Chaotic Sword God - Volume 7 - Chapter 642

Ha Ha Ha, cuts the Saint, good, today we cut Saint Ruler!” Nubisi Ha Ha laughs, grasped directly pricked Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler chest front, ripped a bulk meat to get down, pain Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler exuded a stuffy pshaw. Cuts the Saint, depends on you not to have this ability!” The anger of Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler complexion ferocious name exclaimed, at once the personal appearance dodges, vanished in Jian Chen several people of lines of sight baseless, has been separated from three people of surrounding to appear with the aid of Space Force in void hundred meters away. A present his distress, has hair dishevelled, complexion is pale, body that white long gown was dyed blood red by the holy blood, already lost formerly elegant demeanor. Jian Chen Illusionary Flash displays, fighting intent soaring flushes away toward Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler hundred meters away, does not give the time that the Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler least bit pants for breath. After that Nubisi and Jiede Tai they also in abundance toward Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler surrounding in the past. Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler vision hatred is staring at Jian Chen, the [say / way] of clenching jaws: Jian Chen, matter of old man today has taken down, has a lot of time for that the old man will quickly look your.” Throws down these words, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler does not pay attention to Expert in several school, the personal appearance dodges then to change into a rays of light shade to be about much speed to run away toward the distant place, suddenly vanishes does not see. Without a trace Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler that looks at vanish, Jian Chen face regrettable sighing, said: Made him give to escape unexpectedly, what a pity, now Japan should be the golden opportunity that he cut to kill!” golden clothes Nubisi stands side Jian Chen looks at the direction that Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler is vanishing, said: Saint Ruler so is can it be that good to kill, only if the strength can suppress the opposite party absolutely, otherwise, Saint Ruler , to run away nobody to block radically, moreover his strength has achieved the 4-layer boundary, on 1-layer compared with our stronger, is more profound than us to the space mysterious sharpness, even if we want to pursue cannot overtake.” Jian Chen vision deep looked at Nubisi, Nubisi is Antiquity Variation Beast Silver Striped Golden Snake, the battle efficiency formidable is far from same rank can contend, even can also jump the ranks to challenge a stronger match, moreover as Silver Striped Golden Snake, most famous sufficiently was Tian Yuan Continent all poison top three is violently poisonous. But just Nubisi and Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler battle, although severe wound opposite party, but a he violently poisonous ability completely has not actually displayed, the strength that exposes is also such average not wonderful, almost and Jiede Tai is equally matched, does not have obviously fully, regarding this, in the Jian Chen heart also feels very discontentedly, but the surface has not said anything. Saint Ruler is indeed difficult to kill, if they Yixin (wholeheartedly) runs away, that will be very difficult to capture, suddenly then can the far escaping thousand li(500 km), if has not left behind the mark on them, only need the suddenly time they be able to vanish in your induction range, making you not have the mark to seek, but they also will pay like this certain belt price.” Jiede Tai at the same time was also saying that very approves of the view of Nubisi. A Jian Chen brow wrinkle, said slightly: How can that be able to strike to kill him?” They have hesitated the meeting, finally Jiede Tai opens the mouth saying: If wants to cut to kill one to achieve 4-layer boundary Saint Ruler, only if the control has Saint Tier battle skill in legend, otherwise, perhaps only then 7-layer above Saint Ruler can kill it cutting, because in front of 7-layer Saint Ruler, 4-layer Saint Ruler is very difficult to escape, ability that even has not escaped.”

It seems like, to cut to kill (Huan Zhen) really Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler is not an easy matter.” Jian Chen muttered in a low voice, according to his original idea, wants to cut to kill Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler, what a pity finally did not realize. The distant place, Dragon Tiger Sect more than ten Heaven Saint Master saw old Sect Master not to beat to suffer defeat and flee, was frightened complexion to be pale, does not dare to stay the moment here, hurried to turn head toward the rear area to run away. Jian Chen realized that their movement, in the eye flashes through together the cold glow immediately, shouted to clear the way lowly: Since came, cannot such with ease make you go back.” The Jian Chen direct palm lays out, a vast boundless energy turbulent flushes away toward Dragon Tiger Sect several Heaven Saint Master, the energy extrusion space, gave to coagulate their surrounding spaces, several Dragon Tiger Sect Heaven Saint Master boundary powerhouse also by deciding stiffly in midair. Bang!” Boundless energy fallout hits directly on them, struck to fly them completely, several were killed violently at the scene, body weak from airborne crashed, finally only then the strength achieved Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master Dragon Tiger Sect Sect Master and has vice- Sect Master as well as an old man of Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master strength lived by luck, but also experiences personally the heavy losses, was hard to float spatially. Walks!” Dragon Tiger Sect Sect Master Chris exudes a hoarse whooshing sound, the control world vitality stands firm the own personal appearance fully, two Expert that then and lives by luck ran away. But regarding them, Jian Chen has not been ruthless, was to really be disinclined second time to get rid to cope with Heaven Saint Master by his present vision. We go back!” Jian Chen greeted one, was bringing Jiede Tai and Nubisi they again with Ming Dong one group of people round in the same place. Jian Chen, this several months does not see, did you break through Heaven Saint Master to enter Saint Ruler this supreme boundary?” Brother, you have been injured, is the situation serious!” Ming Dong one group of people encircle saying that talked at once immediately, among look filled the excitement that was hard to conceal, the strength breakthrough of Jian Chen has made them have the excitement of the heart. The distant place, belonged to Raging Flames Mercenaries several Heaven Saint Master also to encircle, all was look complex looks that the age also wanted on small many Jian Chen compared with own, Jian Chen and of Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler intense war deep has shocked their mind.

