Chaotic Sword God - Volume 3 - Chapter 295

Sees the attack of own to keep off unexpectedly, the person of sneak attack exudes one lightly well the sound, immediately in the hand the movement keeps, the broadsword started to brandish rapidly, a blade another blade struck off toward Jian Chen. Jian Chen Light Wind Sword changes into a sword shade, in the chopper of feeling as well as ear capture following heart cuts the sound fast thorn that from out of the blue the air produces, although he by the yellow sand mask of everywhere, being made the line of sight be affected, but this has not actually had the too tremendous influence to his battle efficiency. Suddenly, Jian Chen fights with the person of sneak attack several rounds, afterward when the opposite party old strength just went to Sony not to live, like lightning punctures a sword, pointed to the opposite party throat. speed of this sword was too quick, suddenly arrives at the person of sneak attack, that sharp sword jumps sharp shoots , but swift and fierce sword qi has not touched his body, has made his throat feel painful. The person of sneak attack has a big shock, his strength is not weak, when this life and death the moment, own Saint's Weapon takes back by quickest speed that own can achieve, the cross piece before the throat of own, simultaneously a foot kicks to Jian Chen. Light Wind Sword punctures finally on the broadsword of person of sneak attack, leaves behind one above the mark, simultaneously Jian Chen left hand turns into a fist, bringing rushing Saint Force to eject suddenly, bang in the person of sneak attack on foot that kicks. kã chã!” A resounding sound of bone transmits, the leg of person of sneak attack by the bone fracture that Jian Chen fights with the fists, immediately the person of sneak attack flies to draw back with the strength, spreads out with Jian Chen. But Jian Chen also taking the opportunity runs out of the region that yellow sand has filled, an eye swift and fierce is staring at the person of sneak attack, sees only the person of sneak attack is wears the middle-aged man of brown clothes, he is short, is growing a pair of tiger eye, leaves leeway one in a big way the thick beard, in the hand grasps one handle four feet to come the long broadsword, is higher than his entire body. Jian Chen vision swift and fierce is staring at the middle-aged man, said: When Earth Saint Master also has become only sneak attack of evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator under others back.” hearing that, short middle-aged man cold snort, said: Snort, is short is chatty there, survival of the fittest, so long as can obtain final victory that is the king, manages him to use any method.” The middle-aged man looked that became to the Jian Chen vision dignified, boy, could not see you to be young, the strength was very strong, such slightly achieved the Earth Saint Master strength.” many thanks praise.” Jian Chen gives a calm smile, said: Now you are hand over on own initiative participating token, makes me begin to snatch.” Extremely arrogant, wants my participating token, look at you to have this strength.” The diminutive middle-aged man sinking sound track, brandishes the broadsword to fight immediately in Jian Chen together, simultaneously earth attribute Saint Force congeals the armor sheathing that becomes on the diminutive middle-aged man, has provided a formidable protection capability to him. Jian Chen sword speed is quick, forms to inundate the Tian Jian shade to cover the middle-aged man, the sword shade is dense and numerous, overlapped, basic on is difficult to distinguish the genuine and fake. Under the attack of Jian Chen, the middle-aged man had only insisted two time of breath could not resist, a distressed unceasing backlash, but presented several blood holes as well as the sword cuts on him, the armor that if not for on him that matter is congealed completely by Saint Force has counter-balanced the majority of attacks, the injury that perhaps he receives was not limited to this.

Middle-aged man complexion with amazement, he has not thought Jian Chen not only young became Earth Saint Master, and strength so is formidable, by own and his same rank strength unexpectedly hit does not have the strength to hit back, the sword that especially he punctures, speed quick makes him somewhat have no time to respond, he who the dense and numerous overlapped sword shades look at is dazzled. The middle-aged man knows not to beat, no longer prolongs contact, retrocedes rapidly a distance, then drills into the ground to vanish does not see, escaped unexpectedly runs away. Jian Chen that that the middle-aged man displays looks is one, the vision stared at that ground that the middle-aged man was vanishing, in the Jian Chen eye has filled surprisedly, he first time saw that some people will escape run away. The law of escaping place however the middle-aged man uses does not have the shade invisible, every his place visited, the soil in ground blows up a packet, so long as some people of eyesight can very good identification. The Jian Chen corners of the mouth reappear to sneer, immediately the body rises with a spring, leaps 30 meters upper air, then has three meters huge sword qi to bring together fully to the Tian Jian glow by speed that if quickly the lightning manages blows up the packet to shoot unceasingly toward that. Puff!” Huge sword qi injects in the ground directly, sees only the blood column to shoot up to the sky together, the Dao of Sword Qi that Jian Chen sends out accurately has hit the middle-aged man. However the middle-aged man snort|hum does not have snort|hum one , to continue to run away toward the distant place by quicker speed, ate owing to make him also study clever, submerged the bottom to be deeper, was as for is also very difficult to detect his trail from the ground. Although Jian Chen is unable to achieve imperial spatial flight, but has been able to achieve short floating to empty, is only big to the consumption of Saint Force. He floats in 30 meters high upper air, the swift and fierce look takes a fast look around the direction that the middle-aged man is running away unceasingly, now the middle-aged man submerged the ground to be deeper, making Jian Chen be also hard to realize his trail. Partly after making a sound, the piece of weed of distant place rocked slightly, Jian Chen look moves, not slightly hesitant, the Light Wind Sword continuous thorn, projects dozens formidable and swift and fierce sword qi covers that region ten meters range. The ground was projected dozens bucket thick or thin great holes by sword qi, that smooth ground instantaneously becomes tattered and torn. Young bastard, you do not go too far.” Diminutive middle-aged man whole body is bathed in blood jumped from the place bottom, loudly looks angrily at Jian Chen to shout to clear the way. Jian Chen from the landing of airborne rapid, turns toward the middle-aged man to flush away without demur. The middle-aged man just sneak attacked him, if not for his strength is not weak, perhaps early has become under the blade of middle-aged man the ghost, where can also look like so jumps for joy now. And, middle-aged man has the Earth Saint Master strength, the manner is careful, after these ten months of collections, thinks that had many participating token, these Jian Chen need.

