Chaotic Sword God - Volume 5 - Chapter 465
Chapter 465 Saint Ruler relicSaid is also, but does not know that he person who wants us to kill is actually.Is called the Old Feng old man said. Who manages him is, after waiting enters Immortal Cave to take the thing, we directly go to Gesun Kingdom, believes that quick can find that Heaven Saint Master.” When speech, five Heaven Saint Master fell toward the Grand Canyon valley, quick Cold Pond 50 meters high place under distance hovering, takes a broad view to size up all around. You look there, there is cave mouth.” An old man hand points at a direction to call out in alarm said that heard the sound, several people concentrate the eye to look in abundance, the king discovered that on front about 500 meters escarpments, there is a diameter about three meters high jet black cave mouth. Can there, in the past have a look.” Five people simultaneously turn toward front cave mouth to fly, suddenly before arrives at cave mouth, the body surroundings send out the strong world vitality to tow their body suspended in airborne. „Do you have to feel that in this piece of space actually has the strength of light hot element.” An old man frowns to say. The nods of several other people of also extremely approvals, around a body send out the old man of strength of fire element saying: Good, indeed strength of the hot element scatters in airborne, although is very pale, but I can the clear feeling, it seems like here some time ago some people come.” „The cave surrounding trace also just produced, indeed some people first we one step arrived here.” Knows that this Saint Ruler Immortal Cave person were not many, listening to Qiangan Kingdom that powerhouse saying that outside Saint Ruler Immortal Cave had a formidable formation shield, if not know that exact position, was impossible to discover that here secret, but several days ago, the Saint Ruler Immortal Cave secret had been released' dew by him' to Gesun Kingdom that powerhouse, it seems like, we one step arrived here person first is a that person without doubt.”

If in this case, that suits me, since that person here, we did not need to waste the strength to run Gesun Kingdom, struck to kill him directly here, was completes Qiangan Kingdom that powerhouse to tell us this secret terms of exchange.” So good!” Five people urgently going, suspended from the sky has not been talking. Since that person in inside, we waits for him outside now, like this we did not need to waste the energy to rush to that matter formidable formation, if he burst into the enemy lines to be defeated, will be transmitted directly by Space Force, if burst into the enemy lines successfully, will come out from here in the same old way, at the appointed time we struck to kill him directly, obtained the losing treasure that Saint Ruler left behind from him, but also has saved our strength.” ...... Hole' hole', so-called Saint Ruler Immortal Cave, but in pulled out emptied in the mid-hill, the ray is gloomy, air' tide' wet, only then went against was hanging dozens legendary luminous pearls to send out the light bold light to provide some weak luminous to this jet black mid-hill. In the mid-hill does not have the flowers and plants, without trees, besides formation and wooden house, did not have other, can see from this point that makes this Immortal Cave master to request to the environment not to be high, is a flagellant type. Before Jian Chen arrives at wooden house, has sized up under this wooden house, wooden house is all over the body swarthy, is compared the lignum vitae construction of steel and iron by the flintiness completely sufficiently, he can also the clear feeling the lignum vitae embodiment have not a weak fluctuation of energy. Is this energy supports permanent of wooden house in wet Immortal Cave in this gloomily' tide' to exist forever, is always immortal, experienced over a thousand years of corrosion, still is also maintaining complete appearance. Jian Chen vision complex looks at present this wooden house, god' color' also gradual became must serious, after all, this once was Saint Ruler Rank powerhouse has lived in the place, although Jian Chen had the Heaven Saint Master strength now, but Saint Ruler can still bring very huge pressure to him. Heaven Saint Master comprehension world vitality, has the difference of heaven and earth with the Earth Saint Master strength, but Saint Ruler powerhouse is comprehended profound truth of the world to existed high, can' exercise' control the world mystery, even can be difficult to distinguish the truth with the aid of the potential of cloth world under formation, the great strength of ability, does not know in many times compared with Heaven Saint Master. Disparity between Heaven Saint Master and Saint Ruler, as if Earth Saint Master facing Great Saint Master, between both has the difference of heaven and earth, may not place on a par. Stands in front of all over the body jet black iron wooden house, Jian Chen deeply inspires, the mood of slowly in the tranquil own innermost feelings that excited rushing, then both hands arriving gently on the hard icy cold shutter, the both arms slightly makes an effort, slowly shoves open the wooden door.,

