Chaotic Sword God - Volume 6 - Chapter 508
Chapter 508 The prestige of Saint Ruler ( 3 ) Old Sect Master, was old Sect Master gets rid!” Looks to prevent in several people of middle that matter barrier, on the Dragon Tiger Sect Sect Master Chris face' dew' excited god' color', being able not help calls out in alarm makes noise. Hides Saint Ruler in Dragon Tiger Sect gets rid, lets on the Dragon Tiger Sect several powerhouse faces' dew' pleasantly surprised god' color', this disaster, can avoid finally, because seven people of Heaven Tier battle skill, once erupts, that this mountain range definitely will be destroyed, but the Dragon Tiger Sect sect also because of losing the support of ground has collapsed, although will not make Dragon Tiger Sect have too big personnel casualty, but sect was destroyed, for them is also the matter that loses face extremely. Old Sect Master was really too fierce, has not come, only depended on barrier to prevent displaying of seven Heaven Saint Master together is Heaven Tier battle skill, was this Saint Ruler strength? Among the disparity with Heaven Saint Master so is unexpectedly big.” Face' color' pale, is injured very heavy Hu Ba vision foolishly looks that not far away that said barrier muttered. Dragon Tiger Sect old Sect Master usually in closes up the practice in the back side of the mountain, will not appear in the people eyes, although many people know that Dragon Tiger Sect has Saint Ruler powerhouse, but these for several hundred years nobody can see the Saint Ruler looks, let alone Saint Ruler powerhouse got rid personally. At present this, was Hu Ba from that moment of birth, to the present, first time had seen Saint Ruler Rank recluse powerhouse got rid. Saw old Sect Master of own school to be alarmed, Dragon Tiger Sect several powerhouse naturally were most excited, in their opinion, so long as old Sect Master has acted, regardless of the how big matter can levelling easily, after all this be Saint Ruler powerhouse, even if were Qin Country must attach great importance. But reviews Qin Country ten Country's Expert and Qin Wuming three fathers and sons, face' color' became very stern, but did not have' dew timidly' slightly' color', Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler got rid, originally in their expected. „The Dragon Tiger Sect disciple, all comes back to me!” At this moment, the old sound resounds in the world together, where cannot listen to send out, the sound is very gentle, but actually compares the thunderous sound to be resounding. Yes, old Sect Master!” Dragon Tiger Sect several powerhouse turn into docile little darlings, immediately turns toward not far away in sect to walk. Chris, Hu Ba, Mossini, your three stay behind.” The Dragon Tiger Sect old Sect Master sound resounded once more, stopped by calling out three people. hearing that, three God' color' stares, immediately stopped standing of footsteps little darling in same place not to say a word, even asked that may I ask. But Dragon Tiger Sect vice- Sect Master Hu Ba' dew' very excited god' color', he has not thought that Dragon Tiger Sect old Sect Master also knows unexpectedly his name, regarding him, as if the own name is known by Dragon Tiger Sect old Sect Master, is a very honorable matter. The Qin Country people stand in standing on one side silently do not say a word, facing Saint Ruler, they also felt that some hands tied feet tieds, the image plane was not calm to Dragon Tiger Sect several Heaven Saint Master.