Then how long does not see, Jian Chen from the Heaven Saint Master breakthrough to Saint Ruler this supreme boundary, this is makes them yearn end point goal, unexpectedly so easily was achieved by Jian Chen. Suddenly, Raging Flames Mercenaries several Heaven Saint Master looked that is bringing envying that is hard to conceal to the Jian Chen vision, follows in also somewhat small envy and respect. Disparity between Saint Ruler powerhouse and Heaven Saint Master like the natural moat gap, this time Jian Chen, has made these Heaven Saint Master respect to him sufficiently. What they do not know is present Jian Chen is still Heaven Saint Master, has not become Saint Ruler in the true sense. Experiences this fight, Jian Chen, Jiede Tai and Nubisi three people of strengths also completely exposes, in Raging Flames Mercenaries does in the powerhouse eye, but had three Saint Ruler to assume personal command, let Raging Flames Mercenaries did the high-level energy more sufficient, because for serveral days the news revelation of Tungsten alloy ore gave clean of pressure also complete dissipation they psychologically brought. In personally sees the Jian Chen three people to repel Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler, after as well as a Jian Chen palm cuts kills Dragon Tiger Sect several Heaven Saint Master Expert, in their all person hearts has realized, present Raging Flames Mercenaries had has shown disdain for the Tian Yuan Continent capital sufficiently. Moreover talent that shows by Jian Chen, they do not dare to imagine, if gives him again some time, actually his strength will reach the what kind rank. After repelling Dragon Tiger Sect successfully, Jian Chen several people do not have much to stay here, returned to Heavenly Eagle Kingdom Imperial Palace directly. In main conference hall in Imperial Palace, the Raging Flames Mercenaries high level collects completely is discussing the important meeting together. Since the Tungsten alloy ore revealed that we did not need such to cover up to the past, unshackled to mine directly fully, must obtain many Tungsten alloy ores in the shortest time, I feared, also will have some accidents Jian Chen to sit in the first place serious saying, although their Raging Flames Mercenaries present strength was not weak in these recluse Shi Family, but the Tungsten alloy ore on Tian Yuan Continent was really too precious, moreover this was a large-scale mineral lode, his (Huan Zhen) really worry will provoke in the future compared with a Dragon Tiger Sect stronger enemy. We have been mining fully, but the Tungsten alloy ore is very hard, the difficulty of mining is very big, therefore progresses has been very slow, at present we only mine small some Tungsten alloy ores, and also asked the best artisan to forge, strove to build a number of defense strength strong armor to equip our Raging Flames Mercenaries member in the shortest time.” You Yue said.

Jian Chen satisfied nod, said: „The area of Tungsten alloy ore is very broad, we can ask some people to carry on mining from the different places, this matter is urgent, must handle immediately.” In Jian Chen one group of people get together in main conference hall discussed about the Tungsten alloy ore as well as the following matter, that vast move that because the outside actually they and Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler war makes has had a falling out turning, the world vitality shake surrounding area ten thousand li (0.5km) of that drastic fluctuation, making in ten thousand li (0.5km) all achieve the Expert clear feeling of Heaven Saint Master boundary, making all people shock. The fight between Saint Ruler, on Tian Yuan Continent was really too rare, because such powerhouse was almost the recluse dives to cultivate unable to close up, little went out to take a walk, let alone fought. This time matter, attracted the surrounding area in ten thousand li (0.5km) the attention of all powerhouse, many achieves Heaven Saint Master boundary Expert also in abundance from all directions to get together in the place of eruption war, inquired the further information of matter in all kinds of forms to the Raging Flames Mercenaries member. Under inquiry that in their almost seizes every opportunity, quick had known Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader has achieved the Saint Ruler boundary, and in addition two strengths are Saint Ruler boundary powerhouse assume here similarly personally, this news makes all people shock, is the Raging Flames Mercenaries strength feels deep shock formidable. Is ten thousand-mile away, sitting cross-legged that in a pitch-dark cave, the Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler whole body is bathed in blood sits in the hole therapy, after takes next several six levels of radiant spirit pill one after another, his injury finally restored most probably. Jian Chen, Raging Flames Mercenaries, the old man will make you regret that you wait, do not think that you had three Saint Ruler to be supercilious, the enmity of today, how long old man could not want then to meet ten times of hundred times to present , the Tungsten alloy mineral lode do not want to obtain.” Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler vision cloudy and cold saying.