Chaotic Sword God - Volume 9 - Chapter 840
Hence, Jian Chen arrived at the Imaginary Star Sea duty is has successfully completed, precious incomparable dragon saliva grass or Heavenly Star Powder, he not only collected enough component, but also unnecessary also had many, especially the dragon saliva grass, that dozens dragon saliva grass each years approached for 1 million years, has been adding on was about to become extinct, appeared these dragon saliva grass were precious, if each attained Tian Yuan Continent to come up is the priceless treasure. ┌* Refined the Purple Azure Dual Swords material to find one to plant, does not know that also the remaining many materials need to be common.” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly that very anticipated that day that Purple Azure Dual Swords practices, moreover very intense the intuitions in his heart, the Purple Azure Dual Swords might will be absolutely he will not be disappointed, this point can see from Purple Azure Sword Spirits merely. Sword regarding Sword Spirits, quite in flesh body and soul of person, if lost flesh body, even if your soul in how formidable, that is also very frail. This point can look from Saint Ruler powerhouse falls one, before a Saint Ruler powerhouse body is powerful, but his flesh body, once were destroyed Primordial Spirit to escape, the ease can let his body and soul completely eliminated. But present Purple Azure Sword Spirits quite lost flesh body in one, the life that only then the soul has, they of weak condition had such formidable strength, that they fully restored, when finding appropriate body, actually Jian Chen will be is really hard to imagine them to turn into how formidable existence. Although arrives at the Imaginary Star Sea duty successfully to complete, meaning that but Jian Chen has not actually left, but is Rui Jin they explores the Star Moon Cave secret together, regarding mutation that dragon island had in the past, in the Jian Chen heart is also very curious. In addition, here also has to make Purple Azure Sword Spirits feel that familiar energy, this is also Jian Chen must the goal that continues to explore. The area of Star Moon Cave hole bottom does not know that actually big, Jian Chen followed when Rui Jin and Hei Yu behind turns toward a direction to walk several kilometers far, has not come to the end, but when they have led the way more than 30 kilometers, person's shadow gradual appearances in their line of sight. Sees only these person's shadows to reduce to walking dead Human Race and Beast Clan powerhouse completely, is maintaining the movement coagulation of running there. Sees this, Jian Chen complexion immediately became strange, these zombie formerly by Rui Jin by Dragon Clan secret skill imprisonment these people here. Four people simultaneously stopped the footsteps, look surprised stares at the front to be imprisoned there numerous zombie, after the moment, Rui Jin the sinking sound said: We walked unexpectedly.” This Star Moon Cave is really mysterious, is this formation?” Hei Yu exudes the whoa. This formation very wise, is more profound than formation that my Dragon Clan grasps, makes me not realize that unexpectedly fell into formation, moreover I have not searched for any news about this formation from the inheritance memory, is it possible that after this formation was dragon island has the mutation , was formed naturally?” Rui Jin brow tight wrinkle, sinking sound twittering said. This is the Eight Diagrams confuses trace! This... This... This is how possible, the Eight Diagrams confuse trace are .... How it possibly appears here.” Suddenly, Purple Azure Sword Spirits that is full of the surprised sound to resound in the Jian Chen brain. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, do you know this formation? The what law of explaining can that have?” Jian Chen curious asking. This formation we indeed knew that is the Eight Diagrams confuses trace, but, this formation will appear how possibly here, some people in this world understood that the Eight Diagrams confuse trace, this is how possible.” In the Zi Ying expression completely is unbelievable look, unusual being startled.

Moreover this Eight Diagrams confuse trace are complete formation, arranges this formation person certainly to confuse trace to the Eight Diagrams to understand that here some people's dull that contact surface before us do come?” Qing Suo twittering, in the heart has been full of the doubts in a low voice. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, these matters cannot discuss that now a result comes, told me you to have the means to break this formation first.” Jian Chen said. This formation we also very familiar, the master, you walks according to the step that I said.” Zi Ying said. The Jian Chen slight bow, was then saying to the Rui Jin three people: This formation I have means to explain, three seniors, please follow to walk according to my step in my behind.” Listened to this saying, three people are staring at Jian Chen with the surprise vision, obviously can explain this formation to feel that regarding Jian Chen is very surprised and suspicion. Three people have hesitated slightly the meeting, then in abundance walks to bring Jian Chen behind, planned temporary believes Jian Chen this time, looked actually he does have the means to explain this formation. Pays attention to my footsteps, do not go astray, wrong one step cannot walk.” Jian Chen reminded people one, then had the contact on the according to thought and Purple Azure Sword Spirits, starts according to the method that Purple Azure Sword Spirits said by ten points mysterious steps back and forth steps. Goes out confuses a trace step to altogether have 49 cloths, when Jian Chen goes out of eighth, his surrounding scenery started to transform immediately, discovered that own arrived in vast starry skies unexpectedly, in all directions was everywhere stars. Afterward, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, the Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress three people also one after another appear in the Jian Chen back, when they discovered when own places in the vast starry sky, look of all people are startled, in the heart feels unusual shock. This is really a mysterious step, I only back and forth walked in a surrounding area ten meters range several steps, made me go to this place unexpectedly, an outcome that I see at present was the illusion, we arrived at beyond the heavens.” Saying of Hei Yu face exclamation, he somewhat cannot distinguish clearly this outcome is illusory or real. Jian Chen has sized up under all around, the brow micro wrinkle, closed the eyes has pondered the meeting, said: This is not the illusion, this is real, we arrived at beyond the heavens, this formation by an ability fearful big divine ability arrangement, was linked a universe by formation, then establishes a bridge to an unknown place, but we go out of the formation step, is one to the opposite bridge, each step that we tread, exactly steps on an extremely essential node, a cloth goes astray, that on quite in Ta in bridge outside, falls into the water.” We, if falls into the water, what consequence will face?” The Rui Jin sinking sound said that these words that although Jian Chen spoke fall into three people of ears just like fantasy story, but makes in three people of hearts believe in firmly. Jian Chen and Purple Azure Sword Spirits has exchanged, said the news that learns of the Purple Azure Sword Spirits mouth: I do not know that this formation connection world, is really broad related to the range, present is real, we have arrived at beyond the heavens according to the bridge of formation build, only will then step in the bridge the smooth arrival end point, if had one step to go astray in this period, may return bottom of Star Moon Cave, might lose directly in the vast universe, direction that forever could not find.” Listened to Jian Chen this saying, bountiful has achieved the Saint King 9-layer boundary by Rui Jin and Hei Yu their strengths, is complexion changes, their strengths are very formidable, but only limits on Tian Yuan Continent, if places beyond the heavens, they obviously were very tiny.

