Chaotic Sword God - Volume 8 - Chapter 760

Splash! Suddenly, the middle-aged man knees kneel, is kowtowing to beg for mercy to Zi Ying: „ On Venerable to forgive Venerable to forgive, small had eyes but failed to see to affront on Venerable, but also on please revere to show mercy to forgive a small life. 【 】 ” At this moment, in the middle-aged man heart understands that at present is transformed purple robe youth that becomes by Sword Spirits once is incomparably formidable existence, this type formidable completely has been above his imagination, own before him, the qualifications of continually pulling on shoes does not have, is not own can offend. Zi Ying has taken back the pressure slowly indifferently, the manner is staring at the middle-aged man, said \; Gets up, this time for the time being forgives your meaning of affronting, is not to a precedent.” Thanked Venerable to forgive, thanks Venerable to forgive!” Middle-aged man such as Mongolian pardon, slowly has stood from the ground, but in his brain, before is hard automatic control once more to recall at first, that suddenly presents the strange picture in brain. He knows that all are real, moreover clearer that as if opens day warding off one purple one azure two Divine Sword at present that two to wear the young boys and girls of Purple Azure two color long gowns, this caused in the middle-aged man heart fear and fear to Purple Azure Sword Spirits went to the situation in the extreme, although here was in the own world, although own in this world was similar to the Spiritual God general great strength, however in front of facing Purple Azure Sword Spirits, in the middle-aged man brain basic on does not dare to have the least bit revolt the thought. Even if he clearly knows that Purple Azure Sword Spirits was now smaller and weaker, is not the own match, but same does not dare to have the 1-Star least bit revolt the thought that keeps in the heart, only then incomparably intense fear and deep fear. The Zi Ying vision stared at the gingerly middle-aged man to watch the meeting, at once lost the interest, turned the head to look to wearing Qing Suo of azure long skirt, in the vision completely was the tender feelings, said: Qing Suo, we go back, the master, here matter gave you to process.” Um!” The Qing Suo slight bow, then and Zi Ying simultaneously changes into rays of light to inject in the brain of Jian Chen to vanish does not see. Formerly here discovered that had Item Spirit, indeed made them feel somewhat surprisedly, but merely was also surprised, by their once status and strengths, has not paid attention to this Highest Origin Saint Item Item Spirit completely. The sound that hears Zi Ying that going back, the middle-aged man that incomparably nervousness relaxed finally, however has not waited for him to be with enough time happy, behind Zi Ying that master, actually once more frightens the middle-aged man heavily, making his body fierce trembles, at once looked has also filled fear to the Jian Chen vision. Can become that two peerless Divine Sword master, that this person is not certainly simple, absolutely cannot offends, even if his strength is small and weak, cannot underestimate absolutely!” In the middle-aged man heart warned own secretly, he is given to be scared by that picture that in the brain presented that any person who and Purple Azure Sword Spirits was related, was included in the list that absolutely cannot offended by him. Some middle-aged man vision fears looked at Jian Chen one, then cautiously walks up, to Jian Chen deep bowing, manner incomparably respectful saying: Small sees on has revered.” Jian Chen looks strange look is sizing up at present this Item Spirit, the moral nature is feels to the name of own to this Item Spirit funny, but Jian Chen has not gone to correction desirably, opens the mouth to ask: Does not know how because of should call you!” Reported Venerable, small did not have the name, but they call my Sir Item Spirit!” The middle-aged man said.

They!” In the Jian Chen eye the fine glow dodges, said: They in your mouth, whom refer to?” Reported the words that Venerable, they were the Radiant Saint Master Union association presidents.” The middle-aged man said. Jian Chen has pondered the meeting, has not continued to pester in this topic, flashing eyes looks at the middle-aged man, said: My trip of goals are to obtain the strength of Highest Origin achieve 7-Step Radiant Saint Master, since you are Item Spirit, that thinks that also controls to have the strength of Highest Origin.” hearing that, on the middle-aged man face reveals an embarrassment, said: On great senior has not to know, the strength of Highest Origin in this Saint Item space completely by a formidable barrier seal, small, although is Item Spirit, can control all in this space, but only barrier of strength of this seal Highest Origin is not small can control, because small when has not had the spirit wisdom, how long this barrier existed did not know, and also very firm, even if in the small use entire Saint Item space all strengths, is unable to break this barrier.” Listened to this saying, a Jian Chen brow slightly wrinkle. Perhaps saw Jian Chen was not happy, the middle-aged man said hurriedly again: On great senior, although this barrier small is unable to break, but its every other 50 years must open one time, present range next opening also one year, after waiting for it to open, on great senior can absorb source energy.” Listened to this saying, in the Jian Chen heart to sigh secretly, if it seems like wants to become 7-Step Radiant Saint Master, but must according to the Radiant Saint Master Union custom gradually came. Jian Chen said goodbye to the middle-aged man, under foot stepped on one group of white clouds to leave here, flew toward the distant place, continued to seek for the participant to obtain the success from them. In Jian Chen front 50 kilometers, five wears the Radiant Saint Master under foot of white long gown to bring one group of clouds to turn toward the Jian Chen direction to fly. In the middle of these five people have two middle-aged men and three old men, is in Holy Empire in King Rank City the people of several respected families., This time our five people collaborate, even if meets person estimates on ten Great Expert lists also to fight one fight, even if cannot hit, travels or does not have the issue, once we meet the person who completes the order form or are population few teams, immediately begins, robs their successes, allows among us a person to enter the first ten quotas as far as possible.” What speech is an old man, is confident to own these people of strengths, because they five people of Radiant Divine Technique achieved third-level, once joined up, even if were meets to achieve four levels of god techniques Expert is also fearless. Hope so, but this Saint Item space was too big, our five people hurried along more than 20 kilometers road, unexpectedly linked a person not to meet.” Middle-aged man somewhat discontented grumbling.

