Chaotic Sword God - Volume 5 - Chapter 433

Chapter 433 The decoys return ( 3 ) Gesun Kingdom Lore City is First Class City, such city altogether has several in Gesun Kingdom, not too resounding fame. But in Lore City, altogether four big influences, separately is Changyang Mansion, the Tian Ling family, Cheng Family, Yan Clan. These four big influences are the strongest influences in Lore City, occupies the Lore City east , south , west and north four directions separately, but in these four respected families was the Changyang Mansion history most was glorious, shortly after the time that it had wanted to be glorious than another three big influences, it is said initially Gesun Kingdom newly established, Lore City just completed time-variable is stationed here. At this moment, in Changyang Mansion of Lore City four respected families, decorates in the luxurious room, decorates several trough precious flowers in room to send out light fragrant, flutters'' the entire room, heard that previous makes people feel completely relaxedly. In the big room, wears' color white' long skirt, the age looks like about 30 -year-old female perturbation walks back and forth in the room, the female is extraordinary, elegant, although was over 30-year-old, but is still remaining the looks of several points of causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman. fourth sister, you in?” Suddenly, knock transmits from outside, a gentle sound passed from outside. heard the sound, the female who walked back and forth in the room walks to open the door, saw only outside the door, stood to be pretty beautiful similarly' woman', the age looked like the 30-year-old appearance. Second Sister.” Looks at beautiful woman, wore' color' the female of long skirt to say white in a soft voice, then the making way path stood in Second Sister invited. Became the Second Sister middle-aged beautiful woman looks at the eye to wear' color white' the female of long skirt, said: fourth sister, I discovered for these days your some are not normal, has any concern.” fourth sister sighed lightly, god' color' became very complex, said in a soft voice: Second Sister, I have felt for these days disturbed, is very difficult to be tranquil, recently had any matter to occur.” Second Sister stared at the fourth sister vision to watch the meeting, then sighed the one breath lightly, said: fourth sister, were you thinking Xiangtian?”

Listened to this saying, the fourth sister god' color' immediately becomes low-spirited, lowers the head does not speak, eye average' dew' thick missing and sadness, faint also sufficiently is suing dim mist. Looks at fourth sister this, in the Second Sister heart is also a sigh, is calm and steady: fourth sister, should not be sad, the Xiangtian talent is excellent, the luck has good luck ever after greatly, certainly will receive heavenly protection, how long him will unable to come back.” Said behind, the Second Sister expression was also getting more and more low, lacked in resonance obviously. The Changyang Xiangtian 15 years old left Changyang Mansion to rush to' outside', and must avoid seeking of chasing down as well as massive Mercenary of Huayun Sect, the danger coefficient was very big. Present range Changyang Xiangtian left Changyang Mansion already had several years, in this period Changyang Mansion also sent for searching high and low Changyang Xiangtian, but did not have the slight news, Changyang Xiangtian whole person as if from into thin air, regardless of Changyang Mansion sent out many manpower, did not have the least bit news. Now in Changyang Mansion, all people thinks that Changyang Xiangtian has encountered the mishap. Because on Tian Yuan Continent was really too dangerous, had slaughter everywhere, even if were has to defend the armed forces to maintain the order in the city, Mercenary slaughter of many short tempers, a word did not attack brutally mutually at earliest convenience, absolutely did not have the truth to say, spoke by the strength completely, in such environment, the hope that a 15-year-old child survived is uncertain, in the people heart was bright as snow. Second Sister these words brought back grieved in Bi Yun Tian heart, the mist in eye more gathered, quick flowed copiously, following her face long class under. Bi Yun Tian body in slightly is sobbing, saying of sobbing sound tears rain: Which does not know Xian'er now, but can also come back.” For a long time did not have the message, making in the Bi Yun Tian heart very be also worried whether the own son also lives in the world. Before Second Sister drew Bi Yun Tian was arriving at the bed, to sit, has sighed deeply the tone, said: fourth sister, do not want to be too many, I am also same as you, Mingyue (bright moon) this girl temperament was too gruff, because less than one year ago engagement, fled Changyang Mansion unexpectedly at the same night, to the present has not known where this wild girl, her girl roams about outside, in my heart is more anxious than you.” Perhaps eldest sister Ling Long, she wants to be sad than both of us, the four limbs of A hu had cut off, later the most basic life must to look, completely became a anything undoable disabled person, like this attacks me not to know really A hu can withstand, now, in my heart also after being worried about A hu wakes up, can unable to accept such fact to give birth to the heart of suiciding.” ...... Outside Lore City, together light greenish blue' color' falling of luminous spot from upper air, descends in a piece of jungle vanishes does not see. After the flights of several double-hour, Jian Chen led the Shen Fang mother and child to arrive at Lore City finally, Jian Chen goes out of the small woods gradually, foolishly is looking at that big city wall in front ten li (0.5km) place, god' color' very complex, because in there, has his family. Although several other years time, but Lore City is still maintaining the original appearance, the plain city wall is remaining the trace of years, is hard to scrub. But in the city gate place, the scattered merchant passes and out, perhaps because of the reason of war, passed and out the Lore City merchant the past be less than on many, the garrison troops in city gate were also some weak old people, the young and vigorous young fellow, early had gone to war to the front by pulling. Jian Chen vision complex stared at Lore City to look for a long time, was bringing Shen Fang and Ken Xiaosan two mother and child walked slowly, did not have the words, the atmosphere appeared somewhat sad.

