Chaotic Sword God - Volume 6 - Chapter 533

Chapter 533 [Gold/Metal]' color' blood' fluid' ( 1 ) Kafir he he said with a smile: „ Is rare you still to remember Tie Ta this child, but Tie Ta left Kargath Academy to return to the hometown to go two years ago, very long had not come, I also want to go to the Tie Ta hometown to see him, but during that time was four Country Allied armies were ready to make trouble, I because of the trivial matters am also encumbered unable to get out of the way, therefore wants to see the Tie Ta time not to have. Oh, said that (Huan Zhen) really that my this master works as is not competent, Tie Ta this young stage needs to train well time, but I teach his thing to be very few truly.” Chair Kafir does not need to rebuke oneself, although Tie Ta this person' nature' standard is simple and honest, but I think him in practicing martial art this on the one hand has very big talent, perhaps does not need the person to teach him, he can be self-taught, remaining lacks the experience, this needs to accumulate by the day after tomorrow, only then can fast promote in the actual combat.” Jian Chen said with a smile pale. Nod of Kafir approval, said: I remember that Tie Ta had said to me, his hometown in a small mountain village, the position in north more than 1000 kilometers huge mountain interior, the halfway up the mountainside has a small town probably, any position, I am not specifically clear.” Jian Chen gets a sudden inspiration, puts out a Gesun Kingdom map coming out shop from Space Ring on the table, starts to seek carefully. Quick, Jian Chen found has conformed to the terrain that in the Kafir mouth said that points on the map saying: Should be here, here has Third Class City, constructs in the halfway up the mountainside, I think the Tie Ta housing the place here.” Kafir stared on the map to watch the meeting, said: Um, mostly was here.” Afterward Jian Chen is not staying for a long time, Receives well the map to say goodbye with Chair Kafir, bringing Ming Dong to go from out of the blue, beyond the small town toward thousand li(500 km) hurries. By Jian Chen speed, less than double-hour time arrived at this small town, this small town is named Loess City Third Class City, constructs in halfway up the mountainside, the scale also wants on small many compared with Wake City, very crude, most basic city wall not entire . Moreover the ground in city is not the smooth-riding surface that the marble spreads, but is built the uneven ground that becomes by rocks, the carriage is very difficult to pass.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong two people, for does not cause' show' to move, in direct imperial has not flown to enter a city spatially, but stopped outside the city has gotten down the choice walk to enter a city. After entering in the city, Jian Chen looked for one to sell various types of meats in the city the shops, put out Gold Coin, said: Boss, I inquired a person to you, so long as you told me me the matter that wanted to know, this Gold Coin was your.” The richness can make the ghost turn a millstone, let alone inquires the trivial news, moreover Gold Coin regarding trading the boss of Demonic Beast meat, was he several days of receiving, the boss will certainly not reject, but he did not have to take Gold Coin in Jian Chen hand anxiously, said: Little brother, you said that is any matter, so long as is I knows greatly strongly, I said certainly to you.” Boss, did you know person who called Tie Ta, age with me almost big or medium.” Jian Chen asked. hearing that, in the old measure' dew' a happy god' color', hurries to say immediately: Knows, the person who you said is the black boy, is a head length strongly, the skin is much longer black, a very honest young fellow.” Right, is he, Boss, do you know where he does live?” Jian Chen surface' color' one happy, hurries to pursue asks. The face of boss' color' suddenly became discrete, filled with the vigilance was staring at Jian Chen and Ming Dong they, serious saying: Who you are, what matter asks the black boy to have?” Jian Chen knew in the heart that the boss feared own makes the disadvantageous matter to Tie Ta, hurries to indicate that status boss, we are the Kargath Academy societies, once and Tie Ta was fellow student, these time came to see specially his.” One hear of Jian Chen they were the Kargath Academy student, the boss have put down in the heart immediately the vigilance, a face envied visits them, said: Kargath Academy is our Gesun Kingdom best institute, each can enter the Kargath Academy student, is the talent very high person, heard Imperial Protector that recently our Gesun Kingdom braved newly once was also the Kargath Academy student.” Listened to this saying, Jian Chen and Ming Dong smiles not to speak. The boss has thought deeply about the meeting, said: Since you are black boy fellow student, I told you dwelling of black boy.” Saying, the boss puts out a hand a finger of rear area, said: Walks 20 kilometers to have a creek toward the back side of the mountain, creek side has flake woods, in flake woods has a small mountain village, in the small mountain village has the terrace, in this terrace has one is the dwelling of black boy.” You said was not OK directly in a back side of the mountain 20 kilometers small mountain village, my head was said the corona by you.” Expression that Ming Dong not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Jian Chen he he smiles, throws Gold Coin to the boss, then draws Ming Dong to go out of this small town, simultaneously uses the movement vertical to leap in the wooded mountains, hurries to toward the back side of the mountain by extremely quick speed. The short 20 kilometers distance to them was really too near, making Jian Chen be disinclined to fly. In wooded mountains often jumps out 12 wild animals they to call out to Jian Chen, the wild animal that but these first-order Demonic Beast does not arrive in the Jian Chen two people of eyes is