Well, everybody looked that front does not have a person.” Suddenly, on another middle-aged man face reveals the pleasantly surprised color, the hand points at the front to call out in alarm makes noise. hearing that, people simultaneously raises eyes to look, sees only in their front, is having one group of white rays of light toward the proximity of their position. This, formerly was still worrying that could not find five Radiant Saint Force of person to be happy immediately, an old man hurries saying: Opposite party, only then a person, this fish may not probably let off, everybody hurries, first surrounds him, preventing him to slip away.” Five people have not hesitated, immediately an acceleration is turning toward Radiant Saint Master that their front surface flies to flush away toward front that. The opposite that person had discovered obviously also their existence, advance speed actually has not changed, still anxiously defers to the original route not to trade from the distant place flies. Quick, that five people of squads all round surround Radiant Saint Master that all alone comes in inside, at the same time, is condensed Saint Light Armor that becomes to cover by Radiant Saint Force on them, has wrapped their bodies strictly, only leaves behind an eye outside. Jian Chen calm stares at the surrounding five people, the corners of the mouth is reappearing to sneer, said: Several, your this is what meaning.” what meaning, Ha Ha, you said that our is what meaning, the boy, father is disinclined rubbish with you, advising politely you to be the obedient forfeit leaves here, was exempt from the physical suffering.” An old man vision indifferent stares at Jian Chen Ha Ha to laugh. On Venerable, wants slightly punishes these to dare to affront your person maliciously.” The ear of Jian Chen broadcasts the Item Spirit sound, in the sound is having several points of anger. Spheres Jian Chen that five 6-Step Radiant Saint Master how, regardless of unable to think, own several people of this actions not only offend the person who they could not offend, but also Highest Origin Saint Item Item Spirit was enraged by them. Jian Chen shaking the head of gently, seems saying that muttered \; No need, my matter does not need you to meddle, so long as you complete your matter on the line, if later their several people faced with the life and death crisis, you directly have their several people.” Yes, on Venerable!” Item Spirit expression respectful should say that always follows regarding Jian Chen, as if Jian Chen is his master.

Boy, you whispered in that says anything, I said that you considered, in three time of breath you, if were incomplete, that does not take it ill us not to be impolite to you.” Middle-aged man some impatient saying, for economical strength as far as possible, their five people already began. A Jian Chen face sneers stares at the surrounding several people, cold voice was saying: Depends on you also to let my Yang Yutian forfeit, is the moron has a dream simply.” Jian Chen both hands grasp void, in a short time condenses five Saint Light Sword, sends out the formidable fluctuation of energy. What, are you Yang Yutian?” Opposite five people of complexion change, a face inconceivable is staring at Jian Chen, follows in also has not to have panic-strickenly completely. Their several people like thunder reverberating in one's ears regarding Yang Yutian this name, now in entire City of God, Yang Yutian this name is not strange to all 6-Step Radiant Saint Master, because he is one in Radiant Saint Master fills the character of miracle, not only has achieved the 6-Step Radiant Saint Master strength at the 24-year-old age, but also has also gone to an extremely high situation to the control of Radiant Divine Technique, once on City of God outside area Floating Fragrant River, cut to kill more than 30 Heaven Saint Master Rank powerhouse by strength of the, lets all 6-Step Radiant Saint Master shock could not speak. The opportunity that Jian Chen does not regret to beg for mercy to them, in the eye the swift and fierce color dodges to pass, reads, five handle Saint Light Sword change into white glow to shoot immediately together toward five people. That five people by the name that Jian Chen sent out frightening heavily, slightly gawked, then met the Saint Light Sword hit chest that maliciously the front surface shot. Puff! Five people of simultaneously spout a blood, the body by huge impulse hit backlash of backward, complexion became pale, but they put on Saint Light Armor, chest front have also covered entirely the spider general crack, finally along with Bang, five people of Saint Light Armor under Jian Chen struck changed into the smashing. ps: Today two finished, hopes everybody fresh flower support. ~