But after Jian Chen since saw just to besiege the own Chris three people Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler stayed behind, in the heart slightly sinks, had realized the matter was not quite perhaps wonderful. Because stayed behind these three people, had been destroyed Saint's Weapon by Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy, is also injured the heaviest person, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler makes them remain exactly, is it possible that can be three people supports? Quick, Dragon Tiger Sect several powerhouse returned to sect, stands waits and sees outside matter in barrier, at this time, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler had broadcast the sound once more: „The Qin Country person, you begins in my Dragon Tiger Sect unexpectedly, is it possible that thinks inadequate that my Dragon Tiger Sect so is good to bully?” Said behind, temperate sound also became somewhat severe. „The Dragon Tiger Sect senior, the cause of matter was your Dragon Tiger Sect has shouldered completely, before occurred at the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom matter regardless of the time being, took couple days ago matter, we followed orders to arrest the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom fleeing criminal, in sending under custody the fleeing criminal returned to the way, actually encountered the powerhouse attack of your Dragon Tiger Sect, not only saved my Qin Country fleeing criminal, instead also my son making into the severe wound, this matter also asked the senior to give us a view.” Saying of Qin Wuming righteousness words. Nonsense, any your Qin Country fleeing criminal, Heavenly Eagle Kingdom two prince are my Dragon Tiger Sect people, how could to be given to detain by your Qin Country, and Heavenly Eagle Kingdom belonged to my Dragon Tiger Sect to govern, is my Dragon Tiger Sect territory, your Qin Country' inserting' hand robbed my Dragon Tiger Sect domain not saying that but must detain my Dragon Tiger Sect person, this was any truth.” Dragon Tiger Sect vice- Sect Master Hu Ba opens the mouth to shout to clear the way. Xiao Tian sneers saying: Obviously is Heavenly Eagle Kingdom prince, when became your Dragon Tiger Sect, as far as I know, between Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and your Dragon Tiger Sect as if did not have what relations.” Good, Carlow is Heavenly Eagle Kingdom two prince is not fake, but his mother is actually my Dragon Tiger Sect Sect Master Chris great-granddaughter, therefore, two prince Carlow is also my Dragon Tiger Sect direct descendant member, is not the bystander, as for Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, the king already gave me Dragon Tiger Sect the country, is my Dragon Tiger Sect domain.” What this speech is Mossini, although is seriously injured, the expression air/Qi that but spoke was still full. Saw both sides must continue endlessly quarrelled, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler left the sound track: Was good, do not quarrel!” A Saint Ruler speech, Dragon Tiger Sect person or Qin Country people obedient has closed the mouth, they dare to be reasonable with Saint Ruler, but actually does not dare to contradict. The Saint Ruler sound conveys once more: Heavenly Eagle Kingdom two prince, since is my Dragon Tiger Sect person, cannot certainly carry off by your Qin Country for the trivial matter, the Qin Country person, you have made noisily, hit has also hit, this matter stopped, injured your person matter as for my Dragon Tiger Sect person, apologized on according to Heavenly Eagle Kingdom territory, was good, you walked.” Hears this words, the people face of Qin Country' color' becomes very unattractive, hides in the Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler speech, although is friendly, but the conduct attitude is overbearing, not only need harbor two prince, instead also the cleanness that the Dragon Tiger Sect responsibility shirks, as for Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, this belongs to the Qin Country territory, delivers with does not deliver, what also there is to distinguish, is it possible that does Dragon Tiger Sect also dare to contest the domain with Qin Country? At this time, hid Saint Ruler in Dragon Tiger Sect opens the mouth to say once more \; Since matter between my Dragon Tiger Sect and Qin Country has been solved, that then discussed the Chris three people of issues, their Saint's Weapon were damaged, although can repair, but they also but therefore the vitality damaged severely, injured they three that boys, you gave us a Dragon Tiger Sect confession.” Jian Chen is angry, the sinking sound shouted to clear the way: Does not know that the senior must give what kind of confession below.”

