Chaotic Sword God - Volume 4 - Chapter 361
Chapter 361 Causes heavy losses to Heaven Saint MasterJian Chen, since you must extinguish my Moyun clan, that do not blame me being cruel and merciless, for Moyun clan, I must kill you today. ” The Moyun clan Old Ancestor sinking sound shouted to clear the way, at once earth yellow in hand' color' great sword belt the fluctuation of energy of rushing is sending out together formidable sword qi, the distant place was pouring in ground Jian Chen like lightning' shooting' goes. Although Jian Chen received very heavy injury, but the battle efficiency is still very powerful, he from the ground ball' shooting', has avoided Moyun clan Old Ancestor' shooting' that arrives at sword qi immediately. Bang!” Moyun clan Old Ancestor' shooting' that arrives at sword qi seems a high explosion' medicine', bombardment maliciously in the position that Jian Chen formerly lay down, with a fierce bellow, sees only the soil to flutter, the powder dust of weed scatters in airborne, blocks the sky, has covered the line of sight completely. In everywhere mist and dust, the body of Jian Chen such as a shell' shooting' goes toward Moyun clan Old Ancestor, on Light Wind Sword is sending out intense sword qi, light Purple Azure Sword Qi wraps outside, very conspicuous. God who in Moyun clan Old Ancestor eye' dew' disdaining' color': Really is a praying mantis life, but, you eventually are Earth Saint Master, radically possibly is not my match, the revolt is the futile effort.” Then, in the Old Ancestor hand of Moyun clan the great sword brandishes, was intense sword qi has been separated from restraint of great sword, like lightning' shooting' went toward Jian Chen by speed. Jian Chen white teeth bites tightly, keeps silent, in the eye that swift and fierce rays of light like the sword sharpness, Illusionary Flash displays immediately, in leaves behind together the remnant shade same place, danger and danger avoids Moyun clan Old Ancestor' shooting' sword qi, before seizing the chance to arrive at his body, Light Wind Sword punctures like lightning. The Moyun clan Old Ancestor surface' dew' sneers, in the hand the great sword sends out dazzling earth yellow again' color' rays of light, energy undulatory motion that rushes formidable'' in space, made the great sword surrounding space start to twist unexpectedly, at the same time, a pressure arrived once more on Jian Chen, making the body of Jian Chen instantaneously the serious ten thousand jin (0.5 kg), the chest seemed pressing a big stone, panted for breath difficultly. Moyun clan Old Ancestor, displays high-level Earth Tier battle skill unexpectedly once again. Displays Earth Tier high-level battle skill to moisten simply at fingertips by his Heaven Saint Master strength, does not need to make any preparation, can display instantaneously.

But actually strongly actually I must have a look at your life.” Moyun clan Old Ancestor vision cloudy and cold, intense killing intent not covers up, at once sees only earth yellow' color' rays of light dodges to pass, the great sword in his hand then to as quick as a flash speed puncture toward Jian Chen. But now, Jian Chen Light Wind Sword is away from Moyun clan Old Ancestor body also one meter many distances, at this moment his body receives the battle skill pressure restraint, takes a step difficultly, every time goes forward one step to consume the greatest strength, in the attack of Moyun clan Old Ancestor falls when his body, his sword is absolutely impossible to stab the Moyun clan Old Ancestor body. On the face of Jian Chen' dew' a strange smiling face, grasped Light Wind Sword in his hands to be separated from restraint of palm suddenly immediately unexpectedly, as if the incarnation was full of spirit' nature' the immortal sword, from the hand of Jian Chen in departs in the situation that nobody controlled unexpectedly, like lightning punctured toward the heart of Moyun clan Old Ancestor by quick inconceivable speed. Puff!” The sudden change makes Moyun clan Old Ancestor virtually impossible to guard against, Light Wind Sword puts from his heart, bringing a blood sword to break through from the back. When Light Wind Sword penetrates the heart of Moyun clan Old Ancestor, the great sword in his