Chaotic Sword God - Volume 5 - Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Fights Flowery Sky Mountain ( 2 ) Sees Sai Ya one to put in an appearance is defeated, two Supreme Elder faces' color' changes, in the heart to the Jian Chen strength looked at several points once more high. Has not thought that he so young age has one not to be weak in my strength, is really incredible.” In two Supreme Elder hearts simultaneously secretly thinks, but in the hand the movement has not actually stopped, their fast overran toward Jian Chen, in the hand Saint's Weapon has the formidable fluctuation of energy to cut to Jian Chen, prevents Jian Chen further injury Sai Ya. The Jian Chen look turns into Purple Azure suddenly' color', below wooded mountain, the innumerable big trees explode in abundance, change into everywhere wooden fragments by speed that if quickly the lightning manages flew, such as like a moth to the flame plunges two Supreme Elder, covers their bodies in two Supreme Elder that face astonished vision completely. But at this time, Sai Ya also controlled the whereabouts body, condensed the world vitality to tow own body suspended in airborne, face' color' became gloomy is incomparable, looked that has been full of cloudy and cold' color to the Jian Chen vision', but in brain, but also was recalling unceasingly those words that Jian Chen formerly spoke. Such fight, you did not have the qualifications to participate, get lost to me.” At this moment, Sai Ya felt deep humiliation, in Jian Chen expression that to his disdaining that obvious, this enabled just to become Heaven Saint Master, henceforth stepped into on Tian Yuan Continent Sai Ya of top Expert ranks to be deeply disappointed. Merely one round, own has defeated, moreover defeats in age 20 -year-old youth hands. Changyang Xiangtian.” Looked at suspended above Jian Chen, in the Sai Ya eye has been being full of the hatred' color', clenching jaws was always talking about the Changyang Xiangtian name, as if must this name deep brand mark in the brain. In the upper air, facing all around that crowded wooden fragments attack, two Supreme Elder does not dare to have slightly negligently, rushing Saint Force from within the body turbulent divulging, condenses a defense cover around the body in an instant, they only then resisted crowded that through such way like the raindrop attack. Hits like raindrop wooden fragments crowded on the bodies of two Supreme Elder, was condensed the guard shield that became to hit by Saint Force that matter of their outside the body to shiver fiercely, as if momentarily wanted shatter. Two Supreme Elder faces' color' suddenly big change, the attacks of these wooden fragments have exceeded their imagination formidable, immediately does not dare to have hesitates slightly, they simultaneously explode drink one, Saint Force that rushes divulges from within the body, forms to congeal the solid guard shield the own protection in inside. In fully situation that in they maintain the guard shield, this finally calm and steady, but like this to their Saint Force consumptions is very big, how long could not insist. „The high-level Earth Tier battle skill fire dazzles law!” Supreme Elder explodes drinks one, the world strength between of hot element condenses to come, condenses together a diameter two meters giant fireball before his body, having the intense high temperature' shooting' to go toward Jian Chen.

Another Supreme Elder seized the chance to run out of surrounding of everywhere wooden fragments' shooting' to go toward the Jian Chen point, loudly shouted to clear the way: „A blade cuts from out of the blue!” When speech, in the hand great sword sends out dazzling earth yellow' color' rays of light, having the fluctuation of energy of rushing to cut to Jian Chen. Jian Chen both hands paddled before the body slowly, coordinating the thought control, everywhere wooden fragments to start had the rule to dance in the air, finally condensed two handles to send out the Purple Azure Sword Qi great sword unexpectedly, each handle had ten meters, half meter width. Whiz!” Sees only Purple Azure rays of light to dodge to pass, two handles the great sword that is condensed by the vegetation then have the grating sound from out of the blue' shooting' to go toward them. Bang!” A handle great sword and giant fireball collide in together, has a thundering bang, the fireball explodes, changes into everywhere the hot wave to wreak havoc in the world, toward spreads to go in all directions, the trim sky becomes red, but surroundings that weak fog also by cleanness of intense high-temperature evaporation. Meanwhile, another handle great sword also and fires into Jian Chen that Supreme Elder to move in the same place, ten meters great swords are cut the smashing by a high-level Earth Tier battle skill blade that Supreme Elder displays fully from out of the blue, but before this Supreme Elder , the personal appearance that clashes was also prevented, in the hand ferments good high-level Earth Tier battle skill also to be broken. Meets my time blade to cut again from out of the blue!” That Supreme Elder explodes drinks one, again displays same Earth Tier battle skill to cut toward Jian Chen. The Jian Chen corners of the mouth reappear to sneer, if Heaven Tier battle skill, even if preliminary Heaven Tier battle skill can also bring some injuries to him, but Earth Tier battle skill is very difficult to pose the threat to him. peng~! peng~!...... Also is several big trees explodes suddenly, changed into everywhere wooden fragments to fly the sky, then condensed a handle ten meters great sword on the way, direct' shooting' to sky. Along with a bang, both touch once more in the same place, cuts to block a blade that Supreme Elder displays from out of the blue. Twice displayed high-level Earth Tier battle skill by opposite party so clang easily, Huayun Sect this Supreme Elder somewhat could not calm down finally, a blade cut already strongest battle skill that was he grasps from out of the blue, if linked this how the opposite party, he was also at wit's end. Damn, I must have a look at you to be able but actually to catch my several attacks, a blade cuts from out of the blue.” On that Supreme Elder forehead veins to pop out, he linked a 20 -year-old promising youth how unexpectedly, this made in his face unable to hang, same battle skill third time displayed. Junior Brother, I help you, flame Divine Sword method seventh!” Another Supreme Elder grasps' color fiery red' the great sword also turns toward Jian Chen to flush away, their one on the left and other on the right about converging attack Jian Chen.

