Chaotic Sword God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4412
After the moment, Black Crow stopped displaying the own natural talent ability, he has opened the eye slowly, looked to the Jian Chen vision, brought to wipe the color of hesitation, said: Master, your position, I can only induce to a general position, and I induce the position of master sometimes, sometimes spirit sometimes does not work, as if my natural talent ability came under an influence of mysterious strength, the feelings of seeing indistinctly, are not relaxed like other people.” Perhaps, this is also because the strength of master enhanced the reason, I can induce fuzzily. My natural talent ability , is not actually effective to all people, once meets the strength to surpass I too many people, perhaps my natural talent ability, cannot have any effect.” Black Crow, does that have any means that can avoid your natural talent abilities.” Jian Chen asked that now, he basically had determined that following pursued own mysterious expert, perhaps Huan Zhen (really) was Black Crow same clan, had with the Black Crow similar ability. Black Crow induces the own position to be very fuzzy, that is inevitably related with his strength, then the surface pursuit comes, is top expert, by boundary that he like that reaches the pinnacle, to induce to the own position, naturally is easy. Black Crow frowns to think deeply about the moment, then shook the head, expressed that does not know. In the Jian Chen eye reveals wipes the disappointed color, he has taken back in Black Crow the temple again, although Black Crow now similarly is Beginning Realm expert, may in the face of such aspect, similarly any function. Jian Chen, that mysterious expert is away from us, was getting more and more near, once we enter the range that his Spiritual Consciousness has covered, had been locked our accurate position by his Spiritual Consciousness, we shortly will be overtaken by him.” The Kai Ya sound conveys, among expressions, brings to wipe to worry. Now, their positions are away from Sea Mountain Old Man, goes far beyond common Highest Beginning Realm expert Spiritual Consciousness to cover beyond the range, therefore, Sea Mountain Old Man that covers Big Province terror Spiritual Consciousness sufficiently, was unable to find the Jian Chen accurate position, only has keeping induces through the natural talent ability. But if the distance of both sides pulls closer once more, making Sea Mountain Old Man Spiritual Consciousness lock, then by Sea Mountain Old Man Highest Beginning Realm cultivation level, needed the moment merely, can surmount a Big Province distance, intercepted Jian Chen and Kai Ya two people. Has a plan for the present, only then leaves this contact surface, enters the space crack.” Jian Chen cold voice said that in the vision reveals color decidedly. At once, he left the small void spaceship, appears in void, grasps Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, in dazzling and radiant sword light, was separated together the zhang (3.33 m) allow Chang crack by him void. Walks!” Jian Chen shouted in a low voice, receives Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, has drilled into the crack with Kai Ya together. In the void crack, everywhere is the fearful energy turbulent flow as well as the time vortex, unusual danger, even if Beginning Realm expert steps into, has the danger of falls/dies.

