Chaotic Sword God - Volume 9 - Chapter 894

Jian Chen has rejected the heavy status of temple elder without hesitation. Let Sea Temple Palace Master stare slightly, then has the status of temple elder by the Saint Ruler strength, this in Sea Region historical first time has appeared, if not Jian Chen is the person who your majesty selects, her (Huan Zhen) really so will not look after to Jian Chen. Because in three big temples, to obtain rank and status of temple elder, only then an only method, that reaches the 16 stars peak. The temple elder's in the Sea Region world besides manifestation of strength, simultaneously the symbol of status, is one type that it represents to the high honor, once became the temple elder, that will be in the territory in this temple is next to the Palace Master commanding figure, is goal that innumerable Sea Clan people will yearn. You reject into my Sea Temple temple elder unexpectedly.” In the Sea Temple Palace Master expression has filled surprisedly, she thinks that Jian Chen will be wild with joy, is delighted beyond measure, but how such as discusses not to think that he not only does not have slightly the happy appearance, instead also refused to become the temple elder. Is it possible that you are the worry become the temple elder by your present strength, will cause in Sea Temple other elders to refuse to accept? If so, you may feel relieved greatly that your status is this Emperor appoints personally, they do not dare to take you to be what kind.” Sea Temple Palace Master said. Palace Master, the younger generation has a treasure to be seized, another day waits for the strength to be enough, I will certainly step into Flood Dragon Temple to recapture that thing, therefore, I cannot become the Sea Temple temple elder.” Jian Chen answered, for fear that own rejected the appointment of Palace Master, will cause in others hearts to be discontented. So that's how it is.” Before Sea Temple Palace Master arrives at the throne, sat, said: Since this, you become my Sea Temple guest official, with Qing Yi Xuan, Lei Batian their several people same enjoys the treatment of elder, is not my Sea Temple person.” many thanks Palace Master gracious gift.” Jian Chen cuped one hand in the other across the chest to express gratitude, had guest official this heavy status, he will walk in the Sea Temple territory in the future also convenient, can reduce the senseless trouble. In the Sea Temple Palace Master hand void grasps, immediately the condensation of incomparably formidable energy, condenses -and-a-half palm of the hand sizes finally the blue token, said: This token you take away, inside has a this Emperor aura, is your guest official the thing of status symbol, carries him, you will enjoy the status of ordinary elder, can shuttle back and forth some public regions freely in temple.” Jian Chen received the token, immediately feels a vast fluctuation of energy from token, the energy substantializes completely, making the token must not have the several fold compared with the fine iron hardly. In Jian Chen heart immediately one cold, Sea Temple Palace Master worthily is Saint Emperor boundary top powerhouse, waves, then collects the formidable energy to condense this token within the twinkling, this is a very terrifying strength. After leaving Sea Temple, Jian Chen long air vent, until at this moment, him truly determined that own was safe, does not need to be worried that again Sea Temple will make to his disadvantageous matter. Has not thought that mysterious female who initially granted me the water spirit bead unexpectedly is the god of Sea Clan, no wonder it must appear at the Primordial Spirit condensation body, originally her present condition only remaining Primordial Spirit.” In the Jian Chen heart a sigh, from the Sea Temple Palace Master mouth, he knew the real status of that mysterious female.

No wonder that mysterious female can know the Tian Yuan Continent matter, no wonder she dares to say the boastful talk helps me resist Beast God Continent powerhouse, originally she was of Sea God antiquity time four big top powerhouse.” Now recalled that initially first saw one of the that mysterious female, in the Jian Chen heart is one sobs, who can think, when he was just entering the Sea Region world then saw the god of Sea Clan, what is only pitiful, at that time he did not know the Sea God status. Jian Chen grasps the token to walk in temple, walks toward the temple outside when according to the route, quick arrives with Lei Batian their separated places. At this moment their five people have not departed, still stands in the original place is waiting, but all of them looked that blames to the Jian Chen vision. Jian Chen, did you see the respect Palace Master? What did Palace Master say to you? Can to make things difficult for we? Are we now safe? Can suffer chasing down of Sea Temple once more?” Evil King face anxious asking, Sea Temple is their final refuge shelters, he for fear that could not stay in Sea Temple. On the Jian Chen face has shown a smile, he can understand worry in Evil King heart, these days runaway profession, making him also feel somewhat exhaustedly. Jian Chen raised hand the guest official token, said \; Relax, we were now safe.” This is the guest official token, you unexpectedly became Sea Temple guest official.” The Lei Batian four people stared in a big way eye, were staring at the token that in Jian Chen hand the whole face cannot believe that at this moment, their four people suspected simply own was the vertigo, trivial Saint Ruler, unexpectedly becomes Sea Temple guest official. Suddenly, the Mozi Ran complexion disastrous incident, an eye stares immediately in a big way, is hard automatic control calling out in alarm saying: This is the Great Emperor aura, in his hand this token is Palace Master issues personally.” Anything!” hearing that, Lei Batian three people of complexion once more change. guest official tokens in their several people of hand are the temple elder issue, but the token in Jian Chen hand is actually personally issues by Palace Master, then, to explain that status of Jian Chen in Sea Temple also wants on high many compared with their four people. Moreover can make Palace Master issue token personally, this is almost qualifications that only then the temple elder can enjoy. „The Jian Chen little friend, actually you and Palace Master are anything relate, why Palace Master so is good to you.” Asking of Lei Batian jar sound jar air/Qi, in the heart has filled curiously, mixes in some the also envy and envying meanings. I do not know, but Palace Master such does, definitely has his intention.” Jian Chen ambiguous [say / way], not detail.

