Chaotic Sword God - Volume 4 - Chapter 328
Looks at Tianqin Clan Supreme Elder that shocking appearance, Ming Dong cheerful smiles, said: „The Supreme Elder good eye, suddenly has really seen through my strength, but, you have no need such rude.” Before participating in Mercenary martial arts contest meeting, has Supreme Elder of Heaven Saint Master strength also to Ming Dong psychologically to result in a huge pressure, but now, Ming Dong was more relaxed facing Tianqin Clan Supreme Elder, has not felt the tiny bit pressure, because of his present range Heaven Saint Master, only has the one pace, if not observe the request of Uncle Tian, Ming Dong momentarily can break through to the Heaven Saint Master boundary. Tianqin Clan Supreme Elder dumbfounded is staring at black clothed Ming Dong, tranquil such as the shape of water in an instant became the mighty waves turbulent, but in his pair of old eyes has covered entirely unbelievable and inconceivable look. Short one year does not see, the Ming Dong strength surmounted from Great Saint Master to the Earth Saint Master peak, this surmounted several boundaries, this is radically the unlikely matter, moreover the most important point is the Ming Dong age, from the Ming Dong look, his age is also similar to Qin Xiao, is the 27~28 years old appearance, even if there are difference also absolutely not over 30 years old, 30 years old on reaching the Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master peak, distance Heaven Saint Master only will have the one pace, this was unable to call the talent, but will be the millenniums the unrivalled rare talent who will be difficult to meet, talent extraordinary sufficiently by common people. Is all startled. This is how possible, one year ago you obviously only then Great Saint Master strength, how one year later you achieved Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master,... Before you, hid the strength?” Supreme Elder is hard maintains tranquility in heart, the expression somewhat shivers, the whole face is inconceivable look. Looks at Supreme Elder that shock cannot look, in the Ming Dong heart the Cola happy the day, before he in mixing an unimportant person in Mercenary floor, Heaven Saint Master such powerhouse is one keeps aloof in his eyes, forever is unable fearful existence of rock climbing, not to think, since following Jian Chen arrives at Mercenary City, his destiny had the huge transformation, short one year of strength, before he has achieved, wants unable to think highly, and can also like this frighten Heaven Saint Master top powerhouse becomes this touches the type, not to mention in his heart had was many happy.. He He, Supreme Elder, with such does not make much ado about nothing, is only in this year my some fortuitous encounters, rapidness that such therefore my strength can promote.” Ming Dong saying with a laugh. Tianqin Clan space elder gradual tranquil, for all this, but he looked that has still been full of the shock to the Ming Dong vision, bountiful with his mentality, as if somewhat is also hard to accept this fact. Achieved the Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master strength less than 30 years old, if this matter spread, perhaps entire Tian Yuan Continent wanted the earthquake. This has really shocked everybody, has such extraordinary talent, perhaps can perhaps within ten years, succeed to attack the Heaven Saint Master boundary within five years absolutely, but in the age of nowadays Saint Ruler recluse, Heaven Saint Master on Tian Yuan Continent is top powerhouse. Oh, was old, was old, wants initially, I also to achieve Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master in the 70-year-old age, has not thought that you reached such altitude in 30 years old unexpectedly, if you can grow smoothly, in the future always one day can aspire to seize Saint Ruler this to the high boundary.” A Supreme Elder face sigh. Was so praised by Heaven Saint Master, on the Ming Dong face also flows out self-satisfied look, this simply is fish dive Dragon Gate, but is the dragon. The Supreme Elder vision looks to Qin Xiao, said: Xiao'er, you are in Tianqin Clan in recent centuries the most outstanding person, you can successfully complete your father to give your duty, I am also pleased.” Facing Supreme Elder, Qin Xiao may not have Ming Dong to be so natural, timid saying: Supreme Elder, after waiting, I prepare to attack the Earth Saint Master boundary, I have confidence to succeed.” Supreme Elder gratified smiling, said: This matter is not anxious, you now are young, first stable well, when you have 100% can succeed are attacking Earth Saint Master not to be late, after all Earth Saint Master is life the ridge of first life and death, cannot have the least bit mistake, otherwise, your this life ended.” Was right, how not to have seen Tian Zhou, how Tian Zhou this child has not come out.” Supreme Elder asked suddenly. hearing that, Jian Chen and Qin Xiao they all stare, silent speechless, although Jian Chen and Tian Zhou had some not to be quick, but he has not actually killed Tian Zhou, but this actually cannot guarantee Tian Zhou that been injured can be killed by others. Qin Jue also refrains from speaking the head to eat the thing, as if has not heard the words that Supreme Elder spoke, does not lift.

