Desolate Era - Volume 26 - Chapter 58
A book holds a house of gold Vol. 26 fifty eight chapters Settles( this volume finally chapter) Big Brother.” Eastsmoke Branch Leader expression complex looks own elder brother, admits mistakes? I said that admits mistakes to this fellow Daoist!” In the Dao Lord Batdragon eye full is the anger, the sound is low and deep, a character character said. Although Eastsmoke Branch Leader is filled with not to be feeling well, even if this white clothing boy is really Twelve Palaces is also what kind, Big Brother you are also Twelve Palaces, prohibition of Twelve Palaces kills one another, why apologized? But a moment ago the Dao Lord Batdragon expression, making Eastsmoke Branch Leader understand own Big Brother was angry , the long years he has been familiar with listen to the Big Brother words. This time is my mistake.” Eastsmoke Branch Leader lowers the head to Ji Ning, also asked fellow Daoist to excuse me.” „Below Batdragon.” Dao Lord Batdragon actually looks at Ji Ning, is quite polite, I can also guess correctly that surely is the younger brother who my this does not accomplish, did any matter to anger fellow Daoist, I was willing to offer five ten thousand cubes of chaos nectar to treat as to apologize, hoping fellow Daoist can forgive my this brothers.” Was saying in his hand on appear a ring. Ten thousand cubes of chaos nectar as well as two Eternal Weapon, in addition the value 50,000 sides, fellow Daoist did not care well.” Dao Lord Batdragon was saying, this ring flew to Ji Ning. Ji Ning is startled. One apologized, but also delivered five ten thousand cubes of chaos nectar? The Ji Ning very clear opposite party is also black-armored Dao Lord, moreover depends on Dao Lord that Pseudo Samsara Pill becomes, where cannot be rich to go, the treasures of this value 50,000 sides are not opposite party all, feared that also had a fracture. Ji Ning looked at eye ring, does not have anxiously meeting. Must kill Su Youji, later must kill itself...... Even if have swept away numerous World Level, even the attack main shrine, that Eastsmoke Branch Leader does not lower the head as before, even depends on grand restrictive formation not to be left by oneself, when his Big Brother over. The murderous intention is so thick...... Now sends to the point to apologize, such considers as finished? Although opposite party Big Brother, Ji Ning how, may not be willing to meet this ring. Receives, reconciled on behalf of the matter. Ji Ning one day one night anger of frantic attack, so is not good to eliminate. You establish Lifeblood Oath to me now.” After Dao Lord Batdragon sends out the ring, turns the head to shout to clear the way to Eastsmoke Branch Leader, in millenniums arrive in Hydragon Mountain, mine hundred chaos cycle. I thought you, when this Eastsmoke Branch Leader, when has been ignorant of the proper action to take, mines to sober.” Mines hundred chaos cycle?” Eastsmoke Branch Leader was angry immediately.

Big Brother!” Eastsmoke Branch Leader whole face anger and discontented. I said that you haven't heard? Fast establishes Lifeblood Oath.” Dao Lord Batdragon shouted to clear the way. Eastsmoke Branch Leader is anxious and anger: Big Brother, has why feared this boy, even if he is Twelve Palaces how „!” Dao Lord Batdragon was layer on layer a palm of the hand, Eastsmoke Branch Leader then compared with a moment ago aggravated, directly by the flying upside down hit that a face slapped on the palace wall, on the palace wall full was the blood, Eastsmoke Branch Leader drops to look own Big Brother. Dao Lord Batdragon sees that sends a message to say anxiously: „Will I harm you?” Eastsmoke Branch Leader also somewhat sobered, may unable to understand as before that sends a message said: But Big Brother, why? He is also World Level, sent out five ten thousand cubes of chaos nectar to favor him, now also makes me mine hundred chaos cycle, Hydragon Mountain mines, was arid, although was quite safe, may occasionally have the danger.” He is Eastsmoke Branch Leader, is Hydragon Mountain in very clear fable. Hydragon Mountain, not in Brightshore Kingdom, but in the middle of Endless Territories strategic place, now by Brightshore Kingdom monopolizing! In that Hydragon Mountain mines is forbids to kill one another, was extremely safe, but Hydragon Mountain itself occasionally met some appear adverse circumstances, but the environment must mine badly, therefore occasionally also had dead, but the mortality rate was extremely low extremely lowly. Moreover there is Big Brother , can he my what? Big Brother you are also Twelve Palaces.” Eastsmoke Branch Leader sends a message said. Stupid.” Dao