Chaotic Sword God - Volume 6 - Chapter 548
Chapter 548 Steals away the cub prime culprit ( 1 ) Jian Chen instantaneously became gloomy, in the ice-cold vision has filled intense killing intent, then immediately transferred the direction, leading the people to hurry to toward City Lord's Mansion. Looks at the Jian Chen that suddenly transformation face' color', in the Kyle four people of hearts also felt that doubts' being puzzled very much', does not understand that actually what happened, makes the face of Jian Chen' color' unexpectedly such ugly. Although in the heart doubts' being puzzled very much', but four people look at the face of Jian Chen this gloomy' color', does not dare to ask, but peaceful following behind Jian Chen. center of City Lord's Mansion situated in Wake City, Jian Chen several people rides 3-Step Demonic Beast mount to go through on the crowded avenue, has caused many passers-by in abundance the vision that settles down to cast curious and envies. In this small Wake City, 3-Step Demonic Beast mount is very rare, usually , to see one very not to be easy, but at this moment presented seven heads unexpectedly all of a sudden, naturally became on the avenue the most noticeable focal point, causes many pedestrians or Mercenary lowers the sound to discuss. Young can ride 3-Step Demonic Beast mount, moreover you looked the clothes that on them wears are the high-grade goods' color', these people certainly are the disciple of some big aristocratic family.” You look at you to look that walks is really attractive in the middle that female, simply is the female celestial of space, my two sons-of-a-bitch pledged that she absolutely is in my this life has seen the prettiest girl, beautiful quickly made me suffocate.” Well, walks in the following that four people is not just the Raging Flames Mercenaries four leaders, strange, their this' touching' type, sees probably in immediately the person.” I only heard that Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader came back last night suddenly, rides in 3-Step Demonic Beast mount that several people to have Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader?” Heard that the Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader strength is very formidable . Moreover the age is also young, that should not walk in forefront that youth.” I listen to the person to mention this morning probably, Heaven Defying Mercenaries Leader Du Bixia by Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader spending, moreover several other Expert also by the Raging Flames Mercenaries person killing, Heaven Defying Mercenaries have dismissed now, does not know really......” Jian Chen several people are riding the 3-Step Demonic Beast mount high-sounding talk passes through on the avenue, every several people of places visited, all around resounds one piece humming sound the discussion sound, but regarding this phenomenon, Jian Chen several people turns a deaf ear , the scene of paid attention they saw. Jian Chen several people quick arrived at City Lord's Mansion, Kyle have gone forward and protected the guard in City Lord's Mansion front door place immediately to negotiate, said: Our Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader comes to visit City Lord, fast informs!”

Raging Flames Mercenaries has very big fame in Wake City, as soon as the guard of guarding a gate listens is Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader kisses, immediately does not dare to neglect, immediately branches out several people respectfully welcomed everybody, simultaneously informs Sir City Lord. Yun Li City Lord receives the news that Jian Chen kisses, hurried to put down the matter in hand to come out to greet personally, after both sides exchanged greetings mutually several, Jian Chen several people by a Yun Li City Lord face warm welcome to main hall. Brother Jian Chen, have not thought that you come in my this City Lord's Mansion unexpectedly personally, really lets my this City Lord's Mansion is you honor my humble home.” Yun Li City Lord he he said with a smile, expression warm non- ratio. The face of Jian Chen that gloomy' color' early restored usual, said with a smile pale: Is the safe does not ascend the Buddhist temples below, this time comes, something hope that Sir City Lord can help one another 12.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, Brother Jian Chen you were really too polite, had any need my place, although said is, by our friendship, so to be why must polite.” Yun Li City Lord laughs to say. Jian Chen sank' recitation' meeting, said: Sir City Lord, few days ago our Raging Flames Mercenaries obtained a 5-Step Demonic Beast baby, what a pity night had been stolen away by a strength excel mysterious character in one, and counterattacked to kill our Raging Flames Mercenaries senior statesman, although our Raging Flames Mercenaries once consumed looks for the whereabouts of this mysterious person vigorously, but did not have the least bit clue, therefore, below hopes that Sir City Lord can assist our Raging Flames Mercenaries, strives soon to look for the murderer!” Does not have the issue, Brother Jian Chen you could rest assured that I send for the entire city searching immediately, assists you to seek for the murderer fully.” The Yun Li City Lord big hand wields, without hesitation complies to indicate that coordinates Jian Chen to arrest the murderer. That troubled Sir City Lord.” Jian Chen cups one hand in the other across the chest to say with a smile. Yun Li City Lord he he said with a smile: „It is not troublesome, small matter, Brother Jian Chen, my Yun Li old your 20 years, if you do not mind, our according to brothers are symmetric, later Brother Jian Chen have anything to have a need for brother's place, the brother fully will certainly help your.” Listened to these words, Dole, light wind, Mo Tian, the Charles four people in abundance cold snort in the heart, looked that has filled disdaining to the Yun Li City Lord vision. Although they do not know that the Jian Chen present strength has achieved the what kind boundary, but Jian Chen, since can put out including Heaven Tier battle skill, how could that strength looks down upon, position that so powerhouse stands, with Yun Li this small City Lord completely is two different domains. Sir City Lord, other matters, after waiting the murderer found, to discuss again, this murderer has killed my Raging Flames Mercenaries senior statesman, regardless of he is whose my Jian Chen will be will not let off absolutely his, therefore, now my in heart urgent wanted to find this murderer.” Jian Chen expression light saying, was equal to rejecting the meaning of Yun Li City Lord becoming friends with. Although had been rejected by Jian Chen, but Yun Li City Lord does not lose one's temper, said with a smile: Since Brother Jian Chen such impatiently seek for the murderer, the brother will help surely fully your, at least in this Wake City, did not have the matter that any brother could not solve.” Then, Yun Li City Lord looks for a soldier immediately, surface' color' serious saying: Your fast informs Commander Duo Li, making him lead a city defense force to carry on the entire city to search to Wake City, pays close attention to unidentified external Expert.”

