Chaotic Sword God - Volume 7 - Chapter 630
In the sky a sunshine, ten thousand li (0.5km) Wu Yun, the breeze blows gently, the golden hot sun sends out dazzling golden yellow rays of light to sprinkle, is shining the trim earth on Tian Yuan Continent, brings light to society, with warm climate. In several kilometers deep blue upper air, Jian Chen brings Wang Yifeng imperial to be spatial and good, cuts the expansive sky then to vanish by extremely quick speed suddenly in a world place. Jian Chen, you were really too fierce, has not thought that Saint Ruler like this had been killed by you, although I am unable with own eyes goal startled day war, but also by that momentum daunting, that earthshaking sound, that landslide cracks in the earth, I even felt that the world soon was given destruction by you.” Wang Yifeng facial expression excited keeping that was saying at the same time incessantly: „The Saint Ruler strength is very formidable, is not the manpower can contend, today was to experience finally, later my Wang Yifeng also had the face to boast outside well one, the war of Saint Ruler, this is hundred years is hard to see.” Jian Chen he he said with a smile \; You too look at me high, Saint Ruler so was can it be that good to kill, I and Jiede Clan Saint Ruler, although hit was very intense, but both of us were also only evenly matched, no one how anyone, Jiede Clan Saint Ruler was not struck to kill by me.” That very amazing, Jian Chen, your present has looked like might as well I am also old, has not thought that you broke through to the Saint Ruler boundary, the later achievement is limitless, my Wang Yifeng can mix with you simply is my good fortune, later must have is popular drinks spicily.” Saying that Wang Yifeng being smiling, can follow in Saint Ruler behind, for him seems one type is worth the happy matter. Suddenly, Wang Yifeng has as if thought of anything, look one tight, a face anxious looks at Jian Chen, said: Right Jian Chen, you may not probably abandon me, although my Wang Yifeng, only then the Second Cycle Earth Saint Master strength, my potential is not however weak, until now is only 35 years old , calculated on bureau to refer to being possible on Tian Yuan Continent the talent of number, later breaks through to Heaven Saint Master is the matter of being settled, what is only defective is only the time energy, even can also aspire to seize the Saint Ruler boundary, is a good boost.” If you are willing to join Mercenary Group that I form, I naturally cannot throw down you, but the words I may probably explain, with me may not necessarily be the good deed, although my strength is not weak, but future match also strong, is not that affable.” Jian Chen expression light saying. He He, I do not care about these, the later matter who could talk clearly, but my Wang Yifeng with deciding you.” Wang Yifeng hee hee saying of Ha Ha, depended on the Jian Chen touching type. Then, Jian Chen brought Wang Yifeng to return to Mercenary City, first was bites has been Wang Yifeng in Mercenary City and other own, afterward accompanied Little Spirit to say several words left here, flew toward Longevity Valley. But at the same time, in being away from a Mercenary City recent kingdom, in First Class City, tall and powerfully built, robust middle-aged guy face callous sitting in a secret room.

„The information that mister of respect, you want we have inquired clearly.” In the secret room, sits in the middle-aged guy opposite old man wear a look of professional smile. Said! If the information is reliable, I will have the generous recompense.” Middle-aged guy eyes one bright, expression indifferent saying. Hears will have the generous recompense, the smiling face on old man face immediately became rich, on the shameless that thick wrinkle wrinkled one group, hurried saying: Mister of respect, after full nosing of our Lost Tracks Sect, has controlled the motion of Jian Chen initially, the matter that he after experiencing Mercenary City had that causes a stir, also stayed for one month in Mercenary City left Mercenary City afterward, several days later appears in Heavenly Pearl Kingdom First Class City, and got rid to destroy completely an influence not weak family, making the entire city enormously be damaged, it is estimated that has used Heaven Tier battle skill .... Middle-aged man some impatient waving, said: Me do not tell that these useless idle talk, said the key point, I only want to know his whereabouts.” „Is is!” The old men hurry to acknowledge that reorganized under the mentality in brain, said: Because Jian Chen is Heaven Saint Master Rank powerhouse, hurries along is the imperial spatial flights, therefore we are unable to track him, only knows that couple of days ago he led a person to return Mercenary City, how long then has not stayed to leave, but the position that departed probably was Horizontal Mountain Range.” Horizontal Mountain Range!” In the middle-aged guy eyes the fine glow dodges, twittering said in a low voice: „Does he go to there to do?” Mister of respect, Jian Chen is only the departure position is Horizontal Mountain Range, we cannot guarantee that actually he will go where, can the midway change the route, but I promised you, once we knew once more Jian Chen position, will certainly inform you by quickest speed.” The old men continue to say. Middle-aged guy slight bow, abandons one to be installed to rouse the purse of drum on the table, expression indifferent saying: This is your monetary rewards, remember, must trace the Jian Chen position fully, once he has been far away from Mercenary City, immediately informs me by quickest speed.” „Is is!” Saying of old man busy non- place, took the purse on table immediately, puts out a hand to draw opens the purse, immediately a piece of purple brilliant light sparkle. Sees this, the smiling face on old man face was more charming.