Lord Batdragon said that he is Twelve Palaces, I am also Twelve Palaces, is...... Different.” I break through by Pseudo Samsara Pill, is black-armored Dao Lord, is in Twelve Palaces status lowest Dao Lord.” Dao Lord Batdragon looks own brothers, sends a message were explaining Twelve Palaces some secrets, you think that in Twelve Palaces, the strength was dreadful, even including other Endless Territories influence frightened fearful Dao Lord, with my this type by the Pseudo Samsara Pill breakthrough, and forever did not have opportunity again advance first step Dao Lord, can the status be the same?” He in any case how Big Brother you.” Eastsmoke Branch Leader somewhat understood faintly, may be obstinate argumentative. Wrong.” Dao Lord Batdragon sends a message said that you do not understand, is to forbid to kill one another in Twelve Palaces, but if the real enmity is enormous, generally is the mediation! If mediation, then on life and death struggle!” „......” Eastsmoke Branch Leader was excited immediately, sends a message said that should he fear you are right, if the life and death struggle, his where is Big Brother your match.” You have made a mistake, where my status lowest black-armored Dao Lord that closes right up against Pseudo Samsara Pill to break through...... has the qualifications to go to the life and death struggle.” Dao Lord Batdragon sends a message said that what is responsible for mediating is Twelve Palaces Palace Lord, Vice Palace Lord and other Supreme Being, they mediated, do I dare to overrule? I do not have the future status to be lowest, but this called Darknorth can enter Twelve Palaces by to accept, had boundless prospects, if he broke through, how long will unable to become Second Step Dao Lord, even continued to promote.” My this type...... Generally to some strong Grand Dao, when follows, works as a waiter.” Dao Lord Batdragon sighs with regret, younger brother, you are clear, in Twelve Palaces, our types breaks through by Pseudo Samsara Pill, was being looked down upon, I also follow Dao Lord Bluegrace, other Dao Lord will look that is politer to me in the Dao Lord Bluegrace face.” „.” Eastsmoke Branch Leader is astonished, because his Big Brother few and he discussed the Twelve Palaces matter. Is very normal, we do not have ability to break through, breaks through by Pseudo Samsara Pill, but from First Step Dao Lord to Second Step Dao Lord, can depend on us? Could not achieve.” Dao Lord Batdragon sends a message said that „, therefore I did everything possible to melt you and his grievances a moment ago, otherwise, even if now could not kill, when he in the future has become Dao Lord, some were the means copes with you.”

Was right, how do you and he contract enmity?” Dao Lord Batdragon inquired. Actually because of his follower, his follower called Flamefairy......” Eastsmoke Branch Leader does not dare to conceal, clarity that the honest confession, said from beginning to end. Stupid, his Divine Sense unexpectedly forcing three hundred World Level Divine Sense! So tyrannical, in Twelve Palaces to accept World Level rare, this monstruous talent do you also dare to offend?” Dao Lord Batdragon listened to be mad, this, he forcefully broke Restrictive Formation Art, even attacked your main shrine to protect restrictive spell crazily, Eighth Level protected restrictive spell he to break Seventh Level...... so tyrannicalally, you fast opened grand restrictive formation, he also left, but you have pestered one day one night with him actually, attack of his really that frantic one day one night?” Right, had not stopped.” Eastsmoke Branch Leader somewhat feared. Such can frantic maintain one day one night?” Dao Lord Batdragon was mad, no wonder his killing intent galloped, I one felt his killing intent, even I gave him the ring, he has not received directly. Since I broke through Dao Lord, lets you after this branch of sect Cult Master, you could not clearly recognize that who you were! Your such frantic, even if this time ran away a life, will lose next time also the life.” I, I...... I what to do?” Eastsmoke Branch Leader looks at his Big Brother. I most feared that this called Darknorth, was bears a grudge.” Dao Lord Batdragon said that you hurry to make the pledge to go to Hydragon Mountain, Hydragon Mountain is heavy, whom who did not have almighty Hegemon ordered to open up a mine to dare in that to cope with you. Crossed hundred chaos cycle, this matter was also pale. Even if after hundred chaos cycle, he also bears a grudge...... Also is he goes too far. Like this I had the reason to ask Dao Lord Bluegrace to help.” Eastsmoke Branch Leader sobered completely, he understood his