Qing Yi Xuan pair of phoenix tight is staring at Jian Chen, in the eye the rays of light twinkle is uncertain. Realized that the Qing Yi Xuan vision, in the Jian Chen heart sinks slightly, but thinks at once when here is Sea Temple, then has felt relieved, asked \; „The Qing Yi Xuan senior, why you visits me like this.” Initially robbed the Ba Huang Incomplete Map two juniors from here, is you.” Qing Yi Xuan clenches jaws, in both eyes has spouted the flaming anger, regarding that person who initially won her personal thing, she hates to the marrow of the bones. Senior, you said like this that does not know has anything to act according.” A Jian Chen dead pig does not fear the boiling water hot expression. Snort, you also dare to quibble, although I do not know that you changed the own aura in any method, but on you that treasure actually betrayed you, initially you hid, in that sends out the golden light in the treasure to approach me suddenly, has won Ba Huang Incomplete Map while me in the extremely obscene method unprepared, but in the Sea Region world, can deposit the treasure of live person I to see what one never saw before, hears something never heard of before, only then on you that treasure has such function, what words currently you have to say.” The Qing Yi Xuan complexion gloomy quick drop water leakage comes. Jian Chen a language knot, has not thought immediately finally Saint Item has exposed his status, thinks that the Saint Item unique effect as well as that very striking golden light, in the Jian Chen heart understand was very then difficult to hoodwink. Senior mental perception is really excellent, but the previous time matter younger generation is also the sentiment must already, but also asked the senior to excuse me.” The Jian Chen surface contains saying of apology. Really is you.” In the Qing Yi Xuan eye projects two rays of light with amazement, expression ice-cold saying \; Has not given back to me the thing quickly, otherwise, even if you are Sea Temple guest official, I am impolite to you.” Qing Yi Xuan at this moment, just likes a gotten angry lion, her clothing is calm, the long hair dances in the air carelessly. Little brother, has done for quite a while, originally you from Qing Yi Xuan Ba Huang Incomplete Map the person who robs, oh, admire admires, my Lei Batian may really admire to you full of admiration.” Ten points that Lei Batian cheerful saying with a smile, smiles happy. Standing on one side Mozi Ran and Ou Yun, as well as the Evil King three people are the whole face are also strange, the corners of the mouth reappear the light smile, in the heart to the Jian Chen courage and wisdom is admires, unexpectedly by the Saint Ruler strength dares from in Qing Yi Xuan hands Human Race eight big powerhouse snatches the thing, and also has gone well, this is the rare fantastic story. Notes Lei Batian several people of expressions, Jian Chen smiles awkwardly, then fills with the apology looks to Qing Yi Xuan, said: Senior, was really sorry, the previous time matter younger generation many offends, but also asked the senior Sir to have massive, younger generation this gave back to you senior thing.” Saying, Jian Chen puts out a white cloth from Space Ring directly. This plain white cloth Jian Chen the personal thing that pulls from Qing Yi Xuan, folded entire simultaneously, above also remains on Qing Yi Xuan that unique body to be fragrant.

In the Jian Chen heart thinks that Qing Yi Xuan wants this thing, therefore under meaning took. Sees the personal thing that in the Jian Chen hand puts out, a Qing Yi Xuan elegant face to cover entirely the sunset glow immediately, the direct red to the root of the ear place, became boiling hot boiling hot. „This this this .... Lei Batian several people also had naturally discovered the plain white cloth in Jian Chen hand, by their several thousand years of experience nature one actually recognized this thing is anything, was dumbfounded by chest cavity of being startled, the whole face was inconceivable and unbelievable look. Qing Yi Xuan, this... This... This... Should this not be your?” Lei Batian points at white undergarment, the vision is looking to reddening all over the face Qing Yi Xuan, asking that the expression stutters. Ou Yun, Mozi Ran, Evil King three people of complexion become very strange, the mouth has drawn a long straight line, three people are suppressing not to make own smile. Listened to this saying, Qing Yi Xuan is feels shamefully, wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into immediately. Her original intention wants to make Jian Chen put out Ba Huang Incomplete Map, may consider everything not to calculate that Jian Chen actually will take this thing, and was in front of these many people to give with. Your this bastard, I must kill you.” Qing Yi Xuan is ashamed and resentful, exudes a grating squeal, raises the long sword to divide to Jian Chen, gets rid to be relentless.