hand also has the fluctuation of energy of rushing to put from the chest of Jian Chen, has passed through the chest of Jian Chen, rushing energy of that implication in great sword is similar to the turbulent ocean waves erupts in Jian Chen within the body, shakes the smashing the five main internal organs (entrails) of Jian Chen within the body, finally changes into intense energy fallout in Jian Chen within the body crazy wreaking havoc. The Jian Chen yawn spouts one group of blood fog, face' color' becomes pale incomparable, torrentially quickly flows out the blood that' wool' to send he cherishes small tiger that snow white from the chest gives red. Purple Azure Sword Spirits in Jian Chen Dantian trembles slightly, immediately an invisible suction transmits, the wild energy that these also in Jian Chen within the body wreaks havoc was inhaled in Purple Azure Sword Spirits immediately, preventing them to further destroy the motion of Jian Chen chest. But Moyun clan Old Ancestor does not feel better, his heart was crushed by Light Wind Sword, when Light Wind Sword passes through his body, similarly left behind extremely pure sword qi to do' chaotically in his within the body'. Although he is Heaven Saint Master, but the five main internal organs (entrails) actually also wants to be frailer than Jian Chen, although Light Wind Sword keeps his within the body the Dao of Sword Qi to be inferior that he keeps the Jian Chen within the body energy to be formidable, but still immediately looking awful of his five main internal organs (entrails) destruction, making him experience personally the heavy losses. The Old Ancestor corners of the mouth of Moyun clan flow a blood, his vision cloudy and cold looks at Jian Chen, the sinking sound track: Obtains Mercenary martial arts contest meeting first Mercenary King worthily, really some real skills, I have looked down on actually, me' compelling' to the so distressed situation, dies unexpectedly, you also good enough to make one feel proud.” Then, Moyun clan Old Ancestor tight gripping' inserting' enters the great sword of Jian Chen chest, when he wants to speak the chest of Jian Chen cutting two halves, a grating sound from out of the blue transmits from behind, lets the Old Ancestor face of Moyun clan' color' suddenly big change. Puff!”

The throat of Moyun clan Old Ancestor bursts immediately, a blood sword spurts' shooting from the throat place', then penetrated the past Light Wind Sword sudden old route to return from his heart spot, in situation that in Moyun clan Old Ancestor did not guard against, has passed through his throat from the rear area. The Moyun clan Old Ancestor surface' dew' with amazement, could not attend to striking to kill Jian Chen again, immediately draws out' inserting' to enter the great sword of Jian Chen chest, has flown the upper air rapidly. Whiz!” The under foot sound transmits from out of the blue once more, sees only the Light Wind Sword as if incarnation becomes is full of spirit' nature' the immortal sword, from under flew in the situation that nobody controlled unexpectedly, pursued Moyun clan Old Ancestor, speed was quick. Light Wind Sword dodges to pass in the under foot of Moyun clan Old Ancestor, the blood incarnadine expansive sky, Moyun clan Old Ancestor both legs were cut immediately, from airborne falls under. Moyun clan Old Ancestor sent out a pitiful yell, the body has flown suddenly 500 meters upper air, changed into under a small sunspot gaze, an eye filled alarmed and afraid looks that under upright alone in Light Wind Sword that in the sky danced in the air, the whole face was inconceivable god' color'. Looks has flown Moyun clan Old Ancestor of 500 meters upper air, in the heart of Jian Chen is also one secret panic-stricken, the Heaven Saint Master vitality so is unexpectedly formidable, his Light Wind Sword has crushed the heart of Moyun clan Old Ancestor first, then passes through his throat, like this he can also not die unexpectedly, this makes Jian Chen feel unbelievable, Heaven Saint Master is not only powerful, but also the vitality also so is tenacious. What a pity his With Soul Imperial Sword can only control Light Wind Sword to shuttle back and forth in 200 meters range, now Moyun clan Old Ancestor flew 500 