Chaotic Sword God - Volume 3 - Chapter 294

That person actually does not fear these toxic smokes, on him has certainly the disintoxicating wondrous medicines or is some evades the poisonous treasure.” You look at his distress, definitely suffered a loss in inside, the strength because of should not be strong.” This was easy to do, we called him to evade the poisonous thing to hand over, then we went in to have a look at, depending on the strengths of our these many people, greatly had certainly the harvest.” The people were discussing chaotically, facial expression was spirited, excited. Quick, that person's shadow flushed from toxic smoke, this person wears the white clothing, the clothes already somewhat tattered, but has some blood to flow out in the breakage place, is indistinct can see inside wound, his seems like not old, only then over 20 years old about, the right palm moistened completely the black liquid. This person Jian Chen! Runs out of by mountain range that the toxic smoke covers deeply, Jian Chen has attracted outside several that clear air, immediately long air vent, formerly he was murdered the god ant pursuing by a troop enough distressed, but well in successful ran away. The Jian Chen vision sweeps the front that more than 20 people at will, unflustered works on soil from the ground, wipes off the black liquor on right hand, then puts out a towel to come out from Space Ring, making an effort has scratched the right hand. That is Space Ring!” Jian Chen put out the towel technique to be discovered by opposite one group of people immediately, immediately some people called out in alarm said that in the sound has filled surprisedly. He really has Space Ring!” Opposite one group of people looked that immediately became to the Jian Chen look fiery, in revealed greedy look. Immediately, a middle-aged man was shouting to clear the way to Jian Chen: Boy, who you are, how to run from the toxic smoke?” The Jian Chen standing up body, the vision has swept from one group of people slowly, their ages almost about 30 to 40 years old, completely have Great Saint Master as well as the Great Saint Master peak strength. Your this saying asked may really be has blamed, I went from here, naturally must come out from inside.” Jian Chen face leisurely saying, binocular light harbors evil intentions stares at one group of people to look fiercely. That person of speech has not understood the meaning in Jian Chen vision , to continue to pursue asks: How you do not fear inside toxic smoke, you evade the toxin with any thing.” Jian Chen he he smiles: This did not facilitate to tell you.” hearing that, middle-aged man and behind person has looked at each other one mutually, immediately the hand wields, one group of people surround Jian Chen immediately all round in inside.

Boy, we do not want to injure your life, so long as you hand over Space Ring, simultaneously told me to evade the poisonous method, we let off you.” That middle-aged man who formerly spoke was shouting to clear the way to Jian Chen. Good, we are not person who slaughters innocents, looked that you are so young, it is estimated that has not sufficed exactly, to maintain a livelihood, on little darling hands over Space Ring, simultaneously told us you to evade the poisonous method.” A face skinny middle-aged man was saying to Jian Chen. Kid, you looks at this soft and fair skin, it is estimated that could not have any physical suffering, obedient does according to the words that we spoke, distortion that otherwise we hit your this long attractive cheek accidentally, later could not find the attractive miss not to depend above us.” What speech is a robust guy, the speech of jar sound jar air/Qi, looks like very honest, but speaks is also very humorous. Jian Chen smiling looks at people, said: It seems like you are not the unpardonably wicked people, my to make things difficult for you, you do not take participating token, I ensure cannot injure you.” Jian Chen these words make twenty God sentiments stare, immediately anger smile extremely, immediately some people open the mouth loudly to shout to clear the way: This boy is very rampant, everybody give him to select the color to have a look.” Makes Sir I come!” A guy volunteers, the stride goes out of the crowd, immediately is direct a fist to hit to Jian Chen. Looks that directly soars fist that comes, Jian Chen shaking the head of gently, optional uphold right hand fist tight grasping in hand, immediately the palm makes an effort, only hears a bone shatter sound, the fist of guy by the smashing that Jian Chen pinches. ah! lets go, lets go, let go quickly, loves dead Sir.” That guy exudes a pitiful yell sound, opens the mouth to beg for mercy hastily. So startled changes lets other people are one startled, immediately complexion of people became somewhat has enforced immediately. Was blind, has met a small talent unexpectedly, the brothers, move the fellow.” Immediately, twenty people put out own Saint's Weapon, has attacked toward Jian Chen. Jian Chen double refers to the merge, swift and fierce sword qi sends out from referring, enough one foot, is sending out the light bold light, immediately the personal appearance rocks, changes into a series of remnant shades on the scene to hover, said that sword qi waves rapidly. Time of merely one breath, Jian Chen revolves twenty people to transfer by extremely quick movement speed, when he stops, more than 20 people of clothes changed into rags to fall off from the body, suddenly, formerly also well-dressed one group of people on completely ** upper body, and body does not have a wound. Twenty people have been shocked completely, looks that on own that changed into the rags the clothing, the whole face is panic-stricken as well as unbelievable look. Everybody, puts out your participating token.” Jian Chen stands in not far away, smiling looks at face shocking people. You .... You .... You unexpectedly are Earth Saint Master.” Middle-aged man faces of some eyesight shocking looks at Jian Chen, with having the expression of several points of shivering was saying, a face cannot believe.