As creaking sound transmits together, the wooden door was shoved open, but inside scenery also presents in the Jian Chen view. First hidden enters in the view, is one wooden table that is made by the lignum vitae, before the wooden table, only then a chair, thus it can be seen here besides the master, has not come other guest. In wooden house sues one to rush sufficiently, but the vast energy, concentrates not to be loose, if not enter the room, is unable to realize existence of this vast energy. Perhaps because of existence of this energy, making in wooden house very clean, spotless, as if daily some people clean. Jian Chen enters wooden house, takes a broad view to take a fast look around, the ornaments in wooden house are simple, the simple feeling not like the place that the normal person lives, besides a table and chair, other did not have anything. This wooden house obviously is not independent one, Jian Chen now the dull place is only a living room, but is approaching the place of corner also to have a gate, inside to wooden house. The Jian Chen footsteps walked gently, just when shoved open that leaf of door, an energy pressure of rushing spreads from inside, the Jian Chen body of oppression sinks, as if the body shoulders one to have thousands of jin (0.5 kg) giant stone. In the face of this vast energy pressure, Jian Chen felt that own likely small boat in sea, that tiny, is unable to resist. Jian Chen fixes the eyes on to look, sees only in room, sends out the water crystal gloss skeleton is maintaining the posture of sitting cross-legged is sitting cross-legged on the bed. The energy of this Saint Ruler skeleton obviously be bigger than in that stronger that in Mercenary City sees Jian Chen, merely is energy fallout that spreads, makes Jian Chen feel the greatest pressure. Has not thought that is only a skeleton, it seems like his before death strength has not achieved Saint Ruler 9-layer.” Saying that Jian Chen muttered, in the innermost feelings was actually very excited, although was only a skeleton, however inside energy could not be weaker than Ruler Armament many, this for him, absolutely is a huge harvest, because there is this Saint Ruler skeleton, he can help to refine Chaos Force through Purple Azure Sword Spirits, this way, one day, he can utilize Chaos Force skilled. Before Jian Chen stares at the Saint Ruler skeleton to be sending out the pressure that arrives at the skeleton body, cautiously received the skeleton Space Ring, vanishes along with the skeleton, sues the pressure and intense energy fallout in wooden house sufficiently also the cleanness that vanishes in an instant. After taking away the Saint Ruler skeleton successfully, the heart of Jian Chen cannot bear beat fiercely, is very excited. The Saint Ruler skeleton, is Ruler Armament, on Tian Yuan Continent is the thing of very precious cherishing, little can see that can obtain one, can reach the sky in a single bound, even lets a mediocre family rapid development a respected family. But Ruler Armament, even in the middle of these top families, is regarded as the treasure of town clan preserves. Thus it can be seen, could not be weaker than several points of Saint Ruler skeletons Ruler Armament, actually to have how preciously, after all, this was only then Saint Ruler this to high when existed dead in a sitting posture treasure that will leave behind.

Afterward, Jian Chen had discovered in side of skeleton silver white' color' Space Ring, the thing in ring are not many, majority were some collections, Jian Chen turns in Space Ring seeks, quick has put out ancient scroll to come out from inside. ancient scroll has two meters fully, the paper turns yellow, but actually preservation unusual is complete, does not have the place of least bit breakage, but above, has covered entirely the boys as well as several human activity charts of tadpole size. Jian Chen turned very quiet to breathe carefully to look at the above content, on the face' dew' has then been hard the excitement that concealed, this unexpectedly was Heaven Tier battle skill, moreover was middle-level Heaven Tier battle skill. «Cracking Heavens Art», utilizes within the body Saint Force in an unusual way, compresses in within the body Saint Force, then one time' nature' gushing out, erupts the formidable and wild energy attacks the front enemy, the range is very broad, can control by caster. Several Heaven Tier battle skill that «Cracking Heavens Art» and Jian Chen see differ from, several Heaven Tier battle skill that Jian Chen saw before use Saint's Weapon as the carrier, erupts the formidable energy attack enemy, but displays Cracking Heavens Art, actually can definitely display by both hands, Saint Force gushes out from both hands, carries on range according to the wish of caster to the front' nature' attack. And, on ancient scroll also some explanations, if displayed Cracking Heavens Art by revolution of Heaven Saint Master, can destroy a several hundred meters high mountain easily, thus it can be seen, the Cracking Heavens Art might is actually huge. Jian Chen harbors the excitement to receive in the middle of own Space Ring Cracking Heavens Art, in brain actually in calculating, after going back, certain first perceives through meditation to Senior Chang Cracking Heavens Art, because in Changyang Mansion, only then Senior Chang Heaven Saint Master, having made him practice this Cracking Heavens Art, obviously in appropriate. And, Senior Chang not only since childhood very concerned about own, but also these year also continuously protector Changyang Mansion silently. As for other people, besides several familiar people, other Jian Chen did not consider for the time being. The Changyang Ba present strength in the Great Saint Master stage, did not have the ability to practice Heaven Tier battle skill, because cultivates the minimum requirement of Heaven Tier battle skill is Earth Saint Master. Besides Cracking Heavens Art, Jian Chen has discovered Heaven Tier Cultivation Technique in Space Ring, although with is Heaven Tier, but compares with battle skill, Cultivation Technique appeared is more mediocre, in Changyang Mansion and Kargath Academy had a book respectively. Although so, but Jian Chen does not shut out, because of a formidable family, is decidedly impossible only to have Cultivation Technique.