meters upper air, Jian Chen also took him not to have the means that such distance, his With Soul Imperial Sword could not achieve, once because has overstepped 200 meters range, his control effort to Light Wind Sword getting smaller, if exceeded own 300 meters, he will lose the control to Light Wind Sword. Light Wind Sword changed into a white light to fly back to the hand of Jian Chen, although Jian Chen face' color' pale, experienced personally the heavy losses, but he is still not willing to let off Moyun clan Old Ancestor easily, Purple Azure Sword Qi sent out from Light Wind Sword, brandished along with the long sword, ten several Purple Azure Sword Qi by Jian Chen' shooting' to upper air. Moyun clan Old Ancestor high suspended in airborne, face' color' fearfulness of gloomy, but his at this moment' touching' type seems like the unusual terror, the chest heart spot presented a transparent hole of fist size, even can see his behind picture from this hole, but presented a relatively small hole in the neck place similarly, the throat burst, covered with blood, struck the eye the heart startled, the bonus was so, but he had still not died. Looks Purple Azure Sword Qi that under' shooting' comes, Moyun clan Old Ancestor moves the own personal appearance hastily, shunts the attack of Purple Azure Sword Qi, then both eyes are full of the hatred looked at Jian Chen one, flew away rapidly. Now on him two injuries are both serious, although will not want his life in a short time, but must treat as soon as possible, if continues to remain, by some virtually impossible to guard against strange abilities that Jian Chen displays, could not say that his today's (Huan Zhen) really wants falls here.

Does not have any means to prevent regarding Moyun clan Old Ancestor departure Jian Chen, can only stand, in the ground looks helplessly he disappears from the own eye. After Moyun clan Old Ancestor walks, Jian Chen also greatly relaxed, after today's fight, he regarding Heaven Saint Master Rank powerhouse also some certain understanding, if not depend With Soul Imperial Sword that virtually impossible to guard against ability, perhaps his (Huan Zhen) really is unable to cause heavy losses to Heaven Saint Master such powerhouse. Such powerhouse, Purple Azure Sword Qi is small to the threat that they pose, no longer like Earth Saint Master, any was hit their Saint's Weapon that by Purple Azure Sword Qi, can cause the huge damage to them. It seems like, if wants the means to make Purple Azure Sword Spirits restore as far as possible, only then makes Purple Azure Sword Spirits restore some strengths, Purple Azure Sword Qi that I can stay for temporary lodging is more formidable.” Jian Chen face' color' pale, whole body exhausted sitting on the ground, now Heaven Saint Master such powerhouse of Purple Azure Sword Spirits to the threat that poses was not big, he must find the way to make Purple Azure Sword Spirits restore the own strength. Because, occupies Purple Azure Sword Spirits in his Dantian is very still weak now, understrength heyday extremely one. Small white tiger in bosom lies in Jian Chen chest front stretches out the tongue with great interest' licking' Jian Chen blood, appearance that desiring strongly. Jian Chen has rested the moment, then hugged to place in muddy land small white tiger from the chest of own, then sat cross-legged to sit, prepared is own therapy with Radiant Saint Force. Hum hum .... Hum .... Left the chest of Jian Chen, small white tiger was not immediately happy, in mouth unceasing exudes hum the sound, short four limbs strenuous crept along the ground, spends the tremendous strength to climb up the Jian Chen both legs finally, before a pair , the person of claw by the body of Jian Chen stood, hunger and thirst' licking' Jian Chen blood' fluid'. Looks at small white tiger this' touching' type, Jian Chen does not know whether to laugh or cry, is suppressing ache, will moisten the clothes of full blood to take off to throw on the ground, then gently hugs the small tiger to place to moisten near the clothes of full blood. Then, small white tiger was not depending on Jian Chen finally, hugs that group was moistening the clothes of full blood strenuous to nip, as if very liked the flavor of blood.