Chaotic Sword God - Volume 4 - Chapter 302

After exiting, the young girl did not have in the manhole again, but the Jian Chen also putting on clothes fast, complexion slightly blushed, awkward, with also some angry, has not thought that the young girl such did not understand the politeness, unexpectedly not making a sound has come, has not sent including a sound of footsteps, this restrained absolutely desirably. If not for young girl's response is big, Jian Chen (Huan Zhen) really suspected that the young girl also bore a grudge own once to peep her body, today is to peep. If the idea of Jian Chen were known by the yellow clothes young girl, perhaps she jumped into the river the thoughts of suicide to have. After wearing the clothes, Jian Chen went out of the cave, but a young girl of yellow clothes stands in cave mouth not far away, back to Jian Chen, but Jian Chen can still clear sees her to become the flesh color nape of the neck as well as two sides that red cheeks. own flushing body unexpectedly stark naked was seen by a girl, Jian Chen feels unavoidably a little awkward, but next quarter complexion became has actually enforced, shouted to clear the way to the young girl: Hello, how you such do not understand the politeness, unexpectedly not making a sound comes to peep I to take a bath.” Several years ago because Jian Chen peeped accidentally the body of young girl, but has suffered many hardships, today the young girl covertly, the entry cave in not making a sound peeped unexpectedly taking a bath of own, seizes the opportunity of standing up from failure with great difficulty, Jian Chen will certainly not miss. The young girls are an awkwardness of face, but listened to Jian Chen to say not making a sound comes in these words that peeped he to take a bath is, the red cheek had covered entirely the anger in an instant, could not attend to again bashfully is not shy, turned around to look angrily at Jian Chen suddenly, „, who peeped you to take a bath, who would have thought you eye saw.” Jian Chen is at a loss for words for a while, because at that time his eye got wet the reason that has been shutting, the form that has not seen the young girl, only heard her to send out a scream to rise, but Jian Chen so will be dishonest, immediately a complexion board, said: My two eyes both saw.” Bah, your this smelly hoodlum, you are very concerned about face, I must ask you, that obviously is my cave, I make you live already suffices the justice and humanity, you did not notify my this host family unexpectedly wash in inside, this was your was not right, there resentment I.” The young girls counter-attack immediately, to save the own face, does not make Jian Chen seize the own handle, she was ready for any sacrifice. This cave is the predecessor opens cutting obviously, when became your?” Wondering of Jian Chen whole face. This is a cave of without owner, I am first go, naturally is the master of this cave.” What the young girls said is righteous, star tooth glib she in bickering in this time, but strong point. Afterward Jian Chen is not convinced fought several with the young girl, quick had nothing to say in reply, the defeat, he knew in the heart that continued to fight own to with the young girl defeat without doubt, will talk about kills people his brow not to wrinkle, person who can strong his were not many, if bickered with the person, he immediately was not a match . Moreover the young girl mouthful was the quibble, talked into two actually, two talked into is three . Moreover the righteousness that said that rationally, as if had its matter, on Jian Chen of time on the bad mouth gave to eat stubbornly. You .... Your line.” The Jian Chen full belly sulks, want to make the young girl have a time clown by this, but has not thought that just now did not say two, he by young girl to suppression leeway that does not stand up from failure stubbornly.

I looked at your body, you also looked at my body, moreover I have also rescued your life, we have averaged, later did not owe mutually, says goodbye.” Throws down this saying, going far away that Jian Chen does not return. You, your hoodlum!” Heard Jian Chen saying that has looked at the body of own, the young girl was breathless immediately, in brain cannot help but when reappeared the first time to see the scene, a cheek of causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman was mad red, shames and gets angry, without a trace that just saw Jian Chen to admit defeat the happy mood of comes to vanish instantaneously. What was you have rescued my one, I have not rescued your one time, I helped you divert Treasure Mountain Seal, you already by Treasure Mountain Seal pounding muddy flesh.” The young girls are really unbearably angry, does not let up any opportunity to counter-attack. Such that hearing that, body of Jian Chen advance, situation (Huan Zhen) really such as the young girl said slightly, if not for she used Solunar Bow to divert Treasure Mountain Seal for own, being hard of own (Huan Zhen) really ran away from Treasure Mountain Seal, but he does not want to explain anything, continued to walk toward the distant place. But at this time, the young girl suddenly discovered that Jian Chen injury unexpectedly marvelously complete restored, seems is refreshed. The young girls look the startled color, really thinks that does not understand the Jian Chen that extremely heavy injury how possibly in this short double-hour restores such as beginning. Hello, rapidness that such smelly hoodlum, how your injury possibly restores.” The young girls asked in behind, in the expression was still having an anger, but a nimble and resourceful big eye was actually flashes, has filled curiously. I have better therapy wondrous medicines.” Jian Chen does not want to reply, but this will make the yellow clothes young girl guess the own secret unavoidably, to cancel doubts in her heart, only then carelessly compiles a reason. When speech, the Jian Chen form more walked is farther, soon will vanish in the line of sight of yellow clothes female. Looks at the Jian Chen back, on yellow clothes female face indecisive, finally clenches the teeths pursued, simultaneously yelled: Halts, the smelly hoodlum, where you must to go.” The yellow clothes female arrives at Jian Chen behind quickly, Jian Chen does not return to stand forth gradually, saying of unemotionally: You why with me.”