Should finish!” Jian Chen in a low voice twittering, Purple Azure in eye two' color' rays of light gradual hidden goes, at once rich is similar to substantive Purple Azure Sword Qi jumps' shooting from the right hand slowly', Jian Chen grasps Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy to turn toward one of them to overrun on own initiative, Purple Azure Sword Qi source energy remains the next gorgeous brilliance in the midair, like lightning has swept away to go by speed, touches with that Supreme Elder Saint's Weapon that displaying a blade cuts from out of the blue. ding~ Along with the light sound, Purple Azure Sword Qi source energy such as cuts the bean curd to display together the gap on Supreme Elder Saint's Weapon together. That Supreme Elder spouts a blood immediately, surface' color' withdrawing with amazement, the whole face is the shock' color'. But at this time, another Supreme Elder also approached Jian Chen, earth yellow in hand' color' great sword belt the formidable strength has been chopping. Jian Chen wields the source energy fearless initiative of Purple Azure Sword Spirits to move forward to meet somebody, both just one bumped, this Supreme Elder face' color' also with amazement changes, a blood sprays from the mouth , the entire body such as is seriously battered withdraws. This is how possible, you have destroyed my Saint's Weapon unexpectedly!” God who a Supreme Elder face panic-stricken losing sound track, the whole face cannot believe' color'. Jian Chen has not let off them in light of this, his body under the package of strength of wind element fast pursues toward one of them, Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy wields once more chops, hard' compelling' this elder has to hold up Saint's Weapon in hand to resist. ding~ along with a light sound, on this Supreme Elder Saint's Weapon presented a two fingers of big or medium gap again, Saint's Weapon has been damaged one after another, making the injury that he suffered more serious, in the mouth spat three blood continually palely, face' color' like the paper. This, two Supreme Elder both fully realized Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy was fierce, moreover that Supreme Elder at the same time sees the continuation attack that Jian Chen also wants not to stop rests, face' color' suddenly big change, hurried loudly shouted to clear the way: Changyang Xiangtian, stop!” Jian Chen stopped, the entire body by strength of package a rich wind element, the Na Ying posture tall and straight body such stood erect in the world, in the right hand the Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy turnover is uncertain, seems War God, the military might is uncommon. Jian Chen unemotionally looks to that Supreme Elder of speech, has not opened the mouth. That Supreme Elder looked in the own hand the possession gap on Saint's Weapon, afterward the vision falls on own another injury heavier Supreme Elder, the deep sigh one breath, hesitated was very long, finally in the heart unwillingly kissed saying a few words that did not hope: We admit defeat!” A words saying ended, the Supreme Elder whole person seemed to be older, god' color' became somewhat dispirited. Another Supreme Elder stabilizes the personal appearance in the midair, god' color' also became some delay, did not scratch the bloodstain of mouth, still by blood a little bit low on clothes, a look cavity.

This result, anyone, is very difficult to accept, they two established Heaven Saint Master Rank powerhouse collaborates, defeated in a junior hand of promising youth unexpectedly, those who most made people be hard to accept, the age of this junior 20 years old. Oh, was old, was old, has not used always, Changyang Xiangtian, you have won, our Senior Brother younger brother they defeated by you.” Supreme Elder long sighed that god' color' is very dispirited. At this time, Sai Ya also flew from , a face inconceivable since looked to two Supreme Elder, in the heart turns the difficult situation. Jian Chen took back Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy, both hands has hugged in chest front, said: Two elders, we went back to handle the following matter, the matter has been solved, should go back below.” Two Supreme Elder sighed again, nodded, any words had not said that turned around to turn toward the Huayun Sect sect station to fly. This moment Huayun Sect all disciples have put down the thing in hand, gathers before the entrance completely looks at the sky of distant place to whoop, the entire Flowery Sky Mountain top resounds one piece humming sound the sound. When Huayun Sect three Supreme Elder and Jian Chen simultaneously fall before the entrance, the disciple who whooped immediately became peaceful, although the big location was gathering more than thousand person, actually extraordinary peace. However when they see four people of conditions, appearance that on all disciple faces' dew' surprise god' color', the whole face cannot believe. In four people, only then Jian Chen is also maintaining complete, when looks like and departs has not changed. But two Supreme Elder and Sai Ya three Heaven Saint Master is a paleness of face, the corners of the mouth is bringing the bloodstain, two Supreme Elder gods' color' within dispirited' color' is the person who wants some eyesight, can see clearly. Looks at present this, the confident Cheng Fei face' color' big change, in the heart had the result that has made him want unable to think suddenly. Before the Cheng Fei half step goes forward to arrive at two Supreme Elder bodies, god' color' tense question and answer: Supreme Elder, finally actually how.” Supreme Elder' touching' type as well as facial expression have made in the Cheng Fei heart guess correctly the answer, but he cannot believe this fact.