Oh, the Tian Zhou this child's talent is also good, hopes that he is also living.” Supreme Elder also knows to elimination series situation obviously, has not inquired Qin Xiao several people. After the food, Jian Chen several people returned to the room in abundance, that three people that because Tian Zhou and he brings have not come back, therefore also remaining four spatial rooms, but Yun Zheng and An Dafu they happen to lived. Returns to the room, Jian Chen called Ming Dong, they started to study diligently «Heaven's Stolen Fortune» together, although the elimination series ended, but then also had the one-to-one ratio to fight, was adding on him to strike to kill Jiede Wukang and Shi Xiangran they, their behind will influence definitely not let off his, therefore Jian Chen also needs to promote the own strength now as soon as possible, at present, can promote his strength rapidly also only had this Heaven Tier battle skill. In Mercenary City Tianzihao room in an inn, the Jiede Wukang corpse was placed in the ground, but by him, standing of two hair gray old man whole face gloomy there, in the eye explode project intense killing intent. Another side, picks up two middle-aged man gingerly kneeling of Jiede Wukang corpse there, body unceasing shivering. Wukang was killed by whom.” Saying of old man whole face gloomy, complexion ugly. Is long... Elders, military... Wukang Young Master is the quilt .... By one person who called Jian Chen killed.” Saying that a middle-aged man expression shivers. That Young Master belt in Breaking Clouds Sword?” Another old man shouted to clear the way immediately, vision became scary. Two middle-aged man complexion became pale, does not dare to start talking. Said!” Inquired that the Breaking Clouds Sword old man flies into a rage, vision swift and fierce is staring at them. Should... Should be taken away by Jian Chen.” A middle-aged man whole body shiver said. The voice just fell, an old man pats on a numerous palm on the table, the whole piece table changes into the powder immediately, gets angry: Waste, your waste, keeps you to have what using!” Saying, the old man was stretching out the palm to want toward their heads to pat. Sees that another old man complexion slightly changes, immediately has blocked it, said: Three elders, you, where do not forget this calmly are, cannot begin here.” hearing that, is called old man face gloomy of three elders has put down the palm, the sinking sound track: You, go to inquire that to me immediately Jian Chen whereabouts, must find the Jian Chen whereabouts in the shortest time, Ruler Armament we must recover.” Yes, yes, three elders, our inquired the Jian Chen trail.” Two such as Meng Dahe, ran away also left here. Meanwhile, in another luxurious inn, three old man and a middle-aged man anxiously is also waiting. For a long time passed, how Young Master has not come back, can have any accident.” That middle-aged man anxious seat in room back and forth unique, the facial expression has the anxiety of not being able to say.

Three wear the old man of ash-gray clothing, although has not spoken, but among complexion also reveals worried look, one of them opens the mouth saying: In wait / etc. looked that the fourth child exited to meet Young Master, believes that quick will come back.” Venerable Cai, you said that Shi Xiangran Young Master can have any accident, otherwise so to be how long has not come.” Asking that the middle-aged man cannot bear. hearing that, three old men also became somewhat uneasy, a humanity: „It is not anxious, waits to look.” ...... In an instant, three days on the past, three days later, a letter has simultaneously delivered to Jian Chen and Ming Dong as well as in the An Dafu three people of hands, three people successful had the opportunity of being promoted, but in the Mercenary City center square, has pasted a big announcement, above dense and numerous has written all over 500 individual names, 500 people that successfully is promoted, behind also marks to have collection the quantity of participating token. But An Dafu and Yun Zheng that entire beyond the heavens leaves they first bought a rank position photocopying paper to give Jian Chen in the store. When Jian Chen sees the above rank, a brow slightly wrinkle, because obtains 1873 participating token him only to arrange at 14 th unexpectedly, but placed first is person who called Karaga, the name was very strange, but participating token that obtained had 3072, left more than 1000 compared with Jian Chen fully. Second is one person who called Zarr, collection participating token had more than 2700, similarly was a strange name. Obtains the third person name to call Gaddafi, collection participating token to have more than 2500. Fourth similarly is a strange name, the name only then a character, called certainly, participating token had more than 2300. The fifth talent presented a familiar name finally, unexpectedly is Qin Ji, participating token more than 2100 of collection. Sixth is Dugu Feng, 2030. Seventh is Tian Mu Ling, 1965. Eighth is Huang Luan, 1964. Ninth is similarly is a strange name, called Bailitong, 1952. The tenth name was called Zhuge Xiaoxuan, 1931. The behind also three strange names, to 14, present the Jian Chen name continuously, but Jian Chen below, feeling relaxed is Ming Dong, An Dafu they, their participating token have achieved over 1500.

