Chaotic Sword God - Volume 8 - Chapter 778
The side that Great Elder these words said is reasonable, lets the association president slight bow, saying of complexion gloomy \; It seems like this Zha Family , to remove Yang Yutian the intensity of determination, was in the situation of disregarding all consequences, first is makes Zha Ti Luosi have the strength of Saint King striking to enter the Saint Item space, after knowing the strength of Saint King oneself has not killed Yang Yutian, actually also asked Bloody Sword Sect powerhouse to come, they were really the big skills, this Bloody Sword Sect vanished of millennium, even if were our Radiant Saint Master Union had not found their whereabouts, instead by the Zha Family person finding. 【】 Bloody Sword Sect cloudy evil energy unusual strength, completely virtually impossible to guard against, once they have used cloudy evil energy for Yang Yutian, perhaps Yang Yutian defense most precious object cannot play slightly role, the final fate only has the dead end.” Great Elder complexion is very ugly. Zha Family!” Radiant Saint Master Union will keep eyes open cold glow to win, almost clenching jaws exudes one twittering the sound, then the hand wields, the window that shuts tightly promptly was opened, the foot pedal white clouds turn toward outside to fly: Must prevent the Bloody Sword Sect person, for my Radiant Saint Master Union future, this Yang Yutian cannot have absolutely slightly accidentally.” Association president, I and you go together.” Great Elder also followed close on behind of association president has flown from the contract, after they walked, in big castle, the person who also three ages varied departed from the castle, their bodies as if combined with the space, dodged then lost the trail, was tagging along after the association president and Great Elder goes. Their departures naturally could not conceal to collect around the square waited for Saint Ruler that these participants came out, in the crowd, Kala Clan Elder Liu was gazing after President Radiant Saint Master Union several people of going far away, muttered: Vanished of millennium Bloody Sword Sect to appear unexpectedly again, Bloody Sword Sect has planned to be heavy Tian Yuan Continent, unfolded again past magnificent, if it seems like that this Zha Family wants to remove the determination of Yang Yutian is incomparable intense.” The voice just fell, the body of Elder Liu became blurred immediately, suddenly then vanished does not see, has combined with the space, departed with the aid of Space Force. After Elder Liu, Kazha Clan three respected families that has the old man mouth of Saint Ruler strength also to exude one ambiguously twittering the sound, then also vanishes does not see, hurried to toward the position that cloudy evil energy transmits. Afterward, around the square several Saint Ruler powerhouse depart, these people are on Holy Empire another two big Capital as well as Tian Yuan Continent the people of some formidable families, this time arrived here to escort the 6-Step Radiant Saint Master participation competition of own family, but Bloody Sword Sect sudden appeared has naturally aroused their strong interests, thinking that could not bear was good to have a look at to be lively. At the same time, in the City of God eight great families clan, several has opened the eye in first ancestor that the family restricted area closed up completely at the same time, their vision as if can penetrate layer on layer hinder to see outside sky, the whole face was the color of being startled, mixed in also has shocking as well as unbelievable that was hard to conceal. This is cloudy evil energy, only has cloudy evil energy of Bloody Sword Sect Three Great Killers Organizations can control, attained Bloody Sword Sect to resurface?” This... This... This is cloudy evil energy, is the person who is it possible that comes Bloody Sword Sect powerhouse is inadequate? Why will they arrive at my City of God?” Good rich did cloudy evil energy, vanish of millennium Bloody Sword Sect to resurface once more?” .....

All kinds of screams spread from the several first ancestor mouths of eight great families clan, at once all people left the place of closing up immediately, turns toward the position that Bloody Sword Sect several people of institutes are at to rush like lightning. In City of God has filled plain and does not lose in the dignified giant manor, in a peaceful room, Zha Family Great Elder is sitting cross-legged to sit on the bed cultivates, a mysterious aura from winding around in room, making the line of sight in entire room twist, as if inside space unceasingly is transforming. The vision that suddenly, Zha Family Great Elder that shuts tightly opens suddenly, immediately is similar to the substantive electricity glow projects from his eyes, before body void gives to pierce. But the space that in the room that keeps twisting also suddenly concentrates, then places, in inside all furniture change into one group of ashes to sprinkle completely in the ground, the bed that Zha Family Great Elder sits down has not escaped by luck. Great Elder sits cross-legged the body that sits on such suspended in the midair, vision swift and fierce is staring at the distant place, said with amazement: cloudy evil energy! This was the Bloody Sword Sect person, the Bloody Sword Sect person appears on Tian Yuan Continent unexpectedly, moreover directly soared my City of God to come, why did they come this?” The voice just fell, the Great Elder acoustical shadow vanished in the room, disappears without a trace. In the Zha Family manor next several kilometers deep place bottom, has an incomparably giant cavern, a giant palace of purple light twinkle stands erect here, remained the strength of years, already does not know that had many years. At this moment, in the main shrine in giant palace, wears the middle-aged beautiful woman of purple clothing to sit cross-legged to sit in void, that pair of profound beautiful eyes as if can understand thoroughly void, clear seeing outside world. Suddenly, the appearance that wears the old man of white long gown to be quietly in the front of middle-aged beautiful woman, that looked that is indistinct to the vision of middle-aged beautiful woman is bringing complex, expression light saying \; Caiyun, the Bloody Sword Sect person appeared.” I know!” Saying that the middle-aged beautiful woman unemotionally, looked that has not looked at this old man one eyes. Looks at the middle-aged beautiful woman so facial expression, old man look low-spirited, sighed lightly, said: Caiyun, passed such long time, you have not been willing to forgive your Grandpa Zu, regarding past years's that matter, your Grandpa Zu knew mistakenly, very regretted in the heart, currently your Grandpa Zu over 5800 years old is, longest also had less than 400 years may live, Grandpa Zu in this life no other strove, was only the hope in the predestined time of death to before, can obtain your forgiving.” look on middle-aged beautiful woman face even more ice-cold, the vision became swift and fierce, was faint, seemed can the destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth imposing manner send out from her, but the temperature in entire palace in this flash, became cold such as the ice hole, sent out one as if to freeze the soul the coldness, but big Purple gold palace in this moment slight shivered. Is feeling the change in palace, old man long sighing, in the eye Divine Light is gloomy, mutters: It seems like Grandpa Zu hopes that can obtain your forgiving, radically is a impossible matter, oh, regrets past mistakes.” On the face of old man full is regret look.

