Chaotic Sword God - Volume 7 - Chapter 640

Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler sneers saying: „ Qin Country cannot take care of oneself now, where also has the energy to meddle these matters, Jian Chen, if you want to preserve own with the aid of the Qin Country influence, I urged you to lose heart, obedient resigned the Tungsten alloy mineral lode two-thirds resources, old man then not to make things difficult for you, otherwise, you know that can be any consequence.Does not arrive to compel to have no other choice, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler does not dare to kill Jian Chen under glare of the public eye, although Jian Chen in his eyes is only Heaven Saint Master, is similar to the ants is small and weak, but his another single layer status is actually Qin Country Imperial Protector, this makes in his heart also somewhat dread. In the Jian Chen heart moves, before he in guessing Qin Country has perhaps come across the troublesome matter, but Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler these words have affirmed the guess in his heart, but actually Qin Country will encounter any difficulty he to be actually unknown. It seems like, when waited to have free time also because to should go to Qin Country to find out the situation.” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly that Qin Country has also rendered him before not the small assistance, now Qin Country has encountered the difficulty, he is unable to stand by. However the present aspect actually did not ponder these issues time, Jian Chen has restrained the own mood rapidly swiftly and fiercely, the vision stares at Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler, in the eye is glittering intense killing intent, sneers saying: Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler, you did not have the qualifications to speak such words to me now.” When speech, strength of the rich wind element wraps Jian Chen, is dragging his body lift-off slowly, confronts in the midair with Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler . Moreover, formidable fighting intent send out from Jian Chen, sues the trim world sufficiently, as if made the surrounding air give to coagulate. In the Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler eye the cold brightness twinkle, looked that to the Jian Chen vision completely is look that disdains, in his understanding, Jian Chen is Heaven Saint Master boundary Expert, such character in his eyes indeed is small and weak like the ants, collapses at the first blow. Jian Chen, you must compel the old man to begin really!” Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler sinking sound track, expression ice-cold, has drawn near the limit of enduring patiently.

At this moment, Jian Chen and Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler between them the war has been ready to be set off. Observes the above form, Raging Flames Mercenaries several Heaven Saint Master and Ming Dong several people of complexion became somewhat dignified, ten were divided into Jian Chen to worry, after all he faced with Heaven Saint Master completely not in Saint Ruler of level. Qin Country Imperial Protector has not come, eternal truth Dragon Tiger Sect that person of institute said such doesn't have the ample force to meddle these matters? If they do not come, brother may be dangerous.” Bi Lian heavyhearted saying, in their hearts has also thought that Jian Chen has informed Qin Country Imperial Protector to be secure to Dragon Tiger Sect, but now Jian Chen and Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler between them fought already the border that will arrive at will soon erupt, but they anticipated that Qin Country Imperial Protector has not appeared, this made in their all person hearts feel that was restless and anxious. This Jian Chen also was really too impulsive, before Qin Country Imperial Protector has not come, how may so rashly enraged Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler, here did not have any strength to resist Saint Ruler powerhouse.” Dugu Feng brow also tight wrinkle in same place. Listened to their this heavyhearted words, saying with a smile that golden clothes Nubisi cannot bear: Must disappoint you, Qin Country Imperial Protector that you hope for is impossible to come.” What, Qin Country won't Imperial Protector come? How we resist Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler.” Ming Dong complexion big change.

Nubisi has cast aside Jian Chen in sky, said: Some that people did not come up on own initiative, that Saint Ruler gave him to deal with is OK.” Cracks a joke, Jian Chen now is Heaven Saint Master, how may be the Saint Ruler powerhouse match.” Ming Dong expression dignified saying. I simply inform our Old Ancestor, our Old Ancestor because of should be capable of dealing with Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler.” The Huang Luan expression is bringing several points of urgency. Bang!” In people still under to how deal with Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler, but discussed when intensely, a sad sound transmitted suddenly, let the entire space is fierce trembled, saw only in the sky to holding Jian Chen and Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler has fought in the same place. Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler, initially you granted me that to hold me still to remember to the present clearly, today meets the repayment of both capital and interest to give you below.” Jian Chen makes noise drinks greatly, Chaos Force already proliferated the whole body, the might display of Chaos Force to peak, that strong defense strength Saint Ruler difficult wound.

Dragon Tiger Sect some Saint Ruler vision delay is staring at Jian Chen, unbelievable calling out in alarm said: This is how possible, did you break through Heaven Saint Master to step into the boundary of Saint Ruler?” Just that time fought, making Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler also finally experience the Jian Chen present strength, this where is the strength that Heaven Saint Master had. Today your Dragon Tiger Sect threatens to come, I must make you turn over to dirtily.” Jian Chen sonic boom drinks, displays the form thousand imaginary gods, the body such as ghosts and demons arrives around Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler together like lightning, a fist brings boundless Chaos Force to hit toward his chest front, fist place visited, surrounding space in fierce distortion.