looked that is disinclined to look at that vertical leaps in the wooded mountains that Jian Chen and Ming Dong their wind spreading electricity holds up, in crossing has five meters wide rivers, after passing through small woods again, if really discovers another small mountain village. The scale of small mountain village is very small, has more than 30 households of people to live probably, all houses assume to set up in an array, arrangement unusual is neat, but around small mountain village, was being surrounded by stretch of paddies, in the farmland was fully laden with various crops as well as the paddy rice, even also some village's names work in the place. Jian Chen and Ming Dong they one after the other walk in Tianba, the step arrived in front of the small mountain village lithely, but passes through one to climb mountains and cross rivers, their shoes clean spotless, have still not contaminated on a wee bit dust. Because they wear the magnificent and expensive long gown to come, compares in the village's name of thick cotton garment in the small mountain village these put on with the life appears very conspicuous, therefore they just approached here, has brought to the attention of many village's name, immediately made many village's names faces' color' anxious, even in many person hands closely has gripped has done the farm work use the hoe as well as the sickle wait / etc.. Two Young Master, do not know that what matter you do come to here to have?” Before an old person arrives at two people, asking tremblingly cautiously. Jian Chen is amiable, smiling looks at the old man, expression gentle saying: Old person, we are the Kargath Academy students, once and Tie Ta was fellow student, we came to here mainly look for Tie Ta.” „, You are the friend of black boy.” Old person big relaxing of, then beckoned with the hand to all around village's name, said with the hoarse unclear sound: Everybody do not use anxiously, these two are the Kargath Academy societies, is looks for the black boy, before and black boy was fellow student.” Listened to this saying, on these village's name faces that tense god' color' immediately relaxed. Some Jian Chen doubt looks at this, response some of these village's names are not as if normal. Old person, your here recently what happened.” Jian Chen somewhat curious asking. All right, all right!” The old person beckoned with the hand, then said: Black boy climbed mountains to go hunting very early in the morning, it is estimated that wanted a while to come back, you went to the room to sit first!” Jian Chen thinks that rope' nature' agreed that said: Also good, that disturbed the old person.”

At this moment, the vigorous sound conveys from the distant place together. Father, mother, Grandfather, Uncle, two uncle, fellow uncle aunts, I came back.” Jian Chen and Ming Dong their subconscious turning the head look, sees only tall and powerfully built, the skin is swarthy, the light on the robust man shoulder of head anti- a wild boar was coming from the distance. That is the black boy, the black boy came back, yo! Unexpectedly hit such big wild pig to come back.” Old person face happy saying. Ming Dong has taken a look under anti- that robust man of wild pig, asking that cannot believe: Jian Chen, is this Tie Ta that you must look for?” Nod of Jian Chen smile, said: Good, he is Tie Ta, initially in Kargath Academy, was the only friend who I knew, several years passed by, although other people changed, making me somewhat unable to recognize, but his sound was the same from the past.” At this time, carries on the shoulder Tie Ta that the wild pig came back also to discover two people who in the village were many, personal appearance slightly, at once throws the ground the wild boar, took big strides arrives in front of Jian Chen, asked: Who are you? Strange, how I think some of you familiar feelings, where had we seen before?” The Tie Ta expression first is somewhat ice-cold, when he notes Jian Chen, in eye immediately' dew' a doubt god' color', surprised uncertain looks at Jian Chen. Looks at present Tie Ta, in the Jian Chen heart is also an exclamation, several years do not see, Tie Ta unexpectedly compared with before tall and strong, other did not say that are only this physique look like as if is a hill, by Jian Chen one meter eight head, can only reach the altitude of Tie Ta chest unexpectedly, the Tie Ta height, at least in two meters about five. Jian Chen raises head to look at such as hill general Tie Ta slightly, on the face' dew' the bright smiling face, said: Tie Ta, is about several years does not see, didn't you recognize me?” Listens to this to have several points of familiar sound, a Tie Ta brow wrinkle,' dew' god of thinking' color', muttered: This sound .... Sinking' recitation' moment, Tie Ta eye suddenly one bright, as if has remembered anything, immediately is wild with joy is staring at Jian Chen, facial expression excited saying: You... You are Changyang Xiangtian, you are Changyang Xiangtian, I... I can remember your sound.” Jian Chen Ha Ha said with a smile: Tie Ta, I also think that you have given to forget me.” No, how this can, Changyang Xiangtian, my Tie Ta this not forget for a lifetime your, Ha Ha Ha, you are my Tie Ta best brothers, you still remember that initially we together hunted and killed the Demonic Beast matter in Kargath Academy, that is my Tie Ta this generation happiest day, my Tie Ta will not forget for a lifetime.” Tie Ta Ha Ha laughs, facial expression very excited, then goes forward to grasp Jian Chen suddenly maliciously, the corner of the eye had the tears to flow out, said: Changyang Xiangtian, has not thought that you are also living, this was really good, these matters that in the past you and Huayun Sect had I also inquired from teacher there clearly, knows that you went to bad risk Tian Yuan Continent extremely to rush to'', but you afterward did not have the message, my Tie Ta also thinks that this generation could not see you.”