Qin Country ten Country's Expert and Qin Wuming three fathers'and sons' faces' color' also changes, but Jian Chen Qin Country Imperial Protector, but has injured Dragon Tiger Sect three Expert, makes solemn Qin Country Imperial Protector give a confession, this simply in the ear and area around it of fan Qin Country. Snort, trivial Heaven Saint Master also dares to contradict I.” Does not know where Saint Ruler hides is angry, the voice just fell, transparent barrier suddenly appears around the body of Jian Chen, was similar to a prison has imprisoned Jian Chen. This barrier is by the Saint Ruler powerhouse personally cloth, with barrier stronger that the strength of barrier forms does not have the several fold compared with Jian Chen in these participating aristocratic family disciples who in the Mercenary martial arts contest big game sees greatly, even if Heaven Saint Master displays Heaven Tier battle skill, cannot break this seems like weak barrier. Sees Jian Chen to be given to surround by barrier that Saint Ruler displays unexpectedly, the Qin Country people fly into a rage, Xiao Tian said immediately loudly: Senior, you are what meaning, is it possible that wants to be inadequate for the enemy with my Qin Country.” Your Dragon Tiger Sect was really too wild, is it possible that wants to make war with my Qin Country.” Saying that the Qin Country people are filled with righteous indignation in abundance, to Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler powerhouse so as is angry, if the opposite party is not Saint Ruler Rank powerhouse, their people already could not bear begin. Jian Chen was also enraged, although Saint Ruler makes him dread formidable, but he is not the timid person who that type was bullied on to the end does not dare to speak, immediately uses Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy, being without hesitation barrier before toward body punctures. Jian Chen cannot affirm that Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy can break under barrier by Saint Ruler powerhouse personally cloth, these time holds the lucky mentality to try. Wave!” When Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy punctures when barrier, along with a light sound, then gave the captivity barrier to break the Jian Chen entire body unexpectedly, this can block seven Heaven Saint Master to display Heaven Tier battle skill barrier, unexpectedly was similar to a balloon, was punctured by one. This, lets Qin Country 13 powerhouse and Dragon Tiger Sect three people of simultaneously at the scene, the whole face is inconceivable god' color'. Well!” Hides in secret exudes one in Saint Ruler lightly well the sound, obviously can puncture barrier under own cloth also to feel regarding Jian Chen very surprised. After field silent moment, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler spoke again: Boy, actually your this is any strength, told me to obtain this strength the method, the old man then let off you.” Purple Azure Sword Spirits source energy formidable linked Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler also to draw out the greedy heart unexpectedly. Gave up any idea of!” Jian Chen fearless' color' saying.

Courts death!” Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler is angry, made the entire horizon the energy fiercely fluctuate unexpectedly, a vast pressure transmitted from the Dragon Tiger Sect deep place, turned toward the Jian Chen crush directly. Saw with own eyes that Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler will soon begin, the Xiao Tian face' color' big change, the hurried start to talk said: Stop, this is my Qin Country Imperial Protector, is it possible that you want to begin inadequately to my Qin Country Imperial Protector.” Everywhere pressure dissipates rapidly, that Hao'' in the entire horizon energy storm also gradual tranquil, Xiao Tian these words, have prevented Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler to the motion that Jian Chen begins. Because status of Imperial Protector in Qin Country is special, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler under can injure Qin Country Country's Expert in the well-founded situation, but if injures Qin Country Imperial Protector, that thoroughly tears to pieces the facial skin with Qin Country, moved toward the hostile standpoint. „Is this boy Qin Country Imperial Protector?” The Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler round asked that obviously some cannot believe the Jian Chen status. Good, Jian Chen indeed is my Qin Country Imperial Protector, his status is simultaneously appoints by my Qin Country four Sir Imperial Protector of respect.” What speech is Qing Shaofan, in Qin Country passes' dew' status of Jian Chen to be actually lofty to Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler directly. This time, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler silent was very long, although Jian Chen is only Heaven Saint Master, but his Qin Country Imperial Protector status makes him dread obviously, because in his heart also understands, if this matter processing is not good, will alarm Qin Country four Saint Ruler completely. You walk!” Partly after making a sound, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler spoke finally. hearing that, face' color' gloomy Jian Chen and Qin Country people have looked at each other eye mutually, at once the slight bow, simultaneously left here, in everybody heart clear, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler has acted, they continue to stay here not to have, no matter what what meaning righteousness, only then goes back the discussion next plan first. However when people just airborne, among the horizons broadcasts the Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler sound once more: Although you are Qin Country Imperial Protector, but you formerly offended the old man, if not give you a lesson, others also think that the old man quite bullies inadequately.” When speech, the Jian Chen rear space twisted fiercely, an extremely formidable fluctuation of energy raids with great speed, strikes maliciously in carrying on the back of Jian Chen.