Old men silent moment, makes the own mood return to normal slowly, said in a soft voice: Caiyun, the Bloody Sword Sect matter, how you plan to regard.” You exit, this matter my free discretion.” The middle-aged woman has closed eye slowly, from beginning to end has not looked at that old man one eyes. That old man vision complex looks to sit cross-legged to sit Caiyun in void, secret sigh, then look somewhat lonesome falls left the palace, but in his brain, the recollection that can actually not help occurred a matter several thousand years ago, that matter, is the biggest mistake that in this life makes, lets present him is the unusual regret. If the time can flow backwards, he can make another choice without hesitation, what a pity, the past matter was unable to change, even if his divine ability are general, is still helpless. The City of God above several kilometers high vacancies, the troop people have not flown high with the aid of any strength at this moment the float in the upper air, the violent strong winds blow their clothes clamor to make noise, the long hair dances in the breeze. This group of people altogether are divided into three camps to grip in the expression, a side population are least, is four unemotionally, the vision is indifferent, wears the middle-aged man of blood red long gown, is filling strong cloudy evil energy from top to bottom. But in these four middle-aged man opposite, is several ages varies, wears the person of assorted clothing, feels relaxed including the Radiant Saint Master Union association president and Great Elder. The position that however they stand, actually exactly blocked these four to wear the way of blood red long gown middle-aged man, preventing them to enter City of God. But in another side, but also stands the person who seven ages are varying, these people have part are powerhouse of other Holy Empire cities, part is from the external public figure in Holy Empire, position that they stand extremely ingenious, does not offend in the field any side, completely is an outsider, observes calmly the development. Radiant Saint Master Union association president and Great Elder complexion doubt looked under first ancestor of side these several eight great families clans, in the heart has simultaneously been full of the doubts, they think that the Bloody Sword Sect person invited by Zha Family as well as the person consumption large sum of money of eight great families clan copes with Yang Yutian, but this moment one looked at complexion of eight great families clan these people, immediately has overthrown the guess in own heart. How many, are you Bloody Sword Sect people? At this moment comes my City of God, does not know that cares for what Wei.” The Radiant Saint Master Union association president is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to say to Bloody Sword Sect four powerhouse. Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians, presents the life of Sect Master to come to chase down the humanity rebel, hopes that do not prevent.” Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians said with one voice, several Saint Ruler powerhouse that faces freely, but actually have not seen slightly the scared look on their faces, even a point dreaded continually does not have. Hears Sect Master these two characters, in the field the pupils of all people suddenly shrink, in the eye reveals color of deep dreading and fear.

May I ask expensive Sect Master, but Xiu Si Dun senior?” In the eight great families clan Saint Ruler powerhouse saying cautiously, in the eye has thick fearing intent. „!” Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians with one voice. hearing that, in the field complexion of all people once more change, they may not be strange regarding the Xiu Si Dun given name, that is on Tian Yuan Continent the bureau refers to being possible unparalleled powerhouse of number. Does not know humanity rebel incident that the Xiu Si Dun senior said what's the matter, hopes that four Custodian can others dispel doubt for me.” The person who these time spoke was Zha Family Great Elder, oppressed Jian Chen that old man in Zha Family by the imposing manner. Practical thing we do not know that we present the life of Sect Master to chase down their several people, hopes that do not stop.” This speech has one person, the sound is callous, does not mix with slightly the mood. The people of eight great families clan go to Zha Family Great Elder vision in abundance, in this City of God, Zha Family is the genuine overlord, true City of God control, the eight great families clan is only the Zha Family attached family. Fishy that too Zha Family Great Elder complexion to make things difficult for, Bloody Sword Sect comes, moreover in their mouth said chases down the humanity rebel also to make Great Elder zhang (3.33 m) two monks unable to feel the brains, if not allow them to enter, perhaps will offend the Bloody Sword Sect person, if allows them to enter, once Saint Ruler powerhouse has the war in City of God, that will make peaceful City of God inevitably is in chaotic situation, the casualty are innumerable, this is not the matter that their Zha Family is willing to see. After all, the Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians strength dispatched to kill Yang Yutian Saint Ruler stronger two big killer organizations too to be greatly more. Suddenly, during arrivals of Bloody Sword Sect four powerhouse made Zha Family Great Elder fall into were in a dilemma. ~