Mother, the young bastard, today's matter I have remembered, later I meet hundred times to present.” The diminutive middle-aged man was foul-mouthed, mouth curse day after day, does not dare to have immediately hesitates slightly, when Jian Chen pursued, plunged into the ground to vanish once more does not see. Where walks!” Jian Chen shouted angrily, compelled with great difficulty from the place bottom the middle-aged man, how he can so readily make him leave. Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen hand has waved fast, big piece of sword qi continuous shoots toward that ground that the middle-aged man vanishes, carries out the undifferentiated attack. The dust flies upwards, mist and dust everywhere, has the blood to emit from the place bottom unceasingly, although the middle-aged man has escaping place divine ability, but is unable to drill into the ground too deep place obviously, can only the epidermis motion in ground, cause to receive the heavy wound under Jian Chen this sword qi undifferentiated attack. The middle-aged man had been compelled from the place bottom by Jian Chen again, this Jian Chen does not give the opportunity that he least bit pants for breath, changed into the remnant shade to pursue together instantaneously, everywhere sword shade covered the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man must brace oneself the resistance, however he now is the body of severe wound, the motion slightly has the slowness, did not have formerly like that flexible, has blocked two swords merely, the third sword was pierced the shoulder by Jian Chen. The middle-aged man exudes one stuffily, the muscle of face started to twitch, but at this time, the Jian Chen fourth sword punctured once more. Middle-aged man complexion startles greatly, head one, Light Wind Sword almost scratches his neck to puncture, however to surpass speed that the middle-aged man nerve responded to sweep away following his neck immediately. Puff!” The blood column shoots up to the sky, the entire head of middle-aged man was truncated, blood incarnadine earth. Jian Chen has plundered Space Belt of middle-aged man, had found more than 400 participating token from inside, in addition Purple Gold Card, three 4-Step Demon Core as well as several hundred Purple Coin, the harvest is very rich, then floating departs. Jian Chen such as strolls is walking randomly on the plain generally, in receiving to be blowing participating token, but how harvests not to satisfy, since the matter of diminutive middle-aged man in the past, entire three days, Jian Chen also collected more than 50 participating token, although in this period has met many people, but their participating token early had been robbed by others, only left behind some most basic things to make them maintain the livelihood., Three days later, Jian Chen passed through the plain, arrives in prairies, green grass half person of high on prairie, the scenery of under foot is very difficult to see clearly. In the prairie, is hiding many all kinds of poisonous snakes, even some tiny poisonous snake lengths of body are also less than one meter, but the toxin is overbearing, only needs two double-hour to kill by poison Great Saint Master.

They as if are the inborn ambush, will ambush moves in the thick patch of grass motionless, will not make slightly the sound, with the aid of cover of luxuriant weed, making people very difficult to realize that their existences, in this period, the foot of Jian Chen had been nipped also several times by them, but will not hurt the essentials, the body will have Ten Thousand Poisons Immunity Physique Jian Chen not to fear these toxin. At this time, grating sound from out of the blue spread to the Jian Chen ear together, the eye of Jian Chen immediately became swift and fierce, immediately Light Wind Sword appeared in the hand punctures immediately toward the front. Clang!” Transmits vigorously, somewhat shakes the arm of Jian Chen to tingle with numbness, sees only one to have the adult arm thick or thin black crossbow arrow to come by the Light Wind Sword standard parry fully, the crossbow arrow is cast by the fine steel all over the body, and after special forging, is hard. Whiz whiz whiz!” Sound unceasing transmitting, arm thick or thin fine steel crossbow arrows shoot from out of the blue from the distant place taking advantage of concealing of green grass, the goal points to Jian Chen. Jian Chen Light Wind Sword waves fast, goes with the crossbow arrow standard parry that the judgment of sound will attack in abundance, but transmits the formidable strength that to shake Jian Chen entire right arm one to tingle with numbness from the crossbow arrow. After keeping off the crossbow arrow, Jian Chen rises with a spring from the lawn, the both feet steps on the grass point to make the potential of running in the midair, fast pursues in the direction that the crossbow arrow shoots. In this period, the thick crossbow arrow is direction of fire Jian Chen that kept, can hide regarding these crossbow arrow Jian Chen hides, cannot hide on the hard clang, got down, more than ten had kept off by Jian Chen with the crossbow arrow, but shot spatially had more than 20. Quick, Jian Chen arrives at crossbow arrow the place of launch, sees only three strong muscle crossbow car(riage)s to be hidden in the weed, five middle-aged men around crossbow car(riage) on busy busy, what is unceasing is the crossbow car(riage) supplement crossbow arrow. Such crossbow car(riage) Jian Chen has seen in Wake City, is a high-level strong muscle crossbow car(riage), the crossbow arrow might that projects is enormous, merely one crossbow arrow can pierce several first-order 2-Step Demonic Beast statures, can extinguishing easily kill 4-Step Demonic Beast, Great Saint Master is unable the frontage to shake the fine steel crossbow arrow that the strong muscle crossbow car(riage) projects hardly. But those who make Jian Chen not think, unexpectedly some people the strong muscle crossbow car(riage) that guarding the city used moving.