...... Jian Chen all alone returned to Longevity Valley, now the matter of outside has processed temporarily, the following days, he planned to stay in Longevity Valley middle-grade, when return of Little Fatty, moreover while these period of time, he can also well Chaos Force that familiar one obtained newly. As for Shi Family, Shi Family Old Ancestor died, remaining one crowd of Heaven Saint Master have not feared the least bit to threaten in the Jian Chen eye, cannot turn any rough seas to come, moreover his present strength endures compared with Saint Ruler, strengthens along with the strength, his vision also enhanced, has not paid attention to Shi Family that losing Saint Ruler assumed, was disinclined to run one to cope with their remnant remaining power strength once more, planned when in the future Raging Flames Mercenaries will expand, gave Raging Flames Mercenaries training to use. Returned Longevity Valley, Jian Chen and housing villagers here exchanged greetings mutually several, then temporarily lived in wooden house under the arrangement of Uncle Xiumi. In the evening, after Jian Chen accompanies Uncle Xiumi husband and wife has been having the dinner, directly returns to wooden house own to close in inside, in jet black wooden house, Jian Chen such as a stone carving sits cross-legged to sit on the bed, through with Purple Azure Sword Spirits the multi-information of exchange understanding about Chaos Force. Master, your present Chaos Force is also far from true Chaos Force, the might and true Chaos Force wants to compare to want, if on many, therefore you use Chaos Force time, do not hit baseless Chaos Force, like this is not only big to the consumption of Chaos Force, but also on might also weak many.” Zi Ying said in the Jian Chen brain. Since this, after me, with the person fights, only then with the fist and opposite party near body fights?” Jian Chen somewhat worried saying. Yes, the master, Chaos Force is overbearing, the common weapon is not enough to support Chaos Force to flow in the weapon, before Purple Azure Dual Swords has not refined, you only then by Chaos Body and enemy near body fight.” Zi Ying said. Master, should not be impatient, so long as found enough material to refine Purple Azure Dual Swords, the chaos live Yin-Yang, but Zi Ying and Qing Suo are Yin-Yang Qi, therefore Zi Ying and Qing Suo to Chaos Force are very kind, so long as the master successful refinement of Purple Azure Dual Swords, in Chaos Force is auxiliary, that Purple Azure Dual Swords might will obtain the qualitative leap, by that time, the world may go greatly.” Qing Suo said.

In the Jian Chen heart that Qing Suo these words said jumps to continue crazily, very urgent wants to refine Purple Azure Dual Swords, but feels at once very worried, refined the Purple Azure Dual Swords material too to be really difficult to look, who knows when can collect enough material to refine Purple Azure Dual Swords. Master, Ruler Armament could reluctant withstanding Chaos Force, you might as well look for appropriate Ruler Armament to replace.” Zi Ying said. Yes, the master, Ruler Armament because of this can withstand Chaos Force reluctantly, when Purple Azure Dual Swords has not refined, you can look for Ruler Armament to substitute, but I think, since the Saint Ruler 9-layer person predestined time of death to can leave behind Ruler Armament, that Saint King 9-layer person, if possible, the master you look for the weapon that a Saint King 9-layer person leaves behind similarly, be bigger than weapon stronger that Saint Ruler leaves behind.” Qing Suo said. Saint King 9-layer!” Listened to this saying, Jian Chen to smile bitterly secretly, Ruler Armament that Saint Ruler left behind so was difficult to ask, under let alone Saint King 9-layer powerhouse left behind the thing, perhaps such Divine Item, entire Tian Yuan Continent could not discover several to come. However the proposition of Qing Suo, actually good means that but whether to seek, must watch the chance. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, Saint Ruler has controlled profound truth of the world, can utilize Space Force, even if were I practices Chaos Body unable to them to pose the threat, you did have the means to tackle this issue.” ps: Discovered that an awkward issue, has made a mistake the order of chapter, now revised......