Enters in the void crack, Jian Chen also became discrete, in this place, even if were he has stepped into Chaos Body 14-layer, battle strength may compare favorably with Everlasting Beginning Realm 6-layer, similarly does not dare to act unreasonably. Hopes that here can throw off him.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, puts out Huan Zhen Tower at once, enters in Huan Zhen Tower with Kai Ya together, with the indestructiblity of Huan Zhen Tower, full speed advance in void crack. In void crack such perhaps, also only likes Huan Zhen Tower so formidable top Divine Item certainly, just now can ride roughshod truly. In Jian Chen and Kai Ya two people enter shortly after the void crack, in the vast starry sky, Sea Mountain Old Man then appears in the position that Jian Chen and Kai Ya vanish. He closed one's eyes induces the moment silently, among expression has revealed wipes amazed, muttered: Vanished unexpectedly, does not induce his position, it seems like, he was really realized that the pursuit of old man, transformation position that this kept. How does he know the old man to pursue him in behind?” On the face of Sea Mountain Old Man, gradual revealing wipes the cloudy and cold smiling face: „No matter how he realized that the old man pursues in behind, he impossible to run away from the old man hand.” Along with the voice, the Sea Mountain Old Man vision immediately becomes profound incomparable, sees only in his eyes, has Principle to interweave, has Great Principles to transform, became wrapped in a shroud of obscurity. His vision, resembled penetrated time Highest Origin, look through the past and in the future, has understood clearly in the world to high mysterious, many secrets of as if entire world, clear exposing in his eyes. Sea Mountain Old Man is Highest Beginning Realm expert, has sensed an extremely profound boundary to Principle, although could not have compared by far like Supreme that Heavenly Law has, but also extremely formidable, has all sorts of inconceivable abilities, the method is exceedingly high. Quick, the Sea Mountain Old Man vision restores as usual, when he resembled had found Jian Chen and Kai Ya left the position, on the face is bringing sneering, similarly the separate was void, enters in the space crack. In the void crack, Sea Mountain Old Man can still induce to the Jian Chen position, because here rule is chaotic, the environment is extremely bad, has had not the small influence to his induction ability, when induces each time, the time of consumes grow into compared with outside. In the front, Jian Chen and Kai Ya in Huan Zhen Tower, control Huan Zhen Tower by the quickest speed advance, keeps transforming the position. speed of that person, definitely is inferior to Azure Peng King, hopes that here can throw off him.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought, however is quick, in his heart sense of crisis regeneration.

This makes in his heart sink, understands that own stared again. At once, he controls Huan Zhen Tower immediately, flushes away toward the most dangerous place, directly soars these time eddy currents. When he also clear remembering, previous time faced with the pursuit of Azure Peng King, got rid of the pursuit of Azure Peng King with such means. Immediately, Huan Zhen Tower changes into together golden rays of light, puts on toward the time vortex in one after another. Although the Jian Chen idea is good, but rear Sea Mountain Old Man after is not Azure Peng King, when Sea Mountain Old Man pursues in behind, whenever meets the time vortex, is choice clever avoidances, not like Azure Peng King unscrupulous to rushes horizontally. By his Highest Beginning Realm cultivation level, if avoids desirably, these flood the time vortex in void crack, how his in the slightest. Even if cannot avoid, Sea Mountain Old Man also chooses to detour the line. By his speed, even if detours the line, how long cannot delay, makes him overtake the Jian Chen time to be slightly longer at most. Compared with Azure Peng King, Sea Mountain Old Man appears discrete. Therefore, the means that Jian Chen adopts, have not made the too big progress, distance between he and Sea Mountain Old Man, still in pulling closer bit by bit, got down according to such trend, was overtaken is also only the time issue. Meanwhile, of on Magnificent Province Saint Realm 49 Big Province, stands erect in the imposing manner broad palace deep place of Magnificent Province central region, is having person's shadow together to sit cross-legged to sit in void. Around his body, there are inexhaustible Great Principles light to submerge him, making his form fuzzy and dim, does not look clearly.

May in this person, be faint to make the world for terrifying imposing manner sending out that it trembles, he is sits cross-legged to sit in void merely, a as if entire world, the entire world, was suppressed in his feeling. As if, he is the supreme world control! As if, he is in society only god Di! At this time, he has opened the eye slowly, has revealed pair of indifferent heartless pupil light, careless looked to the front. Sees only before him, in void that the space sudden distortion, was empty, suddenly the painting a mirror, in the mirror presented that Sea Mountain Old Man and Jian Chen at the scene that in the void crack pursues. The front keeps transforming the position Huan Zhen Tower, Sea Mountain Old Man that in the rear area pursues, clear appearance in picture. But this indifferent pupil light, then fell on Huan Zhen Tower, his vision, resembled to penetrate the hindrance of Huan Zhen Tower, can in clear visible any scenery. Principle Fruit, will be soon mature......” he to exude one twittering the sound, in the sound contains in society all temperament, basic on the resolution the men and women. At once, he has closed the eye slowly, but appears in his front, shows in the void crack a picture, vanishes does not see.