troubled waters to open the mouth to beg for mercy in abundance. Old man brow wrinkle of suspended in midair, on the face reveals impatient look slightly, waves, an invisible strength emerges, actually asks these people to speed up speed to fly toward the five colors great hole. .... As a miserable pitiful yell sound transmits, dozens age over 50-year-old people directly by the strength of barrier builds up turn into ashes, fearful and apprehensive of people this looks, but advanced age who formerly these drew back secretly rejoices. Afterward, the several tens of thousands famous participant in abundance was also held to enter in the five colors great hole to disappear by the invisible strength does not see. Makes me go, making me go, I must attend the competition.” The sound conveys together suddenly, sees only Ming Dong runs out of the crowd suddenly fast runs up to under the five colors great hole, a face entreaty to suspended in airborne that old man loud [say / way]. In the field the vision of all people gather on Ming Dong immediately, all person elephants looked that the idiot looks at Ming Dong generally, the time that participating token provides had finished, now all participating people prepare to enter an independent space to carry on the elimination series, how suspended will provide token in airborne that powerhouse because of him once more. That has not entered five colors great hole Jian Chen also to discover unusuality of Ming Dong, immediately complexion strange is staring at Ming Dong, the whole face is the puzzled color, does not understand why Ming Dong in wanted to participate suddenly this time competes. suspended in an airborne old man brow wrinkle, looked at the eye that some did not bear Ming Dong that slightly , under yelled, just when wants to wave he expelled, suddenly his look moves, then waved to project black token to fall into the hand of Ming Dong, supple sound track: You go.” Short instant, the old man treated the Ming Dong manner immediately becomes friendly, the expression of speech was not formerly like that indifferent, very gentle. Periphery the old men treat the Ming Dong manner to make these know very well that the old man details powerhouse opened the mouth, the whole face is unbelievable look. It seems like this youth background is not simple.” Some people talked to oneself in a low voice. Jian Chen also complexion surprised looks that was wrapped by one group of mysterious strengths from under is ascending slowly, but Ming Dong, in the heart has been full of the doubts, does not understand that Ming Dong is doing. But on the face also presents worried look, the clarity that formerly the old man said that after entering the gate, will be transmitted to any place randomly, Ming Dong stays in inside by the initial-level Great Saint Master strength, what is really the unusual danger, the present situation, Jian Chen was also incapable of preventing.

After black token of Jian Chen by hand sending in the five colors great hole, randomly was transmitted to a jungle, all around is peaceful, everywhere is the trees of cover. Suddenly, the Jian Chen surrounding space fluctuated slightly, the person's shadow suddenly appears side him together. When sees clearly this person's shadow, Jian Chen looks the happy expression immediately, startled [say / way]: Ming Dong, unexpectedly is you, good, you had been transmitted to my side unexpectedly.” This was transmitted to Jian Chen person's shadow suddenly, feeling relaxed is Ming Dong. Ming Dong was given to have a scare by the sudden acoustical shadow, sacrifice of conditioned reflex own Saint's Weapon, when he hears that familiar sound, is the excitement of whole face, immediately takes back Saint's Weapon, is happy: Jian Chen, I transmitted with you to unexpectedly came together, this was really good, both of us collaborated, certainly can stand firm the footsteps here.” Was right, Ming Dong you are not does not attend the competition, why in the final moment suddenly changed the mind, that mysterious and formidable old man, he made an exception to allow your midway to join unexpectedly.” Jian Chen is doubts of face. hearing that, on the Ming Dong face reveals vacant, said: I do not know that suddenly will change why pays attention to attend the elimination series, just I felt that here has any thing to summon me . Moreover the feeling of summoning was getting more and more intense, finally as if can control my will, my own is unable to control own, then muddleheaded came.” What, you said that here does have the thing to summon you? Now you can also feel?” The matter that surprised of Jian Chen face, Ming Dong comes across is strange enough. Ming Dong closed the eye to feel carefully, at once nodded, said: Also can feel, but the summon strength weakened.” Jian Chen frowns has thought deeply about the meeting slightly, said: Which position can you feel summon from.” In the East!” Ming Dong puts out a hand a finger of front. Jian Chen looks at