Because beyond the heavens is one place that Saint Emperor does not dare to step in easily, at least Saint Emperor does not dare to depart is too far, otherwise, will only lose the direction, under is connected including the above about does not distinguish clear. Really is hard to imagine arranges this formation person strength to be actually terrorist, arranged formation to beyond the heavens unexpectedly, was really inconceivable.” Hei Yu exclaims, sends out the heartfelt respect and admiration. Such big writing skill, even if Saint Emperor powerhouse were also well below that perhaps only has to surmount Saint Emperor such peerless powerhouse to achieve, does not know that all these and antiquity divine beast Heavenly Winged Tiger God did have the relations.” The Rui Jin sinking sound said. Now first do not discuss these, everybody with tightening my step, do not disperse, otherwise was dangerous.” Jian Chen serious saying, the footsteps are treading mysterious steps slowly is walking. Several people do not speak immediately, cautiously followed the Jian Chen footsteps to tread in void, their every step trod, the surrounding starry sky can have the subtle change, they every step trod to leave to be able on seemingly to surmount very far distance. When four people tread 30, the present picture outbreak transformation, the surrounding starry sky vanished, arrived at one to have in passage of ten meters diameter fully, the passage surrounding chaos, anything cannot see. This is space passage.” Jian Chen expression low and deep saying. What space passage?” Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress is curious, gets down asking of meaning, she first time hears space passage. I do not know.” Jian Chen shook the head, these news he from the Purple Azure Sword Spirits mouth knew that he is strange to here all, even many things have gone beyond his cognition range. Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress, Hei Yu, Rui Jin three people white Jian Chen, in the heart criticizes you, since does not know how that can also call this name. Several people are walking in space passage gradually, when they arrive at 40 th, emptied passage suddenly to start to shiver fiercely, intense energy storm transmitted from the distant place suddenly, was approaching toward Jian Chen several people. Jian Chen complexion suddenly big change, calls out in alarm said: „It is not good, we met in starry sky the common space storm, we a bit faster went forward!” Saying, the step of Jian Chen under foot was speeding up suddenly, fast walked toward the front. But Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress three people of complexion also become the incomparable dignity, follows close on Jian Chen behind, they do not know, if loses in this vast boundless starry sky, that can also go back. Space storm from behind, hits toward the Jian Chen four people, making their four people have to the full speed advance, now Jian Chen could not give a thought to the behind four people completely, the footsteps tread again and again, quick walked the 49 th step.

When local 49 steps fall, the Jian Chen present line of sight suddenly saw the light, space passage as well as vanish in the space storm that behind pursues completely do not see, he as if arrived at another world, all around is uneventful, without any danger. Jian Chen sizes up this strange world without enough time, turns around to look hurriedly to behind, sees only a space fluctuation of behind, Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress complexion of purple long skirt is having several points of startled appearance in the Jian Chen front, on her forehead already fragrant soaked in perspiration, obviously the hypertension causes. Saw own to leave that damn space passage finally, Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress had relaxed immediately, the vision has sized up around the eye sketchily, at once turns around to look to behind, waited for that Rui Jin and Hei Yu they came. Quick, ten time of breath passed by, Rui Jin and Hei Yu their forms have not appeared in Jian Chen and Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress two people of eyes. Jian Chen complexion became ugly, in the heart has had not the good premonition, the sinking sound track: ” Were two seniors involved in the space storm? ” hearing that, Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress complexion also changes, has hesitated the moment, said: We and so on, by their Saint King 9-layer strength, because of should not encounter the big danger.” Afterward, Jian Chen and Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress here waited for time of double-hour, still does not have, when Rui Jin and Hei Yu their arrival. It seems like, they could not come.” Sits cross-legged to sit in the ground Jian Chen sinking sound said that complexion is very unattractive, the time that although he and Rui Jin Hei Yu they know is not long, but they have helped Jian Chen after all, this lets Jian Chen also felt at heart some do not feel better. Moreover lost them, that was also equal to losing the goons of two unusual force. Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress holds ancient zither to sit cross-legged to sit is silent in not far away, in the foreheads has actually filled dignifiedly, danger coefficient in this strange world unknown, did not have two Saint King 9-layer boundaries powerhouse, their following roads will be difficult to walk, will also encounter the danger. Oh, I because of should receive in the Saint Item space them, how at that time not to have thought.” Some Jian Chen regret has hammered the head. ~