Subordinate is compliant!” That soldier replied, has drawn then back. Holds on a minute!” Jian Chen opens the mouth suddenly, said: Sir City Lord, seeks for the murderer to have no need actually such troublesome, that mysterious Expert wears a mask, we do not know that he is actually long anything' touching' type, what a little can affirm, that mysterious Expert for the 5-Step Demonic Beast baby, therefore, we because of this concentrate on seeking for on the 5-Step Demonic Beast baby, the goal of like this seeking for also wants on big many.” Good good, while so!” Saying of Yun Li City Lord extremely approval \; Brother Jian Chen are intelligent, such quickly has found out a good method, like this seeks, the degree of difficulty indeed wants on small many, that mysterious Expert comes to the 5-Step cub, definitely will not give to discard the 5-Step cub, so long as seeks for the 5-Step cub, quite in finding murderer.” Sir City Lord said is extremely, so long as sought for the 5-Step cub, quite in finding that the murderer who struck to kill my Raging Flames Mercenaries senior statesman, but Sir City Lord here news was quickest, does not know in those days that in my Raging Flames Mercenaries 5-Step cub lost, Sir City Lord here may have the news about 5-Step cub.” Jian Chen vision tight stares at Yun Li City Lord to say with a smile pale. The Yun Li City Lord face' color' the nature, sighed lightly, said: Brother Jian Chen you too high saw the brother I, brother I, although was well-informed, but was not the matter can inquire, as for the matter of 5-Step cub, the brother I actually does not know, perhaps, that stole away the cub the mysterious person early to leave our Wake City.” Left Wake City? Real?” Jian Chen twittering, in eye flashes through together the cold glow in a low voice, said: Everybody comes with me!” Saying, Jian Chen was not greeting Yun Li City Lord, went out of the main hall directly. Looks the back that Jian Chen departs, the Yun Li City Lord surface' color' transforms several, quick returned to normal, hurried to pursue, warm detaining said: Brother Jian Chen, how such quickly walks, is disinclined to come here one time to might as well sit a meeting, the brother made one prepare the banquet to congratulate that immediately Brother Jian Chen triumphal returned to turn over to from Mercenary City.” Who said that I must leave, I want to transfer one then already, the words that Yun Li City Lord, you do not mind, accompany me to walk!” Saying that Jian Chen unemotionally, the expression suddenly was becoming indifferent. Ha Ha, that makes brother come for Brother Jian Chen to be a chapter of guide, Brother, the garden in that side, we go to the garden to sit.” Saying, Yun Li City Lord the arm of Jian Chen is attempting direction toward garden on pulling. The Jian Chen arm shook gently, shakes the palm of Yun Li City Lord, said: Who said that I must go to garden, Yun Li Sir City Lord, you are follow peacefully side me.” Jian Chen looked that does not look at Yun Li one, the expression became very indifferent, turned toward Little Lou to walk directly. The face of Yun Li City Lord' color' also became along with Jian Chen these words somewhat ugly, when he saw the direction that Jian Chen went forward, a shocking god' color' dodged to pass from the eye, hurries to pursue, the expression sank: Brother Jian Chen, there is the place that I rest, you go to there to do.” This time, Jian Chen has not paid attention to Yun Li City Lord, when Yun Li City Lord wants to stop Jian Chen to approach him to rest the bedroom, but Jian Chen footsteps can it be that he can stop. Yun Li City Lord as if by Jian Chen this behavior enraging, the smiling face on face completely vanished does not see, a face ugly is staring at Jian Chen, the sinking sound track: Jian Chen, actually you want to do, explained your purpose in coming.”

Later you knew.” Jian Chen sneers saying that but at this time, he arrived around Little Lou, has kicked aside the door directly, the stride walked. The Yun Li City Lord face' color' big change, moved sideways to block Jian Chen, shouted to clear the way: Jian Chen, you are what meaning, here is my City Lord's Mansion, how could to make you act sloppily!” The Jian Chen surface' dew' sneers, the palm grasps void, the boundless world vitality rapid gathers to come when the palms, then in Yun Li City Lord has not responded, suddenly shells in the ground. With a bang sound, the entire ground fiercely was shivering, in the house mist and dust everywhere, has isolated the lines of sight of all people. Strong winds have blown from the room, has carried off all mist and dust, the when line of sight of person is in the presence of everyone clear, sees only the dead center place of house,' dew' left jet black huge hole to basement. Saw this cave mouth, the Yun Li City Lord face' color' disastrous incident, the whole person delay. Jian Chen vision swift and fierce looked at Yun Li City Lord one, cold snort, said: Dole, light wind, Charles, Mo Tian, your four go in!” Yes!” The Dole four people replied, simultaneously plunged into the hole to enter the basement. After several breath, the Dole four people go out from the basement successively, several people of faces' color' becomes very gloomy, but in the hand of light wind, but also is taking iron cage of one meter square, in the iron cage is closing one less than half meter cub, the whole body' wool' sends shiningly, at this moment is rolling up in the corner vision of iron cage timid is staring at the people.