Chaotic Sword God - Volume 5 - Chapter 434
Chapter 434 patriarch came back You... Are you really fourth young master?” A guard closely stares at Jian Chen to open the mouth to ask once more, but other two God sentiments are also intense of face, in the vision have several points to anticipate, only then following several have not seen on the guard face of Jian Chen is bringing doubting' being puzzled' god' color'. The Jian Chen god' color' complex nod, said: Good, I am Changyang Xiangtian, has not thought that for a long time passed, some people recognize me unexpectedly.” You... You are really fourth young master!” Really is fourth young master!” fourth young master came back!” Three recognized the Jian Chen guard god' color' immediately becomes somewhat excited, a few years ago they were sent to seek for Changyang Xiangtian, but suffered loss, all day the full world ran, smell round, but absolutely did not have tiny bit the clue about Changyang Xiangtian, as if the whole person evaporated in human world. Quickly told four madames this matter.” A head smart guard turns toward inside to run immediately. The Jian Chen stride walks out high, was in the complex mood to enter Changyang Mansion, walked toward mother Bi Yun Tian room. Now had known after Jian Chen status, the guard of that opening the door was does not dare to stop Jian Chen, then softly nearby guard who arrived at several patrols, asked in a low voice: Buddy, when our did Changyang Mansion have fourth young master? Do you know Changyang Xiangtian this name?” Several guard somewhat vacant shaking the head, in the heart do not know existence of Changyang Xiangtian. I good to listen to my uncle saying that our patriarch has four children, separately is three son females, besides big Young Master, outside two young ladies and third young master, fourth young master, the name calls Changyang Xiangtian probably, but he, when was very small leaves Changyang Mansion, from now did not have the message, where also did not know.” A guard said in a soft voice.

Listened to this saying, in several guard hearts is slightly one startled, looked that had the change to the vision of Jian Chen back immediately. In the Changyang Mansion yard, Bi Yun Tian and Yu Feng Yan their whole face sad sitting were talking before the bed, has the obvious tear stains on the face of Bi Yun Tian. fourth sister, I can understand that your mood, should not be sad, Xiangtian his luck has good luck ever after greatly, moreover you also know that other people so are also intelligent, he will certainly not have the matter, hid mostly in some covert place.” Yu Feng Yan comforts to say in a soft voice that similarly a few words, she does not know has said many times to Bi Yun Tian. These years, when Bi Yun Tian is sad, is Yu Feng Yan comforts in the one side, the words of various comfort she said does not know many, could not find any new word. Four madames, four madames!” Suddenly, rapid knock passed on, knocks thump the straight sound the door, the strength big, lets words that the person does not doubt so such to knock, it is estimated that the door must be destroyed. Two females both were given to have a scare by the sudden knock, sit in the Yu Feng Yan brow wrinkle of bedside, shouted to clear the way: Whose there shouted loudly again, polite.” Hears Yu Feng Yan loudly complained, that guard of knocking on a door to quickly grasp the meaning of something, immediately realized the own behavior will be own will bring the big trouble, immediately has put down the palm, said loudly: Four madames, four madames, the good news, to have the great news, fourth young master came back, fourth young master came back.” When hears fourth young master these words, Yu Feng Yan and Bi Yun Tian they suddenly have not responded, obvious has gawked, because fourth young master this name very long nobody called in Changyang Mansion, appears somewhat strange. fourth young master, fourth young master, is......” Yu Feng Yan first recovering, immediately is surprised, god who on the face' dew' cannot believe' color'. Xian'er, Xian'er, is Xian'er!” Bi Yun Tian has also reflected, exudes one to call out in alarm immediately, then ran to open the door quickly. But at this time, Jian Chen of white clothing also happen to entered the yard, that flash that the door opens, saw a familiar face, he goes forward to the footsteps stops suddenly, this flash, his entire body as if by the anchorage, standing of foolishly looked at white there' color' Bi Yun Tian of long skirt, in the eye is having the mist to fill the air gradually. But Bi Yun Tian also saw just Jian Chen that walks from the corner, although Jian Chen present' touching' types and several years ago had very big change, but as looks Bi Yun Tian still that since childhood Jian Chen grows up recognized Jian Chen is the own flesh and blood. The mother and child are intimate friends, during the bloodlines a common origin, is dark is similar the line to implicate, is seeing that moment of opposite party, Jian Chen, is Bi Yun Tian, can the clear feeling say that does not scavenge the unclear feeling.

