Chaotic Sword God - Volume 8 - Chapter 750

In Zha Family, patriarch is only a spokesman, although some status, but has not grasped the big right, cannot decide the Zha Family life truly, once there is any a big motion or is the big matter, Zha Family patriarch must report to the above elder. 【 * The Zha Family elder is divided into the inside and outside two systems, the internal elders are the Zha Family senior statesman level character, is the character who wields the real power, if their opinions can unify, that almost can decide the Zha Family lives and all motions. But the exterior elder, is powerhouse that and outside invited by Zha Family some powerhouse composes, the exterior elder had certain status in Zha Family, enjoyed the rich treatment, but has not had the real power. Zha Family these system Jian Chen before coming to listen to the Radiant Saint Master Union association president saying that therefore regarding the internal situation of City of God first respected family had some shallow understanding in his heart. Jian Chen sat on nearby idle seat, afterward with sitting the people in main hall exchanged greetings the meeting, and introduced after a conversation that Jian Chen also clear at this moment sat in the main hall wife, is the Zha Family management high levels. At this time, Zha Family patriarch complexion one positive, flashing eyes was staring at Jian Chen, said: Yang Yutian Grandmaster, this time invited your Zha Family to be a guest, in fact the important matters want to discuss with Yang Yutian Grandmaster.” hearing that, Jian Chen knows that the subject came, look became somewhat has also enforced, cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying: Does not know that what matter patriarch does have to want with Yang Yutian to discuss?” Zha Family patriarch shows a faint smile, said: Yang Yutian Grandmaster that unprecedented melts the tax to make our Zha Family all interior elders appreciate today, for this reason, our internal several elders also undergo a discussion, finally makes the decision, hopes that Yang Yutian Grandmaster can become my Zha Family internal elder, enjoys the real power status, how does not know under the Yang Yutian Grandmaster intent!” After saying, Zha Family patriarch vision tight stares at Jian Chen, the eyeground deep place is revealing a faint trace anticipation. Thanked the Zha Family deep affection, but Yang Yutian is the Radiant Saint Master Union core disciple, and was also received by the association president for the apprentice, if now joins your Zha Family, perhaps was somewhat improper.” Jian Chen look calm saying, not cares a whoop own to make such decision to offend Zha Family. Yang Yutian Grandmaster, you may probably consider clearly, making you one of the I Zha Family internal elders, since this has been my Zha Family was established, first time lets one is not my Zha Family direct descendant member becomes internal elder, our Zha Family regards as important you.” Zha Family patriarch consoles to say. The [say / way] of Jian Chen wear a look of apology: patriarch, was really sorry, only if obtains the agreement of master, otherwise, is very difficult below becomes the Zha Family internal elder.” Oh!” Zha Family patriarch sighed lightly, no longer said anything, suddenly, his look moved, reveals respectful look, but quick returned to normal, was saying to Jian Chen: Yang Yutian Grandmaster, Great Elder must see you, please come along with me.”

Saying, Zha Family patriarch was going out of the main hall directly. In Jian Chen eye fine glow twinkle, has hesitated slightly the meeting, at once follows close on to walk in Zha Family patriarch behind, but personal bodyguard Yang Ling stayed in the main hall. Jian Chen follows in toward the Zha Family backyard that Zha Family patriarch behind opens access to walk, in Zha Family, the guard who Jian Chen has not seen the patrol, but actually induces in the hidden place to many not weak aura, at least is the Earth Saint Master strengths, follows in some also Heaven Saint Master. Even when Jian Chen from a main hall, but also the induction to a Saint Ruler powerhouse aura, its strength has achieved the Saint Ruler 3-layer boundary. Jian Chen knows, these strengths that own sees are only the Zha Family tips of the iceberg, occupies entire City of God, and also lets Zha Family of attachment Tian Yuan Continent Eight Great Powerful Countries, how only then this strength. Jian Chen follows, in Zha Family patriarch behind entered in a Zha Family backyard palace, finally stopped in a living room, but in living room center, a crane sends the old man of young face sits on the table leisurely and carefree to drink the tea. The old men wear the white long gown, a white hair grips a steamed bun size the sending knot to occupy on the head, the whole body sends out one aura of dust, quite somewhat the tone of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality. Has seen Great Elder!” Zha Family God Lord condition respectful is bending the waist to salute to the old man. You get down!” Great Elder light saying, looked that does not look at Zha Family patriarch one. Yes!” In front of Great Elder, Zha Family patriarch appears incomparable respectful, to Great Elder deep bowing , the footsteps gently has then been drawing back. After Zha Family patriarch walks, Great Elder has lifted the head finally, the vision falls on Jian Chen, expression light saying \; „Are you Yang Yutian?” Jian Chen has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, just when wants to speak, suddenly his complexion suddenly changes, sees only an invisible imposing manner to send out from Great Elder, just likes withstand great pressure pressure stubbornly on the body of Jian Chen, making the Jian Chen entire body move not to fear in the slightest, the both legs slightly were curving bit by bit, kneels to the tread. „To make me kneel down, you did not have that qualifications!” Dreadful anger arises spontaneously in the Jian Chen heart, his vision in an instant became swift and fierce, in the eye the god glow exploded dodges, Radiant Saint Force between world condensed to come toward him, swiftly condensed the silver-white armor to cover his whole body each corner on him together, sent out the dazzling white light resisted that huge pressure. As Saint Light Armor condenses, straight that Jian Chen pressure weakened, that curving both legs have stood suddenly immediately, but looked that is also bringing to the Great Elder vision some swiftly and fiercely.