Now the war has subsided, Jian Chen is leading two mother and child unimpededly entered in the city, then asks an inn to settle temporarily two mother and child, then somewhat impatiently left here. When are not many, Jian Chen then arrived at Changyang Mansion, present Changyang Mansion and several years ago compares not the big change, flesh color' color' the fence Changyang Mansion regarding, several big trees crosses the fence, the luxuriant branches and leaves extend, seems peeping the outside the scenery. Jian Chen is in the complex mood to arrive at the Changyang Mansion front door place, sees only the Changyang Mansion front door to shut tightly, guard does not have, inside is quieter, the sound has not spread slightly, several years ago compares to be chillier. Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness sends out immediately, covers Changyang Mansion, all sceneries in Changyang Mansion assume a picture brand mark in his brain. Now Changyang Mansion person very few, only then less than 50 guards disperse in all around, over a hundred servants and maidservant are bustling about in inside , compared with several years of first over a thousand people of scale, wanted to be too many simply chilly, but in the tower-shaped building of Changyang Mansion backyard, Jian Chen had also discovered a familiar acoustical shadow, was initially that guarding arsenal old person, initially Jian Chen basic on not being able to completely understand old person's strength, now can actually induction easily to old person's strength, be Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master, is in Changyang Mansion current only Earth Saint Master. Before Jian Chen arrives at the Changyang Mansion front door, put out a hand to pat the sincere front door, exuded the sad sound. When are not many, sincere front door opening slowly, an appearance ordinary middle-aged man from inside' dew', vision doubt looked at out the eye, asked: Boy, whom do you look for?” Although the middle-aged man does not understand the politeness, but the expression is polite. Jian Chen did not speak, the palm light according to made an effort in the gate slightly, that only opened a crack in a door sincere front door immediately big wide open,' dew' left the yard in Changyang Mansion. Who you are, does.” Middle-aged man face' color' becomes some are unattractive, vision swift and fierce drinks to ask, here attracted a patrol pair of guard. Station that Jian Chen chins up and chests out here, god' color' complex looks at the scenery in Changyang Mansion, muttered: You may still remember that Changyang Mansion has fourth young master, named Changyang Xiangtian!” God who in the Jian Chen eye' dew' fondly remembers' color'. Any fourth young master that which comes, any Changyang Xiangtian, your boy is short there talks nonsense, actually you are, horse reported on to come.” That middle-aged man vision swift and fierce shouting to clear the way. But at this time, distant place first team guards have arrived here, their altogether ten people, wear unify the clothing, besides three old middle-aged men, other is 30-year-old youth.

However when that three old guard hears Changyang Xiangtian these four wordata-titleime, face' color' all changes, has looked at each other eye mutually, then immediately was separated from the team half step to run over, an eye tight was staring at Jian Chen, one of them sinking sound said: Who you are, have you seen fourth young master Changyang Xiangtian?” In the expression, is bringing several points of urgency. These three old guards stayed not the short time in Changyang Mansion, before had seen Changyang Xiangtian, moreover a few years ago outside Changyang Mansion also sent out the massive manpower to go to seek for Changyang Xiangtian everywhere, but they happen to are one of them, therefore, their three senior guards to Changyang Xiangtian these four characters very sensitive. Jian Chen has not spoken, the vision took a fast look around the eye three guards, discovered that own did not know, in fact, among Changyang Mansion these many guards, Jian Chen is a person does not know. Three guard vision tight stares at Jian Chen that to fill the resolute and handsome face, suddenly one of them has as if thought of anything, in the eye the fine glow dodges, a face incredible is staring at Jian Chen, calls out in alarm said: You and fourth young master grow such look like, you... You... You are fourth young master Changyang Xiangtian.” Listened to this saying, another two have seen the Changyang Xiangtian guard immediately in great surprise, careful is sizing up Jian Chen, although the changes of these year of Jian Chen are very big, but is before still remaining several points appearances, this looked that several guards only felt more looks more looks like, finally the feeling at present this youth, is Changyang Mansion fourth young master Changyang Xiangtian. Middle-aged man scope of that opening the door' color' doubting' being puzzled' looked at Jian Chen one, he comes Changyang Mansion shortly, not to listen to the Changyang Xiangtian given name. In the Jian Chen heart a bitterness and astringency, he left Changyang Mansion to be too long, several years passed by, he thinks that Changyang Mansion has given to forget him, has not thought that really also had the guard to recognize own.