the direction that Ming Dong has referred, has hesitated the meeting, opens the mouth saying: Walks, we pass, has a look is any thing is summoning you.” Immediately, Jian Chen and Ming Dong turn toward the East to go forward together. Here is an independent world, but Jian Chen and Ming Dong their positions are piece of primitive mountain range, here environment is bad, everywhere is the poisonous mosquito poisonous insects. Suddenly, walks in the Jian Chen behind Ming Dong entire body one short, rapid caves to the tread, he stepped on to a naked eye indiscoverable bog unexpectedly. Ming Dong both hands pat the bog, tries to fly depending on the own strength, however the next quarter, Ming Dong complexion suddenly changes, yelled: My both legs had been bitten by the thing, Jian Chen helps me.” In Jian Chen heart one startled, immediately turns around to hold the shoulder of Ming Dong, the arm catches up suddenly, flung directly from the bog Ming Dong airborne, simultaneously was flung the bucket thick or thin poisonous snake, the whole body has also moistened the full sludge, pair of gigantic mouth tight bit the Ming Dong both legs. In the Jian Chen eye severe light dodges, Light Wind Sword reappears instantaneously, along with a piece of sword shade twinkle, the bucket thick or thin poisonous snake was cut the innumerable sections directly, the bright red blood mixes with is being full of the odor the sludge in airborne to splash in all directions. Jian Chen caught Ming Dong that from airborne falls by the gentle strength, the body of poisonous snake, although cut off by him, but snake head still tight bites the Ming Dong both legs, pain Ming Dong gives a tongue-lashing the tooth carnassial tooth. The Jian Chen arm wields, sees only silver-white rays of light to dodge to pass together, bites the snake head of Ming Dong to split two halves from the middle immediately, but the Ming Dong both legs had been bitten, the blood drippings, the toxin enters within the body, causes around his wound skin color one purple, and also in rapid expands toward all around.

Ming Dong puts out a white vial to come out from Space Belt immediately, pours some white powder to scatter from inside in the wound, muttered: I have the antidote in the Walaurent City preparation fortunately, this type of antidote is famous on Tian Yuan Continent, the solvable hundred toxins, the only shortcoming was the price is too high.” Jian Chen looked at the wound on Ming Dong leg, said: „Can you also continue to walk?” After the antidote smudges, Ming Dong stood to move under the both legs, said with a smile: Good wound is not deep, issue is not big, can continue to go forward.” Is more careful, we continue to go forward, this world does not know that big, that many people were transmitted one not to see unexpectedly.” Jian Chen said. And other!” Before Ming Dong arrives at poisonous snake that break body, offers a sacrifice to and launches a section of body, takes out Demon Core to come out from inside, says with a smile: This thing cannot on discarding such, the waste.” Jian Chen smiles helplessly, this poisonous snake has the 3-Step strength, now 3-Step Demon Core indeed cannot enter his discernment. Experienced this matter, they in following journey cautiously, even if so, but that hid in the ground provoking that was hard to detect still makes them suffer some hardships, some grounds seemed obviously are the soils of induction, when you stepped on, suddenly turned into the bog, or was just likes the wind-drift sand in desert is the same, drove the body of person to cave in toward below, Jian Chen ate several times to owe, was the degree past of being shocking but not dangerous. But in this piece of primitive mountain range, often also has Demonic Beast to appear and disappear, is some 3-Step 4-Step Demonic Beast, is almost some with the violently poisonous type. Jian Chen they in the forest walked the half day cautiously, Jian Chen suddenly anchors the footsteps, the ear slightly shivered, is catching the surrounding sound. After the moment, on the face of Jian Chen shows a smile, said: Walked the big half day, finally met a live person, this world may be really big enough, the several tens of thousands person was transmitted, so was unexpectedly long bumps into one.” Jian Chen, does here nearby have person?” The Ming Dong hear the meaning in Jian Chen words, has asked that also does not know that is happy or worries. Jian Chen nodded, said: Good, in front not far away, hearing the sound to walk probably in our directions.” How does not know his strength, if Earth Saint Master, we may trouble.” Ming Dong complexion became somewhat dignified. Jian Chen has patted the shoulder of Ming Dong, the [say / way] of not caring a whoop: Puts you, can achieve the Earth Saint Master person not to be many before 50 years old, possibly so to be how easy to meet, walks, we go to to have a look at front that person anyone, perhaps we can also harvest participating token.”