This Great Elder strength at least achieved above Saint Ruler 6-layer.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, does not have the least bit scared look. In the Great Elder eye flashes through fine glow, looked that is having the applause to the Jian Chen vision, the invisible imposing manner that at once that sends out increases suddenly. The Jian Chen body shivered fiercely, that just stood is the both legs also had the curving sign, at this moment, he felt on own presses is not a mountain, but is a Tieshan, is built Tieshan that by the steel and iron. kã chã! Jian Chen Saint Light Armor had a crack, at once the crack is getting bigger and bigger, gradually has been found in whole body each corner, finally finally shatter, changes into the powder dissipation of everywhere in airborne. Jian Chen white teeth bites tightly, body within the body Chaos Force all emerges in Chaos Dantian the deep hideaway, at this moment is easiest to expose his Martial Artist status the secret, to prevent eventuality, he gave up by the thought that Chaos Body resists. Heavenly God Protection!” Jian Chen drinks one lowly, in only defense god technique three big god techniques. Immediately, Radiant Saint Force between world to be about much speed to come toward the Jian Chen collection, although Great Elder has limited the migration of Jian Chen, but actually cannot prevent Jian Chen to display Radiant Divine Technique, because Radiant Saint Force is not Martial Artist can control radically. Heavenly God Protection, does not want to link this god technique to be grasped by you, it seems like, the Radiant Saint Master Union most formidable three big god techniques were grasped by you completely.” Great Elder twittering said in a low voice, among look is having several points of startled color. Heavenly God Protection defense god technique is to condense Radiant Saint Force between world emerges in flesh body, making flesh body go to the situation of strong physique, and will not have had the least bit side effect. Huge Radiant Saint Force continuous pours into Jian Chen within the body, finally integrates in his flesh body completely, making the Jian Chen entire body send out dim white rays of light, but his flesh body defense strength in the according to inconceivable speed swift reinforcement, although compares to be also far from Chaos Body, but this to Radiant Saint Master that frail body, is actually the strongest defense god technique. The flesh body defense strength unceasing enhancement of Jian Chen, formidable Radiant Saint Force flow in within the body, resists the pressure that on Great Elder is sending out, that curving both legs also again station slowly was straight. In big elder eyes reveals strange rays of light, muttered: Good, good!” As the good two characters exit / to speak, the imposing manner suddenly increase several fold that Jian Chen faces, him that displayed rays of light that Heavenly God Protection sent out to suppress on suddenly completely, but the ground that Jian Chen stood also had a crack, and unceasing expansion, his both feet fell into a bottom three cuns (2.5cm) depth gradually.

In the Jian Chen eye reveals a color decidedly, at once has closed the eye slowly, difficult uphold both hands, pinch a strange seal to decide in chest front. Sees this, the big elder eyes pupil shrinks suddenly, this seal decides him to remember that displays the technique of Gods Descent Technique taboo hand imprint. Cannot make him display Gods Descent Technique, although this Gods Descent Technique is not true Gods Descent Technique, cannot pose the threat to me, but that vast momentum will alarm the person of general labor union inevitably.” In the Great Elder heart secretly thought, has taken back the imposing manner immediately, waves, a gentle strength sends out, breaks up the Jian Chen hand imprint forcefully, says with a smile: Yang Yutian Grandmaster not must lose one's temper, formerly the old man experienced the Yang Yutian little brother's strength, not other any ideas, if there is the place of any offending, but also asked Yang Yutian Grandmaster should not be offended.” Jian Chen has opened the eye slowly, although he knows that this is Great Elder is probing own, but still makes him be angry. Great Elder called Yang Yutian to come here, what did not know behavior.” Saying that Jian Chen unemotionally, is impolite. Perhaps Great Elder also knows that own formerly behavior was somewhat excessive, has not cared regarding the Jian Chen manner, says with a smile: Yang Yutian Grandmaster really straight talk from a straightforward person, good, the old man also spoke frankly, Yang Yutian Grandmaster, the old man wants to make you join our Zha Family, becomes one of the I Zha Family internal elders.” This issue formerly patriarch had raised below, must disappoint Great Elder.” The Jian Chen expression is bringing several points of ice-cold. Great Elder continues saying: Yang Yutian Grandmaster, franks, Radiant Saint Master Union association president also more than hundred years of life spans, once hundred years later he departs, that Radiant Saint Master Union will fall into during the control of our Zha Family, if you join our Zha Family become internal elder, the old man can pledge to you that in the future our Zha Family can plenary powers give you to be responsible for Radiant Saint Master Union, is this association president by you, and my Zha Family will also be your strong backing, Yang Yutian Grandmaster, you might as well consider.” Great Elder has not concealed to Jian Chen, because Zha Family wants to annex the Radiant Saint Master Union matter, although is secret, but regarding City of God these respected families, has calculated that was not the secret secret, moreover in Great Elder heart clear, the Radiant Saint Master Union association president knows that very early in the morning Zha Family had this ambition, therefore told Jian Chen this secret, will not constitute anything to affect to the plan of Zha Family. ~