Separates many years of bloodlines, met again in this moment finally. Bi Yun Tian stands in entrance foolishly looks at Jian Chen that to have several points of familiar handsome face, because is excited, causes her entire body in slightly is shivering, flowing copiously that the tears in eye cannot control again, turbulently like fountain. Yu Feng Yan also gets to the entrance, with Bi Yun Tian stands, when she sees Jian Chen, on the face god' color' also suddenly coagulated, binocular foolishly looks at Jian Chen, is hard to believe at present one real. Jian Chen initially left Changyang Mansion time, the 15-year-old age, in the eyes of Changyang Mansion people are a child of having little experience of the world, an age such immature child not only need live outside, but must face the search of hunt and Mercenary of Huayun Sect, the survival probability is almost zero, only if meets assisting of honored person, otherwise, nobody can believe that Jian Chen can live, wraps Yu Feng Yan. But Jian Chen in leaving soon after mystically is missing, from now does not have the least bit news, even if Changyang Mansion sent out the massive manpower to go out to seek had not found the least bit clue, this point affirmation the idea in people heart, even if were not grasped by Huayun Sect, definitely died in the wilderness open country skeleton not saves, because nobody believe one 15 years old child, and also had little experience of the world will have the method of emerging one after another incessantly to protect own, can hide the truth from these experienced experts. Although Yu Feng Yan has comforted Bi Yun Tian with all kinds of reasons, but that is only the white lie, but in her heart does not think that Jian Chen will live. But now, departed for many years the non- message person to come back suddenly, what came back was that sudden, making Yu Feng Yan feel that this seemed visionally, some were not real. In the Jian Chen eye has the mist to fill the air faintly, before going forward to arrive at the Bi Yun Tian body slowly, loves dearly incomparably looks at Bi Yun Tian thinly and pale that many faces, said in a soft voice: Mother, child came back.” The Jian Chen sound somewhat sobs, a words saying ended, two lines of tears uncontrolled from Jian Chen eye average. Bi Yun Tian grasped Jian Chen to howl suddenly, piled up the sentiment of many years of reading child in this moment complete explosion: Xian'er, Xian'er, my child, you came back finally, you let good pain ah! that mother thinks Mother, sorry, is child is unfilial.” Jian Chen also backhandedly preserves mother Bi Yun Tian, two mother and child both weep, in eye tears long class. fourth young master came back, was fourth young master comes back unexpectedly.” Has not thought that fourth young master actually is also living, our everybody also think that fourth young master already encountered the mishap.”

In the courtyard, more and more guards hear the news to catch up, recognizes the Jian Chen guard to stand in the distant place exudes the sigh sound, flowed out the words that these newly arrived also from their mouth to know Changyang Mansion also had fourth young master. Yu Feng Yan accepted at present this finally such as the illusion common matter, looked two mother and child who the kainotype gathers emphatically, in her heart were also delighted, said: Xiangtian, you can the return of is well, two paternal aunts also feel for you happy, was good, your two mother and child enter the room to speak.” Afterward, Jian Chen and mother Bi Yun Tian as well as the Yu Feng Yan three people simultaneously entered in the room, separates several years of two mother and child to meet again finally, naturally many words must say ....... In Changyang Mansion, left several years of fourth young master suddenly returns the news in entire palace under the dissemination of several guards to know, suddenly, this matter made noisily in Changyang Mansion, has alarmed all people, Jian Chen Eldest Aunt Ling Long and Third Aunt Bai Yu Shuang knew this news, although they felt very surprised, but they have not gone to see Jian Chen. Ling Long because of the own child Changyang Hu bitter experience, grieved incomparable, the whole person becomes somewhat is absentminded, has no interest to care that radically this issue, but Third Aunt Bai Yu Shuang and Jian Chen mother and child's relations were not quite good, the return of Jian Chen not only has not made Bai Yu Shuang have slightly happily the appearance, instead deeps frown. Jian Chen has stayed in mother's room, left the Changyang Mansion later matter to say own bit by bit, but Jian Chen also knew the discretion, many matters had been concealed by him, the news that some extremely shocked everybody, Jian Chen has not planned to tell mother now, because said that perhaps mother does not believe that after might as well, gradual violent' dew' came out, like this took to the family member a huger pleasant surprise. Jian Chen has brought not to come out to the evening in the Bi Yun Tian room, mother and child two as if have the words that cannot speak. But at this moment, outside Changyang Mansion, came a brigade to ride various Demonic Beast mount troops suddenly, majority was sturdy, the man who Xiong Yaohu carried, the whole body was sending out air/Qi of murdering, imposing manner' compelling' person, the population approximately 700-800 people, the formation neat platoon has become a long line. One team of troops stopped outside Changyang Mansion, then immediately two men go forward to open Changyang Mansion that sincere front door, loudly shouted to clear the way: patriarch came back, has not come out to greet quickly!” Rode 4-Step Demonic Beast mount Changyang Ba to stand up from failure to discontinue, reorganized' chaotically' some ice the clothing, then chinned up and chested out, the stride walked toward Changyang Mansion, but behind him, the man who teams of Xiong Yaohu carried in abundance has also gotten down Demonic Beast mount, peaceful following filed in Changyang Ba behind. In Changyang Ba just entered in the palace, a guard then wear a look of happy' color' before arriving at his body, said respectfully: patriarch, the good news, fourth young master to come back.”