Arranges at the quantity of following person participation token collection also in the unceasing reduction, participating token of last collection actually has more than 300. When Jian Chen sees the character name that ranks, is one is speechless for a very long time, he thought in the elimination series only then five Great Expert strengths are strongest, has not thought deep that such in also some these many people hide unexpectedly, knows now surfaces, but the person who is listed first, collected more than 3000 unexpectedly, this digit including Jian Chen felt that a heart is startled. Does not know that their strengths are actually what kind.” Jian Chen muttered, although he arranged at 14 th, but this rank cannot prove the strength the height. Jian Chen, this person who called Karaga who was, how not to have heard his name, he can obtain first, it seems like his strength was very strong.” An Dafu frowns to ask. Jian Chen shook the head, said: I do not know, it seems like before , we were sit the well view day, Tian Yuan Continent big how, not the deficient talent extraordinary person, participated in Mercenary martial arts contest meeting Expert and incessantly that several in surface, but depending on this, was unable to determine the strength the height.” Um, said also right, three days later entered has played in the finals, when the time comes can also have a look to place first several person strengths to be what kind, but I can affirm, in the rumor that three were powerful, and had the bright attribute Saint Force person certainly in first ten.” Saying that An Dafu vows solemnly. They also at will chatted meeting, An Dafu left here, left behind Jian Chen one person still to study diligently Heaven Tier battle skill «Heaven's Stolen Fortune» in the room, Heaven Tier battle skill is broad and profound, each type very mysterious, bountiful by the Jian Chen ability, so far also just crossed the threshold, but grasped the most basic small part, can increase to three times own strength reluctantly, but actually cannot very good control, therefore, these period of time his time has not gone out, must as soon as possible completely grasped crossing the threshold of «Heaven's Stolen Fortune», and skilled utilization. «Heaven's Stolen Fortune» altogether is divided into 8-layer, first also crosses the threshold, after crossing the threshold, can own strength promotion to three times, second be able own strength promotion to four times, 3-layer to be able own strength promotion to five times, by this to push the kind, when achieves «Heaven's Stolen Fortune» 8-layer, can own strength promotion to ten times. Although Heaven's Stolen Fortune battle strength increases somewhat fearfully, however its consumption is also very huge, the strength can promote many times, then to the consumption of Saint Force is also the similar multiple, although can let the battle efficiency large scale promotion of person in a short time, but the consumption of that terror is doomed unable to battle lastingly. A Jian Chen person calm studies diligently Heaven Tier battle skill in room, but Ming Dong is also similarly so, has Qin Xiao their several people all day long everywhere the amusement, as for Tianqin Clan Supreme Elder, all day hard to get hold can barely catch a glimpse. Today, two wear the old man of white long gown in leadership next face gloomy of two middle-aged man arrived at Jian Chen the inn, then before being direct on three buildings arrived at the Jian Chen room, a foot gratefully kicks on the door, kicks out of the way the door directly. Sat cross-legged to sit on the bed studies diligently Heaven Tier battle skill Jian Chen to open the eye slowly, vision tranquil was staring at the complexion gloomy two old men, he early expects some people to walk. Two old man vision swift and fierce is staring at Jian Chen, one of them shouted to clear the way lowly: „Are you Jian Chen?” Jian Chen does not have the least bit scared look, said: Good, I am Jian Chen, does not know how two venerables said.” We are the Jiede Clan people, you can call me for three elders, this is four elders!” Saying that an old man unemotionally.