hearing that, other people have a big shock, dumbfounded is staring at Jian Chen, they are really unbelievable, at present this look like 20-year-old youth, unexpectedly is Earth Saint Master Rank powerhouse. Mother, was unlucky, a kid of soft and fair skin met casually, unexpectedly was Earth Saint Master, did not have the natural justice.” A guy talked the heaven to be unfair, immediately decisive loosened own Space Belt still in front of Jian Chen, said: Participating token in inside, I feared that you worried my own harbors, therefore your own takes.” Afterward, other people have hesitated the meeting, loosens own Space Belt, throwing of face meat pain to the Jian Chen under foot, dejected, listless appearances, with formerly compared to act like a different person. Afterward, Jian Chen took participating token in these Space Belt completely, altogether has more than 150 token. Jian Chen has not moved other goods in Space Belt, after searching for participating token, left here. In this piece of space is having the fight everywhere, finds at everywhere the corpse of some incomplete arm as well as participant. Jian Chen walks randomly all around, changes the beforehand low key, wantonly purchase participation token, but approached most late-stage of competition to limit now, after ten months of competition, token in people hand almost gathers in some powerhouse hands, otherwise is in some Great Saint Master hands in groups, the participating token in some participants and small stock team hands of some go it alones had been robbed completely. Two days, Jian Chen, although met many people, but harvests is not big, altogether collected more than 100 participating token, Space Belt of many people innumerable personally had been cleaned up before him, has only left behind some food and clothing. Jian Chen walks in the bleak land, the front first team altogether more than 200 people of tangled warfare appear in the Jian Chen line of sight, fight unusual is intense, many people had been hacked to death to pour by the chaotic blade in the pool of blood. The fight the time that continued to burn a joss stick gradually has ceased, altogether more than 20 people lived, each one bodies are wounded, the whole body was bathed in blood. More than 20 people are the same team obviously, has processed the injury on lower part of the body simply, the person who some can also move starts to clean up the battlefield, collection participation token. After participating token collects, the person who that several can also move has looked at each other eye mutually, then also gets rid, toward is seriously injured, the companion who could not fall to the ground brandishes a sword to strike off. Formerly also changed with several people of complexion that they fought shoulder to shoulder, unexpected, was chopped the strategic point. You .... How you can like this .... Was pierced a person face that the heart had not died immediately unbelievable is staring at several people, expression difficult saying. You received such heavy wound, how long could not live, we earlier deliver you to start off, relieves your pain.” Person of principle of righteousness ice saying however. You... You will receive the retribution.” Throws down these words, that person was bringing unwilling dying of whole face.

Then, several people that survives take away their participating token completely, cannot departure. In several people just walked few, wears youth of white clothing as if emerge out of thin air to come together before several people, happen to blocks several people of ways, this person Jian Chen. Several, your (Huan Zhen) really is cruel and merciless, for several token, links ally below that and own fights side-by-side unexpectedly killer.” Jian Chen vision tranquil looks at several people, expression light saying, not being able to listen to the mood to fluctuate. Who you are!” Sees Jian Chen that presents suddenly, several people of vigilant hearts promote the apex instantaneously, immediately offers a sacrifice to own Saint's Weapon, a face alert is staring at Jian Chen. Kills your people.” Jian Chen gets rid directly, two feet sword qi jumps to shoot from his fingertip together, afterward before the personal appearance dodges arrives at several people, right hand like lightning before several people of necks has delimited. Several people have the Great Saint Master strength spatially, but has not caught to be lacerated the throat including the Jian Chen form, is bringing a face panic-stricken falls to the ground slowly. Before Jian Chen arrives at several people of corpses, altogether has uncovered more than 200 participating token from they several people of Space Belt, compared favorably with his these days harvest. Suddenly the mutation breaks out, Jian Chen soil flutters in all directions, yellow sands the Jian Chen package, prevent his line of sight, the person's shadow whole body sends out brown Saint Force to run out from the place bottom together, along with the blade glow twinkle, a handle big sword strap rushing earth attribute Saint Force is chopping toward the head of Jian Chen. Jian Chen cold snort, closed both eyes to prevent the yellow sand to enter in the own eye, immediately Light Wind Sword appeared in the hand instantaneously, in the feeling following heart, Light Wind Sword changed into the silver-white lightning to puncture together like lightning toward one side. ding~ Broadsword that in the mask of everywhere yellow sand, Jian Chen Light Wind Sword with chopping accurate collides in together, exudes a clear biting whining noise.