Bah, who draws with you.” Yellow clothes young girl beautiful eyes stares, said: You have killed Shi Family two Expert, Shi Family is will not let off absolutely your, but Shi Xiangran has barrier defense, the attack has Treasure Mountain Seal, you meet him definitely are not his match , helping one another in the one side without me, you meet Shi Xiangran to be difficult including the escape.” Is you are being afraid.” Jian Chen expression light saying. Young girl eyebrow one horizontal, this young lady fears anything, the smelly hoodlum, you little talked nonsense, believes this young lady to dismember a body you now.” If gets rid of that the bow, you radically are not my match, even if there is that a bow in the hand, you cannot hit me.” Jian Chen had as if forgotten formerly unhappiness, restored to the former appearance, saying of unemotionally, in the expression not to have the slight mood to fluctuate. You .... Young girl was mad heavily, the chest is fluctuating fiercely, may unable to find the words to say. Jian Chen can kill Shi Family two Earth Saint Master in the injured condition at the extremely short time, and also has the ample force and Shi Xiangran fights, this strength on were too more than her. Silent the meeting, the young girl was slowly quiet, has hesitated the moment, saying that finally the whole face does not prefer \; „The Shi Xiangran strength you also saw, he has the barrier protection, we could not injure him, but he can actually unscrupulous attacked us with Treasure Mountain Seal, if our independent person met him, definitely will suffer a loss, the situation was awful, even did not have including the opportunity of life, my Solunar Bow happen to can divert the Shi Xiangran footsteps, limited the Treasure Mountain Seal striking distance, but you can cope with the helper who Shi Xiangran might invite, this was we can cope with the Shi Xiangran means only.” The young girls cannot lag behind the face to bring to light words directly, must express the meaning with very ingenious language way, the meaning of collaboration is self-evident. Jian Chen has thought deeply about the meeting slightly, immediately has nodded assent the plan of young girl, the homicide Shi Family two Expert, Shi Family and Shi Xiangran definitely will not let off his, but Shi Xiangran has the strength of protection that barrier Saint Ruler leaves behind, the defense strength is very strong, Solunar Bow indestructibly, Jian Chen is unable to guarantee that own Purple Azure Sword Qi can break through Shi Xiangran barrier defense, if no means including Purple Azure Sword Qi, that Jian Chen again has not struck to kill the Shi Xiangran method. But Shi Xiangran can actually be unscrupulous, top barrier to control Treasure Mountain Seal to pursue own to pound, when the time comes, if no Solunar Bow in young girl hand to divert Treasure Mountain Seal, if own wants to get out of trouble from hunt of Treasure Mountain Seal, certainly must spend a time, even if can run away, that also wants all day facing chasing down of Shi Xiangran. Shi Xiangran is depends the treasure to make Jian Chen have no alternative completely, if gets rid of the treasure, Jian Chen will not place in it the eye. Had not been placed hiding here and there that the person in eye chases down to run by own everywhere, Jian Chen (Huan Zhen) really cannot throw this person, but collaborates with the young girl, is the sure card. Jian Chen and yellow clothes young girl they go hand in hand, they little spoke, even if the start to talk never chatted, the name of opposite party does not know that but in two people of hearts, still has diaphragm obviously.

In the journey, many participants see Jian Chen their age to be very small, and also has the young girl of posture of causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman, the color center sends greatly, on comes to make things difficult for Jian Chen they, not only in the middle of these people have Great Saint Master, occasionally also will present some Earth Saint Master Rank powerhouse, but they underestimated Jian Chen obviously they, most people are by Jian Chen sword to seal|confer Hou, the yellow clothes young girl who the speech especially coarse person angers, the yellow clothes young girl gets rid on own initiative, strikes to kill them completely, Earth Saint Master even by yellow clothes young girl back Solunar Bow of shooting but the exploding body perishes, the dying shape is pitiful. The yellow clothes young girl looks like young, but regarding killing people this incident obviously is not the first time, although was unable to achieve Jian Chen such driven and calm, but is also without turning a hair, gets rid decisively, very ruthless was heartless, making Jian Chen secretly admire in the heart, was born can achieve this point in the children of the nobility of respected family, was very indeed rare, and she was a daughter young lady of daughter body. Half a month time passes in an instant, Jian Chen and yellow clothes female they have not met Shi Xiangran, now they were far away from the initial that piece everywhere are sword-shaped mountain peak mountain range, arrived at uneven, the ground is covered in the mountain range of green grass. But these period of time, Jian Chen and yellow clothes female was still maintaining formerly indifference, little started talking, almost never chatted, what is worth mentioning is, in the time of half a month their harvest is very rich, has uncovered altogether more than 2000 participating token from several Earth Saint Master, but participating token that on Great Saint Master searched for actually was less than 50. Now to the final time of elimination series, from the competition had ended also only then one month of zero several days, after battle of these period of time, participating token almost completely centralized in the Great Saint Master hand, little has Great Saint Master also to retain has participating token. When Jian Chen and yellow clothes female climbs up a steep slope, a distant place fighting sound spreads to the Jian Chen ear, raises eyes to look, sees only a whole body just and two Earth Saint Master slaughters by the person who wind attribute Saint Force wraps, but also lies down in not far away a whole body is being the person of blood. The wind attribute Saint Force Earth Saint Master strength is greatly strengthened, by a person of strength retreating in defeat again and again that two Earth Saint Master hit, everyone has covered entirely the wound, whole body clothing incarnadine, has become two blood people, but wind attribute Saint Force Earth Saint Master is actually sends without the wound. The Jian Chen vision unknowingly casts aside that to lie down in the person who the ground as if died, that big tall and strong build makes him have a familiar feeling immediately, immediately carefully looks that this looked makes his eye pupil shrink suddenly, focused projects two swift and fierce vision, both eyes has filled the blood thread with amazement instantaneously.