Big Brother in Twelve Palaces is also only the young private, at present this Darknorth bears a grudge, he is indeed troublesome. Fellow Daoist Darknorth, is I am blinded by greed.” Eastsmoke Branch Leader looks at Ji Ning, salutes respectfully, then starts to establish Lifeblood Oath seriously, „ I take an oath by the life, my Mystdragon arrives in Hydragon Mountain in 1000 years surely, mines hundred chaos cycle to apologize to Fellow Daoist Darknorth in that if violates the pledge, True Soul Dissipation, the body dying [say / way] disappears. Ji Ning was astonished. Actually he does not fear Dao Lord Batdragon, because he is having black-armored Dao Lord now strength, two strength quite, and Ji Ning is World Level. But Ji Ning also understands that Eastsmoke Branch Leader has the Dao Lord Batdragon asylum, must cope with Eastsmoke Branch Leader to be very difficult. But the opposite party delivers to apologize, but also goes to Hydragon Mountain to mine hundred chaos cycle? This was very long very long time, many cultivator life so are not long, Ji Ning also felt that Dao Lord Batdragon indeed cares about his younger brother. This matter so.” Ji Ning received the ring, is complies with the matter to settle, I do not stop over, said goodbye.” Ji Ning left the main shrine immediately. Looks that Ji Ning receives the ring to depart, Dao Lord Batdragon relaxed, this matter was settles. Outside the main shrine Ji Ning saw Fairy Qingfan. Fairy Qingfan.” Ji Ning visits her, waves, talisman flew. Fairy Qingfan looks at present talisman. This matter, has believed that Dao Lord Batdragon will not investigate...... However if meets troublesome, but crumb talisman, I will catch up surely as soon as possible.” Ji Ning said that at this matter, Fairy Qingfan indeed has the graciousness to Flamefairy. Um.” Grasps talisman, Fairy Qingfan is nodding.

Ji Ning soars immediately, changes to flowing light to fly toward the distant place, airborne grand restrictive formation already removed, Ji Ning has flown quickly the horizon distant place, fast in the fog is far away. Looks at Ji Ning to depart, Fairy Qingfan is pinching talisman silently, dark secretly thought: A moment ago I, if the hope follows him, he will possibly comply, perhaps my road of cultivation can be the different results......” road of cultivation, the book is chooses. Makes the different choices, corresponding result. Stands looks at Ji Ning to depart in the main shrine entrance distantly, Dao Lord Batdragon relaxed, then looked at side own brothers Eastsmoke Branch Leader, immediately said: Fast under preparation, today I deliver you, prepares to go to Hydragon Mountain.” Today walks?” Eastsmoke Branch Leader hesitated under nods, good, I prepared.” Was saying turned around to leave. This Darknorth, looks like actually the generation of any grafty and evil person, this matter should.” Dao Lord Batdragon looks back that own brothers depart, also good, Mystdragon goes to Hydragon Mountain, under whets the temper well. However Hydragon Mountain indeed occasionally some dangers...... Um, I then requested that works as the guard, looks after him in secret.” Hydragon Mountain has to mine, there are responsible for guarding. Guards this type bored is almost black-armored Dao Lord is responsible for exactly, because of the strength higher Dao Lord outside wanderer, whom does not have to do this matter. Looks in secret silently, cannot make him know.” Dao Lord Batdragon does to decide. The Eastsmoke Branch matter one, Ji Ning brought Su Youji they to ride flying vessel to go forward incessantly, flew for enough five months, finally saw Twelve Palaces distantly. Quite attractive.” Su Youji looks at the distant place on flying vessel. Ji Ning also looks at the remote place. The distant place horizon, has 12 giant palace group float faintly in the upper air, to the center of is faintly is black hole. That 12 palace groups...... Was Twelve Palaces, looked like approaches in the same place, may the Twelve Palaces space be in fact overlapping, poly 1 trillion li (0.5km) remote, merely was the method of because almighty Hegemon by incomparable resulting, made them seem like gathers, formed Brightshore Kingdom has been possible be called topest great formation. Even if Eternal Emperor comes, has not permitted, simply cannot enter the Twelve Palaces gate. Goes to Sword Palace.” Ji Ning said with a smile. flying vessel flew toward Twelve Palaces Sword Palace fast. ( This volume finally chapter) The next volume, was vol. 27 Twelve Palaces, under the tomato will stop for day to comb following one volume of contents tomorrow, stops behind the under- chapter that caused also to make up.